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MBBS in Europe The number of MBBS seats in European countries is large. On the other hand, India has very limited medical seats to offer and receives a great number of MBBS applications each year. On top of that higher tuition fees and increased competition, virtually making it impossible for many talented students to pursue their MBBS courses in Indian medical colleges. Consequently, there has been a significant increase in the number of MBBS students in Europe and their parents interested in the possibility of studying medicine in Europe. MBBS Universities in Europe are renowned around the world for offering top-rated medical education and training with affordable MBBS tuition fees and comparatively low living cost in Europe. The European medical universities have centuries of prestigious legacy and have produced some of the leading physicians and doctors in the world today. Numerous European countries like Ukraine, Bulgaria, Poland, Hungary, Latvia and Lithuania offer MBBS degrees in Europe to national and international medical students studying MBBS in Europe.

MBBS in Europe at a Glance

Intake September
Minimum Percentage 60% in PCB for General 45% for SC/ ST and Reserve Categories
NEET Yes With Qualifying Marks
IELTS / TOEFL Required
Processing Time 45-60 Days
Lowest Fees 4000 USD Per Year
Maximum Fees 7000 USD Per Year
Living Cost 170 USD Per Month
Duration 5+1 Years
Medium English
Top Universities Ivane Javakhashvili Tbilisi State University Novosibirsk State University Yerevan Haybusak University
Recognition MCI and WHO approved
Climate Cold, Oceanic, Mediterranean, and Continental

The Options Available for Indian Students

When a student clears an entrance exam in India, he or she has three options to go for.

  • Government Medical College: The first and the best option are to gain admission in a Government Medical College in India. The quality of education is not only at the best possible level but the cost of education is also very low. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to get admission in a government university as the number of seats is very less.
  • Private Medical College: The private medical colleges in India have mushroomed in the past two decades. However, not only the cost of education is above 75 lakhs in most of the colleges the quality of education is also not at par. It is also very difficult to find a college that has MCI approval even in India.
  • MBBS in Abroad: The third and interesting option that the students have is to gain an education in Europe. The countries like Russia, Europe, and Ukraine are known for the best quality education in the field of medicine. No doubt, colleges like European MBBS colleges are much more expensive in comparison to the government medical colleges in India but if you are planning to spend money for the degree in private medical college, why not go to a place like European medical universities where the education is in sync with the latest developments and the cost of education is lesser than the private medical colleges in India. Also, most of the MCI approved European medical colleges have better job perspective.

When we talk about MBBS in Europe, most of us think of the high quality of education but at a very high price. However, it is not entirely true. Yes, the cost of Medical education in Europe is higher than that of Russia but the quality of education is also far better than the private universities in India. Also, you can study medicine in Europe English medium. Thus it is a wise choice to check for an MCI approved university in Europe and study MBBS programs in Europe.

Benefits of MBBS in Europe

  • Language: The first and foremost benefit of MBBS study in Europe is that you can easily find a university offering MBBS in Europe in English. You don’t have to pay extra for the course in English as most of the universities are already providing education in English. The course material related to MBBS syllabus in Europe is similar to that of India. It makes studying at medical colleges in Europe for Indian students a blissful experience.
  • Cost of education: The cost of MBBS course in Europe is definitively on the higher side but it is still lesser in comparison to a lot of private medical universities in India. As MBBS in Europe in English is available in all universities, you do not have to pay anything extra to learn a new language. Study MBBS from Europe for Indian students is a better option overall.
  • Cost of living: The cost of living in most of the areas in Europe is cheap. Even in the areas near the top rated MBBS University in Europe, you can easily find an affordable accommodation and Indian food is available in almost every corner.
  • Job perspective: Most of the European MBBS universities are MCI approved that means you can come back to India and gain a license in India after clearing MCI screening exam. Also, you can either stay in Europe or move to the US as well to fulfill your dreams. In short, the value of MBBS degree in Europe is better than the value of a degree from many private universities in India. The top European colleges for MBBS even have job drives every year in which international students can also participate. MCI recognized MBBS colleges in Europe assures Indian Students better and sustainable future.
  • Better infrastructure: The MBBS colleges in Europe are known for high level of education and state-of-the-art infrastructure in terms of courses, labs, research centers etc. The field of medicine in Europe is highly advanced. The Medical study in Europe includes field experience as well. Medicine study in Europe for international students is more productive and has better future.
  • Recognition in India: European MBBS degree in India is approved by Medical Council of India. Even the top 10 medical colleges in Europe have courses that are recognized by not only MCI but also by international organizations like UNESCO and WHO. You can also do MD degree from Europe.
  • Indian students in Europe: You can easily find a lot of Indian students in Europe which makes it easier for the new student to settle down in a new environment. The Indian students who have cleared 12th with good marks will find the European MBBS syllabus easier and similar to Indian courses. When students study MBBS in Europe in English medium they do not feel dethatched from the course.
  • Course duration: The duration of MBBS course in Europe is similar to that of India because you do not need to learn a new language. The duration of course in European medical college is around 5 to 6 years. The top universities in Europe for MBBS also offer additional support for MD degree after completing of MBBS. Medical University in Europe has a lot of options to explore.
  • Cultural exposure: During the MBBS duration in Europe, the students get exposure to a new culture as well. When you study medicine in Europe in European medical colleges recognized by MCI, you not only become a good doctor but a better person. Studying in Europe helps in overall development. The Study in Europe for Indian students brings a class in nature.

