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MBBS in Kyrgyzstan Most of the parents in India are not open for sending their child to study MBBS in Abroad mainly because three reasons. They assume that Abroad MBBS or admission in the medical courses abroad for Indian students will be very costly. On the contrary, studying medicines in India is at least 3-5 times more expensive than studying MBBS abroad. Studying MBBS courses in foreign countries is less costly than studying in Indian Private Medical School. On top of that, Indian students get an opportunity to work part-time in medical fields during their MBBS courses abroad.

Moreover, medical universities abroad offer thousand of scholarships and grants to bright Indian MBBS aspirants to help them in attaining MBBS degrees abroad at no cost. Indian MBBS students who wish to practice in India upon their return need to appear for MCI clearance test which is not a complicated but simple medical examination conducted by Medical Council of India. Along with MCI, medical degrees abroad are also recognised by WHO, UNESCO and various other medical councils in the world that guarantee for a prosperous career abroad.

MBBS in Abroad at a Glance

Intake - September
Minimum Percentage - 50% in PCB for General 40% for SC/ ST and Reserve Categories
NEET - Yes With Qualifying Marks
IELTS / TOEFL - Required for Some Countries
Processing Time - 45-60 Days
Lowest Fees - 2500 USD Per Year
Maximum Fees - 8000 USD Per Year
Living Cost - 150 USD Per Month
Duration - 5+1 Years
Medium - English
Top Universities - Ivane Javakhashvili Tbilisi State University, Novosibirsk State University, Yerevan Haybusak University.
Recognition - MCI and WHO approved
Climate - Cold, Summer, Dry and Temperate

Advantages of MBBS in Abroad

  • The quality: The Abroad medical universities have decades of experience in providing education in the field of medicine to the students, and still the Abroad medical university fee is very low. The experience is so vast that there are MBBS colleges in Abroad that are providing medicinal education for more than 200 years. The syllabus of MBBS course in Abroad is a perfect blend of theory and field practice. The medical universities for MBBS study in Abroad provide better chances to practice what they have learned with professional doctors right in the premises of the university. The time spent for the degree for MBBS course in Abroad is equal to the time you will spend for MBBS in Indian universities when you choose to complete the MBBS study in Abroad in the English language. The MBBS admission in Abroad is much easier than the people expect. The option to study MBBS from Abroad for Indian students holds great future. The medical studies in Abroad also provide you the chance to interact with different cultures around the world.
  • The cost: The comparison of MBBS fees for abroad especially for MBBS programs in Abroad approved by MCI to the cost of education in Indian private medical universities, you will realize that it is cheaper to study abroad than in India. Also, the medical colleges for MBBS in Abroad have the much better infrastructure in comparison to that of Indian universities. The fee for MBBS in abroad is close to half that you will need to pay for education in India.
    In the last few decades, hundreds and thousands of Indian students have achieved their degree in the field of medicine from MBBS colleges in Abroad. The number of students choosing the MBBS universities abroad keeps on increasing. The MCI approved medical colleges in Abroad also provide 100% scholarship to the international students who have good merit in their education before college. In the last few years, the cost has gone south for the education from Universities for MBBS in Abroad for Indian students. In the last five years, the cost has come down to almost half in top universities in Abroad for MBBS. Also, these universities that are MCI approved medical colleges in Abroad do not have the concept of donation. That means the only way to get admission in these colleges is by merit.
  • Cost of living: The living cost for MBBS in Abroad is closer to the cost of living in your home country. The low-cost medical colleges in Abroad are the best resource for Indian students as the cost of living in these areas is also very low.
  • Overall better than Indian private universities: All you need to do is to pass an eligibility test for the education in Abroad. The test tests the knowledge that is required to begin the MBBS course. However, most of the students pass it with great marks and feel no pressure. The universities in Abroad are approved by MCI thus getting a license in India after coming back is easier for the MBBS students in Abroad.
  • MCI Approved: The MBBS degree in Abroad has MCI approval in India. The top 10 medical colleges in Abroad have the syllabus that the MCI required for the licensing in India. It is easier for the doctors to get the license after completing their MBBS course in Abroad. The MBBS course taught in Abroad has all the factors that match the latest developments in the field of medicine. The MCI approved medical colleges in Abroad provide a lot of benefits to Indian students.
  • Worldwide acceptance: The MBBS degree in Abroad provides you a large field to explore. The top-rated MBBS universities in Abroad give you complete back support from the very beginning till you get a job. You can do MBBS in Abroad in English that means you do not have to add another language to your skill set. The universities also have mixed courses with English and local language especially in top colleges in Abroad for MBBS. The Abroad taught programs are also in a blend with the requirements of WHO and UNESCO like organizations.
  • Presence of Indian students: When you go abroad for MBBS, you will find a lot of students in Abroad getting MBBS education in Abroad from the best medical colleges in Abroad for Indian students. With familiar faces and dialect, it is much easier to get an education in Abroad for Indian students. The abroad MBBS syllabus is in easy language with loads of practical sessions. The MBBS duration in Abroad provides you the best chance to explore the academic culture.
  • In field training: The in-field training provided by the top medical colleges in Abroad is amazing. These MCI recognized MBBS colleges in Abroad assure Indian students that the first-hand training for treating patients will be the best. The MBBS Abroad in English gives a chance to the students from India to get an education in a home-like environment while studying MBBS in Abroad.

