MBBS in Romania The medical universities in Romania are renowned and recorganised with World Health Organisation and many medical councils around the world. Romanian MBBS colleges offer a high standard of medical education in the country. These medical colleges in Romania are known for their academic excellence. Even the MBBS course fee in any Romanian medical college is far less as compared to India. Consequently, Romania is a favourite destination among Indian medical students to study MBBS abroad. Medical admission in Romania is stress-free because of the complete cooperation of the Romanian government to flourish education system in Romania.

The Directory of World Medical School has also listed many MBBS universities of Romania. Romanian MBBS colleges incorporate modern infrastructure and better research opportunities for international MBBS aspirants. Students graduating from any of the renowned MBBS universities in Romania can appear in any screening test and practice anywhere in the world. Indian students seeking medical admission in Romania to study MBBS abroad can opt for various options of MBBS universities in Romania.

MBBS in Romania at a Glance important links

Intake for MBBS in Romania September
Minimum Percentage for MBBS in Romania 50% in PCB
NEET Require for MBBS in Romania Yes With Qualifying Marks
Processing Time for MBBS in Romania 90 Days
Total Fees for MBBS in Romania 7000 Euro Per Year
Living Cost in Romania 250 Euro Per Month
Duration of MBBS in Romania 5 Years
Medium of Instruction English
Top MBBS Universities in Romania All Government University
Recognition MCI and WHO approved
Climate Cold and Moderate 

Why Study MBBS in Romania?

Romania is a peaceful nation having favourable habitat for native and international students to study a long term MBBS degree program. Another important reason to select Romania as a study abroad destination by many medical aspirants is that Romania is a Schengen country in the European Union and the students who studying MBBS in Romania get all the advantages like any other Schengen student. The students are free to travel to 26 European nations with the same visa and can also take part in the Erasmus program.

Alongside, the fee structure in Romania is quite affordable for MBBS programs and cost from INR 2 lacs per year and higher to Indian students. The living in Romania is also very affordable. Within €200 to €350 Euros in a month, any student could manage food and accommodation in Romania easily. Like other countries, the duration of MBBS study in Romania is also six years. A student can appear for the MCI examination to practice in India after completing their MBBS courses in Romania to become a legitimate doctor in India.


The Romanian MBBS degrees are recognized by World Health Organization (WHO), British Medical Council (BMC), Medical Council of India (MCI), United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) and European Council of Medical Orders (ECMO).

The Education System in Romania

The highest class of Romanian Education system provides qualitative teachings in Medicine, Engineering, Management, Sports, Arts, and Science. Recently a survey disclosed that the Romania is chosen as the most likeable study abroad destination by hundreds of international students worldwide.

Romanian state higher education comprises of forty-nine higher education institutions and other 8 private institutions with over three hundred faculties the fundamentals of medical education to MBBS aspirants.

The Romanian higher education system offers three levels of studies in undergraduate and post-graduate degrees:

  1. Bachelor degrees
  2. Master degrees
  3. Doctorate

Admissions to study MBBS in Romania


Session for MBBS intake in Romania starts in mid-August for Indian students and other non-EU students for undergraduate courses. For postgraduate students, the session starts in late November and for Doctorate aspirants, mid of July is the time they enrol for medical courses in Romania.


Medical aspirants interested in studying MBBS (MD) in Romania should have completed the age of 17 years on or before 31st December of the year of applying. Students must have a valid passport for Visa and travel. Regarding the previous academic performance, students just have to complete their 12th standard in the medical stream to get elected to study MBBS (MD) in Romania.

Good health

Medical aspirants to study in Romania must be in good health and must not have any contagious diseases or the diseases which can be carried or transfer from one person to another. Medical certificate proving the medical current condition of the applicant is required during the admission submission. Attested certificate from the general practitioner in India is required to ensure that the applicant does not suffer from any chronic or neuropsychological illnesses, contagious diseases or other illnesses not preferable for the career.


Indian students are needed to consult with an experienced study abroad consultants to get accurate detailing on the procedure to apply and enrol at Romanian universities without any trouble.

Procedure to study MBBS in Romania involve, application, documentation and submission fee submission apart from applying for Romanian Student Visa, accommodation and travel arrangements. It is always advisable to Indian students to speak to our highly capable overseas educational counsellors to get free guidance and assistance on study abroad options and procedure.


  1. School certificates & mark sheets
  2. Transcript of records
  3. Certified copies of the passport
  4. Certified copies of birth certificate
  5. Recent medical certificate
  6. Recent photographs

Medium of Instruction

English is the medium of instruction in many of the medical universities in Romania.


The total duration of the medical programs is six years including one-year of paid internship program.


If you have completed your schooling in English medium then you do not require giving any language proficiency test to study MBBS in Romania. If not, then Eklavya Overseas will guide you to take IELTS or TOEFL tests to get elected to study medicines in Romania. There is no entrance test demanded by the Romanian medical universities. Speak to our overseas education counsellors to accumulate all study abroad information.

