About Abroad:

Indian students are always enthusiastic about getting admission for MBBS in Abroad. ‘European Countries’ are especially preferred destination for them. MBBS in Abroad is not about showcasing the affluence. Abroad MBBS admission is a wonderful experience for Indian students. Eklavya Overseas would assist you in finding low-cost MBBS in Abroad. All MBBS students keep a desire to include a globally recognized degree. It also increases their professional modules. Definitely, Perusing Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery or MBBS in Abroad facilitates the extra attraction. Specifically, it provides grand professional success.

Consequently, MBBS is an exceedingly regarded degree that can quicken your profession movement. There are a lot of advantages that draw the attention of India Medical students to MBBS in Abroad. MBBS admission in Abroad is all about quality teaching methodology. It also offers multi-cultural experience and world-class frameworks.

Having an International MBBS Degree, you shall be accolade a globally recognized degree. Your degree will be approved by the Medical Council of India (MCI), the World Health Organization (WHO). Several other renowned medical authorities also recognize MBBS in Abraod. Being a doctor is a matter of responsibility in itself. MBBS Admission in Abroad could grant you the propensity. It will help you in countering your professional challenges.

MBBS in Abroad at a Glance

Intake – September
Minimum Percentage – 50% in PCB for General

40% for SC/ ST and Reserve Categories

NEET – Yes With Qualifying Marks
IELTS / TOEFL – Required for Some Countries
Processing Time – 45-60 Days
Lowest Fees – 2500 USD Per Year
Maximum Fees – 8000 USD Per Year
Living Cost150 USD Per Month
Duration – 5+1 Years
Medium – English
Top Universities – Ivane Javakhashvili Tbilisi State University,

Novosibirsk State University, Yerevan Haybusak University.

Recognition – MCI and WHO approved
Climate – Cold, Summer, Dry and Temperate

There are several suitable educational destinations for international students seeking MBBS in Abroad. Even the apex Indian Medical Regulatory allows Indian MBBS students to study MBBS in Abroad. It has its permitted and associated medical universities and colleges in foreign countries. These colleges are counterparts to the international standard of MBBS education. They offer the world-class educational environment. Therefore, getting MBBS admission in Abroad could be a better choice for Indian MBBS aspirants.

Do you know? A medical career is comparatively tough to study as it demands more dedication. Identifying and accepting the value of life is the first accountability of a doctor. You can carry your responsibilities only if you learned the same from the right teacher. A premium international medical university can validate your requirements indeed. They can also shape you as a professional doctor.

Why MBBS in Abroad?

For instance, MBBS in Abroad, the foreign countries possess a good percentage of graduates. Their literacy rate is comparatively better. International colleges and universities for MBBS in Abroad are famous for low-costMBBS fees.

RankCountryPercentage of GraduatesYear
6South Korea452014
7The United States442014

(Source: Wikipedia)

While MBBS in Abroad, most of the medical universities and colleges are recognized by MCI and WHO. They offer successful career opportunities for Indian MBBS students. It may sound unexpected, yet MBBS in India is costlier than MBBS in Abroad.

Yes, of course, if an Indian student pursues MBBS in India, he/she need to spend more than 50 – 60 lacs. But MBBS in Abroad can be accomplished between 9 – 50 lacs. Indian MBBS students have only two options. Either they compete for government medical colleges in India or go for MBBS in Abroad. The medical candidates in India have to face competition like NEET or AIPMT. NEET is compulsory for MBBS admission in India. Government medical universities and colleges for MBBS in India has few seats.

The number of candidates applying MBBS in India is much higher than the MBBS seats in India. The approx seats in the medical colleges of India are 25000 and the number of applicants is in millions. Furthermore, MBBS in Abroad becomes the best way to fulfill your dream of being a doctor.


The Government of India has mandated the NEET for all students looking for MBBS in India or MBBS in Abroad. It will be the basic criteria for MBBS admission to undergraduate medical. NEET is important for MBBS in any medical college in the India or Abroad. Since studying MBBS in India from a private medical university is costly. It gives no surety of quality education. MBBS in Abroad for Indian MBBS aspirants is considerably less expensive.

How to Select the Country for MBBS in Abroad?

You are taking one of the most decisions of your life, so do the maximum R&D as much as you can. Here, we are signifying some the seven important facts that you need to validate before selecting the country for MBBS in Abroad.