Best low fees medical colleges in abroad for indian students 2017 to study MBBS in Abroad

We here present the list of MBBS colleges in Abroad that you can trust. The list of best medical colleges in Abroad is among the medical colleges recognized by MCI in abroad and other organizations like UNESCO and WHO. These top 10 MBBS colleges in Abroad have made to the top in different lists published by some international agencies. When you complete graduation in these colleges, you will have the option to do MD in Abroad after MBBS. The MD degree from Abroad has high international value. This list below has the cheap medical universities in Abroad that provide the top class education. These colleges provide MBBS in Abroad for Nepalese students as well. In fact, studying at medical colleges in Abroad for Indian students is much easier when it comes to these medical universities in Abroad. These are the top class low-cost MBBS colleges in Abroad that provide the best future when you study MBBS in Abroad in English medium.

Thus MBBS in Abroad is much better option for future. In case you want to know more about medical college fee in Abroad, MBBS admission 2017 in Abroad, or low-cost medical colleges in Abroad, do feel free to contact us. We can help you in getting admission in a top medical college in Abroad. The admission in medical colleges in Abroad is not an easy task, and we as an expert in the field can help you in the process.

MBBS Universities in Abroad

Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University Osh State Medical University China Medical University
Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University Osh State Medical University China Medical University
Fees 4500 USD/year  Fees 2600 USD/ 1st year  Fees 4 Lacs RMB/year
Duration 6 Years Duration 6 years Duration 5 years
Eligibility Min. 50% Mark Eligibility Min. 50% Mark Eligibility Min. 50% Mark

Study MBBS in Abroad

Families in India feel proud in sending their wards abroad to attain global education and consider MBBS in Abroad as the most influential career option in life. Statistics prove them correct as well. According to a report by The Wire; we have the second-largest population of higher education students in the world and likely to become the highest in numbers by 2025 with 119 million students ready to knock at medical universities’ gates. But the most astonishing fact is that we have approximately 3, 60,000 students flying abroad every year to complete their tertiary level education, that is nearly 10 times higher than the number of international students studying in Indian colleges. The high cut-off list, heavy tuition fee and extravagant donations in Indian medical colleges made Indian students peep out of the country and search for a dream destination that is more affordable, has undemanding admission procedure and delivers similar recognised degree without any admission donation or offering. Consequently, international students in India are declining too. On the other hand, study abroad students get the opportunity to see the world and enhance their personal and professional skills for a long prosperous career and successful life after studying MBBS abroad and clutching an internationally recognised foreign medical degree.

