Study in Abroad

Study in Abroad

With more than five decades of experience in offering education, studying in abroad is one of the most preferred options that will set all the International student’s life with success. Student must first research out well and investigate well for the locations, courses and the universities in abroad. By studying in abroad student have the opportunity to travel and explore new places. Students get to experience new geographies apart from India and create your interesting stories for your family and friends. By pursuing your studies in abroad you get to open your mind to a whole new world along with learning something new, experience world-class education thereby developing a global perspective.

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Study in Different Countries of Abroad

Study in UK

  1. For all Students who want to study in UK must give a quick look at the essentials.
  2. UK is the most popular country to study in abroad.
  3. UK universities are established since 12th and 13th century following a rich culture of education.
  4. UK maintains a student retention rate of 82%.
  5. International students are given a comprehensive support system thereby a life changing experience. 

Popular Courses to Study in UK

  1. PhD in UK
  2. MBA in UK
  3. MS in UK
  4. Post-graduation in UK
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Study in USA

  1. America offers diversity in cultures and ethnicity.
  2. America is known for having highest number of top-ranked universities.
  3. Students can explore picturesque landscape in Australia.

Popular Courses to Study in USA

  1. Engineering USA Courses.
  2. Computer Science and Information Technology US courses
  3. Business Analyst and Data Science US courses
  4. Pharmacy US courses
  5. Business US courses

Study in Australia

  1. Australia has 8 of the top 100 universities across the world.
  2. Indian students are increasing as the education system is booming.
  3. Australian universities are famous for its world-class education.
  4. Australia provides post-study work opportunities along with excellent quality of living.
  5. Students get to experience academic excellence and support system.

Popular Courses to Study in Australia

  1. Business Administration
  2. Architecture
  3. Information Technology
  4. Accounting & Finance
  5. Hospitality & Tourism
  6. Engineering

Study in New Zealand

  1. New Zealand offers world-class education.
  2. New Zealand is one of the world’s best place for studying.
  3. New Zealand offers renowned education system.
  4. New Zealand provides unbeatable education.

Popular Courses to Study in New Zealand

  1. Engineering
  2. Technology
  3. Science
  4. Business & Management
  5. Mathematics
  6. Agriculture
  7. Digital Design
  8. Fashion & Design
  9. Food & Hospitality

Study in Canada

  1. Canada is considered to provide endless possibilities and opportunities.
  2. Canadian Government offer attractive scholarships.
  3. Canadian universities provide high-quality education.
  4. Canada is known for world-class education system.
  5. Students provide world leading experts and academics.

Popular Courses to Study in Canada

  1. Core Engineering & Engineering Management.
  2. Physical & Earth Sciences and Renewable Energy.
  3. MBA.
  4. Computer Science & IT.
  5. Agricultural Science & Forestry.
  6. Business & Finance.
  7. Biosciences, Medicine & Healthcare.
  8. Media & Journalism.

How Eklavya Overseas Provide Guidance?

We offer you a step-by-step guidance before you opt to study in abroad.

  1. Student must first research out well and investigate well for the locations, courses and the universities in abroad.
  2. Students get an opportunity to communicate with one of our counsellors who are professionally certified.
  3. Our counsellors work on every minute as well as big details to offer you the best.
  4. Once the student has made up the mind about the course then he/she must apply for the course.
  5. Candidate must then wait for the further offer acceptance by a particular university in abroad.
  6. Then, the student must apply for the student VISA.
  7. We help the student in searching for the good accommodation.
  8. Student can then book the flights.
  9. Finally, candidate is ready to go and study in abroad.

Why Choose Abroad?

  1. Students get to expose to a new culture and learning.
  2. Students get use to international way of working and that too at an early stage.
  3. Student get use to various cultures and nourish them.
  4. Candidates get to widen their scope of career options.
  5. Students get to enhance their technical skills.
  6. Studying abroad give your CV a competitive edge.
  7. Candidates develop their social and professional network.
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Courses Available for Studying in Abroad

There are variety of study programs available for Indian students while studying in Abroad. Some of them are as follows:

  1. MBA in Abroad
  2. MBBS in Abroad
  3. Engineering in Abroad

Some of the specializations in abroad are as follows:

  1. Accounting
  2. Agricultural Sciences
  3. Art & Design
  4. Biological & Life Sciences
  5. Building & Architecture
  6. Business
  7. Chemistry
  8. Computing & IT
  9. Economics
  10. Engineering
  11. Environmental Science
  12. Finance
  13. Geography
  14. Health & Medicine
  15. History
  16. Hospitality & Tourism
  17. Human Welfare Studies and Services
  18. Information Science & Librarianship
  19. Language & Culture
  20. Law & Legal Studies
  21. Marketing, Media & Communication
  22. Performing Arts & Music
  23. Political & Social Sciences
  24. Teaching & Education
  25. Pharmacy
  26. Physics

Intakes for Studying in Abroad

  1. Indian education system adopts single intake approach whereas foreign universities have various intakes in a particular academic year.
  2. If the candidate is willing to apply in the foreign universities in UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand and Canada then he/she can select from various intakes.
  3. Candidate who has missed in September intake can surely opt for January intake in foreign universities.
  4. There are two intakes in most of the foreign universities namely Fall intake and spring intake.
  5. Fall intake begins in the month of September whereas Spring intake begins in the month of January.
  6. However, intakes may vary depending on the university and the course selected by the candidate.
  7. Mostly, Indian students prefer September intake because its in line with the completion of their other academic course.