MBBS Universities in Europe

Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University Volgograd State Medical University European Teaching University
Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University Volgograd State Medical University European Teaching University
Fees 4500 USD/year  Fees 5000 USD/ 1st year  Fees 4500 USD/year
Duration 6 Years Duration 6 years Duration 5 years
Eligibility Min. 50% Mark Eligibility Min. 50% Mark Eligibility Min. 50% Mark

Study MBBS in Europe

Europe offers ample of medical degrees like MBBS – BSc Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery also known as Doctor of Medicine (M D) programs in Europe. These degrees include a preclinical and clinical internship with patients and doctors in English and other European languages. Some of the universities in Europe also offer a 2 year Masters in Medicines and 4-year course of Medicine MBBS BSc.

These degrees hold a great value in terms of skills and medical knowledge. If you have a foreign medical degree in hand, you have more lucrative opportunities in your career pocket. And the most interesting part of studying abroad is its cost which is almost 1/3 of what you pay in India to acquire a same medical degree. European highly skilled faculties, state-of-the-art infrastructure and advanced research and development opportunities have welcomed annual rise 256% Indian students studying abroad and Europe covers most of the educational hubs for medical aspirants in India.

Why Study MBBS in Europe?

There is a lot of difference between studying in Europe and studying in any other country like the USA or the UK in terms of the study and living cost. Yet, Europe provides the same recognised medical degree like the USA or the UK do. On top of that, you get less duration of the medical course in the USA as the country’s academic period lasts for only four years. Whereas, in European Nations, the total duration of MBBS or MD courses is 6 years including 1 year of internship programs in various hospitals across the country. On top of that training after MBBS in Europe extends your study period further by 6 months to 1 year. You get more skilled in your profession during the training period and it will add more value to your career when you’ll start practising in India upon return. Moreover, tuition fees are quite lower in Europe as compared to the rest of the world. You pay almost half in Europe of what you pay in the USA or the UK to attain a similar MBBS degree. Additionally, the entry requirements in Europe are undemanding and the visa process is simple as well which make hassle-free admissions in Europe. Almost European medical universities don’t even ask for any entrance test before enrolling an Indian medical aspirant in their campus.

Reason to Study MBBS in Europe

  1. English Medium Teaching
  2. Admission with any entrance test
  3. Minimum eligibility criteria
  4. 6 year MBBS or MD program
  5. No IELTS / TOEFL if the previous studies were in English Medium.
  6. Excellent research facilities and internship programs
  7. Affordable tuition fee
  8. MCI & WHO Recognized Universities
  9. Economical living cost
  10. Degree recognized all over world.

The Education System in Europe

The European Union has 28 active members and the European countries vary in their educational structure. Every country has its own individual higher education system being a part of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) The EHEA ensures and regulates tertiary education systems across European nations and function towards improving compatibility between the students, researchers and academics in Europe to study and work abroad easily. Whereas, the European Qualifications Framework is responsible for making a comparison between the qualifications provided in various European universities to maintain and improve the educational standards in Europe. Medical programmes in Europe involve regular lectures, assessment through essays, practical, coursework and working on medical projects.

MBBS Admission in Europe


Europe academic year runs from September to June and normally has two intakes. There are different application deadlines for EU and non-EU students. Indian students are advised to start the application process to study medicines in Europe at earliest in order to meet all the deadlines.


