MBBS in Belarus

mbbs in belarusThere are over 15,000 international aspirants, including Indian MBBS students study MBBS in Belarus in the top MBBS universities in Belarus every year. For Indian MBBS applicants, the MBBS Admission in Belarus is easy. The nation is situated in European region nearby Poland and Russia comprises a high value for MBBS education at university level and offers low-cost tuition fee for international MBBS students.

In the recent few years, MBBS in Belarus has earned global fame among International MBBS Students, because the nation offers several advantages of studying MBBS in Belarus, including a direct admission in world’s best MBBS institutions, MCI/WHO recognized degrees along with low-cost MBBS fees followed by quality education. Apart from this Belarusian medical universities facilitate some of the basic factors like best-in-class research amenities and a comprehensive opportunity to outlive a cross-cultural experience that allow International MBBS aspirants to live up their dreams of becoming a doctor through guiding MBBS education in Belarus. You may obtain MBBS admission in Belarus to enjoy an excellent medical career.

MBBS in Belarus can also be a wise decision for Indian students because the Medical programs in Belarus are affordable. If you are looking for low-cost MBBS in Abroad, study MBBS in Belarus would be an acceptable option for you. MBBS in Belarus maintains the international benchmark of medical education. Eklavya Overseas recommends MBBS admission in Belarus for establishing an excellent MBBS career anywhere in the world. Eklavya Overseas provides guidance to International MBBS students related to the MBBS admission in Belarus.

There are several suitable educational destinations for international students who are seeking MBBS in Abroad. Even the apex Indian Medical Regulatory allows Indian MBBS students to study MBBS in Abroad in its permitted and associated medical universities and colleges. These colleges are counterparts to the international standard of MBBS education and offer the world-class educational environment, therefore getting MBBS admission in Abroad could be a better choice for Indian MBBS aspirants. ADVANTAGES OF STUDYING MBBS IN BELARUS

  • No Donation
  • English Medium Education.
  • Affordable Education Fee.
  • No TOEFL or IELTS.
  • Globally Recognized Medical Degree.
  • Preparation for MCI, USMLE, PMDC, PLAB, SCHS, HPCSA.
  • Easy Admission.
  • Affordable Course Fee.
  • Best Camps Life.
  • Safe for International Students.

Do you know? A medical career is comparatively tough to study than others because it demands more dedication of the students. Identifying and accepting the value of life is the first accountability of a doctor. You can carry your responsibilities only if you learned the same from the right teacher. A premium international medical university can validate your requirements and shape you as a professional doctor. Likewise, MBBS in Abroad, the foreign countries possess a good percentage of graduates or literacy rate. International colleges and universities for MBBS in Abroad are famous for their low-cost MBBS fees.

Our Recommended MBBS universities in Belarus
  • Vitebsk State University
  • Gomel State Medical University
  • Belarusian State Medical University

Explore MBBS in Belarus

Eklavya Overseas does maximum R&D about the foreign countries and we have a dedicated team of overseas education experts. We signify the important facts that you require before leaving to study MBBS in Belarus. The governing authorities of India have commanded the NEET for all college students attempting to find MBBS in India or MBBS in abroad. It will likely be the essential standards for MBBS admission to undergraduate medical guides (i.e., MBBS) in any medical faculty inside India or abroad. Considering MBBS in India from a private medical university is exorbitant and offers no surety of valuable schooling. MBBS in Belarus for Indian MBBS college students is appreciably low-priced and gives worth professional opportunities.

While picking the foreign MBBS destination to seek your MBBS in Abroad, Eklavya Overseas makes sure that the selected nation is appropriate for you and clearly visualize following things before you, including:

About Belarus: The Republic of Belarus, (earlier known as Belorussia) is an independent country located near Eastern Europe. Belarus shares its border with Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Lithuania, and Latvia. Minsk is the capital of Belarus and also the most populous. The surface area of Belarus is 207,600 kilometers square and around half of the area is forested. The major part of Belarusian economy is driven by manufacturing and service industries. The Belarusian population is over 9,499,000 and the population density of 45.8 per kilometer square. The GDP of Belarus is over $176 billion and the Per capita GDP is around $19,198.