Research About the Country:

While picking the nation to seek your MBBS in Abroad, make sure that the selected nation is appropriate for you. You should carefully research about the country like

  • Firstly, Know about the country
  • And then, the living standards in the country
  • Further, Find Career Orientation
  • Then, Check Geography and Climate
  • Furthermore, Check International rankings of the country
  • Then, Dominating Religion of the country
  • Finally, Comparison with other countries and other relevant information

Decide Your Budget:

Budget of Medical education and living standards of any country are the key factors. It is one of the important factors in decision making for admission in MBBS programs. For instance, brilliant education structure are benefecial. MCI (Medical Council of India), WHO (World Health Organization) recognized MBBS degrees. Similarly, all these make any country a great option to study medicine. MBBS in Abroad is affordable, it’s a 6-year program, including the internship.
In order to clarify the international cost of education, the Indian Embassy has issued a notification. It signifies the living cost in Abroad. The obvious cost of study MBBS in Abroad for Indian students starts from one lakh* per annum. It includes tuition fees and accommodation too.


MBBS courses in Abroad should be recognized by the MCI and the WHO. However, the curriculum or syllabus is very important. Because it generates the potential for professionalism into students. MBBS in Abroad also follows a collective program of study MBBS. The Indian MBBS students should make sure about approval of the curriculum. It is important indeed that the MBBS in Abroad should be accredited by

Language Requirements:

Most of the MBBS Universities in Abroad offer MBBS programs in their official language. However, some of them offer Bilingual MBBS programs. But you need not worry about the language problems. Because the MBBS universities recommended by Eklavya Overseas offer MBBS programs in English. We advise Indian students apply MBBS admission in Abroad to refer the notification of Indian Embassy. At the same time, it helps you in taking favorable decision.

Availability of INDIAN EMBASSY:

Indian Embassy is like your reliable friend in foreign countries. Further, Indian Embassy should be in the country where you are deciding your MBBS in Abroad. Indian Embassy in Foreign Country guides and protects the Indian nationals.

Safety of International Students:

Before selecting any country for MBBS in Abroad, you should go through the reviews of Indian students. Read the experience of students, who already studying MBBS in Abroad. Further, You may check the ranking of that country in safety countdown. Validate the crime rate against international students while study MBBS in Abroad. All these guides are helpful to Indian students applying for MBBS in Abroad.

Career Opportunities and Other Scopes:

Firstly, the Indian medical students should select a foreign medical college that follows the guidelines of the MCI. And also offers that a wide range of career options. It helps shape to your dreams as per your desire. MBBS admission in Abroad will give enough possibilities of better jobs. You will find your dream job in the medical industry after completing MBBS in Abroad. The MCI approved MBBS degree can let you establish your high profile medical career. It is assumed for quality training. WHO, IMED, European Union, MCI, and other universal medical authorities approve their degree.

How to Select the best University for MBBS in Abroad?

We are repeating once again that you are taking one of the most decisions of your life, so do the maximum R&D as much as you can. Here, we are signifying some important facts that you need to validate before selecting the MBBS university for MBBS in Abroad.

MCI Recognition:

Although, the first task of Indian students to confirm the MCI approval of the medical colleges. MBBS admission in MCI approved colleges will justify your MBBS degree in India. The MCI is a legislative body for ascertaining the standards of medical education in India. A foreign MBBS degree from a college which is not authorized by the MCI, will be invalid in India.

Facilities and Infrastructure:

MBBS programs in Abroad are more forward ahead than that of others. The government also provides limitless funds to the medical schools, colleges or universities. The Indian MBBS applicants should also confirm the Facilities and Infrastructure of college. Classrooms, nursing labs or other academic facilities should be checked before pursuing MBBS in Abroad. Furthermore, Unparalleled infrastructure can cater you the world-class academic environment. International MBBS students are advised to validate everything before applying MBBS in Abroad.


A sophisticated library plays an important role in education. It also helps in advancing the knowledge. Medical college students spent their time in the library. They further collect books when they go home for holidays. The Library is a precious resource of collective information for medical sciences. Before opting MBBS in Abroad, you should collect the information about the library.

