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MBBS in Bulgaria is one of the best choices for most medical students due to low education costs, high-standard universities, and experienced mentors. With a literacy rate of 98.4%, Bulgaria offers quality MBBS courses to aspirants. This country features the best medical universities globally that develop a large education structure for the medical aspirants in India. If you plan to complete your MBBS course in Bulgaria, you must get familiar with the MBBS in Bulgaria fee structure. MBBS Fees in Romania is 6000 Euros to 8000 Euros per year. The duration of MBBS in Bulgaria is of 6 years. However, the best part of studying MBBS in Bulgaria is the teacher-student ratio that is 1:18. That means for every 18 students; there will be one teacher to guide them. There are 30 top medical universities in Europe, and Bulgaria comes up with two elite medical universities globally recognized by NMC and WHO. To study MBBS in Bulgaria, the students have to clear two language tests named TOEFL and IELTS. Please note that medical aspirants can apply to the universities in Bulgaria without paying any donations.

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MBBS in Bulgaria at a Glance

Intake for MBBS in Bulgaria September
Minimum Percentage for MBBS in Bulgaria 50% in PCB
NEET Require for MBBS in Bulgaria Yes With Qualifying Marks
Processing Time for MBBS in Bulgaria 90 Days
Total Fees for MBBS in Bulgaria 75,00 Euro Per Year
Living Cost in Bulgaria 250 Euro Per Month
Duration of MBBS in Bulgaria 6 Years
Medium of Instruction English
Top MBBS Universities in Bulgaria All Government University
Recognition NMC and WHO approved

Why Bulgaria for MBBS?

The following reasons encourage students to complete their MBBS from the Philippines:

  1. MBBS in Bulgaria is valued in the field of medicine.
  2. There are more than 250 medical universities in Bulgaria that offer undergraduate and postgraduate medical programs.
  3. Among these, Plovdiv Medical University is deemed to be the best.
  4. Medical students prefer MBBS in Bulgaria as the process of admission is very easy.
  5. Medical degree from Bulgaria is recognized by the National Medical Commission(NMC) and World Health Organization (WHO).
  6. Medical students who gain medical degrees from Bulgaria are valued across the globe.
  7. Studying medicine in Bulgaria is reasonable, which is the crucial reason for the medical students.
  8. For students studying medicine in Bulgaria, they can pay the MBBS fees in Bulgaria in two installments.

MBBS Duration in Bulgaria

The following points must be kept in mind while looking to do MBBS in the Philippines:

  1. In Bulgaria, the duration of the MBBS course is six years.
  2. The six years of the Bulgarian MBBS curriculum are segregated into two parts.
  3. The first part is where students learn the basics of medical science. The second part of the course involves imparting student's the skills required for diagnosis and other things.
  4. Students can imply their practical knowledge in the last three years.
  5. The six years are segregated in the nine semesters.

Eligibility Criteria for MBBS in Bulgaria

  1. The student must be of 17 years during the process of admission.
  2. The age should not exceed 25 years.
  3. The main subjects of the students should be physics, biology, and chemistry in the 12th grade.
  4. For the general category, students must have a score of 60%. Students from SC/ST category must have 40%
  5. NEET is compulsory for Indian students, as stated by the National Medical Commission(NMC).
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Intake for MBBS in Bulgaria

  1. Application acceptance starts in April.
  2. The application portal closes in the last week of September or early October.
  3. More than 4000 students are taken in every year.
  4. The seats are allotted on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  5. The admission procedure starts in February.
  6. The session of Bulgaria begins in September.
  7. A medical student must keep an eye on all the essential information offered at MBBS admission in Bulgaria.
  8. In veterinary and dental courses, medical students are free to apply two times a year.


  1. NMC (National Medical Commission)
  2. WHO (World Health Organization)
  3. Ministry of Education in India & Bulgaria

Documents required for MBBS in Bulgaria

Some of the essential documents which are required at the time of MBBS in Bulgaria are:

  1. Mark sheets of 10th and 12th.
  2. Birth certificate.
  3. Nationality proof.
  4. Medical fit certificate.
  5. School leaving certificate.
  6. Certificate of conduct.
  7. No criminal certificate.
  8. Parent’s bank statement.
  9. Valid passport.
  10. Legal Visa.
  11. A few passport-sized photographs of the student.
  12. The college might as for some additional documents. Gather your documents accordingly

Admission Procedure for MBBS in Bulgaria

  1. The admission process starts in March.
  2. Students should carefully fill the admission form; we can guide them to get a confirmed Bulgaria seat.
  3. We can help students when they come with a mark-sheet and passing certificate.
  4. After the initial phase, students will have to wait for confirmation from the university.
  5. Once the university approves the admission application, the students can apply for VISA from the embassy.
  6. The students must carry the original documents.