Top-10 Cities in Belarus:

Rank Region Population
1 Minsk 1,921,807
2 Homyel 526,872
3 Mahilyow 374,644
4 Vitsyebsk 366,299
5 Hrodna 356,557
6 Brest 330,934
7 Babruysk 218,271
8 Baranavichy 179,073
9 Barysaw 144,945
10 Pinsk 137,493

Living standards in Belarus: The life expectancy for ordinary comforts in Europe is above delight stage because the nation has witnessed proper economic improvement in recent years. There are several key elements including farming, tourism, heavy industries and much more that anticipate the monetary development of Belarus. Study MBBS in Belarus can encourage you with the necessities and solace which might be required for higher medical education.

MBBS in Belarus for Indian students is worth arrangement since the students may get the arena of magnificence, modern library, advanced classrooms, free Wi-Fi and more other things. Belarusian medical faculties furnish global meetings and other popular social gatherings for international students.

Career Orientation after MBBS in Belarus: Belarusian MBBS universities are recognized by the MCI, WHO and other international medical governing bodies. Obtaining MBBS in Belarus would make numerous ways for medical graduates to successful professional life. After an MBBS degree from medical colleges of Belarus, the MBBS students can select further studies in Belarus or they can practice their medical profession in health clinics. MBBS in Belarus attracted the aspiring youth to make their profession as specialist doctors. A Belarusian medical graduate can start his medical career in India after qualifying the FMGE (Foreign Medical Graduate Exams).

FMGE is popularly known as MCI screening examination and conducted by the National Board of Examination in India (NBE). In this way, Indian students having the MBBS degree from Belarusian medical universities could build up their medical profession in India after clearing the FMGE test and wind up noticeably qualified for achieving the activity in the medical focuses, facilities or clinics in India.

Climate in Belarus: The latitudes of Belarus lies between 51° & 57° N, and the longitudes lie between 23° & 33° E. Belarus is landlocked and almost half of its area is covered with forest. The climate of Belarus is mild cold in winters having an average temperature range from -4 to -8 degree Celsius in January month.  The average temperature in moist summers is 18 °C. The nation witnesses average rainfall during the year and the rainfall range between 550 mm to 700 mm.

International rankings of Belarus: The nation keeps excellent rankings worldwide like the ranking of Belarus in Human Development Index is 50th out of 186 countries and the ranking in Education Index is 64th out of 187 countries. The World Bank has ranked Belarus 59th out of 145 countries in the Knowledge Economy Index and 45th out of 145 countries in the Knowledge Index. Belarus possesses 78th out of 141 countries in the Global Innovation Index.

Ethnicity in BelarusEthnicity in Belarus: The nation enjoys secular religion and has the following ethnicity in Belarus. There are 83 percent Belarusians, 8 percent Russians, 3 percent Poles, 2 percent Ukrainians and 3 percent other ethnicities.

Comparison with other countries: MBBS Students can manage affordable living cost in Belarus; therefore they select study MBBS in Belarus for better accommodation, internships, and globally recognized medical degree. MBBS fee in Belarus is lower than that of other foreign medical universities approved by MCI. Belarus follows the European lifestyle, politically stable, English medium education and no entrance test and possesses many tourist destinations which make Belarus one of the popular places for study low-cost MBBS Abroad.

Belarus offers low-cost MBBS programs than that of other European Countries. Indian, Nepalese and other International MBBS students can easily get admission for MBBS in Belarus and obtain top academic alternatives and career options. MBBS in Ukraine, MBBS in Georgia, MBBS in China, MBBS in Kyrgyzstan and others in foreign countries also cater affordable MBBS courses. These colleges provide exceptional education quality and a large range of MBBS colleges with a premium infrastructure to select the best for you.

Important Info for MBBS in Belarus:

Eklavya Overseas exhibits accurate guide for Indian students and guardians contemplate MBBS in Belarus at an affordable cost. We appreciate and respect the wishes of the Indian students to quicken their career through seeking MBBS in Belarus. We know that each nation has dual sides and the students need to check and validate both the sides before taking admission MBBS colleges in Belarus. Affordable MBBS admission in Belarus is such a choice which Indian guardians select after the counsel of overseas educational advisors for Indian students from Abroad. Eklavya Overseas offer customized overseas MBBS counseling and overseas MBBS admission assistance.

Decide Your Budget: Budget structure of Medical education and living standards of any country are the key factors when it comes to taking the decision of pursuing admission in MBBS programs. Brilliant education structure MCI (Medical Council of India), WHO (World Health Organization) recognized MBBS degrees in Belarus makes the country a great option to study medicine. MBBS in Belarus is affordable; it’s a 6-year program, including the internship.

