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China is the second largest country in the world. The nation has signified its name in science and technology. Therefore, study MBBS in China for Indian Students is easy. MBBS fees in China are affordable. Eklavya Overseas offers low cost MBBS in China and provides direct MBBS admission in China. MBBS universities in China are famous for their low fees structure. In fact, the cost for MBBS admission in China is affordable for Indian students. As a result, Medical Universities in China attract Indian students to study MBBS in China.

MBBS in China at Glance

 Intake September. 
 Eligibility 60% in PCB for General 45% for SC/ ST and Reserve Categories 
 NEET for admission Yes, With Qualifying Marks. 
*NEET is only required if a student want to come back to India after completion of MBBS in China.  
 Language tests (IELTS / TOEFL) No.
 Processing Time for Application 45-60 Days. 
 Minimum expected fees 300000 RMB Per Year. 
 Maximum expected fees 50000 RMB Per Year.
 Living Cost in China for a Student 1500 RMB Per Month.
 Duration of the course 4 years plus 1 year of internship. 
 Medium of instruction English and Chinese.
 Top MBBS colleges in China China Medical University. Dalian Medical University. Hebei University.
 Universities approved by MCI and WHO. 
 Weather Cold, Dry, and Temperate.

We moreover help Indian students grab the best university and right opportunities. Get admission in Chinese Universities where you can evolve, grow as a good doctor and learn accordingly. In fact, Chinese universities offer MCI (Medical Council of India) approved medical degree.

If we compare the cost of higher education in China with the United Kingdom and the United States. As a result, we find the cost of the MBBS Course in China is less. In fact, Fees in Chinese Universities will be around 3000-5000 Dollars. Furthermore, MBBS in China teaches the most popular and relevant specialties with high technology.

Benefits of Studying MBBS in China

  1. China is one of the most popular countries for MBBS course. Therefore, the quality of education they provide attracts Indian students.
  2. China is one of the safest nations in the world. Specifically, for International students.
  3. Indian Medical Council accepts MBBS course from China.
  4. In fact, MBBS course fee is affordable for Indian students.
  5. Get direct admission in MBBS in China through us.
  6. No entrance test to secure a seat in MBBS. As a result, Indian students may get direct MBBS admission in China.
  7. If an Indian Student has scored 50% marks in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology in 12 Grade. The student will be eligible to take admission in China to study Top MBBS colleges in China.
  8. The Medical Council of India (MCI) approves MBBS in China.
  9. Cost of MBBS course in China is less if compared with other countries.
  10. Actually, MBBS universities in China are listed in the World directory of Medical Universities.
  11. No donation to be paid for the admission. Similarly, no capitation fee is demanded.
  12. First of all, the medium of instruction is English
  13. MBBS colleges in China provide the high quality of education indeed.

Further Benefits of Studying MBBS in China

  1. There are many Indian students studying MBBS in China because of quality education.
  2. Around 5000 students from India are currently studying MBBS in China.
  3. The duration of the course is 5 years, which includes one year of internship.
  4. No IELTS or TOEFL required consequently for MBBS in China.
  5. Organizations from all around the world specifically recognised MBBS program in China.
  6. Around 2000 Indian students move to China to study MBBS every year.
  7. MBBS colleges in China also provide coaching for MCI screening test.
  8. Actually, It is easy to get admission in China to study MBBS.
  9. Indian food is easily available, but you may enjoy Chinese food.
  10. Accommodation facilities are provided by the university too.

It is a big opportunity for those who want to tie their dream profession with a fast-growing country of Asia. No doubt that China is investing a huge amount of money in the education system. The results of this investment are noticeable likewise. MBBS Universities in China produces several doctors every year.

MBBS fees in China

MBBS in China is a great opportunity for students who want to study MBBS at low cost. So, China is the place to go to! Study MBBS fees in China with Eklavya Overseas at low cost indeed.

In past 10-15 years, the education system in China has changed. The best MBBS universities have made to the list of top 100 universities in the world.