Only 2% lucky chaps get into their desired colleges from the entire student population because of a limited number of seats available in the public medical institution in India. And those aspiring doctors who are compelled to study in private medical colleges in India pay a hefty amount of tuition fee and numerous other expenses for 6 long years. Approximately one-fifth of the students get entrance in renowned government medical colleges in India and rest remain academically thirsty. Statistics suggest more sad figures of only one doctor per 1700 citizens in India which is far less than and violating the minimum requirement set by the World Health Organization (WHO) of keeping a minimum of one doctor per thousand citizens in a country. Indian Health ministry already proclaimed that there are only 7 Lakhs doctors practising in India and require further 5 Lakhs more to reach the needed ratio.

The International education system is based on a curriculum that has 70% practical and 30% theory which enables every individual student to flourishes on inter-personal skills besides gaining deep theoretical medical knowledge. Students who study in foreign medical colleges get jobs easily in any public or private hospital or healthcare institution in India because of the extra charm added to the CV by the name of the international medical degree. Studied abroad doctors can simply practice anywhere in India in any public or private medical institution or organisation. These newly become doctors also get ample of opportunities to practice medicines in Europe, America, Australia and in many other developed nations after completing MBBS or MD courses abroad.

Admission in many prominent medical universities abroad is quick and easy. Medical universities in many nations don’t ask Indian students to take any entrance tests or competitive exams before offering a place in their campuses as there are enough seats available in foreign medical universities for Indian students. These foreign medical degrees are not only equivalent in reputation to any Indian medical degree but also offer a series of opportunities to fulfil all career aspirations anywhere in the world. Surprisingly, such overseas education, i.e. MBBS in Abroad can be acquired in one-third of the cost of medical education in India.

Why Study MBBS in Abroad?

  1. Impeccable Education Standard.
  2. MCI And WHO Recognized
  3. English Medium Education.
  4. No Racism or Discrimination.
  5. International Exposure.
  6. Low Cost- 75 percent lower than the Fees of Indian Private Colleges.
  7. Easy Accessibility from India having Daily Flights.
  8. Indian Food Available.
  9. Gateway to Urbanized Countries like UK and USA.
  10. MCI Education Available.
  11. Better Facility than Study in Private Colleges in India.
  12. Over 4 lakhs* of Indian Students Annually Enrolled to Study Abroad.

The education system abroad add wings while studying MBBS in Abroad

Foreign education systems focus more on practical based learning and allow creativity, innovation and experiments during medical education. Education in international medical colleges is taken as a learning process. Additionally, foreign medical universities proffer state-of the-art educational infrastructure, up-to-date medical syllabus and world-class medical faculties to deliver most eminent knowledge on medicines and other veterinary subjects.

Many developing and developed nations offer free and compulsory primary and secondary education by their country law. Whereas, in India, the education has become a lucrative business and considered as a Cash Cow for many materialistic entities. Another sad thing about Indian education system is that we only believe in grades, numbers and certificates, and concentrate less on skills, development and research. Those who are lucky and have a surplus amount of cash in hand can fulfil their dream of studying MBBS in India by joining their preferred medical college and rest keep wondering new career options after several failing attempts. Furthermore, the medical curriculum in India is outdated and hasn’t been reviewed and revised for decades. Because of a shortage of doctors in India, even government and private hospitals and medical institutions are forced to offer jobs to doctors who have a good academic record but no valuable skill and personal development. On the contrary, international medical education gives a global perspective and helps in developing cross cultural skills, communication skills and interpersonal skills which help throughout life apart from gaining proficiency in MBBS.

MBBS in Abroad VS MBBS in India? – 10 reasons!

1. World Ranking for MBBS in Abroad

India is no way nearer to the top 500 universities in the world best universities’ ranking. Despite tremendous potential and abilities, Indian students perform relatively very less when a study in India than studying abroad. No wonder names like Sunder Pichai, Shantanu Narayan, Satya Nadella, Indra Nooyi and many other CEOs and Presidents of numerous world renowned organisations were Indian gems that have succeeded abroad.

