Study in Europe

Study in Europe

Europe has a long history and are pioneers in offering higher education. Europe has been serving a home to many of the world’s oldest and most prestigious universities including many of the most interesting and exciting cities where International students prefer to study. If we look at European countries and their universities all are very different pertaining to language, lifestyle and living costs. European countries follow Bologna Process where they are working to standardise degree systems. For all the European citizens, those who choose to study other than their home country must be relatively straight forward where tuition fees are charged at local rates and there is no requirement of VISA.

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  6. European Culture

Education System in Different Countries of Europe

Study in Germany

  1. In Germany, education system is built on the rules and regulations of Grundgesetz.
  2. Federal Ministry of Education controls the education in Germany.
  3. Ministry has a collaboration with Federation authorities.
  4. Education structure is divided into five parts namely:
  5. Early Childhood Education
  6. Primary Education
  7. Secondary Education
  8. Tertiary Education
  9. Continuing Education
  10. The aim of German education system is to inbuilt in the student’s vital skills and abilities.
  11. German education is known for instilling in student’s key competencies.
  12. Tertiary or higher education independently manage the scholarships and research activities.
  13. Several German universities offer higher education.
  14. German universities provide education as well research programs necessary for future academics.
  15. First German Higher Education Qualification in Germany is known as Bachelor’s degree.
  16. Master’s Degree is known as Second German Higher Education Qualification.
  17. PhD Degree is known as Third German Higher Education Qualification.
  18. The education in Germany is often provided by churches and private institutions.

Study in Poland

  1. Bachelor’s
  2. Master’s
  3. Doctor
  4. This system of education is applicable for all fields of education except Law, Pharmacy, Psychology, Veterinary Medicine, Medicine & Dentistry based on two stage system i.e. Master and Doctor.
  5. The academic year is segregated into 2 parts: fall semester and spring semester.
  6. Each of them ends by completing the examination period.
  7. Teaching in Poland is imparted in the form of lectures, classes, lab classes, discussion groups and seminars.

Study in Italy

  1. Italian universities are known as one of the oldest universities across the world.
  2. In Italy, discussion-based teaching is highly accentuated.
  3. Higher education system in Italian universities is quite formal and takes place in large lecture halls.
  4. Students are given opportunity of spending a lot of hours in self study to prepare for the examinations.
  5. In some universities, higher education exams are conducted in one-to-one conversation with the professor.

Study in Georgia

  1. The education system in Georgia are regulated by the laws in Georgia.
  2. After completing the basic education, students get Basic Education Certificate.
  3. After completing the full general education, students get Full General Education Certificate.
  4. Vocational education in Georgia is segregated into two institutions namely vocational college and community college.
  5. In Georgia there are five qualifications of vocational education.
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Why Choose Europe?

  1. The food in Europe is commendable and one of the best in the world.
  2. Restaurants in Europe are famous for food which all International students would relish.
  3. Degrees from European universities are recognized globally all across the globe.
  4. European degree courses adopt internships apart from regular study.
  5. Students do not face the issue of medium of teaching during pursuing studies from Europe.
  6. Studying in Europe for overseas students is a dream come true.
  7. Students must choose courses that are affordable.
  8. For candidates choosing to study in Europe, it’s mandatory to understand the duration of the program carefully.
  9. Indian students must consider universities which offer high-quality education system.
  10. Indian students must look out for the European universities that are world-wide recognized.

Courses Available for Studying in Europe

Some of the programmes offered by European universities are:

  1. MBA in Europe
  2. MBBS in Europe
  3. Engineering in Europe

Application Process to Study in Europe

The application process for studying Europe is simple and easy. The steps are as follows:

Step 1: Student must search for the study program which he/she wants to choose.
Step 2: Student must be clever enough to see that he/she is meeting all the necessary requirements.
Step 3: Student must try to learn the official language of the particular European country.
Step 4: Candidate must confirm with his/her financial resources.
Step 5: Accordingly, candidate must apply for the admission.
Step 6: Then, candidate must obtain student VISA for the European country.
Step 7: Student must then search for a suitable accommodation
Step 8: Candidate can then enrol in the particular European university.

