Study in Australia

Study in Australia

Want to study in Australia? Want to have world-class education? Australia is the most preferred destination in providing excellent opportunities for study when compared to other countries. If you want to pursue an outstanding education and that too from leading universities then Australia is the best choice for you. Australia is known for its outstanding heritage of innovation. Australian universities make your potential for success as boundless. Australian universities motivate overseas students to think big and be agile in your approach. Each year thousands of students graduate from Australian universities by completing their high-quality education in almost whichever field they want to. Australia is known for differentiating employers worldwide due to world-class education. Australian students achieve great success in their career after completing their education from Australian universities. Students achieve great success by acquiring Australian education. This is because of the fact that Australia is the leading provider of education for overseas students. Australian institutions are ranked amongst top 100 universities. There are ample number of options in Australia for International students. Australia has more than 1,100 educational institutions with more than 22,000 courses to select from every discipline and at various levels.

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Education System in Australia

  1. Education system in Australia is segregated into three categories:
  2. Primary Education
  3. Secondary Education
  4. Tertiary Education.
  5. School education comprises of primary and secondary education.
  6. Tertiary education comprises of higher education and vocational education and training (VET).
  7. English is being used as the primary language of teaching in Australia.
  8. Many universities offer programmes in bilingual languages.
  9. Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) makes Australian education different.
  10. AQF is a national policy covering all the qualifications from tertiary education domain.
  11. AQF contains 10 levels and is linked by school, vocational and university education qualifications.
  12. Student who has VISA can easily move from one level to another.
  13. AQF enhances choice as well as flexibility in career planning.
  14. AQF qualifications helps the students prepare for further studies.
  15. If a candidate meets all AQF qualifications, then institution is Government-authorised.
  16. AQF specifies that the degree gained is genuine.
  17. Australian universities offer the candidates with ample number of course choices.
  18. Australia offers many scholarships for the International students.

Why Choose Australia?

  1. Australia is known to be as the third most prevalent international student destination across the world.
  2. Australia is the world leader in terms of education.
  3. Australia is a popular destination which is known for providing education to more than 7,00,000 overseas students.
  4. The statistics show that there has been a rise of 11% in the number of international students since 2017.
  5. Australia has six of the top-notch universities which are included in world’s top 100.
  6. Australia has one of the finest higher education systems across the world.
  7. There are more than 22,000 courses in more than 1,000 Australian universities.
  8. Australian universities lay emphasis on student experience and graduate outcomes.
  9. According to the report of Department of Education Student Survey, international students have given 90% positive reviews about Australia.
  10. Australia comprises of seven of the finest student cities across the world.
  11. Australian government spends more than A$300 million in providing scholarships.
  12. Australia is known for providing world-leading education in various study areas.

Courses Available for Studying in Australia

There is variety of courses available in Australia for studying. Some of them are:

  1. Clinical, Pre-clinical and Health
  2. Engineering and Technology
  3. Arts and Humanities
  4. Life Sciences
  5. Physical Sciences
  6. Social Sciences
  7. MBA in Australia

Application Process to Study in Australia

There are two methods of applying for the course in Australian universities. Directly with the education provider

  1. Download the application form from the website.
  2. Candidate applying for more than one institution, need to apply more than one application form in separate university.
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Through an Australian Education Agent

  1. Contact with Australian Agent
  2. Prepare documents to send your application
  3. Documents may vary depending on the provider, course and application.
  4. Candidate must read the offer letter before accepting.

Reasons to Study in Australia

  1. Australian universities have produced 15 Nobel laureates.
  2. More than 2.5 million international students have graduated so far from Australian universities.
  3. Australian universities equip you with practical skills and knowledge which makes you innovative thinker.
  4. Australian education has always been innovative towards teaching.
  5. Australian universities develop thought leading creativity in the students in every discipline.
  6. Along with the practical skills, Australian universities provide theoretical knowledge as well.
  7. Australian universities help in making you successful in a fast-changing world.
  8. Australian universities make students agile by their new and engaging programmes. 