Most of the European medical universities ask for the minimum requirement of good marks in Math, Physics, Chemistry and Biology and the applicant must have completed the age of 17 years on or before 31st December of the year of applying. Different MBBS colleges in Europe demands distinct requirements. Having a professional or voluntary experience helps in getting admission in European medical universities. Some colleges also organize entrance exams like multiple choice tests or language proficiency exams. Police clearance and health certificate are required during visa processing. However, universities may ask for these clearances as well to ensure that you have no obstacle in attaining a European Student Visa. Speak to our educational counsellors to know the exact requirement for any particular medical university in Europe.

Requirements for MBBS in Europe

  1. High school diploma certificate
  2. Good marks in physics, Chemistry, Biology and math
  3. Letters of Recommendation
  4. Letter of Motivation
  5. volumtary work experience related to health care
  6. Good TOEFL and IELTS results (minimum score of 6.0)


Medical institutions in Europe offer a wide variety of study programs in different languages like English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Polish, or Portuguese. You may even have the chance to study an additional language and become fluent in two languages.


General Medicine

  • 4- year graduate & 6- year program

Veterinary medicine

  • 6- Year program


  • 5 to 6 year program


  • 5 to 6 year Program


  •  3 to 4 year program


  •  3 to 4 year program

Medical specialization

  • 3 to 6 year program


Studying in Europe can be very economical. European countries invest in their higher medical education to help students attain globally recognised medical degrees in Europe. Simultaneously, Europe makes education affordable for international students, whilst maintaining a high standard of education quality. Due to various fee policies across the Europe, universities charge different tuition fees from their pupils. Speak to our education experts to inquire about the tuition fees charged by different European medical universities.

List of MBBS Colleges in Europe

The Europe medical universities for MBBS study rank very high on the international list of best universities. Most of the universities in this list are MCI approved European medical colleges. These top universities in Europe for MBBS have best facilities. These are in fact the best Universities for MBBS in Europe for Indian students. These MCI approved European medical colleges offer courses in MBBS Europe in English. The MBBS fees for Europe in these universities are comparatively affordable.

The European taught programs in these universities are the best for MD in Europe after MBBS. These top 10 MBBS colleges in Europe are good for job point of view as well. This list of Europe MBBS colleges provides a gateway to studying in the US as well. These might not be the cheap medical universities in Europe but these are the best for sure. These universities also offer MBBS in Europe for Nepalese students.

  • Ivane Javakhashvili Tbilisi State University
  • Akaki Tsereteli State University
  • European University
  • Kazan State Medical University
  • Bashkir State Medical University
  • Crimea Federal University
  • Volgograd State Medical University
  • Novosibirsk State Medical University

MBBS in Europe is one of the best options available for the students who want to get their degree from the best European medical colleges that have best latest course and the best infrastructure that too in affordable price range. For the Indian students applying for MBBS in Europe, it is easier to apply for the educational loan on the basis of the documentation provided by the university at the time of selection.

In case you have any more questions related to BEST LOW FEES EUROPEAN MEDICAL COLLEGES FOR INDIAN STUDENTS 2017, or about medical studies in Europe or if you want to go ahead with our services, please contact us at (PHONE NUMBER) or visit our nearest office. We have the best list of low-cost Europe MBBS colleges which you can join for MBBS studies in Europe. We also have options for direct admission in MBBS in Europe based on merit. Contact for MBBS admission 2017 in Europe and get, admission in European medical colleges at an affordable price.

Student Visa for Europe

A student visa best described as a genuine authorization the government of the host country issues to international students who are already accepted at an affiliated medical college in Europe. Every Indian student requires a student visa to enter the Schengen zone and study medicines in Europe.

Who needs a Schengen Visa?

Those students who are not the residents of any European country that comes under Schengen Region but desire to stay and study in Europe must apply for Schengen student visa. Indian students can apply for a residence permit within 90 days for MBBS courses in Europe. Usually, universities assist their students in acquiring a resident permit to stay in Europe longer than 90 days.


  • A valid passport with at least 3 months up to its expiration date and 2 blank pages for Visa stamp.
  • Documents to prove your financial support to study MBBS in Europe are needed.
  • Documents to prove your arranged accommodation in Europe is needed by the consular.
  • Two current passport-sized photos
  • Confirmed Travel itinerary
  • Medical/Travel Insurance valid for your entire course duration.
  • Letter of acceptance from the applied university
  • A bank receipt to prove you have paid the tuition fee
  • Police Clearance Certificate
  • Medical Certificate

Application Submission

Schengen Visa applications are submitted to the consulate or embassy of that country where you will be starting your medical studies. All European Union consulates and embassies are available in India.