Timeline for MBBS in Bulgaria

  1. MBBS admission in Bulgaria can be applied for in June as well as in July.
  2. The respective medical university takes at least two weeks to issue the confirmation letter.
  3. Ministry takes two months duration to issue Student VISA for Bulgaria in August or in September.

Advantages of MBBS in Bulgaria

  1. The first advantage is that Bulgaria offers a high quality of medical education.
  2. The medium of teaching in most of the medical universities in Bulgaria is the English language.
  3. The MBBS fees in Bulgaria are very affordable.
  4. MBBS in Bulgaria is safe and secure as students get hostel accommodation on campuses.
  5. National Medical Commission(NMC) acknowledges MBBS degree from Bulgaria.
  6. The students can practice anywhere in the world. They can start practicing in India after completing their MBBS degree.
  7. The state medical universities have scholarship programs for the students.
  8. Many of the research-based universities get grants to carry out researches from the government.
  9. Both international and national students can apply for the loan through AUBG.
  10. Bulgaria has a vast job prospect for doctors.
  11. Students can get ample Indian food.

MBBS Fee in Bulgaria 2024-2025

Name of the University Tuition Fee Per Year Hostel Fee Per Year
Pleven Medical University 8500 EURO 5000 EURO
Plovdiv Medical University 9000 EURO 5000 EURO
Medical University of Sofia 9000 EURO 5000 EURO
Medical University of Varna 9000 EURO 5000 EURO

Note : The tuition fee shown above in the table, is subject to change and the university reserves all the rights to change the fees anytime without any prior personal intimation to the students. You can contact us to know the exact amount of fee in INR.

Education Methodology Implemented by Bulgaria Medical Universities

  1. The medical universities in Bulgaria usually use three different languages to teach. Bulgarian being the common language, English is also standard. Some colleges use both languages as a teaching medium.
  2. Every year National Medical Commission(NMC) publishes a list of Bulgarian medical colleges that offer medical education in English.
  3. The MBBS course followed in Bulgaria is innovative and follows modern medical science.
  4. The first three years, Histology, Anatomy, Pathology, Bio-Chemistry, Physiology, Microbiology, and Pharmacology, are taught.
  5. In the comprising years, Internal Medicine, Oncology, General Surgery, ENT, Emergency Medicine, Psychology, Gynecology, Paediatrics, and many more are taught.
  6. Students get summer and winter vacations. Vacations are granted on National holidays as well.
  7. The FMGE pass percentage is meager.
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Disadvantages of MBBS in Bulgaria

  1. The main issue faced by the students are the feeling of homesickness
  2. Adjustment to new culture and the european standard of living can be challenging for Indian students
  3. The weather change is a concern drawback which a medical candidate faces.
  4. The learning of the local language also becomes a challenge. However this helps them in future to deal with native patients.
  5. Medical candidates must avoid in consulting with the fraud agents. whose only motive is to make money by unfair means and tactics.
  6. Medical candidates’ attitude might change as they are getting a great exposure along with studying in a new country
  7. The students might lose their track from studies
  8. The fluency English of the lecturers can pose as an issue
  9. The students cannot practice on real patients
  10. On break of only 2 weeks are given between semesters
  11. The FMGE pass percentage is very low