Reasons to Study in Europe

  1. As Europe has turned out to be an education hub, students must seek admission in finest European universities.
  2. Europe offers safe and secure environment for the international students coming to study.
  3. Therefore, the students need to know certain things before taking admission in European universities.
  4. Candidates applying for the VISA must be aware about the new rules concerning the particular European country.
  5. Students must be aware about the challenges they will be facing in seeking European VISA.
  6. Before taking admission in any of the European university, candidate be keen enough to enquire about the fees structure including tuition fees, hostel fees and accommodation fees.
  7. International students must inquire about living cost and exchange value of USD in Indian rupees for future security.
  8. Candidates must enquire about the medium of teaching being adopted by the university
  9. This approach will surely assist them in grasping the concepts with more clarity.
  10. Candidates must apply in the particular university before the deadlines.
  11. European universities have limited seats and admissions are done on first come first serve basis.
  12. Candidates can contact Eklavya Overseas to get information required to study in Europe.

Advantages of Studying in Europe

For all the international students who are looking to study in Europe then they must dig in knowing about the advantages of studying in Europe. Some of the perks of studying in Europe are:

  1. Europe has Globally recognized universities.
  2. European universities charge affordable tuition fees.
  3. Generally, in most European universities English is being used as the medium for teaching.
  4. European universities charge no donations or capitation fees.
  5. Most of the European universities are amongst the finest and oldest universities across the world.
  6. The admission procedure in most of the European universities is quite simple.
  7. There are no entrance exams for admission in European universities.
  8. There are minimal chances of visa rejection in seeking admission in Europe.
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Why Learn European Language?

  1. Candidate need to learn European language for the particular country in Europe.
  2. European languages have a rich history of many centuries.

Is European Students VISA Necessary to Study in Europe?

  1. Students of some nationalities do not require to have a VISA.
  2. Students from EU/EEA can enter Europe without student VISA.
  3. They only have to show passport and national identity card.

Requirements for European Student VISA

Some of the requirements of VISA are as follows:

  1. Student must fill in the visa application form.
  2. Your valid national passport.
  3. Two photocopies of your passport.
  4. Your certificate of birth. (If Required)
  5. Your marriage certificates. (If Required)
  6. Your child’s certificate of birth.
  7. Your recent 3 passport-style photographs.

Health Insurance for Overseas Students in Europe

  1. It’s important to get health insurance during the whole tenure of student studies.
  2. For non-EU/EEA citizens, they must get a health insurance before arriving in Europe.
  3. Non-EU/EEA citizens are known as Third-country citizens.
  4. For EU/EEA citizens, students must request European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) from their home town.
  5. According to Italian National Health Insurance Scheme, EU/EEA citizens can attain the benefit same as the locals.
  6. However, European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) is not an alternative of travel insurance.
  7. European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) does not cover any travel insurance, rescue, search, emergency dental treatments and any kind of assistance.
  8. Therefore, a private health insurance is highly recommended for EU/EEA citizens before entering Europe.

Cost of Living in Europe

  1. Europe is a budget friendly country.
  2. Students can spend 700 to 800 Euros a month for living expenses.
  3. In most of other cities namely Turin, Padua, Bologna the cost is 550 to 750 Euros a month.
  4. Cost of living generally depends on the lifestyle of the students.

European Culture

  1. Europeans are welcoming people providing comforting environment for the students.
  2. International students will be able to make local friends easily and quickly.
  3. Europeans believe in living and enjoying high-quality of life.
  4. Europeans enjoy every meal and eating well is mandatory to live a good life.
  5. English is frequently spoken in Europe.
  6. Europeans enjoy cultural activities in a form of traditional local festivals.
  7. Europeans also play sports and organize international sporting events.
  8. Europeans are full of life and they enjoy their night life as well.
  9. In summers, Europeans generally go near sea.
  10. Europe will surely add value to the life of the student.

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