College Administration:

Always select the MCI and WHO recognized MBBS institutions in Abroad. They must have recognition with other international bodies. Check whether the college has a good track record. They complete their courses, examination on time. They further declare the MBBS results on time. Most of the MBBS Universities promise well-timed ending of university sessions. But they usually delay in result declaration. Don’t believe only over the rankings of the top MBBS universities. Do your best researches about the colleges. Validate the implementation of the medical curriculum. Collect information about MBBS college fees in Abroad. Find class schedule, exam schedule, and more others.

Medium of MBBS Program:

We have already stated, several universities offer medical programs in their official language. However, Some of them offer Bilingual MBBS programs. But you need not worry about the language problems. Because the MBBS universities recommended by Eklavya Overseas offer MBBS programs in English. We advise Indian students apply MBBS admission in Abroad. You may refer the notification of Indian Embassy before taking any decision.


The excellent faculty is the core of medical education. Because they strive excellence and progressive leaps in your mind. Further, they mold you into a professional lifestyle. MBBS in Abroad comprises eminent doctors and researchers as their college faculty. You only need to identify them carefully before getting MBBs admission in Abroad. From the well-practiced faculty, you can gather innovative ideas of medical sciences. You can develop the practical life skills of a doctor only if you are the pupil of a worthy teacher. They will make you flexible towards your profession. They also guide you to be an expert doctor so that you can gain the trust of patients.

Distance Between Hostel and College:

While MBBS in Abroad, the distance between college and hostel is very important. If your college is near the hostel where you stay then you can save both time and money. MBBS in Abroad is a big thing in itself because you are living somewhere which is not your home environment. In such cases, saving money could be a boon for you. If your hostel is nearby your college, you can also go to college on foot.

Tuition Fees and Hostel Costs:

Before getting admission for MBBS in Abroad, all you need to select the college that comes in your budget. Budget structure of education and living standards are the key factors. when it comes to taking the decision of pursuing admission in MBBS programs. Brilliant education and MCI recognized degrees make a country great option to study. MBBS in Abroad is affordable, it’s a 6-year program, including the internship.

Classes for MCI/FMGE Screening:

After finishing an MBBS Degree in Abroad, the India medical graduates need to clear FMGE. When you return back to India and set up your therapeutic profession in India. The MBBS understudies can likewise take assistance from the Coachings. They offer classes for the Screening Test of MCI and help MBBS Graduates to qualify for FMGE. Therefore, you should confirm the availability of Classes for MCI/FMGE Screening.

The Medical Council of India organizes Screening Test for foreign medical graduates. The students require clearing this test to continue their medical career in India.

Category: –Post Graduate
Level: –All India Level
Authorized Institution: –NBE
Date of Exam: –June and December
Pattern: –MCQ
Negative Marking: –No
Total Questions: –300 (Each question one mark)
Pass Marks: –150 marks
Examination Mode: –Online
Fee: –INR Five thousand five hundred

MCI allows direct membership to graduates, who have MBBS Degrees from following countries.

  • UK (United Kingdom),
  • US (United States),
  • Canada,
  • New Zealand,
  • Australia.

Students from these countries can take direct registration in MCI or SMC.


Number of Students Appeared in FMGE (2012-14)
Around 19% foreign medical graduates have passed the test of FMGE in 2012-16 (till June).


Percentage of Students Passed in FMGE (2012-14)

*The main difficulty for Indian students with a foreign degree is to find FMGE coaching. Ask Eklavya Overseas, we shall help you in finding best coaching for MCI Screening Test.

Numbers of Indian students at the Campus:

It is really awesome to meet your acquaintances while studying MBBS in Abroad. When you meet your loved ones or your countrymen, you feel home-like environment. That is why when you are looking for an MBBS university, then also check the number of Indians in the same college. It also showcases the popularity of that college among Indian students.

These facts should be inspected carefully before opting MBBS in Abroad. The MCI and WHO listed medical universities give opportunities to International MBBS graduates. Further, Passing from these universities allows you to appear at MCI screening test.

You may take advice from the leading overseas educational consultant. They will help you for MBBS admission in Abroad. Nowadays, studying MBBS in Abroad is acquiring fame among Indian MBBS aspirants. World-class medical universities are available in the directory of “World Medical Universities”.

  • Firstly, gain a universal stance and enlarge your perspectives.
  • Then, develop global contacts.
  • Further, create freedom for thinking abilities.
  • And then, learn innovative thoughts.
  • Finally, Balance the better prospects.

You may consider following countries for pursuing MBBS in Abroad.

