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Easy Admission Programs

Eklavya Overseas offers easy admission to students in different courses in top universities of the world.

Cost-effective programs

No need to shell out big amount of money to get enrolled in any of the foreign universities of the world.

Sought-after Courses

If you dream of getting admitted to most sought-after courses in reputed universities, then we shall make it true.

Counseling Sessions

We offer counseling sessions to students so that they can make up their mind to choose the best course as per their aptitude and interest.

Honoring the Eklavya Spirit

The legend of Eklavya is from the Mahabharata. He was a brave warrior prince of the jungle. He was essentially a self-learner of amazing excellence. He did not belong to the princely clan. Neither did he have any formal training from the best Guru. Still, he was able to beat the greatest archer of all times. Many students from the numerous small towns of India are like a thousand Eklavyas. They practice and study despite the fact that there may not be the top coaching centers in their town. When the results arrive, the Eklavyas score much better than hundreds of Arjunas! At Eklavya Overseas, we find it our responsibility to honor the hidden talents of India. We intend to assist the students from all parts of India to help them get quality overseas education.

Different cost effective options

Contrary to popular belief, foreign education is not always overboard with expenses. Some European countries do not even charge tuition fees for their course. They offer this facility because of Government funding of the education system. Scholarships are always available for eligible candidates. We shall help you prepare for the scholarship evaluation test. We maintain the latest resources of education funding opportunities in various countries of the world. You will find all necessary information at one place in our website. Our resources also include information on student swapping programs. Universities in different countries maintain ties with their Indian counterparts. Often students from different countries swap places. These are great opportunities for the eligible candidates.

Why Engineering for Indian students

Engineering in Poland

Poland is a destination, which is perfect for those students who are looking for technical studies or wish to become great engineer. This country has an excellent system...

MBBS in Russia

MBBS in Russia

Study MBBS in Russia :MBBS in Russia For Indian Students in Low Tuition Fees. MBBS in Russia in Top English Medium Universities Approved by WHO / MCI...

Mbbs in China

MBBS in China

MBBS in China for Indian Students. Admission Open. Study MBBS in China in Top MCI Approved MBBS Universities in China. MBBS in China in Low Fees is

Mbbs in Philippines

Mbbs in Philippines

MBBS Admission in Philippines in Low tuition fees for Indian Students. Mbbs in Philippines - Get Admission in Top Medical Universities of Philippines...

Understanding the destination

Staying abroad is going to be a life-altering experience. Whenever you get to stay in a different culture and climate for a long time, it always has a changing effect in your life. You get to make new friends from across the world. You see new places, have new relationships, and learn new things. Besides, for studying further in certain disciplines, you have to choose the best university/college. Sometimes, the best one is in another country. We shall assist in the complete enrollment process at a suitable overseas educational center. Whether you seek admission in a Public University or a Private one, we shall help effectively.

Comprehensive counseling assistance

Our services also include providing guidance for securing an education loan. We have good connections in the education loan sector. Our suggestions would assist students in procuring the necessary monetary help on reasonable conditions. We shall provide the grooming assistance for the visa interview. This is a very crucial procedure deciding your access to the education system overseas. You need to be confident, honest, and brilliant in the interview. Our counselors shall conduct mock interviews until you are fully confident. We shall ensure you to achieve your dream of pursuing the best courses overseas.

We shall assist in selecting the most appropriate course between different similar options. If you want to find the best courses in your subject in different countries, consult our site for the latest information. When you contact us via phone or emails, we shall promptly clear your doubts. After you compare the courses, the living costs, and other parameters, you can decide the right program on your own. Following your decision, we shall help to materialize it into reality.

 Real Testimonials From Our Students

We, Eklavya Overseas, offer you with relevant facts and figures pertaining to the different types of education courses that are available abroad. The consulting services that we make available for your advantage will help you in learning as to which types of courses can suit your purpose in the right way. The information and facts that we have shared on our website will provide you with detailed information pertaining to the different courses that are available all across the world.
We, Eklavya Overseas, make it a point to extend advantage to you with financial services support that will pave your path in being able to pursue higher education in all the leading universities and colleges situated abroad. If you are interested in seeking relevant facts and details pertaining to the entrance tests or other eligibility tests, we can help you in the same way, as well. We will also let you know about the estimation of fees so that it does not prove to be difficult in completing your education in a hassle-free manner.
Well, the pre-application checklist that we necessarily adhere to, will help you in ascertaining as to whether the school is in the database of colleges that we are affliated to.
Answer- Yes. A student has to attain the age of at least 17 years for enrolling in any of the courses abroad. However, the upper age limit for any person is 30 years.
Answer. Yes. We do offer one-to-one counseling sessions to every student so that he or she can make a personalized choice about selecting the kind of course and university that suits his or her aptitude or need.
Answer- No. None of the Indian students have to clear any entrance test as majority of the universities abroad do not conduct any such test, thus relieving the students from passing any such test.
Answer- A lot of documents need to be submitted while applying for education abroad. These are- admission letter, a copy of visa, passport, air ticket, colored photographs and marksheets and certificates of last school attended.
Answer- Yes. We do prepare the students to clear the IELTS exam by holding classes for several months at our institute itself. The mentors providing the training are well qualified and have immense experience in conducting classes in both small and large groups. The charges for the entire training program are quite nominal.
Answer- No. There won’t be any accommodation issues as every country offers specialized accommodation options in the form of hostels, paying guest rooms and apartments for International students at rates they can easily afford. International students can easily avail on campus hostel accommodation facility in nearly all foreign universities.
Answer- Yes. Indian students pursuing education abroad can easily avail Indian food in hostel mess and restaurants situated near university campus. They can even make Indian food while staying in shared apartments or PG’s. Everything is available in markets nearby the university campus.
Answer- Yes. You can. We always lend a helping hand to the aspiring students who wish to get practical knowledge about everything related to pursuing education abroad by making them contact the previous batch students. This way, they can learn a lot about the foreign country and its people and how to adjust themselves accordingly.
Answer- Majority of the foreign countries offer two kinds of vacations mainly- winter vacation and summer vacation.
Answer- Yes. We will definitely help you in attaining a visa. However, you will have to abide by all formalities that will be compulsory to be completed during the visa processing.
Answer- Yes. Submitting Letter of Recommendation and Statement of Purpose are quite necessary while submitting the application form. Majority of the universities want to know the reason why you want to get yourself admitted to their university and what are your past credentials so as to be sure that you can easily sail through the course. We do help in drafting LOR and SOP on your behalf. We have experts working in this field.
Answer- We shall help you in opening a bank account in the foreign country where you will be pursuing the course. This way, you will be able to manage your finances easily. The task of receiving and sending money can be performed easily.
Answer- Our pre-departure assistance will give you an insight of how to pack your bags and what necessary inputs are required to be put inside the bags so that your journey to a foreign country is smooth. We shall let you know which documents are required to be taken along so that your entry to the country of your choice takes place without any hiccups.
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