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Eklavya Overseas is a prominent Overseas Education Consultant based out in Delhi, India. We are famous for providing the most suitable Overseas Education Counseling, Admission Guidance and Documentation Support.

We possess a decade-long, successful track record of introducing Indian students to overseas education. We are expert when it comes to MBBS Admission in Abroad, including MBBS in Georgia, MBBS in Russia, MBBS in China, MBBS in Kyrgyzstan, MBBS in Ukraine, MBBS in Philippines and MBBS in other foreign countries.

  1. MBBS Admission in the Top MCI Approved Foreign MBBS Universities.
  2. Admission in the Top MBA Colleges across the Globe
  3. Admission in the Top Engineering Colleges across the Globe

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mbbs in russia

MBBS in Russia

Eklavya Overseas allows direct admission in top MBBS university to study MBBS in Russia. Find and compare Low-cost MBBS Admission in Russia. Get customized counseling for MBBS in Russia.

mbbs in russia

MBBS in China

Eklavya Overseas offers Low-cost MBBS admission in top Chinese MBBS universities. Check MBBS admission procedure, MBBS fees for Indian students in China. Apply students Visa in China.

mbbs in russia

MBBS in Ukraine

Get easy admission to study MBBS in Ukraine without donation or entrance. Eklavya Overseas is an official representative of top MBBS university in Ukraine. Get your doubts clear with Eklavya Overseas.

Why Should You Select MBBS Programs in Foreign Countries

MBBS is superbly valued degree across the globe and when it comes to MBBS in Abroad, It surely quickens your professional enthusiasm. There are numerous advantages that usually seek the attention of India Medical Aspirants to think about MBBS in Abroad.

MBBS admission in Abroad is all about quality education and an MBBS degree approved by the Medical Council of India (MCI), the World Health Organization (WHO) and several other renowned medical authorities. You can further witness multi-cultural experience and world-class infrastructure.

While studying MBBS in foreign countries, most of the medical universities and colleges are recognized by MCI and WHO. They offer a successful career opportunity for Indian MBBS students. It may sound unexpected, yet MBBS in India is costlier than MBBS in Abroad.

Low-cost MBBS programs

Studying MBBS in foreign countries is less expensive than that of Indian MBBS universities. You can further complete your MBBS in a foreign country at less than 10 lakhs* that can be paid in installments.

No Donation

Besides low-cost MBBS programs, there is no requirement of any donation or capitation charge for MBBS in abroad.

No Entrance Test

No test/exam is required for MBBS admission in foreign countries. MBBS in Georgia, MBBS in Russia, MBBS in Kyrgyzstan, MBBS in Philippines, MBBS in Ukraine, MBBS in Bangladesh, and MBBS in China are preferred destinations. You require the basic eligibility criteria and relevant documents for getting admission at MBBS in Abroad.

No Hidden Cost

Eklavya Overseas assures you the maximum transparency. We further a complete satisfaction for Indian students. You will never be asked for any further cost or charges. We shall let you know the reasonable or minimum cost required for Overseas MBBS Admission. We further assist in obtaining accommodation and others facilities.

Globally Recognized Medical Universities

MBBS courses in Abroad are recognized by the MCI and the WHO. The curriculum or syllabus is very important. It further generates the potential of professionalism in students. MBBS in Abroad follows a collective program of study medication. The Indian MBBS students should make sure that the curriculum is approved or accepted universally. The MBBS universities in the foreign countries are further accredited by;

Admission in Best Ranked Colleges

Moreover, we help you and guide you to obtain admission in the best-ranked colleges and universities for your overseas education. MBBS programs in Abroad are more forward than that of others. Limitless funds are further provided by the government of concerned countries. Overseas medical schools, colleges, and universities specifically offer World class academic facilities.

English Medium Curriculum

Most of the Overseas MBBS Universities offer MBBS programs in their official language. Some of them offer Bilingual MBBS programs indeed. But you need not worry about the language problem. The MBBS universities recommended by Eklavya Overseas offer MBBS programs in English too.