2. Dependability

When pursuing medical education abroad, you will have to do your own work and find a job that takes care of your cost of living and expenses abroad. It is an opportunity to become more dependable, reliable and self-sufficient. Studying abroad makes you an independent and confident professional. From a prey, you become a survivor in these 6 years abroad which will improvise your decision-making ability during hard times.

3. Flexibility during MBBS in Abroad

Managing your day with many academic and extra-curricular activities without your parents’ help makes you more flexible and adjustable to the new habitat. More than 80% of HR managers in the world specifically looking for flexibility and adaptability in their candidates when offering senior positions as per a survey conducted worldwide.

4. Skill Development for MBBS in Abroad

Education system abroad exerts more focus on developing practical skills of a student and making him or her ready for a promising career. Dissimilar to India, where the focus is purely on theoretical knowledge and the marks achieved in the final examinations.

5. The Exposure during MBBS in Abroad

The opportunity of living and studying in a multi-ethnic environment offers global exposure that is not available in India. Studying and working with the classmates who may belong to different culture or religion broadens your mentality and increase your level of thinking. You get to know different languages, cultures, traditions, religions and customs which bring you more close to people. The cultural diversity, advancing technology, reliable amenities and the high living standard is noticed abroad.

6. The Social Benefits

Unlike India, educational hubs in the world provide massive social benefits to its students like free health care, free libraries, scholarships and grants along with huge student discounts on transportation, food, shopping, accommodation, etc.

7. See Places for MBBS in Abroad

Staying abroad gives you great chances to see new places and visit some of the most exciting travel destinations in the world. During holidays and long weekends, students prefer exploring the host nation or visiting the neighbouring countries and come back before the semester resumes.

8. Indians in Demand

Being the second largest provider of higher study students in the world, India is a massive student bank and a potential hub of prominent innovators and inventor. Consequently, the number of Indian students going abroad has increased furiously by 256% as a result of improving the lifestyle of the middle class in India and depreciating study and living cost abroad. The number of studies abroad students is tremendously increasing annually in India and students now prefer to accomplish their MBBS abroad.

9. Aid

Financial Institutions also have come forward to help medical aspirants in India to study medicines abroad by lending quick funds on student rates. Simultaneously, foreign Medical universities are showering a great number of scholarships for deserving Indian students to study MBBS or MD abroad.

10. Education Consultants for MBBS in Abroad

Experienced overseas educational counsellors like Eklavya Overseas help Indian medical students to pursue recognised medical courses abroad for a fruitful career and bring the knowledge back to India to narrow the gap between medical aspirants and number of doctors in India.

Want to study abroad? Get familiar with!

SOP – Statement of Purpose for MBBS in Abroad

It is approximately 1000 words long essay that is required by some of the medical universities abroad. The essay provides more insight on the applicant’s life, motivations behind choosing the career path and his/her goals.
There can be numerous things that you can mention in SOP. However, the Universities could ask question-based essays or simply to present your purpose of studying MBBS abroad in details. A professionally written essay or statement of purpose is extremely crucial to your medical admission.Study overseas consultants at Eklavya Overseas assist students in writing Statement of Purpose to apply for MBBS admission abroad.

LOR – Letter of Recommendation

This document is written by someone else recommending you as a desirable aspirant to study MBBS abroad. LOR helps the Admission Officer to gain a clearer and favourable picture of your experience, achievements, contributions and skills. At least 2-3 Letters of Recommendation are suggested to submit with the admission application. Make sure you have your recommenders ready or else give us a call on +91-11-651-661-77 to get more assistance.

Types of LOR

Based on the Nature of the Recommender, Letter of Recommendations can be broadly classified into two categories.

1. Academic LOR

This LOR is provided by a teacher, professor or a faculty member of your previous academic institutions mentioning about your academic performance and behaviour.

2. Professional LOR

Many studies abroad aspirants have work experience and a Professional LOR is written by your immediate supervisor or reporting manager. It states your professional skills, abilities and works ethics.

Admission ESSAY

It is an essay required by some of the medical schools around the world which explain your candidature for the course you opted study. There are certain qualities universities are looking in a candidate relating to the course he or she has opted. There is no definite format for this essay. Universities may also decide to break up the essays into relevant questions.