 Name of the University Fees in INR. 
 China Medical University 24,10,000 INR.
 Jilin Medical University 17,75,001 INR.
 Qingdao University 19,60,000 INR.
 Xi’an Jiaotong University 24,25,000 INR.
 Dalian Medical University 24,25,000 INR.
Zhejiang University 22,65,000 INR.
 Zhengzhou University 20,25,000 INR.
 Beihau University 16,75,000 INR.
 Wenzhou Medical University 17,25,000 INR.
 Hebei University 18,15,000 INR.
 Sun Vat-Sen University 30,10,000 INR.
 Jiamusi University 14,90,000 INR.
 Anhui Medical University 17,25,000 INR.
 Huazhong University of Science & technology 26,90,000 INR.
 Xinjiang Medical University 17,65,000 INR.

*1 RMB = 10.64 Indian Rupee

Top 10 MBBS Universities in China

There are more than 150 Medical colleges in the country. In the same way, 45 medical colleges admit foreign students.

We suggest students to research carefully about the university. Apply for the admission, when you receive full data. Research that university provides proper teaching methods and facilities in English or not?

Specifically, China Medical University and Zhejiang Medical University are the top medical colleges in China. These offer high-quality medical education for foreign students.

These Medical Universities provide courses in English. Therefore, this is the reason which attracts international students to Chinese universities.

There are few seats reserved for the international students. The seats get occupied in the beginning of the academic year

These MBBS Universities are accepted by the Medical Council of India (MCI), IMED, and WHO. The medium of instruction is English.

Why Choose MBBS in China?

1. Cost Friendly:

Current students have reviewed that MBBS in China has a low fee structure. It is easy to get admission in MBBS colleges in China.

2. MCI Recognition

The Medical Council of India approves the medical colleges in China. This makes a few things easier for the future. Eklavya overseas helps students to get admission in medical colleges in China. They may prepare for MCI screening test to get the license in India after MBBS course in China.

3. Study MBBS in China at ease

Actually, the Chinese government regulates the medical colleges in China. The MCI approves the medical programs in China too. The medium of instruction is English. Applicants don’t have to show up in any kind of entrance exam to get admission. No need to appear in tough entrance exams to secure seat top MBBS universities in China. Our consultants help you through the admission process. We help you in securing a seat and help you live your dream of becoming a doctor.

4. Top Ranked Medical Colleges

In fact, the Medical Council of India approves the medical programs in China. The World Health Organization has given grades to the medical colleges. WHO declared A+ / A / B+ / B / C+ / C grades to the Chinese medical universities. Eklavya Overseas enjoys its association with top grade medical colleges in China. We make sure that our Indian students don’t face any problem while studying MBBS in China.

5. Eligibility for Admissions:

The Eligibility Criteria is very friendly. Students get easy admission. Since there is no need to appear in any entrance exam. Students need only 50% marks in PCB in Grade 12. There is no upper age limit for a student to apply for the admission in MBBS in China.

6. Ease of Accommodation:

The medical universities in China provide low-cost accommodation. International students can get accommodation facilities in the university campus for. There are separate dormitories for international students. 2-3 students may share each room, depending on the size of the room. Also, they are also provided with a mess. So, food is the not the problem at all. Indian food is also available at the university mess, especially for Indian students.

7. Hassle free Visa Process:

We assure you to obtain a student visa and you don’t need to struggle for that.

8. International Exposure:

Students studying MBBS in China get opportunities to work all around. They can even practice in India after attaining the license. All they need to do is clear screening test conducted by MCI to attain a practicing license. Also, students can practice outside India after completing their MBBS course in China. After confirmation of admission from the university, we guarantee the Visa. Hence, you have the authentic documents.

9. Guaranteed Admissions:

Get direct admission in MBBS without any entrance exam. We guarantee you to secure a seat for you in MBBS colleges in China.

Popularity of MBBS in China among Indian Students

Thousands of India Students migrate to China to enjoy a low cost MBBS course in China. We know the value and importance of studying abroad. Low education budget, International exposure and the quality of education for Indian Students.

We help to students to secure admission in top medical colleges in China. We are aware of real scenarios and ongoing activities related to MBBS in China. We are tied up with the best medical in China who serves students with the high quality of education.

Eligibility Criteria for MBBS course in China

Eligibility criteria depend on the university. It varies from one to another. Students who are enthusiastic and passionate get admission in the universities.

Admissions are usually based on marks obtained in Grade 12.

Students who obtained 50% marks in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology in Grade 12th. They may get easy admission and accommodation in medical universities in China.

Marks required for reserved category (SC/ST/OBC) is 40% and above in Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

Duration of MBBS Course in China

The duration of MBBS in China is 5-6 years. Depending on if the student has completed an internship in China or India.

