Why Study MBA?

MBA in Italy An MBA degree is however not just limited to the business arena. It is also profitable for students who want to build a career in managerial area in the private sector, public sector, government and other sectors. There are various types of programs depending on the duration of the course. Aspirants get to choose from Part-time, Full-time, Distance and Executive MBA program. Some business schools offer online MBA courses.

The different types of MBA programs stress on human resources, accounting, finance, marketing, business administration and economics. The knowledge imparted from an MBA degree is totally worth and priceless which escalates success in a business environment.

There are some soft skills which can be transferred to various jobs such as:

  • Networking
  • Communication
  • Analytical Thinking
  • Leadership
  • Interpersonal
  • Decision Making
  • Teamwork
  • Problem Solving

An MBA degree nurtures the skills and develop skills to expertise for leadership positions. The program helps students to connect with diverse groups – from teachers to business people to politicians to advertisers. Students are advised to choose Business schools wisely. Choosing the right B school is as important as choosing a specialization of the program. It is highly advised to choose B school with perfectly designed MBA course and great placement opportunities with an international identification. Some Business schools conduct entrance tests and some of them have their own admission criteria.

Why Study MBA in Italy?

There are many advantages and facilities that B-schools in Italy offer to the foreign students such as:

  • Competitive curriculum
  • Reputed Universities and Institutes
  • Chance to get PR in Italy or Europe
  • Experience the new and different lifestyle and culture
  • Experienced faculty
  • Excellent infrastructure
  • Chance to work while study (work part-time)

Italy is one of the most popular destination to study among European countries. The population of foreign students in Italy is quite attractive. The education system is designed to match international education standards. An MBA program can be divided into two categories on the basis of the curriculum:

The program is widely divided into 2 categories:

  • General management: This kind of MBA program stresses on the basics of management. The course covers core subjects of management such as Entrepreneurship, HRM, Marketing, Finance, etc.
  • Specialization program: A specialization program stresses on general and specific subjects of management.

NOTE: Besides, there are different specialization in an MBA program which specifically stresses on specific discipline, niche or domain.

MBA Specializations in Italy

Some specialization in MBA program offered by MBA schools in Italy:

1. MBA in Entrepreneurship:

While recruiting new employees, the employer stresses on entrepreneurial skills. In this MBA program, the school offering the program focuses on entrepreneurship which helps students to become better inventors, employers, investors and roles that spin the entrepreneurship world. This program gives entrepreneurial ideas to the business world even in the tough economic period.

2. MBA in Information Management:

An MBA in information management is for students planning to build a career in the managerial field. This program helps students experience in records management, data management, information management and knowledge management.

3. MBA in International Management:

This program stresses on the international market of the business world. This prepare students to work globally and help them understand international companies in the global business world. The program stresses on strategy planning and helps in understanding the organizational potential required for global operations.

4. MBA in Leadership:

Every organization needs a leader. A leader works on building a good team and upcoming results beneficial for the organization. This program is equipped to understand situations and apply the process of strategic thinking, critical analysis and collaboration to management opportunities and challenges.


Human resources is the area with vast potential. This specialization focuses on various aspects of the operation of an organization. Pursuing MBA in HR sharpen the skills of the students and help them master in the same by acquiring knowledge about the topics relevant to company compensation management, business coaching, and headhunting. An MBA in HR include subjects like Business analysis, Employment recruitment and Organizational Development. MBA in HR is a privilege to the students who are looking for building a successful career in corporate.


An MBA in Marketing prepares students for a growing business of marketing, selling and developing products to various consumer markets. This program offers various courses in the brand, promotions, product management, marketing strategies and consumer behavior. It also includes finance, business strategies, and human resources. MBA in Marketing gives an opportunity to the students to lead their way towards increased salary, career opportunities, and higher positions. This specialization in MBA trains students to develop various skills which can be transferred and applied to different areas of Business.


A big thanks to the rise of Digital Technology and IT. Digital Marketing is a very important part in industry these days. Different sectors like Online Branding, E-Commerce and Digital Media have new doors to opportunities. In this era of digital technology, organizations need digital marketing skills. This new specialization introduced in MBA degree will give more new job opportunities in coming days.


IT plays an important role in our daily life. We use Information technology systems for different purposes like shopping, entertainment, education, healthcare and government. An MBA in Information technology churns out managers for IT sector in Business world. The IT organizations hire IT managers to manage IT projects.


The tourism and travel industry is growing so fast in Italy. Every year, many tourists visit NZ. This program helps students planning to build career in tourism and travel sector.


