Why Choose USA for Studies?

MBA in USA The USA is one of the most desired destinations around the globe among students with many universities offering internationally reputed degrees in different fields. The USA offers high-quality education system, advanced programs, lively environment, favorable living conditions and great career opportunities.

Reasons why to Choose USA

1. The most popular destination for foreign students

According to various surveys, more foreign students choose USA than other country around the globe – Currently, there are around 750,000 students studying in the USA.

2. High- ranked universities around the globe

There are well established universities in the USA which offers high-quality education system. According to the 2014 ranking of world university, the USA possess 7 universities out of the top 10 universities around the globe.

3. World class education

The universities in the nation offer top-grade practical and research-oriented education in well-equipped colleges. International students are given full support and cooperation by the university staff members.

4. Internationally recognized degrees

The degrees offered by the universities in the USA are accepted worldwide. Students who graduate from the universities in USA are given preference while recruitment, anywhere around the world. 

5. Multicultural Classrooms

Students belonging to different countries study in USA, the classrooms are full of foreign students belonging to various countries of the world. Students get to build meaningful relationships with batch mates and they even get to experience international exposure. The industrial aspects can be understood in a better appropriate manner.

6. Life in university campus

Students get a chance to make new friends and enhance their educational experience, if they choose to live on campus. They also have a choice to live off-campus. There must be various sporting teams and clubs for students to experience athletic, academic and cultural activities.

7. Friendly atmosphere

The USA is a friendly country, American universities welcome foreign students with open arms. Campuses of the universities are well developed with research labs, modern facilities and advanced research laboratories. Various leisure and sports facilities are provided to students in campus which makes the living enjoyable and easy for them.

Why Study MBA in USA?

The one of the most popular programs is Business management at universities in the nation, especially the post-graduate level. An MBA program provides a complete perspective of different fields of management and business which is planned to furnish students with self-confidence and industrial skills to efficiently and effectively adapt and manage the dynamic business habitat. 

The USA has many universities that provide internationally reputed degrees in Business administration. The syllabus set for the universities enhances the personality and fundamental business skills of the students.

Specializations offered by the Universities in USA

There are different specializations offered by B-schools in USA includes Supply chain, Agri-business, Innovation, Environmental, Healthcare, Information Security, Energy and Cleantech and Entrepreneurship management.

Advantages of Pursuing MBA in USA

There are many considerable reasons that USA is one of the most desired destinations

  • Foreign student gets ample growth and career opportunities.
  • An MBA graduate is offered higher salary package if compared to other graduate from other fields.
  • Students get to learn about different business culture since classrooms are full students belonging to different countries.
  • Students studying MBA in USA gets a chance to work with local organizations by doing an internship and they get to experience real business world.

Career opportunities with an MBA Degree

The universities focus on academic challenge and practical knowledge for students who want competitive environment of learning and this factor makes MBA course more appealing. Students studying MBA in USA gets option to work in different sectors after completing the course.

The sectors are:

  • Finance
  • Accounting
  • human resource
  • Sales
  • Business consultancy

Other Courses offered in USA

  • IT Course
  • Fine Arts
  • Health Science
  • Law
  • PhD
  • Architecture
  • Information Systems
  • International Business
  • Applied Science
  • Management
  • Project Management
  • Engineering
  • Masters
  • Computer Science
  • Science
  • MS
  • Pharmacy
  • Post-Graduation

Education System in the Nation

Education System is divided into three Categories:

  • Associate degrees
  • Undergraduate degrees (Bachelors)
  • Graduate education includes master degrees and doctorate

The universities in USA have high-quality learning environment that inspire networking and cross-cultural understanding. The classrooms consist of students of different ages, countries and religions. There are around 20 students in each class which make it easy for professors to focus on each and every student and their performance. They get to know the weaknesses and strengths of all the students. They even spend time outside the class to give further support to the students.

The social life of students on university campus is very active. There are various organizations and clubs for students where they meet students having similar interests. Also, it helps in career opportunities.

Cost of Studying MBA in USA

The US is one of the most chosen destinations for foreign students to study MBA, the cost of MBA program depends on the university type and the specialization chosen. The cost of the program also depends on the state and city the university is situated in.

The universities in the US are divided into different Categories:

  1. Public institutions
  2. State institutions
  3. Private institutions

The cost of the MBA course in the US at Public universities or state universities is lower than that of private universities. There are various scholarships offered by the government of USA. The state and private universities also offer scholarships to the foreign students which help students save some amount on study expense at the universities.

