Study in Canada

Study in Canada

Are you all set for the adventure of your lifetime? Your search for studying in abroad starts here in Canada. Study in Canada and find attractive scholarships offered by Canada Government. Universities in Canada are known for providing world’s top most secondary education. It’s the choice of the candidate where he/she wants to reside in. It can be metropolitan city or small friendly towns choice is entirely dependent on the student according to his/her budget. Canada is known for its education system and number of education options available for the International students. Canadian universities open new doors to endless possibilities and opportunities. Canada is considered to be a land of endless possibilities. You will actually be surprised to know that more than 5,00,000 overseas students every year come to study in Canada. Canada is known for its diversity in culture, openness and offering abundant opportunities for those who live, study and work in Canada. Studying in Canada is like investing in your future and excelling in your career. Canadian education opens the doors for unlimited business opportunities and employment opportunities as well. Life in Canada is amazing after completing your studies as the degrees are worldwide recognized along with less or minimal fees as compared to other English-speaking countries.

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  3. Application Process
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  5. Requirements

Education System in Canada

  1. In Canada education system is quite different. Each province as well as territory is in charge of their individual education system.
  2. There are primary and secondary schools in Canada.
  3. Schools teach students till class 12th in primary and secondary schools.
  4. Primary schools include classes from 1st to 8th.
  5. Secondary schools include classes from 9th to 12th.
  6. International students can also enrol in the primary and secondary schools as well.
  7. Post-secondary schools in Canada includes
  8. Colleges
  9. Universities
  10. Private Career colleges
  11. Vocational and technical schools
  12. In Canada, many schools are known for teaching English or French language.
  13. International students can choose in which school he/she wants to choose.
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Why Choose Canada?

  1. Canadian universities open new doors to endless possibilities and opportunities.
  2. Attractive scholarships offered by Canadian Government.
  3. Canadian universities are famous for high-quality education.
  4. Canada is known for offering students with world-class education system.
  5. Students gets a chance to learn from world leading experts and academics.
  6. Students can make valuable contacts that will actually shape their future.
  7. Students get a chance to prepare a career in the global marketplace.

Courses Available for Studying in Canada

  1. Universities in Canada offer more than 15,000 courses and that too in 1000’s of campuses.
  2. Core Engineering & Engineering Management.
  3. Physical & Earth Sciences and Renewable Energy.
  4. MBA in Canada
  5. MBBS in Canada
  6. Computer Science & IT.
  7. Agricultural Science & Forestry.
  8. Business & Finance.
  9. Biosciences, Medicine & Healthcare.
  10. Media & Journalism.

Application Process to Study in Canada

  1. Candidate must first choose school, college or university.
  2. Next step is to apply for that particular university.
  3. Candidate must keep in mind that he/she must apply well in advance.
  4. Prepare the list of documents that you will need for admission.
  5. Candidate must know several things before applying:
  6. Cost factor
  7. Tuition fees of a particular course
  8. Health insurance
  9. Living costs and rent cost
  10. Language tests
  11. Candidate must follow the instructions correctly in order to fill the application form.
  12. Candidate must apply for study permit also.

Reasons to Study in Canada

  1. Canada is regarded as one of the best countries across the world in terms of education.
  2. In terms of quality of life, Canada is one of the best countries.
  3. Canadian universities offer internationally recognized education.
  4. Canadian universities provide top academics and educators in the world.
  5. Canadian education will shape your future and life.
  6. Better career prospects are offered by Canadian universities.
  7. Staying in Canada gives students access to abundant wildlife and multicultural diversity.
  8. Canada offers incredible quality of life.
  9. Canada provides clean environment and comforting lifestyle for the students.

Advantages of Studying in Canada

  1. Students will get to learn the best and the brightest.
  2. Canada is known for outstanding quality of education.
  3. Educators in Canada are highly trained and well experienced.
  4. Canadians welcome you with open arms i.e. local people are welcoming.
  5. Canadians provide highest quality of life across the whole world.
  6. Canada will set the students on the appropriate path.
  7. Cost of living is reasonable for students who decide to study in Canada.
  8. Canada offers the students an experience like no other.

Why Learn Canadian Language?

  1. English and French both are the official languages of Canada.
  2. Candidates who are planning to go to Canada for studying can learn basic English/French language.
  3. Learning of English/French language will be helpful in communication for those who are not well versed with English/French.
  4. Interacting with local people can be helpful by learning English/French language.
  5. Courses are taught in English/French medium thus; students need to know English/French.

Is Canadian Students VISA necessary to Study in Canada?

  1. For studying in Canada, student must have a Canadian student permit or Canadian student VISA.
  2. Canadian student VISA is essential during the entire stay of study.
  3. Work during study can be opted by students.
  4. They can work off campus as well as an intern in Canada.
  5. Canadian student VISA will only be granted if they have adequate funds for studying.

Requirements for Canadian Student VISA

  1. Complete filled and signed national visa application form.
  2. Your valid national passport.
  3. Two photocopies of your passport.
  4. Your certificate of birth. (If Required)
  5. Your marriage certificates. (If Required)
  6. Your child’s certificate of birth.
  7. Your recent 3 passport-style photographs.

Health Insurance for Overseas Students in Canada

  1. Government of Canada does not provide any cost for medical cost for overseas students.
  2. Overseas students can opt for different health coverage which depends on where the student is living.
  3. Student must contact the respective university to get more information on health insurance.

Cost of Living in Canada

  1. Students must consider cost of living before moving in Canada.
  2. Cost of living fluctuate for students depending on their lifestyle.
  3. Toronto is regarded as one of the most expensive cities in Canada.
  4. In Canada, there are separate policies for tax paying.
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Canadian Culture

  1. Canada offers safe and secure environment for studying.
  2. Canadian students offer inclusive and supportive learning environments.
  3. Canadian people are diverse and inclusive people.
  4. Academic freedom, innovation and excellence are Canadian values pertaining to education.
  5. Canadian people offer respect for others as well as democracy.
  6. Canada has diverse, multi-cultural society.
  7. Canada offers inclusive and welcoming environments
  8. All four seasons are different and unique in Canada.
  9. Lot of outdoor adventure are available in Canada.
  10. Canada is known for having two official languages namely English and French.
  11. Canada is regarded as the land of dreams with endless possibilities.

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