Curriculum Vitae

Your CV is a summary of your academic and professional qualifications, achievements, education, contribution and skills. You may take the help of our professional resume writers to make a good impression on the admission committee to win the admission. Your resume should be easy to read and understand while it should also present a comprehensive and focused reference to your academic history, delivered responsibilities, achievements and interpersonal skills.

Student visa for MBBS in Abroad

As the name suggests, Student Visas are visas issued to applicants who intend to pursue tertiary education in a foreign country. Student Visa is the first official document required and checked at the immigration of the host nation that confirms the reason and permission to enter. Different countries may have a different set of immigration laws for foreign nationals.

Student Visa Classifications for MBBS in Abroad

Student Visas are often classified on the basis of two broad categories

1. Student Visa Based on Program’s Duration

Depending on the duration or tenure of the course, countries often divide the student visa into Short Term Student Visas and Long-term Student Visas. The short-term visas are given to foreign students who wish to enrol in short term courses like language course or a diploma certificate course confining the entire duration to 90 days. On the other hand, Long-term Visas are given for degree courses longer than three months period. MBBS degrees abroad require long-term visas.

2. Student Visa Based on Type of Program or Student for MBBS in Abroad

Irrespective of the duration of the course, some countries classify the student visas based on the level of degree applied for; undergraduate, graduate or doctoral and the type of course. If you are, say for an example, an ‘exchange student’, you could be going for 3month or may be 3 years; the category would still be based on the type of student and not the duration of the course. However, in this category, Visa is not been issued on how long the program would be for.

Documents Required for Student Visa

Different countries may ask you a different set of documents based on their country’s immigration laws. A student should inquire about the immigration laws of the host nation by contacting an experienced study abroad consultant before applying for a student visa. However, there are certain documents which are definitely required for all visas.

Valid Passport for MBBS in Abroad

A valid Passport is the first requisite. However, the requirement of the validity of your passport might vary with different countries. Some countries would want you to have the validity of at least 90 days and some may even want a valid passport for the complete course duration. Some countries might let you apply for the Student Visa but request you to extend your passport validity beyond the intended stay in the country. Other than the validity of your passport, you need to ensure that you have at least two blank pages in your passport for Visa stamping. Many countries even ask you to submit a copy of the expired passport if you have any.

Invitation Confirmation for MBBS in Abroad

All nations want proof that you have been accepted by any of their affiliated school, college or university to pursue further education. This is often done by producing a letter of Invitation for the admission provided by the applied institution.

Financial Stability for MBBS in Abroad

Host country would require you show enough funds for the tuition fee of the course along with another study, living and travelling expenses. Numerous countries in Europe have a minimum living cost computed as per government standards and students who are applying for a student visa in such countries must provide proofs that the computed amount is available with them in a form of usable money.

Language Proficiency for MBBS in Abroad

It is important for the host nation to know if you are proficient in the language of instructions. Countries require proofs that you can communicate in the language which would be your medium of study. Since Indian students plan to study in English speaking countries, you would require providing the proof that you can communicate in both written and verbal English. Various English Language Tests like TOEFL, IELTS and/or PTE are conducted in India for study abroad aspirants. Speak to our study overseas counsellors to know more about these language proficiency tests and get assistance in taking the tests.

5 easy steps to study MBBS in Abroad

Step 1: select a program for MBBS in Abroad

Foremost thing is to choose your program according to your interest and career aspirations. MBBS or MD degrees can be acquired in various faculties like Medicines, Dentistry, Nursing, etc. and you can search for programs based on destination, the field of study, and duration. At Eklavya Overseas, overseas educational counsellors present you numerous options depending on your preference, aim and budget.

Step 2: know your budget for MBBS in Abroad

It is important to know your intention to invest in the foreign education. MBSS in the USA and the UK is expensive. Whereas, the same recognised degree is available at a far lesser cost in other European nations. Once you know your budget, it will be easier for you to select your study abroad destination. If you have a sponsor, get an approximate outline of the total study abroad budget.

