Study in Georgia

Study in Georgia

The year 2012 marked the beginning of an era which made education in Georgia remarkable opportunity for overseas aspirants. Until then admissions in Georgian universities were not popular at all. Students generally prefer to study in Ukraine or Russia as their first preference amongst other East European countries. When the war issues rose in Russia, students began to study in Georgia. Tbilisi is the capital of Georgia and comprises of government colleges which are mostly recommended for Indian students. Studying in Georgia has become a new-fangled upcoming goal for Indian students. Numerous students fantasise to study in Europe. Georgia has become a widespread destination in European countries and Georgian universities as the finest apt choice. There has been a boom in admissions in Georgia as the courses offered are recognized by WHO and Medical council of India.  For students who aim to study in Georgia, Georgian universities are amongst their top preferences. Indian families want their children to pursue their career mainly in two categories namely Medical or Engineering. Students, who are planning to study abroad, might have various options to look up to but they are expensive too. When considering in terms of affordability, Georgia, Ukraine and Russia are some of the alternatives. This is the reason why study in Georgia is gaining popularity among Indian students.

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  6. Accommodation

Education System in Georgia

Higher education in Georgia is segregated into three categories:

  1. Bachelor Program
  2. Master’s Program
  3. Doctorate Program
  4. During one educational year, there are 60 credits for the educational program.
  5. Educational credits in bachelors program comprises of 240 credits.  
  6. Individuals having complete general education have the right to join bachelor program.
  7. Educational credits in master’s program comprises of 120 credits.
  8. Individuals having completed bachelor’s education have the right to join master’s program.
  9. Educational credits in doctorate program comprises of 180 credits. 
  10. Individuals having completed master’s education have the right to join doctorate program.
  11. Completing of each stage of higher education degree program, the diploma or degree will be issued.
  12. An individual completing part of educational program will be awarded intermediate qualification.
  13. Intermediate qualification is given on the basis of results.
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Variety of Educational Institutions in Georgia

Georgia has three types of educational institutions namely


  1. Provides higher education
  2. Provides higher educational programs of all stages
  3. Offers scientific research as well

Teaching University:

  1. Provides higher education
  2. Provides higher educational programs of all stages except doctorate degree
  3. Offers scientific research as well


  1. Provides higher education
  2. Provides higher educational programs of bachelor’s degree program
  3. Offers scientific research as well

Authorization of Educational Institutions

  1. One must be clear about the authorization rules of educational institutions.
  2. Authorization is basically done to view that the educational institution is in compliance with the educational standards.
  3. Authorization is done by the National Center of Educational Quality Enhancement.
  4. Rules and regulations are stated by the authorization provision.

Application Process followed by Georgian universities

  1. Search about several programmes and different universities
  2. Select a programme
  3. Contact the particular university
  4. Apply for the VISA
  5. Then, student is welcomed in Georgia

Educational Programmes offered by Georgian Universities

Some of the programmes offered by Georgian universities are:

  1. MBA in Georgia
  2. MBBS in Georgia
  3. Study Dentistry in Georgia
  4. Study Nursing in Georgia
  5. Study Bachelors in IT 
  6. Study Business Law in Tbilisi Georgia

Benefits of Studying in Georgia

Looking to study abroad? Georgia has emerged as the top-notch destination for aspirants. Some of the perks of studying in Georgia are:

  1. Globally recognized universities
  2. Affordable tuition fees
  3. Generally, English is being adopted as the medium for teaching.
  4. No cumbersome procedure of donations.
  5. Most of the Georgian universities are amongst the finest universities.
  6. The admission procedure is quite simple.
  7. There are no entrance exams for admission in Georgia.
  8. Less chances of visa rejection.

Things you should know before you apply to Study in Georgia

  1. With improved access to education, many students strive to get admission in Georgia.
  2. Overseas students have the right to study in safe and secure environment abroad.
  3. Therefore, the students need to know certain things before taking admission in Georgia.
  4. Students must be aware of the changed and new VISA rules regarding foreign education.
  5. Students must be aware about the challenges they will be facing in getting Georgian VISA.
  6. Candidates must also enquire about the complete fees which includes tuition fees, hostel fees.
  7. Candidates must know about living cost and exchange value of USD in Indian rupees.
  8. Candidates must know the fact that which teaching medium is being adopted by the university
  9. This will help them in grasping the concepts easily.
  10. Candidates must be active in taking admission within the allotted time.
  11. The number of seats is fixed and the admission is done on first come first serve basis.
  12. Candidates can contact Eklavya Overseas to get information required to study in Georgia.

Why should you study Georgian Language?

