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Impact of Corona Virus on medical aspirant
📅   : 11-Mar-2020

There is a new virus on the rise. The coronavirus has emerged since the end of December of 2019 in China. It originated from the Wuhan province in China. Its outbreak started from an illegal wil....

University Transfer from China to Georgia
📅   : 11-Mar-2020

There are a lot of students who are away from their homes in some foreign countries pursuing MMBS. Sometimes they would want to take a transfer from their university to other medical universitie....

Preparation for skype Interview in Georgia
📅   : 11-Mar-2020

Skype and the video interview have gradually gained its popularity in this field. Now, it has been followed in every sector like education, organizations, business field etc. So, no matter the p....

MBBS Scenario in India
📅   : 10-Mar-2020

MBBS in India is like a golden opportunity for the medical aspirants who want to study MBBS. The high population of India attracts many international students to study here. All the medical univ....

Advise for Parents about MBBS in Abroad
📅   : 10-Mar-2020

Along with the medical aspirants, the persons who are also concerned about the medical career of the students are their parents. The parents have an equal contribution in shaping the medical car....

Get to know about PM Modi Views about NMC
📅   : 09-Mar-2020

The prime minister Narendra Modi has recently cleared the confusion and controversy about National Medical Commission Bill( NMC) that have been passed recently in the Rajya Sabha on 1st August 2....

Why Russia is Best for Studying MBBS
📅   : 10-Mar-2020

It is the dream of all medical aspirants for becoming a successful doctor from the top-notch medical university. Due to the lack of knowledge, guidance the candidates are not able to choose thei....

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