Advantages of Studying in Australia

  1. Australian universities are globally recognized.
  2. Universities in Australia are known for excellence in education.
  3. Premium training and outstanding lectures are provided to the international students.
  4. Student support services are always running in the Australian universities.
  5. Australian universities are world-class and have global rankings.
  6. There is option of work while the student is studying.
  7. Australian universities help the students to succeed in global workforce.
  8. Australia is one of the safe countries and students feel secure.
  9. Overseas students are welcomed in the multicultural society as local people are great.
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Why Learn English Language?

  1. Candidates who are planning to go to Australia for studying can learn basic English language.
  2. Learning of English language will be helpful in communication for those who are not well versed with English.
  3. Interacting with local people can be helpful by learning English language.
  4. Courses are taught in English medium thus; students need to know English.

Is Australian Students VISA Necessary to Study in Australia?

Student VISA includes the following:

  1. vocational education and training (VET)
  2. higher education
  3. postgraduate research
  4. non-award courses
  5. Overseas students funded by the Department of Foreign Affairs or Defence.
  6. independent (English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students) ELICOS program
  7. schools including (primary and secondary)
  8. secondary school exchange program

Requirements for Australian Student VISA

  1. Complete filled and signed national visa application form.
  2. Your valid national passport.
  3. Two photocopies of your passport.
  4. Your certificate of birth. (If Required)
  5. Your marriage certificates. (If Required)
  6. Your child’s certificate of birth.
  7. Your recent 3 passport-style photographs.

Health Insurance for Overseas Students in Australia

  1. International students who are studying in Australia must have OSHC (Overseas Student Health Cover).
  2. OSHC (Overseas Student Health Cover) cover hospital treatment, visits to the doctor, ambulance cover and limited medicines (pharmaceuticals)
  3. OSHC (Overseas Student Health Cover) covers offers a range of several OSHC products.
  4. OSHC (Overseas Student Health Cover) covers only compulsory minimum services along with comprehensive products.
  5. OSHC (Overseas Student Health Cover) also covers extra services as stated under particular policy.

Cost of Living in Australia

Accommodation costs are as follows:

  1. Homestay cost - $235 to $325 per week
  2. Hostels and Guesthouses cost - $90 to $150 per week
  3. Shared Rental cost- $95 to $215 per week
  4. Boarding school cost- $11,000 to $22,000 a year
  5. On campus stay - $110 to $280 per week
  6. Rental - $185 to $440 per week

Living Expenses are as follows:

  1. Phone and Internet cost- $15 to $30 per week
  2. Groceries and eating cost - $140 to $280 per week
  3. Entertainment cost- $80 to $150 per week
  4. Gas, electricity cost- $10 to $20 per week
  5. Public transport cost- $30 to $60 per week
  6. Car (after purchase) cost- $150 to $260 per week

Cost of living is as follows:

  1. For a child coming with the candidate - AUD$3,152
  2. For students or guardians - AUD$21,041
  3. For partners coming with you - AUD$7,362

Cost of education is reasonable and affordable in Australia.

Australian Culture

  1. Australia offers a safe and secure environment for studying as well as for living.
  2. Local people are friendly and welcoming.
  3. They have open and informal approach towards life along with respecting others freedom.
  4. Australian cities have lowest crime rate across the world.
  5. More than 2.5 million international students have graduated so far from Australian universities.
  6. Australian institutions are ranked amongst top 100 universities.
  7. Collaboration is a fundamental factor in students’ success.
  8. Students are closely going to work with researchers, classmates, instructors and other professors.
  9. Australia has world changing research as well as development.
  10. Lots of opportunities that will help you become an innovator in your field.
  11. Australia provides funds for the international students.
  12. Australian government promotes global connections between researchers, Australian students and international peers.

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