MBBS in Philippines

MBBS in Philippines is affordable and appropriate for Indian Medical Students. Study MBBS in Philippines has always been an acceptable option. In addition, find low-cost MBBS in Abroad. An Internationally recognized MBBS degree is valuable for practicing a medical profession. MBBS in Philippines is worth considering. However, the nation maintains the international benchmark of medical education. Eklavya Overseas recommends MBBS admission in Philippines. It further helps for crafting an attractive MBBS career across the globe. International MBBS students should not be worried. We provide every guidance related to MBBS admission in the Philippines.

Our recommended best low fees Philippines medical universities for Indian students.

University of Perpetual Help
Our Lady Of Fatima University
AMA School of Medicine

To know more about study MBBS in Philippines click here.

MBBS in Armenia

MBBS in Armenia can also be a wise decision for Indian students. Because Medical programs in Armenia are also affordable. Are you looking for low-cost MBBS in Abroad? Study MBBS in Armenia would be an acceptable option for you. Further, MBBS in Armenia maintains the international benchmark of medical education. Eklavya Overseas recommends MBBS admission in Armenia. It will also help in establishing an excellent MBBS career in the world. Eklavya Overseas provides every guidance to International MBBS students. However, get personal support related to the MBBS admission in Armenia.


  • The degree is valid globally and recognized by the MCI.
  • English Medium Curriculum.
  • High-Quality Education and cheaper fees.
  • IELTS or TOEFL is not required.
  • Listed in World Directory of Medical Colleges.

MBBS in Russia

You may obtain MBBS admission in Russia to study MBBS in Russia. Russia is the largest self-governing country in the world by surface area. It is situated in Eurasia, officially known as the Russian Federation. MBBS in Russia comes under the prime destination for international students. For instance, who wish to study MBBS in Abroad as MBBS. MBBS admission in Russia is worth considering. Because the country has maintained its standard in higher education. Further, MBBS in Russia sets a benchmark across the globe. Colleges and Universities in Russia are recognized by the Medical Council of India and WHO. Further, an International MBBS Degree can add wings to your career advancement

  • No IELTS or TOEFL is Required.
  • No Entrance Test.
  • Admission Without Donation.
  • Subsidized MBBS Education.
  • English Medium Curriculum.
  • Low-cost course fee.
  • The MCI Approval.
  • No Age Limit.
  • Preparation for the MCI Screening Test
  • Further Options for PG in Europe.
  • Indian Food Available.
  • Home Stay Accommodation.

Our recommended best low fees Russian medical universities for Indian students.

Moscow State Medical University.Perm State Medical University.
Kazan State Medical University.Saratov State Medical University.
Irkutsk State Medical University.N. Novgorod State Medical University.
Novosibirsk State University.Omsk Medical Academy.
Crimea Federal University.Peoples’ Friendship University.
Bashkir State Medical University.Orenburg State Medical University.
Belgorod State Medical University.Tver State Medical Academy.
Smolensk State Medical University.Northern State Medical University.
Kazan Federal University.Kursk State Medical University.
Syktyvkar State University.Mari State Medical University.
Tambov State University.Ryazan State Medical University.
Siberian State Medical University.Volgograd State Medical University.

MBBS in Georgia

In recent years, MBBS in Georgia has earned global fame among International Students. Because the nation offers several advantages of studying MBBS in Georgia. However, get direct admission in world’s best MBBS institutions. Then, MCI/WHO recognized degrees. Additionally, low-cost MBBS fees and quality education. Georgian medical universities also facilitate some of the basic factors of medical education. They offer best-in-class research amenities. Further, they allow a comprehensive opportunity to outlive a cross-cultural experience. International MBBS aspirants live up their dreams of becoming a doctor through MBBS in Georgia. You may obtain MBBS admission in Georgia to enjoy an excellent medical career.


  • No IELTS or TOEFL.
  • English Medium MBBS in Georgia.
  • Low-cost Education Fee.
  • MCI Screening Test Preparation,
  • Indian Food Available.
  • Affordable Trave 10+2.
  • Separate Lodging for Girls and Boys.
  • No Age Limit.
  • Two Intakes (March and September).
  • Special Help for MCI, PLAB and USMLE Preparation.

Our recommended best low fees Georgian medical universities for Indian students.