The duration also depends upon if a student wants to pursue and foundation course. They may directly start with MBBS course.

Reviews on MBBS in China

We have been receiving some really good and positive reviews. Indian students who are studying MBBS in China already. Actually, the Indian students in China are happy with the facilities and education.

University hostel for International students is even so, at walkable distance. For instance, it saves a lot of money and time too. Although, the universities offer separate hostel buildings for girls and boys.

Many students are given wrong information that language is a barrier. It is obviously not true. Students are instructed in English indeed. The teaching staff and faculty speak English with students too.

Career options after completing MBBS in China

Students who graduate successfully from China can likewise practice anywhere. Because the degree offered by the MBBS universities in China is valid and acceptable in India.

Scholarships and Education loan

Students, in addition, can apply for grants and scholarships. Because it helps them study MBBS in China at a cheaper cost. Actually, the students are eligible only if they score well in academics. Study hard during the MBBS course in China.

There are many banks in India who specifically, provide education loan on MBBS course fees in China.

MBBS in India Vs MBBS in China

It is difficult to get a seat in Indian Medical Government Colleges. Because the course fees in Indian Private Colleges are very high. Hence, It is not easy for middle-class students to afford.

MBBS course fees in China are easily affordable. The Government of China regulates medical universities.

In fact, the eligibility criteria for the students to get admission in MBBS are normal. Furthermore, it increases the chance for them to secure a seat in MBBS course and live their dream of becoming a doctor too.

Students get an international exposure and better career opportunities too.

Admission Process for MBBS in China

Step 1: After researching about the universities and satisfying oneself. Verify the disadvantages and advantages of the universities offering MBBS in China. Then only can apply for the admission.

Documents required to apply online are:
  1. 10th Mark sheet (Scanned copy).
  2. 12th Mark sheet (Scanned copy).
  3. School leaving certificate (Scanned copy).
  4. Copy of the passport.

Step 2: In the first place, The University accepts the application of the student. Then after, the university issues the letter of confirmation of admission.

Step 3: When the student receives the confirmation/offer letter. The next step includes the payment of fees.

Step4: After the payment of the MBBS fee, apply for the student visa accordingly.

Step5: Finally, Get the Visa!

Step6: Furthermore, book your tickets to China and fly!

Note: In addition to these documents, each college may have its individual requirements.


  1. Passport with minimum 18 months validity.
  2. 10th Certificate + Mark sheet
  3. 12th Certificate + Mark sheet
  4. Birth Certificate in English or translated into English and notarized.
  5. Photo – 10 (4.5 x 3.5 cm, 70% Face)
  6. Official Invitation letter from the respective Medical University
  7. HIV Test Reports
  8. Authorization of all archives by the Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi.
  9. Legalization of all documents by the respective Embassy.
  10. Visa fees
  11. Bank receipt of University 1st year Tuition fee payment (required for some Universities).

Documents needed for the arrival in the country

  1. Valid passport
  2. Student Visa issued by the China Embassy
  3. Migration card
  4. School certificates
  5. Medical certificates

Life of Students during MBBS in China

Students in Chinese Universities stay at university dormitories. They eat food in the university cafeteria. The campus has a play area for the students for sports activities.

Students can take part in various sports competitions and events of the universities. Specifically, the events are swimming, ball games, and chess games and running in winters. However, Interested Students can take part in the university games. The games like volleyball, football, and basketball too.

Students who are interested to learn Qigong and Martial art will have trainers for them. Specifically, The annual events for sports give students a chance to show their talent.

The unions and organizations of students unite students of similar interest. Actually, they have their own dancing troupe, photography, chorus, calligraphy, painting associations etc.

Regular activities are organized by the organizations. Likewise, the union of students to give a track to students for their talents.

There are separate dormitories and canteens for international students. Although, international students are allowed to share dormitories made for Chinese students. Otherwise, they are allowed to eat in the canteen made for Chinese students.

Accommodation for International Students

There are separate dormitories for International students. Moreover, if students are not interested to stay in the university hostel. Specifically, they have an option to rent an apartment or a room matching their comfort level. In fact, students can rent an apartment and share it with other students.

It is suggested to stay in the university hostel because it is more secure indeed.

In China, rooms are fully furnished. And then, students may get microwaves, TV, Fridge, Washing machines and furniture too.

Is NEET compulsory to get admission in MBBS colleges in China?