Financial Assistance: Availing a scholarship or grant opportunities is considered the best way of funding your studies abroad. Thousands of scholarships are offered by universities across the world to Indian students. Speak to our scholarship advisors to know more about funding your MBBS abroad.

Study Loans: All banks in India offer a variety of study loans and finances to study abroad aspirants on minimal interest rates. Many banks even allow you to payback your loan after you complete the course and get the job. Financial advisors at Eklavya Overseas furnish complete information regarding financing your studies.

Step 3: prepare for your trip for MBBS in Abroad

Once you’ve finished selecting the program, country, university and have arranged for the funds, it’s time to start planning your study abroad trip. This will probably be fun for you but stressful for our expert overseas educational counsellors to make your travel and stay hassle free in a foreign country for the complete course duration. Travel, food, accommodation, living, city transportation, university enrollment, communication, student visa application and renewal, residence permit and many other crucial elements are involved during study abroad. Moreover, a safe return after 6 years is severely important and we take all precautions before planning your study abroad mission.

Step 4: MBBS in Abroad

MBBS may be the reason you’ve decided to study outside India, but for a well-rounded study abroad experience, it’s important to balance school with the social and cultural learning that happens outside of the classroom. After you enter into a whole new environment with new cultural norms, new people, new food and unseen traditions, your surrounding becomes fun. Do your research in advance to learn about local customs and try to make friends with locals who can teach you more. They’ll prove to be the best source of information about the city, culture and the local languages.

Step 5: Returning home after completing MBBS in Abroad

This is where your expedition over and career hunts start. After pursuing MBBS abroad, you get converted into a brand new individual who is super proficient, skilled, mature, flexible, and adaptable and of course well educated in the field of your studies. Once you return to India, our career counsellors provide career guidance and assistance on MCI screening tests to start practising in India for a lucrative career.

Adjusting to a different education system

While participating in your study abroad program in your preferred destination, you get ample of free time to research on the topics that are been discussed lately. Unlike Indian educational system which is purely based on theoretical knowledge and has lesser practicality, foreign education systems are inclined more towards practicals, research and development. You may even have to travel to other cities or neighbouring countries to complete your research. Apart from attending all the classes, classroom projects and assignments take most your time. Once you are adjustable to the new conditions, you will not find any difficulty during the rest of the course period. Just do the following two things:

  1. Introduce yourself to your faculties at the beginning of the semester. This helps in establishing connection early and creating an open line of communication, which will be especially helpful if you find yourself having difficulties during the course.
  2. Connect with other students irrespective of their ethnicity. If you have Indians in your classroom, life is going to be smooth and happening for the complete course duration.

Things to keep in mind when applying MBBS in Abroad

Cost for MBBS in Abroad

The first call before deciding to study MBBS abroad is the cost and other expense included. Some countries are expensive than others. If you want to study at low cost and want good quality education, then the countries like Russia, Ukraine, China, etc. are considered to be the best options for studying MBBS courses. Whereas, if budget is not a problem then studying MBBS in the USA, the UK and many other European nations is a favourite choice for many medical students in India.

MCI Recognition/Affiliation

Whether the college you choose is recognised by the Medical Council of India (MCI) or not is a very important factor to consider while deciding the country. You can appear for MCI screening test only if the MBBS degree you get is from a recognised college or university by the MCI. Eklavya Overseas only collaborates with those medical universities abroad which are accredited and recognised by MCI.

Quality of Education for MBBS in Abroad

Indian aspirants are always dubious about the quality of education abroad. Medical colleges we are associated with are the top-notch medical institutions and rank in top 500 educational institutions in the world. These colleges are also recognised by World Health Organisation (WHO), MCI and various other European and American medical regulators that also include many local and international bodies such as FAIMER.