Ivane Javakhashvili Tbilisi State University
Akaki Tsereteli State University
European University
Batumi Shota Rustaveli State University
David Tvildiani Medical University
New Vision University, Georgia
Petre Shotadze Tbilisi Medical Academy
Tbilisi State Medical University


There are several options available for MBBS in Abroad. Then, study MBBS in Kyrgyzstan is also one of the best alternatives for Indian students. MBBS admission in Kyrgyzstan can be fruitful in many ways.


  • IELTS or TOEFL not required
  • No Entrance Test
  • Donation not required
  • English Medium Education.
  • Low-cost Education Fee.
  • Easy Visa Process
  • Degree Approved by WHO, MCI
  • High-Quality Education.
  • Best Teacher-student Ratio

Our recommended best low fees Kyrgyz medical universities for Indian students.

Osh State Medical University
Jalalabad State Medical University
Kyrgyz Russian Slavic University
Asian Medical Institute

MBBS in Europe

The European education system is globally esteemed. Everybody praises its good quality education. MBBS in Europe is affordable for Indian Medical Students. Study MBBS in Philippines has always been the best option for low-cost MBBS in Abroad. MBBS in Europeis worth considering. European countries maintain the international benchmark of medical education. You will further get an excellent preparation environment for the MCI Screening test. After completing the MBBS in Europe, you can further enjoy better career. Eklavya Overseas recommends MBBS admission in Europe. MBBS in Europe also offers an striking MBBS career.


  • Donation not required
  • English Medium Education.
  • Affordable Education Fee.
  • Universally Approved Degree
  • High-Quality Education.
  • Best Teacher-student Ratio

MBBS in Poland, MBBS in Georgia, MBBS in Kyrgyzstan, MBBS in Belarus and MBBS in Armenia are indeed some of the best options for MBBS in Europe.

MBBS in Belarus

Over 15,000 international MBBS aspirants, including Indians are studying MBBS in Belarus. The top MBBS universities in Belarus offer low-cost MBBS admission. Further, the MBBS Admission in Belarus is easy for Indian applicants. The nation is situated in European region nearby Poland and Russia. It comprises a high value for MBBS education at university level. Finally, MBBS in Belarus offers low-cost tuition fee for international MBBS students.


  • Donation not required
  • English Medium Education.
  • Affordable Education Fee.
  • No TOEFL or IELTS.
  • Globally Recognized Medical Degree.
  • Preparation for MCI, USMLE, PMDC, PLAB, SCHS, HPCSA.
  • Easy Admission.
  • Affordable Course Fee.
  • Best Camps Life.
  • Safe for International Students.

MBBS in Poland

MBBS in Poland has been the best option for International medical applicants. Are looking for an affordable medical education overseas? Students are selecting MBBS in Poland for their further medical studies in Abroad. MBBS in Poland is also preferred in the European Region. It is fortifying its presence among International MBBS applicants. If you want to learn advanced medical studies and earn expertise. However, MBBS in Poland would be one of the best options for you.


  • FMGE or MCI Screening Test Preparation.
  • Low-cost MBBS Fees.
  • Direct Admission.
  • Best Quality Education.
  • Best MBBS Colleges.
  • Low-cost of living.
  • English Medium Education.
  • No TOEFL or IELTS.

MBBS in Romania

MBBS in Romania offers low-cost MBBS education for international MBBS students. The nation has been one of the best options for International medical applicants. MBBS in Romania is excellent indeed for an affordable medical education overseas. Many international students selected MBBS in Romania for further medical studies. The Romanian education system is accepted by the students across the globe. For instance, Romania provides a variety of degrees including MBBS in Romania.


  • Low-cost MBBS Fees
  • Low-cost of living.
  • Direct Admission
  • FMGE or MCI Screening Test Preparation.
  • Low-cost MBBS Fees.
  • Direct Admission.
  • Best MBBS Colleges.
  • English Medium Education.
  • Best Quality Education.
  • No TOEFL or IELTS.

MBBS in Germany

There are numerous benefits of studying MBBS in Germany. The international MBBS students can get the low-cost MBBS education in Germany. Further, Indian MBBS students prefer to study MBBS in Germany. MBBS in Germany offers affordable tuition fee. And then, MBBS in Germany offers universally recognized MBBS Degree. Medical universities in Germany are committed to providing the world-class medical education. They are also listed in the directory of global medical schools. For instance, Germany is one of the best options for International medical education.