Scholarships offered during Studying in Abroad

Scholarships reduce the overall expense for the students. Foreign universities offer scholarships which are offered to the students. Scholarships are categorised as follows:

  1. Merit-based Scholarship
  2. Student specific Scholarship
  3. Destination specific Scholarship
  4. Subject specific Scholarship
  5. Need based Scholarship
  6. Athletic Scholarship

Application Process to Study in Abroad

The application process for studying Abroad is simple and easy. The steps are as follows:

Step 1: Student must search for the study program which he/she wants to choose.
Step 2: Student must be clever enough to see that he/she is meeting all the necessary requirements.
Step 3: Student must try to learn the official language of the particular foreign country.
Step 4: Candidate must confirm with his/her financial resources.
Step 5: Accordingly, candidate must apply for the admission.
Step 6: Then, candidate must obtain student VISA for the foreign country.
Step 7: Student must then search for a suitable accommodation
Step 8: Candidate can then enrol in the particular foreign university.

Reasons to Study in Abroad?

  1. By completing a degree internationally, employers think that the candidate is more flexible, has cultural awareness, courage along with better and improved understanding.
  2. Internships and job applications motivates the students for the course.
  3. Students get to learn new languages.
  4. Students get to see a new culture along with living with the language.
  5. The grasping of the language becomes easy as they converse in English every day.
  6. Living, studying and working with English language enhances your career a lot.
  7. Studying in abroad gives you an international exposure.
  8. Students gain a global experience by pursuing an international degree.
  9. Students gain an experience of lifetime.

Advantages of Studying in Abroad

  1. International students always say that studying in abroad is a holistic experience and an amazing journey.
  2. International degree helps in expanding your career as well as expanding personal horizons.
  3. Studying abroad serve as an experience of a lifetime.
  4. There are diverse options to study in abroad including research options and skill-based training for the students.
  5. Students opens up new avenues for themselves as well as new educational opportunities.
  6. Certain courses in abroad also let you pursue more than one course at a time.
  7. Student can actually pursue their career in literature while studying maths also.
  8. Courses in foreign universities are highly ranked by offering a unique study environment.
  9. International students get more choices for employment in abroad.

Why Learn Abroad Language?

  1. Candidate need to learn European language for the particular country in Abroad.
  2. Foreign languages have a rich history of many centuries

Is Foreign Students VISA Necessary to Study in Abroad?

  1. Student VISA is basically an endorsement made by the immigration authorities on the candidate’s passport.
  2. After one has confirmed the admission then, application for VISA is necessary
  3. Candidate must plan the VISA within the allotted time.
  4. Enrolment in a recognised educational institution.
  5. Proof of your financials
  6. Passport size photos
  7. A valid passport
  8. evidence of your English language proficiency
  9. health insurance

Requirements for Foreign Student VISA

  1. Enrolment application
  2. Residence permit applications which is different for different country in abroad
  3. Evidence of language certification (if needed)
  4. Evidence of parental/guardian consent (if under 18)
  5. Proof of financials funding
  6. Passport size photographs
  7. Copy of the current passport
  8. Vaccinations

Health Insurance for Overseas Students in Abroad

  1. Health insurance in Abroad will help students get the medical help during their stay.
  2. Health insurance is often funded by government.

Cost of Living in Abroad

  1. For students who have decided to study abroad, they need to study abroad and explore new avenues.
  2. Student must make an estimate of the overall expense.
  3. The tuition fees are the fundamental expense that one must think of.
  4. Next is your accommodation factor which is another aspect that candidate has to look out for.
  5. Candidate must plan for the cost of student VISA.
  6. Candidate must calculate his/her living expenses as well.
  7. The health insurance is another vital factor which needs to be considered.
  8. Transportation cost must also be taken into consideration.
  9. If you are opting for part-time work then candidate must may tax as well.

Why Choose Eklavya Overseas for Study in Abroad?

Eklavya Overseas For over 20 years, our multitude of services offered numerous students with the admissions in some of the eminent universities in abroad. With the support of our education counsellors, our customers were able to make sound decisions based on the precise and accurate information which we offered. Whether you require a opinion about education, counselling sessions, assessments of your interests or enquire about the admissions, we at Eklavya Overseas take pride in assessing your needs and then offering you the vital assistance.

Our services, new approach and unique strategies help our clients build effective and dynamic career in the chosen field. As a result of our extensive services and our work, we have clearly identified what it takes to build a future of a student who love talking with us seeking our expert’s guidance and support. We assist students in carving a bright future and becoming an even stronger and an effective person. We at Eklavya Overseas extend our valuable services to make the students realize their interests and then seek admissions accordingly.

Milestones Achieved by Eklavya Overseas

  1. We offer competency which can be seen with our outstanding performance.
  2. Eklavya Overseas offer you the customized services that suits your needs.
  3. With our high-quality services, students accomplish their objectives.
  4. We have a high degree of expertise in our deliverables to our clients.
  5. Our round the clock service benefits our customers.
  6. We help students in identifying their strengths by offering them best opportunities.
  7. Eklavya Overseas help them in building an effective career for them.
  8. We assist them in analysing the potential outcomes in choosing a particular course abroad.
  9. Our numbers speak for our built trust, credibility and rapport with our clients.
  10. Our counsellors are specialists in creating an action plan that would turn the vision in reality.
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