  1. Georgian language is quite popular in Europe.
  2. Georgian is a rich language having history of many centuries.
  3. You will be amazed to know that Georgian alphabet is one of the most perfect alphabets across the globe.
  4. Georgian is one of the languages forming the family of Caucasian language.
  5. The bible books that are translated in Georgian language, oldest is from 5th century.
  6. World literature forms the most vital part of Georgian culture.
  7. Classic poet named Shota Rustaveli used Georgian as the language.
  8. Georgian language forms the part of dialogues of culture.
  9. Georgia is known as the interesting country for archaeologists.
  10. Georgia is famous for its tourist attraction.
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How to apply for Georgian VISA?

The process of applying for Georgian VISA is quite simple and hassle free. Students need to follow certain steps which are as follows:

  1. Firstly, the candidate has to apply for the E-VISA.
  2. Secondly, the candidate must make the necessary payment for the VISA.
  3. Thirdly, the candidate will receive the VISA after completing all the formalities.

An advantage of studying in Georgia is that citizens from 94 countries can stay in Georgia without VISA for one year. A foreigner having short-term VISA can stay in Georgia for 90 days. Long term VISA is generally issued for 90 days tenure.

Accommodation in Georgia

There are two types of accommodation in Georgia.

  1. Full time accommodation
  2. Monthly accommodation
  3. In Bataumi city, the monthly expense for accommodation is approx. 80USD.
  4. In Tbilisi city, the monthly expense for accommodation varies from 80USD to 150USD.
  5. In Kutausi city, the monthly expense for accommodation varies from 300USD to 500USD.
  6. In different universities the monthly expense varies accordingly.

Living Costs in Georgia

  1. In restaurants, the cost varies from 1 GEL to 50 GEL.
  2. In markets, the cost varies from 1 GEL to 10 GEL.
  3. In transportation, the cost varies from 1 GEL to 33,000 GEL.
  4. The monthly utilities, the cost varies from 1 GEL to 138 GEL.
  5. For sports and leisure, the cost varies from 12 GEL to 100 GEL.
  6. In clothing and shoes, the cost varies from 70 GEL to 200 GEL.
  7. Monthly rent, the cost varies from 150 GEL to 1500 GEL.
  8. For salaries and financing, the cost varies from 600 GEL to 700 GEL.

Weather in Georgia

Spring Season

Cities in Georgia Temperature Wind
Tbilisi 1 degree 4 mph (NW)
Kutaisi 3 degree 4 mph (E)
Batumi 6 degree 8 mph (SE)

Summer Season

Cities in Georgia Temperature Wind
Tbilisi 1 degree 4 mph (NW)
Kutaisi 3 degree 4 mph (E)
Batumi 6 degree 8 mph (SE)

Autumn Season

Cities in Georgia Temperature Wind
Tbilisi 1 degree 4 mph (NW)
Kutaisi 3 degree 4 mph (E)
Batumi 6 degree 8 mph (SE)

Winter Season

Cities in Georgia Temperature Wind
Tbilisi 1 degree 4 mph (NW)
Kutaisi 3 degree 4 mph (E)
Batumi 6 degree 8 mph (SE)

The air temperature and precipitation vary in all the four seasons.

How to Choose best University in Georgia for Studying?

  1. Studying in Georgia for overseas students is a dream comes true.
  2. Therefore, students must opt for the options of universities that are low in budget.
  3. For candidates choosing to study in Georgia, it’s mandatory to understand the duration of the program carefully.
  4. Indian students must consider universities which offer high-quality education system.
  5. Candidates must look in the positive and negative reviews about the university before taking admission.
  6. Indian students must look out for the universities that are globally recognized.
  7. Students must choose the government medical universities having reasonable cost.
  8. Students must also research about the level of knowledge of the particular university

Reviews about Studying in Georgia

  1. Georgian universities have a positive review from all over the world.
  2. There is 100% literacy rate prevailing in Georgia.
  3. Georgia is considered to be one of the perfect places for study across the globe.
  4. Georgia offers some of the best and one of the premium options for students.
  5. Students studying in Georgia are of the belief that the admission process is simple.
  6. There is no requirement of any entrance test and the admission is done on the basis of 12th class marks.
  7. Georgian studies further enhance the ability of the students.
  8. The high-quality education offered by the Georgian universities with reasonable cost make it the hub for students.
  9. The amenities and services offered by the universities are world-class.
  10. The students opting for Georgian study are eligible to work in any part of the world.

Why Choose Eklavya Overseas for Study in Georgia?

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Milestones Achieved by Eklavya Overseas

  1. We offer competency which can be seen with our outstanding performance.
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