Only account and math wizards can manage the Finance part of any organization. Undoubtedly, it is an integral part of organizations. An MBA in finance helps a student master accounting skill by acquiring knowledge that enhances their existing skill set. The recruiter knows that candidate having the degree in MBA in finance is refined in knowledge and suitable for accounting field. Students are prepared for leadership roles in government, financial corporations, and healthcare industries. Students develop skills in various aspects such as managing portfolios developing business strategies and conducting the analysis.


An MBA in Business Analytics help students to improve and analyze the activities and functioning of business firms to increase the output rate and minimize the costing of various operations. Their job role is to gathering and analyzing market data. Students studying MBA in Business Analytics get the power to construct plans and strategy for the organization.


The healthcare managers smoothen the functioning of healthcare system and they are skilled to ensure they don’t fail to do so. His sector in Italy is growing too fast.


Media firms focuses to hire Media managers since it is one of the vast industries in the world. This program helps student gain knowledge about different media segments like television, music, film, print media, video making, newspapers, advertising etc.


An MBA in aviation management churns out aviation managers who manages consistency with local, nearby, government and state guidelines. An aviation manager also controls, guarantees that its department and the airport run securely and proficiently while controlling the management and employing of office staff or airport. This program opens new doors in the Aviation industry. Aviation managers are hired by the tourism and travel firm, Airlines. Around the globe, this sector is doing well. It generates ample job opportunities. Aviation management professionals are hired by Airlines, travel and tourism firms.

Various Modes of Learning MBA in Italy

There are various types of programs depending on the duration of the course matching everyone’s need. Aspirants get to choose from the modes mentioned below:

  • Full-time programs
  • Online programs
  • Distance Education
  • Fast-track
  • Regular Classrooms
  • Executive MBA
  • Part-time

Medium of Instruction

The most of the universities in Italy offers master programs and global MBA. These courses are designed for foreign students. The medium of instruction is English for international students.

Besides, there are plethora of universities offering Italian as medium of instruction. The students should be careful while choosing the medium of the course.

It would be a smart decision if a student choose English as the medium of the course but learn the Italian language too so that it would be easy to communicate with local people in the country.

Dynamic Nature of the MBA Programs

A curriculum in MBA program is evolving. Today, we all are digitally active and business activities are easily affected by the technology. In order to cope up with the changes in practices in business sector, an MBA curriculum should be updated on time.

The signs of alteration are easily visible. The introduction of new MBA programs is the evidence of the changing world. The programs such as MBA in IT and Digital Marketing proves that involvement of management is still important.


Students should have attained an undergraduate degree in commerce or accounting. Also, aspirants who have completed their undergraduate degree with other streams than commerce can also apply for the full-time courses globally.

The part-time MBA course is for aspirants with experience of few years and those who are professionals. 

GMAT, GRE or equivalent admission test

International students need to procure scorecard in English language tests such as IELTS, PTE and TOEFL. 

Documents Required for MBA

Candidates should procure the following documents at the time of the admission:

  • Admit Card of entrance exam
  • Score Card f entrance exam
  • 10th and 12th transcripts  
  • School Passing Certificate
  • Domicile Certificate
  • Character Certificate
  • Passport size Photo
  • Scorecard of Bachelor’s Degree 
  • Provisional Certificates of Bachelor’s degree

Student Visa

This visa can be attained after getting admission into a Italian university. Students will need to procure some documents listed below:

  • Valid passport
  • Admission letter from Italian university
  • Language proficiency certificate
  • Declaration and application form duly signed
  • Cover letter
  • Proof of payment of fees

Admission Process for an MBA Program

During the application of admission, the students need to submit their GMAT score or equivalent test’s Foreign students need to submit a valid scorecard of English language test such as IELTS and TOEFL or PTE. The requirements of different universities depend on different factors. The policy set by universities for admission differ.

The students will also have to submit the documents Resume

  • Essays
  • Transcripts
  • Other documents

List of Colleges offering MBA in Italy

Some of the top colleges offering in Italy 

  • University of Bologna
  • Bocconi University
  • SDA Bocconi School of Management
  • University of Naples
  • LUISS Business School
  • Politecnico Di Milano

MBA Fees in Italian Universities

The cost of an MBA program will depend upon the type of institute and the course. It varies from university to university. There are some factors on which the cost of the program depends such as:

  • Type of College or University (it could be private or state)
  • Scholarship status
  • The program type
  • Rating of college
  • Ranking of college

An average tuition cost would be around 15,000K-18,000K EUR/ year.

Students also search for