Comprehensive Job Opportunities

MBBS in Foreign Countries follows the guidelines of the MCI (Medical Council of India). They further offer a wide range of career options. The MCI approved MBBS degree can let you establish your high profile medical career in India or in Abroad.

Advanced Academic Program of Study

The structure of the MBBS in abroad is based on the latest and updated trends. Indian students can further find most advanced medical curriculum. This means that the students are fed with the best and latest knowledge. It further benefits them in their medical career. Indian students acquire the latest technology and medicinal knowledge. It further justifies the completion of their MBBS in abroad.

Internship and Job Opportunities

Getting MBBS admission in foreign countries, you will receive every possibility of acquiring placements in the medical industry after completing MBBS in Abroad. The MCI approved MBBS degree can let you establish your high profile medical career in India or in foreign countries.

Low-cost Education and Accommodation

The cost of study MBBS in Abroad for Indian students start from one lakh* per annum, including tuition fees and accommodation. You may further get Home Stay Accommodation. We further arrange safe travel help equipped with travel insurance to Universities and appropriate accommodation abroad.

Indian Food Available

With so many students studying MBBS in abroad. Indian food is now easily accessible for the students. There are many restaurants providing Indian food, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian.

Scholarship provided on Merit basis

Having good score in 10+2 examinations can give you chance to obtain a scholarship. Overseas medical universities further offer scholarships to Indian students. You can rely on Eklavya Oversea for foreign education consultancy regarding various details of foreign universities all over the world.

Students are highly Safe and Secure

Eklavya Oversea checks and evaluate the ranking of any country in safety countdown. You can further evaluate crime rate against international students. We honestly guide the students to study MBBS in Abroad. All these guides are helpful to Indian students applying for MBBS in Abroad.

Career Gateway

Eklavya Overseas recommends MBBS admission in foreign countries. For further establishing an excellent MBBS career anywhere in the world. Eklavya Overseas likewise provides every help to Indian MBBS students. You further get assistance for Overseas MBBS admission.

Some of the best MBBS destinations

MBBS in Philippines, MBBS in Armenia, MBBS in Russia, MBBS in Georgia MBBS in KYRGYZSTAN, MBBS in Europe, MBBS in Belarus, MBBS in Poland, MBBS in Romania, MBBS in Germany. These are indeed preferred destination for MBBS in foreign countries.

Recommended MBBS destinations for Indian Students

MBBS in Russia: You may obtain MBBS admission in Russia to study MBBS in Russia. Russia is the largest self-governing country in the world by surface area. It is specifically situated in Eurasia. It is further officially known as the Russian Federation. MBBS in Russia comes under the prime destination for international students. Indian students wishing to study MBBS in Abroad. MBBS Colleges and Universities in Russia are further recognized by the Medical Council of India (MCI) and World Health Organization (WHO). MBBS admission in Russia is worth considering. The country has maintained its standard in higher education. Russia further sets a benchmark across the globe. An International MBBS Degree can further add wings to your career advancement.


  • No IELTS, No TOEFL, and No Donation
  • No Entrance Test.
  • English Medium MBBS Curriculum
  • Low-cost MBBS fee
  • Finally, Coaching for MCI, PLAB and USMLE Tests

Contact Eklavya Overseas to know more about MBBS Admission in Russia.

MBBS in Ukraine: MBBS in Ukraine would be the perfect answer for overseas MBBS Education. We further understand that getting admission in top MBBS colleges in India isn’t an easy task. MBBS admission in Ukraine can satisfy your need for top medical universities. We further advise you to study MBBS in Ukraine because it may help you to add wings to your dream of becoming a doctor. MBBS Fees in Ukraine are ten times less than that of Indian Medical Universities. International MBBS students can study MBBS in Ukraine in English medium.


  • No IELTS
  • No TOEFL.
  • English Medium MBBS Courses
  • Low-cost Fee, Travel, and Accommodation
  • Indian Food
  • Finally, Classes for MCI, PLAB, and USMLE Tests

Contact Eklavya Overseas to know more about MBBS Admission in Ukraine.