MCI Approved Medical Universities in Romania

  • GR. T. POPA University Of Medicine and Pharmacy, Lasi
  • Victor Babes University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Timisoara
  • Ovidius University of Constanta
  • The University of Medicine and Pharmacy
  • University of Medicine and Pharmacy
  • University of Medicine and Pharmacy Carol Davila
  • University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Timisoara
  • University of Oradea

Top MBBS Universities in Romania : MBBS Fees in Romania 2019

Name of the University Tuition Fee Per Year Hostel Fee Per Month
GR. T. POPA" University Of Medicine and Pharmacy, Lasi 5000 EURO 300 EURO
Victor Babes" University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Timisoara 4800 EURO 250 EURO
“Ovidius” University of Constanta 5000 EURO 300 EURO
University of Medicine and Pharmacy 6000 EURO 500 EURO
University of Medicine and Pharmacy "Carol Davila" 6000 EURO 500 EURO
University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Timisoara 4200 EURO 250 EURO
University of Oradea 5000 EURO 500 EURO

Note : The tuition fee shown above in the table, is subject to change and the university reserves all the rights to change the fees anytime without any prior personal intimation to the students. You can contact us to know the exact amount of fee in INR.

Romanian Student Visa

After getting the Letter of Acceptance from the Ministry of education, students can apply for Romanian student visa at the Romanian embassy or consulate in India. All non-European international students are required to apply for a Romanian student visa prior to their arrival in the country.

Proofs Required

Acceptance Letter from the Ministry of Education, Romania

  • To confirm that the admission is availed.

Tuition Fee Receipt

  • To confirm no tuition fee liability at least one year

Financial Support Proof

  • To confirm the financial capability of the student to complete the course.

Certificate for no Criminal Record

  • To confirm that the aspirant is not involved in any anti-social activity.

Medical Insurance

  • Necessary during emergencies and funds shortages.

Guardian Approval

  • To confirm that the aspirant going to study abroad on parent’s willed.

Student’s Corner


No matter where you go in Romania, you’ll find plenty to explore. Romania has gained a reputation for lively lifestyle lately. Like much of Eastern Europe, you’ll find lots of happening places for live music, festivals, clubs, theatres, galleries, museums, auditoriums and much more. Natural beauty such as the Carpathian Mountains and the Danube Delta is certainly an irresistible treat for the eyes. Fairytale-like castles and fortresses in the Transylvania region are the must see places. Students get heavy discounts on tickets to public sightseeing.

Romanian Students Temporary Residence Permit

After arriving in Romania and making the final inscription at university, you can apply for the residence permit. Residence Permit is valid for one year and must be renewed every year. The university is responsible for renewing your permit every year before expiration. However, for students on scholarship, the residence permit is usually issued for the total duration of their studies and doesn’t require any renewal.

Documents for Temporary Residence Permit

Application Form

  • Receive form immigration office

Tuition Fee Receipt

  • To confirm no tuition fee liability at least for one year.

Copy of Letter of Acceptance

  • Issued by ministry of education in Romania.

Medical Certificate

  • Issued by a public or private medical institution

House Contract

  • To check your confirmed accommodation in Romania

Passport Page

  • To check the date of entry at the Romanian border

Everything about Romania


Located in the southeastern part of Europe and in halfway between the Equator and the North Pole, Romania covers an area of 238,391 square kilometres. Bordering with the Danube River in the south-eastern frontier, Romania has the terrain evenly divided between mountains, hills, plains and sea beaches. The Danube delta in the estuarine region of Black sea is declared a “World Heritage Site” due to its biodiversity.


After the occupation of Romania in 1944 by the Soviet soldiers, Romania remained colonised under the rule of communist leader Nicolae Ceausescu. In 1989 he was disposed to resulting in a free election in 1990. Things got changed dramatically after the Cold War when Romania strengthened its bonds with the United States and the Western Europe. They welcomed Romania in NATO in the year 2004. Romania was already a member of the European Union since 1995. Due to its exceptional economic development, medical education in Romania received great infrastructure, financial support and exceeding international students, to prove its mettle to the world.


Romania has four seasons– spring, summer, autumn and winter with a temperate continental climate where the temperature remains under control at around 10° to 13° Celsius in the south and 8° to 10° Celsius in the North. Summers are usually hot like we have here in New Delhi on a blazing May afternoon but the average temperature doesn’t exceed 30° Celsius. Winters are generally very cold with an average temperature of 3° Celsius.


You will find many interesting natives in Romania. You will find English, German or French-speaking people all around the country. They feel glad to meet you; they are very helpful and will help in making a friendly environment around. Romanians are very open people. They love to talk even if you are a stranger to them. Adorable thing about them is that they are grudge-free. You fight with them; they’ll forget it next morning. Living around Romanians is a lovely experience. Don’t lose the opportunity of studying in Romania, become a doctor, and still feel like at home.


Romanian is the official language of Romania. The name is derived from the word ‘Romanus’ which means ‘citizen of Rome. Romanian contains words from Slavic languages along with French, Greek, Turkish and German. It is a phonetic language, so words are pronounced as they are spelt. The latest scenario suggests a great increase in the numbers of English speakers surpassing the number of French speaking people in Romania. Eklavya Overseas recommend Indian students to learn an extra language like German or French. This adds advantages in your CV and also provides you more options of universities. We provide proper consultation and dependable guidance to Indian students and help them in bringing the global education from a foreign country.