Yes, of course, as per the new regulations. The aspirant needs to clear National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test. A student is allowed to appear in the screening test. Only after completing the MBBS course and attaining a valid MBBS degree.

The Screening test is important for an MBBS student. Because it allows a student to practice in India after completing MBBS course.

*It is not required to appear in NEET. A student is not planning to practice in India after completing MBBS in Russia.

The qualifying marks last year for NEET were 131 for general category. 107 for reserved category students.

This year it will be somewhere around the same figure too.

About China

China is located in the Eastern part of Asia; it is the second largest country in the World. Actually, The nation has the highest population in the world, the population of China is more than 1.381 billion. In fact, It comprises desert, mountain, rivers, ranges, lakes and around 14,000 km of coastline.

The border of the country is shared with three countries, i.e. Bhutan, Burma, and Nepal accordingly. The Capital of China is Beijing. Shanghai is the one of the largest city in China and for this reason, it is also the centre for global finance.

Firstly, China is the fast-growing country of the world in the context of Purchasing Power Parity and GDP. Secondly, it is one of the largest exporter and importer of goods around the world. Thirdly, China is also known for nuclear weapons and it has the largest standing army in the world. And finally, the country has 2ng largest defense budget.

The religion followed in China

Chinese atheist officially Religion in China. Although China is officially atheist, many Chinese people are religious. The main religions in China are Buddhism, Chinese folklore, Taoism, and Confucianism.

Climate in China

The climate of the country depends upon the different regions. In addition, the weather of China is dry in monsoons. The winters are usually extremely cold and it is dry in summers. Summers are also moist and warm.

Frequently asked questions

Q1. Am I eligible to take study MBBS in China?

If you match the eligibility criteria of the university. You are definitely eligible to apply for the admission.

The condition is as follows:
First of all, a student must have obtained 50% marks in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology in Grade 12.

Second, a student should not be aged less than 18 years.

Q2. What is the duration of the MBBS course in China?

The duration of the course is 4.5 years excluding one year of internship. Actually, the student can do an internship in China itself or India, totally his/her choice.

Q3. Are there any local people I can talk with to clear my doubts about the country and university?

Yes, our representatives are all around India. For instance, you can visit them and clear your doubts.

Q4. What is the total cost of the MBBS course in China?

The total fee of the MBBS course depends upon the university. However, MBBS in China is affordable.

Q5. Is it possible to get an education loan to study MBBS in China? Also, what is the procedure to get the same?

Yes, of course, students can get education loans from banks in India and the rest we can discuss over a call or you can visit us.

The Address is the contact us section.

Q6. Is it important to attain an eligibility certificate from MCI, does everyone get it?

It is not a hard task to attain eligibility certificate from Medical Council of India. If a student matches the criteria of the universities, he/she is allowed to apply. In fact, the MCI will have to issue the required certificate.
We can help with this too. So, no need to worry about getting an eligibility certificate.

Q7. Is it guaranteed to obtain a student visa?

We give you the assurance to get you a student visa which allows migrating and studying MBBS in China accordingly.

Q8. Is it worth to study MBBS in China?

Yes, it is worth to study MBBS in China. Because it is not easy to get admission in India. Getting admission in medical colleges in China is much easier and smoother. It is worth because China provides high-quality education. Actually, the Chinese degree is approved by MCI. Students are also allowed to practice in India after the completion of the course. Not only India, but students can practice across the world. The degree is approved worldwide.

Q9. What are all documents required at the time of admission and enrolment?

The scanned copy of all the documents, which prove your academic qualifications. Moreover, Few passport size photographs are important. Rest you can the list of documents required on our website.

Q10. Are Indian students given benefits by the universities?

The Indian students are provided some extra benefits. In fact, Indian students can attain scholarship from China Scholarship Council. They are also offered accommodation facilities accordingly.

Furthermore, students are provided Indian food too.

Q11. How old are these medical universities?

Actually, all these universities were found in 90’s and they are quite old and experienced to train students. Also, the universities match the modern standards of medical education.

Q12. Are the universities located far from the China Airport?

No, nevertheless, the universities are located near to the Shanghai’s Airport which is the heart of the country.

Q13. The degrees offered by the medical universities are recognized by the WHO and the MCI or not?

Yes, of course, the degree offered by the universities in China is recognized by both the bodies. It is also accepted all around the world. The universities are in the list of the WHO.

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