MBBS in Georgia: In the recent few years, MBBS in Georgia has earned global fame among International MBBS Students. Georgia offers several advantages of studying MBBS in Georgia. You may further get a direct admission in world’s best MBBS institutions. MCI/WHO recognized degrees along with low-cost MBBS fees followed by quality education. Georgian medical universities further facilitate some of the basic factors. Best-in-class research amenities and a comprehensive opportunity to outlive a cross-cultural experience that allow International MBBS aspirants to live up their dreams of becoming a doctor. We further guide Indian students to MBBS education in Georgia. You may obtain MBBS admission in Georgia to enjoy an excellent medical career.


  • No IELTS
  • No TOEFL.
  • English Medium MBBS Courses
  • Low-cost Education Fee, Travel Expenses, and Living Cost
  • Indian Food
  • Dual Intakes (March & September)
  • Finally, Special Classes for MCI, PLAB and USMLE Tests

Contact Eklavya Overseas to know more about MBBS Admission in Georgia.

MBBS in Armenia: MBBS in Armenia can also be a wise decision for Indian students because the Medical programs in Armenia are affordable. If you are looking for low-cost MBBS in Abroad, study MBBS in Armenia would be an acceptable option for you. MBBS in Armenia maintains the international benchmark of medical education. Eklavya Overseas recommends MBBS admission in Armenia for establishing an excellent MBBS career anywhere in the world. Eklavya Overseas provides every guidance to International MBBS students related to the MBBS admission in Armenia.


  • Globally recognized MBBS degree
  • English Medium MBBS Curriculum
  • High-Quality Education at lower fees
  • Listed in World Directory of Medical Colleges

Contact Eklavya Overseas to know more about MBBS Admission in Armenia.

MBBS in China: Study MBBS in China is not merely a dream, because there are several governments and private medical colleges in China, providing degrees for MBBS in China to international students. According to Medical Council of India (MCI), there are forty-five MBBS universities in China, affiliated with MCI. MBBS Fees in China will not affect your educational budget because of it lesser than the fees of many Indian and International Medical Universities.

Chinese MBBS universities and colleges are well-known in the world for their low-cost MBBS fees and the most sophisticated teaching methodology. China is famous in the world for their low-cost and innovative products; therefore study medicine in China can sharpen your mind and take you towards the world of innovations.

Contact Eklavya Overseas to know more about MBBS Admission in China.

MBBS in Philippines: MBBS in Philippines is affordable and appropriate for Indian Medical Students. Study MBBS in Philippines has always been an acceptable option for low-cost MBBS from Abroad. Keeping an Internationally recognized MBBS degree is valuable for practicing a medical profession. MBBS in Philippines is worth considering because the nation maintains the international benchmark of medical education. Eklavya Overseas recommends MBBS admission in Philippines for crafting an attractive MBBS career across the globe. International MBBS students should not be worried as we provide every guidance related to MBBS admission in the Philippines.


  • English Medium MBBS Courses
  • Low-cost Education, Travel, and Accommodation
  • Indian Food
  • Classes for PLAB, USMLE and MCI Screening Tests

Contact Eklavya Overseas to know more about MBBS Admission in Philippines.

Have a Quick View of Advantages

No Donations MCI and WHO approved Indian Food Available
No Entrance Exam NO IELTS or TOEFL Top Ranking Universities
Scholarships Available No Age Bar Beautiful Destinations
Globally Recognized Degree Dual Intakes (Sept. & March) Easy Accommodation
Good Climate Sophisticated Hospitals Affordable Accommodation
Bologna Process MCI Preparation Apply After 10+2
Low Fees Structure Language classes ECTS System Study,
No Language Barrier USMLE, PLAB Prep Separate living for men and women
Highly Qualified Faculty Direct Admission Guaranteed Visa
Eligible for Education Loan Less Crime Rate Global Work Eligibility
PG in Abroad Excellent Infrastructure Advanced Learning Techniques



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