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A year of mandatory internship for MBBS abroad


A year of mandatory internship for MBBS abroad

Medical council of India has announced the mandatory changes for students pursuing MBBS degree in Abroad have soon to undergo a year of internship when return back in India to get known of the Indian medical scenario. Sources have said, in the recent meeting conducted by Medical council of India, Union health Ministry and various medical councils have decided to reach to this decision.

What made Indian medical governing bodies to take this decision?

The lack of Indian specific diseases and medical scenario amongst the students who have pursued MBBS in Abroad. And hence, there is a need to put expertise related to Indian medication has made the authorities to mandate 1 year of Internship in India after completing MBBS in Abroad. The president of Maharashtra Medical Council, Dr. Shiv Kumar Utture has given the confirmation to this matter, he proposed that students should do 1 year of practical exposure in Indian scenario rather than doing Internship in the countries students pursue their MBBS from, it will not only gives students hands on practice in real life but also exposure to deal with Indian Patients.

In addition to the announcement, Dr. Said if it is not possible to put 1 year in internship, the student must undergo some sort of highly advanced training which gives them direction to explore the Indian Hospitals. There are some doctors who already undergo with 1 year of Internship by the recommendation of medical bodies of India.

Giving rise to the recent RTI report of increase in number of Indian students who are going abroad to Pursue Medicine raised by 80% due to the Unaffordability of Indian private medical schools. Countries like Ukraine, Russia, Philippines, China where medical education is cheaper and taught in English but the treatment is still dependent on local language. Considering such case, the Medical council of India made FMGE compulsory for those Students.

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