Study in Georgia for Indian Students

Study in Georgia Students from various parts of the world who has interest in becoming an engineer, doctor, lawyer or is passionate about becoming an Accounting professional began traveling to Georgia for education because it is one of the most trusted education provider for students around the globe. Over a period of last 15 to 20-years, huge numbers of students have returned to their country after acquiring an engineering, medical or any professional degree from Georgia. There are number of top rated MBBS University in Georgia with engineering universities and many more to help student study different courses as per their wish. Many learners prefer settling in other countries whereas some prefer going back to their homeland and practice engineering works in their country and work towards the welfare of the people.

Bachelor and Master Courses

Studying MBBS, MBA, BBA, and Engineering is one of the most challenging tasks for the students. Over the years different countries have gained popularity for providing education in different fields. In Georgia, several students found their destination and could convert their dreams into reality. You can study in Georgia and prepare yourself for becoming a fine professional. In fact, for more than a decade foreign students are coming to Georgia for study engineering, MBBS, MBA, BBA and more.

Steps for Searching The Best Georgian Medical Colleges:

MBBS, Engineering and BBA schools and colleges in Georgia are recognised by the education board and have opened broader avenues for the students. They have the low cost of studying in Georgia which is one of the main reasons for their growing popularity. Every year students from all over the world are attracted to study in Georgia because studies from the universities of Georgia are globally famous. Getting admission in the top 10 Georgian medical colleges for MBBS or engineering universities or any other course institute is not a difficult job.

How To Apply

  • Get All The Documentation Needed As stated By the Authority!
  • Once needed documents are accepted and payment is processed, Offer Letter is issued within a couple of days.
  • Visa Letter will be issued so keep the documents ready!
  • After all is done, the next step will be Point of Entry!

Visa Process

It is important for all intending international students to attain a student VISA to enter Georgia. Visa is exclusively issued on the time of arrival. The student must submit the original Invitation or admission letter to the authorities in Airport with all the documentations. This offer letter also provides an accommodation assurance.

Study in Georgia for Indian Student

It is perfectly placed to provide exceptional support to Indian Students. Georgia also has a amazing mission that continues the tradition’s of its exceptionally established institutes universities which has well furnished facilities which are eminent abroad to accomplish their full potential education for personal enhancement and history.


  • International Black Sea University
  • Grigol Robakidze University
  • Kutaisi University
  • David Aghmashenebeli University of Georgia
  • Free University of Tbilisi
  • University of Georgia
  • Medical school “AIETI”
  • Georgian American University
  • IB Euro-Caucasian University
  • Caucasus University
  • Georgian Institute of Public Affairs
  • Georgian Aviation University
  • Georgian Patriarcal University of St. Andria the First

Teaching Universities:

  • Petre Shotadze Tbilisi Medical Academy
  • National Institute “Rvali”
  • Caucasus International University
  • Georgian University of International Relations
  • Tbilisi Independent University “Gorgasali”
  • “HYPPOKRATES” -Medical Institute of Tbilisi
  • Sukhishvili University
  • Tbilisi Humanitarian University
  • American University for Humanities
  • Tavartkiladze University of Economic Relations and Law
  • Tbilisi University
  • Ilia Chavchavadze National University
  • Sulkhan-Saba Orbeliani Humanitarian University
  • Tbel Abuseridze University
  • Batumi Navigation Institute
  • Nursing school “Iveria”
  • Teaching University “King Tamar”
  • Educational University of International Relations
  • Zugdidi Teaching University


  • Georgian Ilia Chavchavadze International Scientific-Cultural Educational Union “Knowledge Society”
  • Rustavi College
  • Maritime Training Center “Anri”

Advantages of Studying MBA, MBBS, Engineering in Georgia:

It is a great decision to study in this country as there are MCI and WHO approved schools and colleges. Most people would hesitate to go to a foreign country for education with the thought they have to pay a high cost for the service but education in Georgia for Indian students is inexpensive. It is seen that the whether it is one of the finest BBA or engineering colleges or best medical colleges in Georgia for Indian students offer courses at a vying cost so that people from various parts of the world can afford the education cost and study as per their wish in Georgia.

Another reason for choosing schools, colleges, or universities in Georgia is the structure of education system. The kind of knowledge that you gain by studying in a university depends on their education system, therefore, the universities in this particular country have ideal structure and a syllabus that can prepare students to face competition all over the world. Best engineering institutes, highly recognized BBA colleges , MCI recognized MBBS colleges in Georgia assures Indian Students perfect support for MBBS education in Georgia.

Study in Georgia For Indian Student

Most of the time students dream of studying abroad but they cannot fulfill their dream due to the shortage of funds. It is the duty of the parents to find out the advantages and disadvantages of studying abroad before thinking that they cannot afford. It is necessary for the parents as well as the students to understand both the aspect and look for number of universities, institutes colleges in Georgia assuring Indian Students with facilities to study abroad. You also have the privilege of inquiring the University of asking a consultant about the necessary information.

Why You Must Study in Georgia

There are lots of reasons to get admission in Georgia medical university for MBBS study, or engineering institute for Engineering degree or any other course but few points that will help you in making a decision and what are the important things that you should consider at the time of enrollment.

Detailed Points To Focus For Choosing Universities in Georgia for Indian Students:

  • There are 10000 and more foreign students for studying in Georgia
  • You will receive admission letter within few days
  • The hostel fees are affordable and low
  • The country has economical cost of living
  • The tuition expense is also low
  • For becoming a citizen, you have to wait for a year after marrying a Georgian born
  • There are no IELTS
  • English is the medium of communication and education thus easily understood
  • Complete settlement is made which includes pick up, ticket, hostel, and insurance

The Detailed Explanation For Study in Georgia:

  • Education in Georgia – the education is famous for its standardized quality of the study. Getting admission in Georgian school is systematic, smooth and easy. You can even complete the entire admission process online. Studying in Georgia is an increasing trend as maximum students qualify for studying here. The increasing demand is not only because of the studying structure but for the cost charged from the students.
  • Quality of syllabus covered – the syllabus of Georgia is different from all other universities as it provides complete practical knowledge and plenty of experience for through practice and learning. The top universities have all the courses that has a term of 5 years and it comprises for practical as well as theoretical knowledge.
  • The expense for studying in Georgia – the cost of studying in Georgia is like paying a donation to an agent. In Georgia, there are no agents and it is corruption free therefore you would have to pay only for the course fee along with the accommodation and foods. The country has a constant flow of foreign students on a huge scale and we look forward to helping all the students. The fee varies from one university to another in Georgia depending on the kind of education.
  • Eligibility to study in Georgia – the basic criteria for studying MBA, MBBS and engineering in Georgia is having your grades from 50% to 65 % or more in the 12th standard. The subjects covered in degree are quite similar to other country universities. Education in Georgia maintains its uniformity but it also maintains its diversity which is a unique combination.
  • All round advantages – Education in Georgia is suitable for everyone. There is some kind of aptitude test that is taken by the universities to ensure the skill of a student. The examination is based on the 12th standard syllabus so that people from various corners of the world can pass out and qualifies for the exams. The students are exposed to better career opportunities and a great medical career after completing the education.

You can be one of those students who can travel to Georgia for studying and obtain a certification and then you are free to practice in any part of the world. The universities in this country are recognised by MCI and WHO therefore the degree is acceptable all over the world. If you wish to become a professional in any field, come here not only for converting your dream but to live your dream.

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