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Study MBBS in Turkey for Indian Students 2023: Fees, Eligibility & Admission

Turkey, the capital city of Istanbul, is a picturesque place. With lovely weather and scenic beauty all around, the city will engulf the soul of anyone who comes here. Turkey has postcard-like views and harbors the soul of Istanbul. If modernisation and ancient times could blend well then it has to be in Turkey. The beautiful constructions, the riverside places and the delicious cuisines, together melt down to make Turkey one of the most favorite tourist destinations in the world. MBBS aspirants who go to Turkey to study MBBS get the advantage of a flawless education system along with mesmerizing trips across the country. Pursuing MBBS from Turkey gives Indian students an opportunity to study in some of the top medical universities in the world. It also gives them a taste of high-quality education since the board of education in Turkey is extremely vigilant. Indian students prefer to study MBBS in Turkey because of numerous programmes and affordable tuition fees. The MBBS program is offered in different disciplines like Health Management,  Veterinary Medicine, Complementary and Alternative Medicine,  Pharmacy, Dentistry, Nursing, Midwifery Nutrition and Dietetics, Human Medicine, Physiotherapy, Biomedicine, Public Health, Health Sciences. In the following paragraphs, you will come to know about the various aspects of studying MBBS in Turkey.

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  7. Recognition
  8. Advantages

MBBS Duration in Turkey

The duration to study MBBS in Turkey is 6 years which is almost the same in the different countries. This duration also includes an internship program at the end of the 5 years. The first 5 years are going to be based on theoretical studies but yes, lab visits will also be there. The internship program will be a great exposure to hone the practical skills of becoming a doctor.

Medium of Teaching

English is the main medium of teaching in the medical colleges in Turkey. This is done to make it easier for the international students to understand the lectures without any hassles. All the professors and your classmates will be proficient in speaking English. Having good knowledge in English helps you to read, write and speak the language without any problem. The medical universities in Turkey depend on the American and European education study rules, so the MBBS graduates are compelled to be instructed in English.


The medical universities in Turkey usually have two intake periods. First, is in the month of May and the second, is in the month of December. You must keep an eye on the college website to know about the latest updates of admission.

Eligibility Criteria

The basic eligibility criteria for most of the medical universities across the globe remain the same. However, let us at a glance find out what the eligibility criteria for studying MBBS in Turkey are:

  1. The MBBS aspirant must have qualified +2 with Biology, Physics and Mathematics.
  2. He/she must have acquired 50% marks.
  3. A valid passport
  4. Payment receipt of tuition fees
  5. English Proficiency (Minimum): Band 4 in MUET (Local Candidates)/Band 6 in IELTS/550 in TOEFL (International Candidates) but these are not mandatory
  6. NEET qualification

Documents Required

The following documents have to be scanned and sent along with your admission form. Make sure that the information provided in your application form matches that of the original documents.

  1. Mark sheets of 10+2 exam
  2. Invitation letter from the university
  3. Payment receipt of the tuition fees
  4. Valid passport
  5. NEET scorecard
  6. Health certificate
  7. Original documents
  8. Admission form

Admission Procedure

The admission procedure for applying for MBBS in Turkey is quite simple. Just follow these easy steps and you will be done in a while.

  1. Look up for all those medical universities where you would be interested in seeking admission.
  2. Read about each of them and then zero in on a handful.
  3. Check their application eligibility and proceed further to fill out the application form.
  4. Send the application form along with the documents that have been asked for.
  5. Wait for the arrival of the invitation letter from the university.
  6. Pay the tuition fees and fulfill all the formalities as asked by the university.
  7. Once you get the invitation letter in hand, apply for your student VISA.
  8. When the student VISA arrives and everything is in place, you must book your tickets.

In the meantime, also check out the accommodation facilities provided by the university where you have got admission. If the university provides you accommodation then good but if it does not then you have to look for accommodation outside.

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Why Study MBBS From Turkey?

Studying MBBS in Turkey provides Indian students with access to several of the greatest and highest-quality universities in the world. Because of the low tuition fees, not only do Indian students want to study MBBS in Turkey, but students from all over the world choose Turkey for their MBBS Degree Program.

Here are a few reasons why you should choose Turkey as your destination to study MBBS:

  1. In Turkey, high-quality education is available. More than 200 universities, including medical schools, are located in Turkey that provide an excellent education. In the QS World University Rankings, Turkey has nearly ten universities included, and its educational system is placed 43rd in the world.
  2. Several state-funded universities make one of the most prominent reasons to study MBBS in Turkey.
  3. No entrance examination is required to take admission in the Turkish MBBS schools.
  4. You can get admission to Turkish MBBS schools without IELTS/TOEFL.
  5. Studying in a low-cost country is a great advantage for international students. The overall cost of MBBS programs in Turkey is very reasonable. Unlike other European countries, life in Turkey is quite affordable, both in terms of living expenses and academic expenses.
  6. Turkish universities offer MBBS degrees in both Turkish and English, making international students' lives much easier.
  7. International students can apply for MBBS scholarships in Turkey. The Turkish government provides numerous scholarships to international students. More than 5000 scholarships are available to students from 160 countries. All undergraduate, graduate, and MBBS programs are eligible for the scholarships.
  8. Study gap is accepted here.
  9. After Study PR opticians are available here.
  10. The highest visa ratio is an added advantage.
  11. Turkish folks are extremely friendly and welcoming. Citizens assist students with the utmost sincerity and friendliness.
  12. Students will get a chance to mingle with various global cultures. Turkey is unquestionably a melting pot of civilizations. This country has numerous deep-rooted civilizations, and students from all cultures and races study here, allowing you to learn and discover different cultures while studying in a safe and peaceful atmosphere.