Hostel & Food during MBBS in Abroad

Availability of hygienic and delectable food and clean accommodation is the first necessity to stay in a foreign country. Almost all universities provide such comfortable accommodations and amenities to international students. However, a number of beds are limited and allocated on first come first serve basis. Students are requested to book their hostel accommodation within or nearby the university campus on early basis. If you are likely to spend more on your accommodation and living then the option of private apartments and shared apartments are always available abroad.

Time Duration for MBBS in Abroad

During of the medical course various with the countries. Some nations offer 5.5 years MBBS course and others handover the MBBS or MD medical degrees in 6 years. There are also a few medical universities that offer Masters in medical courses in 2 years. Speak to our expert study abroad consultants for more.


As some students find it difficult to settle down in a particular climate than others, the weather of the host city becomes an important factor. Where the countries like Russia and Ukraine have a cold weather with snowfall, the countries like Kyrgyzstan and Azerbaijan have typically moderate climate. However, there are many European countries that have similar weather pattern like India.

Safety of International students studying MBBS in Abroad

It is safe for Indian students to study MBBS abroad. Except for a few countries, we are not associated with; most of the educational hubs around the world are safe and listed with United Nations Organisation (UNO) and United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) as the safest nations in the world to study for international students.

Language & Medium of Education during MBBS in Abroad

The medium of instruction in all countries is English. Although, it is advised to Indian students to learn the native language of the host country as it is required and even mandatory in some countries as you will have to interact with the patients in the local language during your internship or clinical rotations. Learning a foreign language improves your chances of working on an international platform as well.

Eligibility Criteria for MBBS in Abroad

Every country may have different eligibility criteria and even universities established in the same country may have different admission requirements. Basic requirement that almost all universities around the world follow are:

  1. The student must have attained the age of 17 years.
  2. He or She must have passed 10+2 Level from any recognised Council/Board of India or abroad.
  3. He or She must have studied Physics, Chemistry, and Biology as elective subjects and obtained minimum 50% in aggregate of PCB combined.
  4. He or She must have studied and passed English as a compulsory subject.

What’S Next?

In order to get hassle free MBBS admission abroad, consultation with a study abroad counsellor is recommended to Indian students to understand the dos and don’ts of the admission and Visa process to study MBBS abroad. Eklavya Overseas was originated by like-minded, highly professional individuals that undertake students’ recruitment from India for its hundreds of medical universities, colleges and educational Institution partners across the globe. Eklavya Overseas helps fulfilling Indian students’ international education aspirations. Our proficient educational counsellors facilitate the complete admission process, assistance in travel and accommodation in international medical universities and colleges so that the students can accomplish their aim of acquiring global education comfortably. Our expert study abroad consultants have been guiding Indian students and their parents in making wise decisions when selecting from the study abroad options and we help in making a flawless travel, stay and safe return arrangements for Indian medical aspirants. Eklavya Overseas has expertise in major countries including Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, China, Philippines, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, Poland, Germany, Europe, the USA, and much more. We proffer free study abroad counselling and additional study abroad services like Visa, Scholarship, travel, accommodation, etc. required to attain tertiary medical education abroad.

FAQ’S By MBBS Aspirants For MBBS in Abroad

1. How do I get eligibility from Medical Council of India?
If you have applied for the admission, you need to apply in prescribed format to MCI too. MCI on due appraisal at their end shall issue a necessary certificate as per its regulations. Speak to our study abroad consultants to know more.

2. Can I practice in India upon my return?
Yes, for practising in India, you have to register yourself with the Medical Council of India as a medical practitioner by clearing an MCI Screening Test. Once you clear this test, you will be allowed to anywhere in India.

3. Can I apply for in a Government Hospital or allied medical institutions in India?
Yes, once you clear the MCI screening test you will be eligible for any government appointment.

4. What happens if I fail to clear the screening test of MCI?
If you have studied abroad there are none chances that you can’t clear the screening test. However, for some students, it might be difficult to pass the test in the first attempt. Such students can take this test any number of times.

5. Can I come back during the year?
During vacations in winters and summers, you can plan a trip to neighbouring countries or come back India and spend your holiday’s at home. Speak to our advisors to know the details of the vacations and semester holidays in different countries abroad.

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