  • Low-cost MBBS Fees
  • Low-cost of living.
  • High-Quality Education
  • Safe for International Students.
  • Speak both German and English.
  • Learn and Earn.
  • Best Option for Further Education.
  • Very Beautiful County.
  • Direct Admission
  • FMGE or MCI Screening Test Preparation.
  • English Medium Education.
  • No TOEFL or IELTS.

Advantages of Study MBBS in Abroad:

Have a Quick View of Advantages
No DonationsMCI and WHO approvedIndian Food Available
No Entrance ExamNO IELTS or TOEFLWorld Ranks Start from 1340
Scholarships Excellent StudentsNo age barVery Beautiful & Small Country
Globally Recognized DegreeTwo Intakes (Sept and March)World Class Universities
Good ClimateIndian Food AvailableAffordable Accommodation (US $250)
No IELTS/TOEFLMCI PreparationApplications accepted after 10+2
Low Fees StructureLanguage classesRapidly Developing Country
No Language BarrierUSMLE, PLAB PrepSeparate living for men and women
Highly Qualified FacultyDirect AdmissionGuaranteed Visa
Eligible for Education LoanLess Crime RateEligible to work in European countries
German post-graduation optionsModern and Sophisticated HospitalsEasy and Smooth Accommodation
Bologna ProcessECTS System Study,

Career in India After MBBS in Abroad

Indian MBBS students who complete their MBBS in Abroad can carve an excellent career. However, they need to qualify “Foreign Medical Graduates Examination”. It is popularly known as FMGE Exam or Screening Test of MCI. Actually, there is an ordinance passed by the government of India. Any MBBS student who has completed their MBBS degree from out of India are required to qualify a certification test. This test is conducted by National Board of Examinations (NBE). Further, it allows permanent membership in the Medical Council of India (MCI). The NBE conducts this test twice in a year, i.e. June and December.

Renowned medical institutions in India which welcome the foreign medical graduates. They offer Clinical Research who cleared the MCI screening test.

  • All India Institutes of Medical Sciences (AIIMS)
  • Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research (PGIMER)
  • National Institute of Mental Health & Neurosciences (NIMHANS)
  • Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai (TIFR), etc.

For further education, the foreign medical graduates can do MHA (Masters in Health Administration). They may also join other specifications like M. Tech in Biomedical Engineering. Masters in Medical Science and Technology (MMST) is also a good option. They can specifically do Master Degree in Biological Sciences. Or else, they have the option to start their medical practices in India.

Career in Abroad and Other Countries

Indian medical students having overseas MBBS degree can likewise carve their career in Abroad. Learning MBBS at International medical schools guarantee you to perform your therapeutic profession. You can join Government or Private Hospitals across the globe. You are required the work permit from the particular government.

Challenges of Study MBBS in Abroad

Every one of us realize that a few difficulties are evident for foreign medical graduates. After all, various medical specialists have finished their MBBS Degree in Abroad. Even after, various therapeutic students prefer to travel overseas consistently to pursue MBBS. Being the most trustworthy Overseas educational expert, Eklavya Overseas shows underneath the difficulties. We display every problem witnessed by Indian MBBS Students. Get personalized support while pursuing in top International MBBS Universities.


It is the most faced problems by Indian MBBS students. Because many MBBS Universities in Abroad offer MBBS programs in their official language. However, some of them offer Bilingual MBBS programs. But Indian MBBS students face difficulties while interacting with local people. We advise Indian students apply MBBS admission in Abroad. You further refer the notification of Indian Embassy before taking any decision.


The climate of India is different from the climate of foreign countries. Therefore Indian students face issues in adapting the new climate.

MCI Clearance Test or FMGE:

Actually, the NBE organizes an evaluation test for foreign medical graduates, called FMGE. It impliments the section 13 (4A) of the Indian Medical Council Act, 2002. All medical graduates having foreign MBBS degree, have to qualify FMGE. It provides temporary or lifetime registration with the Medical Council of India. By clearing this test you would be able to get membership of the State Medical Council in India. This notification has been published and you can check this on an official brochure of FMGE.

The Medical Council of India organizes Screening Test for foreign medical graduates. The students require clearing this test to continue their medical career in India.

Admission Procedure:

Eklavya Overseas will take you through a simple admission procedure for MBBS in Abroad. We perform every step of admission carefully. You only need to submit following document to us.

Having good score in 10+2 examinations can give you chance to obtain a scholarship in Abroad. The students and their guardian require registering MBBS seats on time. You may leave everything to us for duly admission processes.