MBBS Fees in Turkey

The tuition fees for the MBBS course in Turkey differ from one medical university to another. So, we have given you a rough idea of what a tentative expense can be like. The university tuition fees for MBBS are around 15,000$ to 30,900$ in private colleges. But there are scholarship programs to waive off the entire or a portion of the tuition fees and you can communicate with the university itself to know further about the scholarship programmes.

Top Medical University

Turkey has a long list of medical universities that offer great exposure to students and also offer intensive and exhaustive MBBS programs. However, we have enlisted only 5 of the best universities in Turkey from where pursuing and completing your MBBS program will be a great turn in your career.

Maltepe University

One of Turkey’s most recognised medical universities, Maltepe University was established in 1997 by Istanbul Marmara Education Foundation. The university provides quality education right from the elementary level up to the university level. Though Turkish is the main medium of teaching, the university has only recently taken up English for some selective teaching programs.

Maltepe University
Name of the University Maltepe University
Location Maltepe District
Fees $17,500
Country Ranking 67

Atilim University

Established in the year 1996, Atilim University is committed to imparting quality education to students. Education programs are all of international standards and English is the medium of instruction. It is located in one of the recent and fastest developing residential areas in Turkey.

Atilim University
Name of the University Atlim University
Location Ankara
Fees $15,000
Country Ranking 16

Izmir Ekonomi University

Established in the year 2001, this recent university attracts numerous students who come here for the glory and educational standards of the institution. Some of the several courses are taught in Turkish and some in English. With a profound education system, students studying in this university are going to profit immensely.

Izmir Ekonomi University
Name of the University Izmir Ekonomi University
Location Izmir
Fees $15,000
Country Ranking 62

Lokman Hekim University

One of Turkey’s wonders is the Lokman Hekim University. With the worldwide reputation of academic excellence, this institution has come a very long way to shape the futures of many students coming from across the world. There are numerous students who come to this prestigious institution every year.

Lokman Hekim University
Name of the University Lokman Hekim University
Location Ankara
Fees $20,000
Country Ranking 171

Ankara Medipol University

Ankara Medipol University stands tall amidst the many other top universities of Turkey. The institution has earned the accolades for being a pioneer in imparting quality education to national and international students. This is why it is counted as an emerging international institution.

Ankara Medipol University
Name of the University Ankara Medipol University
Location Ankara
Fees $29,000
Country Ranking 178

Some of the other renowned universities are

  1. Halic University
  2. Istanbul Atlas University
  3. Biruni University
  4. Istanbul Aydin University
  5. Istanbul Medipol University
  6. Istinye University
  7. KTO Karatay University
  8. Baskent University
  9. Yeditepe University
  10. Yuksek Ihtisas University

Recognition of Medical Universities

The top medical universities in Turkey for MBBS are well recognized by

  1. The Medical Council of India
  2. The World Health Organization

Turkey ranks 43rd in the world in the education system.

Advantages of MBBS in Turkey

It is completely justified for Indian students to go to Turkey to pursue an MBBS degree. This is mainly due to the multifaceted advantages that are pursuing MBBS in this country offers. Thus, the MBBS degree in Turkey offers more than one advantage.