It usually takes a maximum of 3 months to get a Schengen visa to study in Europe. However, for student visas, the reply is received in about 1 month time.

Accommodation for Students when Studying MBBS in Europe

Arrange for an accommodation as soon as you get accepted into a study program in Europe. The best place to start is your university dorm. Speak to the university student support to reserve a place in the college hostel.

Student Residence halls and flats

Numerous medical universities and colleges in Europe offer accommodation to students in a student residence hall or block of flats. These accommodations have common areas like a library, Television Room, a lounge, canteen, Kitchen and gardens where students can spend their leisure time. Food is also served in the Student Residence Halls in the mess where all students can eat food served as a buffet. Whereas, in shared kitchens, students can prefer to cook their own food. Rooms are provided on twin-sharing basis and equipped with all the necessary amenities like furnished bed, blankets, linen, study desk, wardrobe and access to the Wi-Fi of the place. They also have laundry facilities for students.

Private Accommodation

Many students also choose to live in private accommodation to get more seclusion for a peaceful study experience. You could rent a private place or accommodate with other students on sharing basis. This helps to reduce your living costs and promotes you to be sociable. Such accommodations deliver shared kitchen, bathrooms and living areas but a private bedroom.

  1. How near is the accommodation to the college?
  2. What are the best public transport links?
  3. Is area safe for students?
  4. Is it peaceful for studying and staying?
  5. What are the facilities included?
  6. What cost will/need to pay?
  7. If food is provided?


Costs for accommodation depending on the country, city and facilities provided. Ask your chosen university or college for a guide to typical accommodation costs in the area or give our student housing experts to get your preferred accommodation.

Student’s Corner


In European countries, students get more than 50% discount on travelling in railways and public transports. Alongside, massive discounts are been provided on shopping, eating and leisure activities. Many universities install free software, hardware and other study essentials required to study MBBS in Europe. European Union countries also get indulged in students’ exchange program LLP Erasmus for the benefit of students.


Many Indian students prefer to work part-time whilst they study in Europe or during their university holidays to help support themselves financially. Our career counsellors can assist you in receiving complete information on the types of work you can do while studying.

Scholarships and Grants

There are 100,000s of scholarships and financial support schemes available across Europe for Indian medical aspirants who wish to study medicines in Europe. Some schemes cover part of the tuition fees, while others cover complete tuition fees plus living costs of the student.

Everything about Europe


Covering an area of 10,180,000km², Europe stretches from Asia to the Atlantic and from Africa to the Arctic.


Europe sustains a temperate climate. Temperature of Europe fluctuates from 6°C in Amsterdam to 22°C in Malta. This is because of the consequences of the Gulf Stream that makes the climate of Europe’s warmer


There are 24 official languages in the European Union but Europe offers study programs in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Arabic and many others. English is the common language of instruction in Europe.


Typical foods like cold cuts, smoked salmon, savoury spreads, with some bread, and some fruits are widely eaten in Europe. Many Europeans also like to eat raw vegetables for breakfast, such as tomatoes and cucumbers, to accompany their other breakfast choices. In most parts of the world, breakfast is not sweet.


Europe as a cultural concept is substantially derived from the shared heritage of the Roman Empire. This shared cultural heritage is combined by overlapping indigenous national cultures and folklores, roughly divided into Slavic, Latin Roman and Germanic, but with several components not part of either of these groups. Cultural contact and mixtures characterize much of European regional cultures.


The economy of complete Europe is the largest on Earth if the complete wealth of European countries is accumulated. Many countries in Europe who have recently joined the union have improved on their Foreign Direct Investment. Europe contributes to the one-third of the total world’s wealth showcasing a large variation of wealth among European Nations.


Majority of 19 member countries out of 28 use Euro as their country’s official currency. International three letter code of Euro is EUR and symbolize as €.


As Europe is a big continent and the cost of living can vary dramatically from place to place. There are many countries that have recently joined the European Union. Such European countries are relatively inexpensive than the others. Germany, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Lithuania, etc. are much cheaper countries to live in than Paris and London.


112 – Emergency call number in Europe. The emergency number “112” is the only emergency number you can call for free in all European countries if you need urgent help from the fire brigade, a medical team or the police.

What’S Next?