We arrange admission assistance accordingly. Eklavya Overseas also schedules your departure from India read MBBS in Abroad. You can rely on us for foreign education consultancy. Get various details of foreign universities all over the world.

We assure your admission to medical universities in Abroad if you

  • Qualified 10+2 or equivalent in science stream (Physics, Chemistry, and Biology)
  • Have over 50 percent marks in 10+2
  • Aged over 18 years

Further, medical colleges Abroad may demand additional documents.

Application Procedure and details for Studying MBBS in Abroad

Here, we are signifying some easy steps to guide you the application procedure for MBBS in Abroad. We shall assist you at every step.

  • Firstly, fill the application form online
  • Then, submit the scanned copies of your passport, and other necessary documents
  • And then, collect the admission letter from the university (Within 10 working days)
  • After that the confirmation of admission, the immigration procedure shall be started
  • Finally, visit the Abroad Embassy in Delhi after receiving the invitation letter (within one month)
  • Check, Evaluate and authenticate every document before applying for a visa

Visa Support:

A foreign student visa is required for overseas scholars who desire to study MBBS in Abroad. To submit a VISA application, the students need to reserve their MBBS seat first. Afterward, the government will issue student visa. You can apply for VISA extension till the duration of MBBS course in Abroad. That visa can be converted into multiple-entry visa. The student has spent three months in Abroad for a multi-entry visa.

The parents and students should be aware of the procedure to Apply Student Visa in Abroad. We manage transparency in filling visa application and documentation. Any inaccuracy or fault can tear down your chances of studying MBBS in Abroad. Indian students and their guardians can rely on Eklavya Overseas.

Get free visa counseling, documentation check, financial check, and application submission. We provide best recommendations of Abroad MBBS Universities. We have accomplished the best Visa experts and ex-visa officials. They obtain exemplary Visa services to Indian students applying for MBBS in Abroad. Here we have elaborated the easy steps of acquiring the Abroad Student Visa.

We are a singular platform to find top & best low fees Abroad Medical schools for Indian students. Get MCI approved overseas Medical universities and university selection for MBBS in Abroad. We offer direct admission to MBBS in Abroad at affordable fees. We further ensure absolute transparency. We allocate authority to students or parents to track the entire admission procedure.

Our Assistance:

We at Eklavya Overseas, assist medical aspirants to find top low-cost universities in Abroad. You can trust us for admission in the medical colleges Abroad. We prepare MBBS aspirants eligible to identify the best way to study in Abroad. Being one of the most reliable overseas education consultants, we provide following support;

What We Do For You

  • Find best Training Centre/ Coaching for FMGE or MCI Screening Test (Online).
  • We comprise a list of the best training center or coaching institutes. They likewise guide you about FMGE or the Screening Test of MCI.
  • Get proper support after completion of your MBBS degree from MCI approved Universities.
  • Eklavya registers your seats in FMGE training institutes. They ensure guaranteed success in the Screening Test of MCI.
  • We specifically provide authentic study notes for FMGE Test Series. It indeed ensures your success in the Screening Test of MCI.
  • You can trust on Eklavya Overseas when it comes to reliable educational counseling MBBS in abroad. Also find best medical universities for Indian students in Abroad.
  • Get university selection assistance to select cheap and best overseas universities for MBBS. We further provide admission assurance in MCI recognized MBBS college in foreign countries.
  • Eklavya Overseas further help with the documentation and VISA application including Embassy stamping & Ministry approval.
  • We further assist in translating the academic documents, and notarization. Experience zero rejection on VISA approval

Exclusive Service:

  • Get safe travel equipped with insurance to the Universities campus.
  • We provide suitable and affordable accommodation in foreign countries.
  • Help in further education counseling when you complete your MBBS Degree in Abroad. For instance, you want to continue your Post-Graduation program in medicine. We further make you understand about various PG programs. Get low-cost medical program offered by international medical universities.

We hope that we have provided the information you are looking for. And would be competent enough to justify your query for MBBS in Abroad.

Feel free to contact us to know more about MBBS courses all over the world. Eklavya Overseas can be your reliable companion and trusted ally for all admission related information on MBBS in Abroad programs. We are the authorized envoy of MCI Approved MBBS Universities in Abroad for the students hailing from upper mentioned nations for the year 2017-18.
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