Syllabus for MBBS in Bulgaria

Year Semesters Subjects Covered
1st  1st – 2nd Sem. Medical Ethics, Human Biology, Physics, Cytology and Embryology, Chemistry, Latin Language, Anatomy and Histology, Sport, Summer Practice, Bulgarian Language, and Electives
2nd  3rd -4th Sem. Anatomy and Histology, Physiology, Biophysics, Medical Informatics, Sports, Biochemistry, Bulgarian Language, General Medicine, Social Medicine, Microbiology, Summer Practice, Electives, and Participation in Research Projects
3rd  5th – 6th Sem. Medical Genetics, Social Medicine, Microbiology, Medicine of Disasters, Pathophysiology, Pharmacology, General Pathology, Propaedeutics of Internal Diseases, General and Operative Surgery, Summer Practice, Electives, and Participation in Research Projects
4th  7th -8th Sem. Otorhinolaryngology, Ophthalmology, Image Diagnostics, Nuclear Medicine and Radiotherapy, Neurology, Clinical Pathology, Hygiene, Ecology and Occupational diseases, Internal Diseases, Participation in Scientific Research Projects, Participation in Bulgarian Scientific Journals, Participation in International Scientific Journals, Surgery, and Electives
5th  9th – 10th Sem. Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Pediatrics, Internal Diseases, Orthopedics and Traumatology, Clinical Immunology, Clinical Pharmacology, Dermatology and Venerology, Clinical Laboratory, Electives, Participation in International Scientific Journals, Participation in Scientific Research Projects, and Participation in Bulgarian Scientific Journals
6th  11th – 12th Sem. Psychiatry, Physiotherapy, Urology, Forensic Medicine and Deontology, Epidemiology, Parasitology, Tropical Diseases, Infectious Diseases, Anesthesiology and Reanimation, Electives, Participation in Scientific Research Projects, Participation in Bulgarian Scientific Journals, and Participation in International Scientific Journals

Do’s and don’ts for Bulgaria Medical Universities

  1. Students must be aware of the available number of seats.
  2. Students must apply for the MBBS in Bulgaria well before time.
  3. Apply for medical university, which is within budget.
  4. Medical students must be aware of the fraud agents.
  5. Candidates must gather all the documents required beforehand.
  6. You must gather all the required information about your college before flying out to Bulgaria.
  7. You must make sure to arrange for the accommodation before landing in Bulgaria.

MBBS in Bulgaria: Inexpensive or Costly Deal

  1. MBBS in Bulgaria offers low-cost medical education, so it is one of the most preferred medical students' choices.
  2. For accommodation and housing, medical students will have to pay between 250 Euro to 500 Euro.
  3. To enjoy Bulgaria's delicious food, medical students must have at least 100 Euro to 200 Euro.
  4. For clothing, medical students would need 250 Euro to 500 Euro.
  5. To travel and explore Bulgaria, medical candidates must have 50 Euro to 100 Euro.
  6. For personal care items, medical students must have 150 Euro to 200 Euro.
  7. For entertainment purposes, medical students must have 250 Euro to 300 Euro.

About Bulgaria: Want to Explore

  1. The capital city of Bulgaria is Sofia.
  2. Bulgarian is the official language of Bulgaria.
  3. Local people in Bulgaria don’t speak English. Less than 20% of them know English.
  4. Bulgarian Lev is the currency adopted by Bulgaria.
  5. 1 Indian Rupee equals just 0.025 Bulgarian Lev.
  6. Bulgaria is 2.5 hours behind India.
  7. It takes 10 to 11 hours to travel from India to Bulgaria.
  8. Bulgaria houses one of the oldest treasures in the world.
  9. Bulgaria has not lost even a single flag in any battle.

FAQ for MBBS Study in Bulgaria

Ques.1 Is NEET mandatory to study MBBS in Bulgaria?

Ans. Yes. NMC has made it compulsory for every student to clear the NEET exam to study medicine in any foreign country

Ques.2 Are medical students permitted to come back to India in the middle of the session?

Ans. During the summer vacations, Indian medical candidates can come back to India and enjoy themselves with their family members. However, only a 2-week break is granted to the students in between semesters

Ques.3 Will Indian students find more students coming from India and studying in Bulgaria?

Ans. Yes, many students from India are studying medicine in Bulgaria, making them feel comfortable.

Ques.4 Are the students permitted to cook the food by themselves?

Ans. Yes, the students can cook food for themselves in the hostel accommodation and that in the shared mess.

Ques.5 Does Bulgari has good medical universities?

Ans. Bulgaria has several good medical universities. They have an easy admission process and offer high-quality education.

Ques.6 Is the Medical candidate permitted to practice in India after coming back from Bulgaria?

Ans. Yes, the medical candidate can practice in India only if he/she clears the NMC Screening Test, which is compulsory for the students who want to practice medicine in India.

Ques.7 What are the top medical universities in Bulgaria?

Ans. To name a few of the top Bulgarian medical universities:

  1. Plovdiv Medical University
  2. Varna Medical university
  3. Pleven Medical University
  4. Sofia Medical University

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