In order to get hassle free MBBS admission in Europe, consultation with a study abroad counsellor is recommended to Indian students to understand the dos and don’ts of the admission and Visa process to study MBBS in Europe. Eklavya Overseas was originated by like-minded, highly professional individuals that undertake students’ recruitment from India for its hundreds of medical universities, colleges and educational Institution partners across the globe. Eklavya Overseas helps fulfilling Indian students’ international education aspirations. Our proficient educational counsellors facilitate the complete admission process, assistance in travel and accommodation in international medical universities and colleges so that the students can accomplish their aim of acquiring global education comfortably. Our expert study abroad consultants have been guiding Indian students and their parents in making wise decisions when selecting from the study abroad options and we help in making a flawless travel, stay and safe return arrangements for Indian medical aspirants. Eklavya Overseas has expertise in major countries including Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, China, Philippines, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, Poland, Germany, Europe, the USA, and much more. We proffer free study abroad counselling and additional study abroad services like Visa, Scholarship, travel, accommodation, etc. required to attain tertiary medical education abroad.

Faq’s by MBBS Aspirants

1. How do I get eligibility from Medical Council of India?
If you have applied for the admission, you need to apply in prescribed format to MCI too. MCI on due appraisal at their end shall issue a necessary certificate as per its regulations. Speak to our study abroad consultants to know more.

2. Can I get admission in MBBS in Europe with the education I got in India?
Yes, you can get admission in MBBS after completing 12th in India. You may need to give an additional test which will determine the level of understanding you have about the subject. Our company will help you in other processes like Visa etc.

3. Can I do MBBS in Europe in the English language?
Yes, the majority of the universities provide courses in the English language in Europe.

4. Will the college provide me accommodation or I have to arrange it on my own?
Most of the universities have accommodation facility, and if there is no place for the international student, we have tie-ups with the universities’ student departments to find accommodation nearby campus.

5. Can I pursue a career in Medicine in India or any other country after MBBS in Europe?
Yes, the degree provided by the colleges in Europe is recognized worldwide and you can either get a job or do further studies based on the degree.

6. Can I practice in India upon my return?
Yes, for practising in India, you have to register yourself with the Indian Medical Council of India as a medical practitioner by clearing an MCI Screening Test. Once you clear this test, you will be allowed to anywhere in India.

7. Can I apply for in a Government Hospital or allied medical institutions in India?
Yes, once you clear the MCI screening test you will be eligible for any government appointment.

8. What happens if I fail to clear the screening test of MCI?
If you have studied abroad there are none chances that you can’t clear the screening test. However, for some students, it might be difficult to pass the test in the first attempt. Such students can take this test any number of times.

9. Can I come back during the year?
During vacations in winters and summers, you can plan a trip to neighbouring countries or come back India and spend your holiday’s at home. Speak to our advisors to know the details of the vacations and semester holidays in different countries abroad.

Why Choose a Good Educational Consultant?

  • When you are trying to look for options for European medical colleges for MBBS, you will need support form Educational Consultant who can help you in finalizing top Europe medical college, getting admission to study MBBS in Europe, arranging visa and other completing other formalities for MBBS education in Europe. It is next to impossible to cover everything by yourself as it is a bit complicated process.
  • Most of the educational consultants have complete knowledge of top medical colleges in Europe but they fail to mention the cost of living in Europe and if there is any additional cost that you have to pay to the university. They only show the cost of the course. A good educational consultant will discuss every bit of the period that is spent for the education in Europe for Indian students. They will also tell you about the options of study MBBS followed by MD in Europe.
  • A good educational consultant will help you in finding a good accommodation at the right price near the best medical colleges in Europe for Indian students. Though most of the universities that offer courses to study MBBS in Europe have accommodation facility sometimes it is not available due to a large number of admissions of foreign students.
  • It is the responsibility of the educational consultant to inform the students about the importance of MCI screening exam after they complete the European taught MBBS course. A good educational consultant provides the coaching for MCI as well as you have to be prepared for the test that will contain questions from 19 different subjects that you have learned in the past 5 years.

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  2. Admission assistance
  3. MCI Coaching and test
  4. Documentation assistance
  5. Scholarship Guidance
  6. Student Visa Assistance
  7. Pre- Departure Arrangements
  8. Accommodation Arrangements
  9. Post Arrival Assistance
  10. Networking Help
  11. Forex and Travel Assistance
  12. Special Services to Parents

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