MBBS Syllabus in Belarus: MBBS courses in Abroad should be recognized by the MCI and the WHO. The curriculum or syllabus is very important because it generates the potential for professionalism into students. MBBS in Belarus follows a collective program of study MBBS, so the Indian MBBS students should make sure that the curriculum is approved or accepted universally or not? It is important that the MBBS in Abroad should be accredited by

Language Requirements for MBBS in Belarus: Most of the MBBS Universities in Belarus offer MBBS programs in their official language and some of them offer Bilingual MBBS programs. But you need not worry about the language problem because the MBBS universities recommended by Eklavya Overseas offer MBBS programs in English. We advise Indian students referring the notification of Indian Embassy before taking any decision for MBBS admission in Abroad.

Availability of INDIAN EMBASSY: Indian Embassy is like your reliable friend in foreign countries, therefore, make sure that Indian Embassy should be there in the country where you are deciding your MBBS in Belarus. Indian Embassy in Belarus guides and protects the Indian nationals in every situation.

Safety of Indian Students in Belarus: Before selecting MBBS in Belarus, you should go through the reviews posted by Indian students about their experience, who already studying MBBS in Belarus. Further, you may check the ranking of that country in safety countdown and the crime rate against international students while study MBBS in Belarus. All these guides are helpful to Indian students applying for MBBS in Belarus.

Eligibility for MBBS Admission in Belarus

We assure your admission to medical universities in Belarus if you

  • Qualified 10+2 or equivalent in science stream (Physics, Chemistry, and Biology)
  • Obtain over 50 percent marks
  • Aged over 17 years

Documents required for MBBS Admission in Belarus

Documents required for MBBS Admission in Belarus
All upper-mentioned documents are required to submit to the Ministry by post/e-mail/official address.

(Note: Eklavya Overseas assists Indian MBBS aspirants in the proper submission of documents to the Education & Science Ministry and sort out your queries for MBBS in Abroad.)

Application Procedure for MBBS in Belarus

  • Fill the application form/or get it filed by us online
  • Submit the scanned copies of your passport, and other necessary documents
  • Collect the admission letter from the university (Within 10 working days)
  • After the confirmation of admission, the immigration procedure shall be started
  • Visit the Belarusian Embassy in Delhi after receiving the invitation letter (within one month)

Check, Evaluate and authenticate every document before applying for a visa

Our Assistance:

We at Eklavya Overseas, being one of the most reliable overseas education consultants assists India medical aspirants in getting the low-cost top universities in Belarus for MBBS like University of Traditional Medicine. We provide following supports for admission to the best MBBS universities in Belarus and prepare MBBS aspirants eligible to identify the best way to study in Belarus at the University of Traditional Medicine.

What Eklavya Overseas Do For You

Apply For Admission at Belarusian MBBS Colleges

  • You can trust on Eklavya Overseas when it comes to reliable educational counseling MBBS in Belarus for Indian students in Belarus.
  • We apply for Admission at MBBS colleges and universities in Belarus on your behalf and offer admission promise in the MCI recognized medical colleges in Belarus.
  • We help with the documentation and VISA application including Embassy stamping & Ministry approval.
  • We assist in translating the academic documents, and notarization. Experience zero rejection of VISA approval.
  • We arrange safe travel help equipped with insurance to the Medical Universities.
  • We provide suitable and affordable accommodation in Belarus.
  • We arrange safe travel help equipped with travel insurance to Universities and appropriate accommodation in Belarus.
  • Training Centre/Coaching for FMGE or the Screening Test of MCI (Online): We have a list of the best training center or coaching institutes that can guide you about FMGE or the of MCI Screening Test after the conclusion of MBBS degree from MCI approved Medical Universities like University of Traditional Medicine.
  • We register your seats FMGE training institutes for guaranteed achievement in MCI Screening Test.
  • We provide authentic study notes for FMGE Test Series in order to ensure your accomplishment in the Screening Test of MCI.
  • Help in further counseling for overseas education when you complete your MBBS Degree in Belarus at the best universities in Belarus, like if you want to continue your Post-Graduation program in medicine. We make you understand the various PG Program in Medicine offered by international medical universities.

Hope we could cater the information you are looking for and competent enough to satisfy your quest to MBBS in Belarus at the best MBBS universities in Belarus.

Feel free to contact us to know more about MBBS courses all over the world. Eklavya Overseas could be your trustworthy companion and reliable ally for information on MBBS Programs in Belarus. We are the authorized envoy of the top MBBS colleges and universities in Belarus and other MCI Approved MBBS Universities in Belarus for the students hailing from upper mentioned nations for the year 2017-18.

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