Romanian food is prepared with unique techniques and methods. Just like India, Romania is a country where you have no scarcity of fruits, vegetables and meat and even cheaper than India at many locations. Romanian uses potatoes, cabbage, and meat in their cuisines frequently with some amazing spices. You can find 2 out of 3 Romanian drinking coffees and have pastries at an open restaurant in Romania any time of the day. Raw food is cheap and available everywhere. If you are planning to shift to your private accommodation after 2 years of studying in the hostel accommodation or may be early, you will need to cook your own food. Start practising now!


Being a secular state, Romania has no state religion in the country. The nation has an overwhelming majority of around 81% Christians. Catholics contribute to 5% of the population followed by rest of the religions in minority. Government The Government of Romania is headed by their Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu and consists of the ministers under him. Romanian Government is located at the Victoria Palace in Bucharest. Government and Parliament system in Romania is very similar to India.


One more similarity that makes Romania just like India is the fact that Romania is the fastest-growing economy in Europe, as India is the fastest growing economy in the world with the GDP of 2.264 Trillion USD. After the entry into the European Union, many fascinating changes have been observed in the economy of Romania which is helping education sector to flourish quickly.


The minute you hop out of the cab to reach your accommodation after landing in Romania for the first time to start your medical exploration, you will be relaxed to see that the bill for a wonderful cab ride is just €5.3 When visiting a foreign country, one of the main concerns is money, but in Romania you would just spend a little over €300 in a month that includes everything that requires for your healthy, comfortable and prosperous study in Romania. However, it depends on your lifestyle as well.

FAQ’s by MBBS Aspirants

Q.1 What is the degree received in Romania? MBBS or MD? What do all these different titles mean?
In Romania, the qualification is MD or Docotor de Medicina. This is the same title given to graduates of Indian medical schools – Doctor of Medicines. Originally, only those who attain the MD qualification have the legitimate authority to use Doctor as a title with their names.

Q.2 What would be the advantage of applying via Eklavya Overseas to a Romanian Medical School? What happens if I apply on my own?
We offer below services to our students:

  • We conduct overseas education counselling followed by assisting and guiding them to organize and arrange the required documents in order to process their application for admission.
  • We obtain an official invitation letter from the desired University.
  • We take care of all attestations by State HR, Ministry and Embassy.
  • We do an arrangement of the visa support letter from the Ministry of Education and Science of Romania to the respective embassy.
  • We provide all the answers to your questions about study abroad options.
  • We provide complete guidance through the visa process.
  • Pre-departure briefing
  • We arrange for your safe arrival in your study abroad destination. We do an arrangement for your accommodation in the host country.
  • We assist in medical insurance, health care test, police registration guidance, document translation, ticket booking and foreign money exchange.
  • We provide support throughout the course term.

Q.3 Will there be an increase in tuition fees or will it remain the same for the 6 years of study?
The fee structure suggested and decided at the time of applying admission remains same throughout the term if not discontinues the studies.
Q.4 Can we apply for the Work Permit after completion of the program?
Yes, you can apply for the Work Permit. Universities itself provides job placement in Romania and other western countries. Note that you have also the right to work during your study period.
Q.5 Can I apply for Permanent Residence and citizenship of Romania?
Yes, you can apply. If you need more information about it, please contact us

Why choose Eklavya Overseas for MBBS in Romania ?

Eklavya Overseas for MBBS in Romania We at Eklavya Overseas are one of the best record holder education consultants in India. We have a team of expert consultants who offer well-researched assistance and comprehensive counselling for you to make a bright career in the field of Medicine. Eklavya Overseas has several centers across the subcontinent, and each one follows the uniformly structured way of providing excellent results that ensure a satisfactory experience for our valuable clients. We at Eklavya Overseas have the experience and resources to ensure you get access to everything that you may require for an MBBS admission in one of the top global universities. Team Eklavya Overseas works with the applicants like a family and supports them at every step. Years of experience, a skilled and dedicated team and access to a multitude of resources have enabled us to assist hundreds of Indian students to get admission in the top medical colleges in the various European countries.

Advantages of consulting Eklavya Overseas

  • A one-stop solution for all your international course consultation requirements
  • 24x7 support services
  • Transparent practices
  • Experienced & skilled support staffs and counsellors
  • Competitive consultation fee
  • EMI available on Processing Fee
  • History of successful MBBS admissions all over Europe
  • Reliable & Reputed consultancy in the field of abroad studies
  • Official partners for the renowned Universities in Abroad
  • Tie up with the top universities of multiple European countries
  • Friendly staff and affordable services
  • Trusted and recommended by thousands who are already living their dream of getting a higher education abroad
  • Highly trained and skilled team, dedicated to helping you reach your destination
  • We strictly follow international standards and maintain a high quality of service
  • We offer all the details regarding the MBBS admission in the various European and Asian Universities along with their Fee structure.
  • Free Counselling for MBBS in Romania.

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