Tuition cost is the most expensive part of the educational costs. The tuition fee of the program could cost around $55,000 per year. Students living away from their family would need dining facilities. The universities offer meal plans for students and allow dining in the campus. This depend on the budget of the students.

Most universities charge medical insurance fee which allow students to use medical facilities provided in the campus. The medical facilities include basic testing, prescription for common diseases and check-ups. The medical insurance costs around $1,000/year. Accomodation facilities are provided by the universities. The cost of the accommodation depends on the location of the university.

The cost of staying on-campus is more expensive than staying off-campus. The students studying in the first year of the program should stay on-campus which makes the cost of living expensive but secure. Students get the option to rent a room or an apartment. The cost of renting an apartment depends if a student shares the flat with other students or not. Sharing the flat reduces the cost of the rent and makes the living cost more affordable. If a student decides to live alone then the cost will be affected. 

The cost of accommodation will be around $8,000 per annum. If a student chooses to rent a flat then the electricity, furniture, travel and phone charges will have to paid which increases the cost of living. The cost depends university to university. Other costs include the cost of reference books and student activities. It can cost around $1,500 per annum.

Visa Requirements to get Student Visa for USA

The process of visa is cumbersome we can guide through the process of application. There are different types of Visa for students such as:

  • F-1 Student Visa: This visa is issued to the foreign students who wish to study in USA. A student holding this type of visa can do part-time jobs or on-campus jobs. The students are allowed to work 20 hours/ week and 40 hours/ week during holidays.

Students can also work on OPT (Optional practical training) after completing their course in the nation.

  • J-1 (Exchange Visitor Visa)- This Visa is offered to the students who plan to work on practical training if it is not available in their home country to complete the program they are studying. 

Students holding J-1 visa are given same employment opportunities as the student holding F-1 visa with similar restrictions. It may depend on the permission given by the sponsor of the program.

  • M-1 Student Visa:This visa given to those students who plan to attend vocational or non-academic schools in the USA.

Students holding this visa are not allowed to work while they study in the USA.

Process of applying for the Visa

The receipt of I-20 is the confirmation of a student’s enrolment and acceptance at the university or any institution. The process starts with this receipt.

  1. A student is supposed pay the fee for SEVIS (Student and Exchange Visitor Information System)
  2. Visa fee should be paid at the bank (nominated)
  3. Completion of the application form of Visa
  4. Booking an appointment for visa interview
  5. Attending the visa interview
  6. The passport is sent back by courier.

We can help you with the process from start to the end. We will help you with organizing and completing the documents and forms, we will also prepare for the interview for visa at the embassy.

Employment Opportunities After Completing Studies in the USA

The USA is known as the Land of opportunity. It is one of the countries with a great economic structure. The country offers great job opportunities to the foreign students in different work fields. There are many internship opportunities available for the foreign students to gain experience in real business world. The internship program helps students to gain knowledge about the industry they want to build their career in. It also helps students to earn while studying by doing part-time jobs too.

The skilled foreign students are highly in demand and those who plan to settle in the USA after completing their degree are allowed to apply for Skilled worker visa and they can permanently reside and work in the nation. 

Graduates in the USA are high in demand, mainly in the following fields:

  1. Healthcare
  2. Film production
  3. Real estate
  4. Retail sector
  5. Agriculture
  6. Engineering 
  7. Computers
  8. Information technology

Students are allowed to do part-time jobs on-campus during the first year of the course. Students can also explore different opportunities. The students are allowed to work for 20 hours per week. It is advised to spend the time taking internship programs or practical training, which helps the students to work for the university in their interest of field.

Even the small universities, those are not situated in big cities are focused on offering internships to the students. The universities in the USA provide extra-curricular activities to that student which provide them real-world experience.

Safety of Students in the Nation

The universities, institutions and schools in the USA are cautious about the security of students. Most of the universities offer various safety resources and safety plans to the students. The safest place in the nation for students is the university campus. Even if the campus is located in suburb. The large universities have their police force to guard the campus whereas the universities in small cities recruit campus guards for the safety of the students and the campus.

If the campus is easily accessible by the outsiders then there are chances for burglary and theft. For such cases, the students are advised to be aware of the measures taken for security, it will help them become security-savvy. It is said that precaution is better than cure. It will help students secure the campus. The foreign students are advised to understand safety measures as the students are not familiar with the world outside the campus. The students are also advised to take care of the belongings that are valuable like phones and laptops.

Locals in USA are helpful and friendly. Students can take their help in any kind of emergency. Police team is there for the students to help them. Apart from this, students are advised to have emergency number details for any kind of urgency.

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