  1. Turkey offers medical degrees in different reputed disciplines. So, you will be lucky indeed to choose a discipline of your choice.
  2. Owing to the state-funded universities, the tuition fees for MBBS in Turkey are greatly affordable and comparatively lower as compared to most of the nations worldwide.
  3. If you are weak in English proficiency, it will not be a hindrance in getting admission to the MBBS degree course in Turkey. This is because you can pursue the degree without qualifying for TOEFL or IELTS.
  4. Another of the most beloved advantages is that students with year gaps can easily apply and get admitted to the top medical universities in Turkey. A year gap does not hamper your dream of studying MBBS if you are applying in Turkey.
  5. Once you have completed your MBBS degree, you can practice here and apply for a permanent residency in Turkey.
  6. The classrooms in Turkey offer a mixed community where students from various races, cultures, and dialects come together to study MBBS. In doing so, there is an exchange of culture which helps in shaping your personality.
  7. You pick up the local language without attending foreign language classes as you interact with your varied friends. This is a matter of great help because it helps you communicate with Turkish patients during your internship program.
  8. The MBBS faculty is highly educated and experienced. All the professors meet the standards set by the board of studies for getting a job as a faculty member.
  9. Indian students get to fulfill their dreams of studying MBBS in Turkey if they do not get admission to any private or government medical colleges in India. Getting admitted to the MBBS degree in Turkey is completely hassle-free.
  10. The medical universities in Turkey offer scholarships to deserving students and encourage them to study better. These scholarships take care of their tuition fees and help them financially.
  11. All the medical universities in this country provide students opportunities to participate in seminars, medical workshops, symposiums, panel discussions, and the likes to broaden their horizons. These create and increase your social circle from where you get to establish good connections beyond your comfort zone.
  12. Turkey is a beautiful place, and people pay a lot of money to travel here. However, if you are going to pursue your MBBS degree from Turkey, you will be free to travel across the nations without too much expense.
  13. You also need not worry about food and accommodation as both are easily available here.
  14. Turkey is socially safe for students and other residents. Therefore, you need not fear getting robbed or cheated by anyone. And even if you meet with such an untoward situation, the law enforcement team makes sure that the culprit gets caught and punished.
  15. The internship program gives you the golden opportunity to be associated and connected with some of the top medical centers and hospitals in Turkey. The internship is a great way to let you learn the theory papers better through hands-on practical classes and this helps you to write your papers well and score excellent marks.
  16. The libraries in the medical universities are extremely well-resourced with both rare and the latest medical books, magazines, journals, and papers.
  17. The medical laboratories are furnished with the latest tools and modern equipment to make your practical classes very interesting and fruitful.

Disadvantages of MBBS in Turkey

Though doing your studies in MBBS in Turkey is advantageous, and it is not devoid of flaws or drawbacks.

  1. Not knowing the local language(s) will be a big drawback as this creates a problem when local people, who do not know English, come to you for a check-up or meet you during your internship.
  2. Not knowing the local language will go against you every time you shop or encounter someone on the road. This gets more difficult, especially when you interact with the patients during your internship days.
  3. Learning the local language(s) will be another challenge for you because the amount of time and effort required to complete the exhaustive MBS syllabus is huge. Juggling the MBBS syllabus and even taking tuitions to learn a foreign language might deviate from your main goal.
  4. Though Turkey has a multicultural atmosphere, there is still a lot of racism taking place even today.
  5. You cannot expect the same standard of education in every university here in Turkey. Some are really good, and some are awful. So, before sending in your application, you need to read and know about the university thoroughly.
  6. A huge drawback in Turkey is that you cannot work as a part-time employee. It is completely illegal for you to work while you are still a student.
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Accommodation Facilities

Turkey offers a variety of options when you are looking forward to staying here to study. Some of the options are,

  1. College apartments
  2. On-campus and off-campus hostels
  3. Renting
  4. Homestay
  5. Halls of residence and colleges, etc.

All the options are quite beneficial because they are worthy of the money that the authority will charge you. The accommodations are well-furnished and good enough for students to stay.

  1. The accommodation charges are not excessive.
  2. The authorities maintain hygiene and safety on the premises.
  3. Each of the rooms is furnished with study tables, cupboards, mirrors, chairs, and every other thing of regular use.
  4. The bathrooms have a regular supply of water, and most of them have geysers installed in them.
  5. Usually, there is always a pharmacy on the campus or near the premises.
  6. Hospitals and clinics are also located nearby.
  7. Security guards are always keeping an eye on the students, and strict in and out timings are maintained to ensure discipline.
  8. No addictions are tolerated in the accommodation, and if anyone is found trespassing, they will be prosecuted.
  9. There are recreational zones for your entertainment and lounge areas where visitors can visit you.
  10. Food may or may not be provided along with the accommodation about which you must find out before your departure.

Why Choose Us?

Our services are unhindered and the best. We do not hesitate to call ourselves the pioneer in helping you go abroad to study MBBS. There are many reasons that make us proud and let you trust us.

  1. Our professional charges and consultation fees are extremely nominal. They are simply nothing when compared to our flawless service and guidance.
  2. We assist in filling out the application form without making any mistakes.
  3. If you want to scan the required documents and upload them along with the application form, trust us, we will be more than happy to do it for you.
  4. We also take care of your VISA applications. If you want this help from us, then let us tell you that our expert VISA executives will see that you fill out the VISA application form perfectly and are prepared for the VISA interview.
  5. Every time the admission session starts in all the medical universities and colleges abroad, we keep you updated about the same through phone calls, email, and messages.

FAQ for MBBS Study in Turkey

Ques.1 Is it necessary for students to carry identification certificates?

Ans. Students must carry identification certificates like VISA, identity proof, student’s card, etc.

Ques.2 Does Turkey tolerate ragging?

Ans. The land law is very strict and does not tolerate any ragging

Ques.3 Are Indian students safe in Turkey?

Ans. Yes. Indian students are safe and secure in Turkey, but it is always wise to stay away from strangers and suspicious people.

Ques.4 What do the 1st and 2nd years of the MBBS degree consist of?

Ans. The first two years consist of Basic Science.

Ques.5 What is the tuition fee for Yeditepe University?

Ans. The tuition fee for Yeditepe University is 27,500$.

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