MBA in New Zealand

Study MBA in New Zealand

In today’s scenario, the business world is demanding leaders with specialized qualifications. MBA degree in New Zealand has set up an easiest path for the appropriate business students to connect with the right business schools. Fundamentally, Masters of Business Administration has been a multi-lingual hub for 4 programs namely MBA’s, EMBA’s, business education and executive training programs across the globe. Business leaders who are going to be the future utilize MBA studies to search for the best business degrees. Students must also review MBA rankings of New Zealand universities which can be more reliable when taken into account. Nearly 4 key factors are considered namely post-graduation salary, international mobility, application statistics based on GPA’s score and acceptance rate. New Zealand has emerged as one of the widespread destinations for MBA amongst Indian students who are planning to study abroad. New Zealand offers students with abundant aids and this has become an ultimate factor for showing increase in MBA admissions. MBA is a post-graduate degree program that takes about 2 years of studying including theoretical and practical knowledge. International students who are aiming to pursue their MBA degree from New Zealand then they are making the right choice. Individuals who are earning the MBA degree from New Zealand gain vital knowledge and experience within the fields of management and business. After completing MBA from New Zealand universities, students get a job quickly because of their enhanced and improved abilities.

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  1. Advantages
  2. Duration of MBA in New Zealand
  3. Eligibillity Criteria
  4. Documents Required
  5. Admission Requirements
  6. Visa Requirements
  7. Application Process
  8. Cost of an MBA program in New Zealand

Reasons to Study MBA in New Zealand?

  1. New Zealand provides full of opportunities along with unique experiences.
  2. New Zealand discovers an innovative way of learning.
  3. New Zealand provides you opportunity to explore different culture.
  4. Post-Graduates say that they are forging successful career after studying MBA in New Zealand.
  5. New Zealand provides world-class education which attracts International students.
  6. New Zealand is considered to be world’s best place to live and study.
  7. New Zealand provides internationally renowned education system.
  8. The lifestyle in New Zealand is unbeatable.
  9. The local people in New Zealand are friendly and welcoming.
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Advantages of Studying in New Zealand

  1. Student improve their English language skills by talking in English in workplace.
  2. Students get to work while they are studying.
  3. Students are paid and they can support their studies.
  4. Part-time job gives a valuable experience for the students.
  5. There is a great package for PhD’s for students in New Zealand.
  6. Students can also work full-time while completing your studies.
  7. Students gain life skills necessary for personal growth and development.
  8. Student can gear yourself up for a bright future.
  9. Students get an opportunity to study in peaceful and politically stable country.
  10. New Zealand has lowest of the corruption rates.
  11. New Zealand has an unbeatable lifestyle and get to experience stunning nature.
  12. New Zealand provides new way of learning.
  13. Students learn to ask queries and think critically.
  14. Teaching strategy in New Zealand is focused on practical hands on learning.
  15. New Zealand welcomes new people as it is multi-cultural society.
  16. The people have shared understanding and respect for others.

Type of MBA Programs in New Zealand

Let’s have a look at various MBA programs in New Zealand:

  1. Regular MBA Program
  2. Executive MBA Program
  3. Part-time MBA Program
  4. Online MBA Program

Duration of MBA in New Zealand

  1. The duration for MBA course in New Zealand varies from one university to another university.
  2. Generally, the tenure for Executive MBA varies from 12 to 24 months.
  3. The tenure for Full-time MBA varies from 12 to 24 months.
  4. Some other MBA programs duration may vary from 15 months or 18 months or 20 months.
  5. New Zealand universities offer flexible duration for MBA programs which a candidate may choose according to his/her will.

Eligibillity Criteria

  1. There are some eligibility criteria set for the candidates who wish to pursue MBA.
  2. Candidate must possess a bachelor’s degree in any discipline.
  3. Bachelor’s degree must be from the home country of the applicant or from any other country.
  4. Candidate must possess a master’s degree in any discipline which is not mandatory.
  5. Master’s degree must be from the home country of the applicant or from any other country.
  6. For regular MBA, the work experience is not required.
  7. For Executive MBA, the work experience is mandatory.
  8. Years of experience may vary depending on the university.

Documents Required

There are some of the mandatory documents required by every university.

  1. A certified copy of high school diploma
  2. A certified copy of previous degrees that is bachelor’s or master’s
  3. All other relevant qualifications in the original language
  4. Correctly filled up application form
  5. A copy of valid passport especially the personal information, photo ID page
  6. Passport size photos
  7. Proof of English language proficiency
  8. A translated overview of all the course modules
  9. Overview of the grades of the applicant

Admission Requirements

Before applying for MBA in New Zealand, a candidate must keep in mind following points:

  1. Proof of English language proficiency test
  2. Medical certificate
  3. Payment receipt for admission fees
  4. Completely filled application form
  5. 4 passport size photos
  6. copy of the passport
  7. The CV the candidate with the details about the school, professional career and other vital details.
  8. One academic reference (This is optional)
  9. One personal reference (This is optional)
  10. Undergraduate program diploma issued by the legitimate university


  1. Management universities in New Zealand offer admission to MBA students 2 times a year.
  2. The first admission is held in the month of October referred to as fall semester.
  3. The second admission is held in the month of February referred to as spring semester.
  4. Candidates need to be updated on the deadlines of admission for the specific university.
  5. Candidates need to be sure about the application date and course they have chosen.

Visa Requirements

  1. Student must have a valid Student VISA if he/she is studying for more than 3 months in New Zealand.
  2. Student must have an offer letter from educational institution which is approved by New Zealand Qualifications Authority.
  3. Student must have written update from the specific institution that is valid.
  4. Student must also have a written know how of the accommodation in New Zealand.
  5. Student must show evidence of sufficient funds for living in New Zealand.
  6. Student must have enough money to buy the return ticket to your home country.
  7. Visitor VISA is enough for students studying for a duration of 3 months.

Financials Required for MBA in New Zealand

  1. Candidate must decide within time to arrange for the fees for MBA course.
  2. Candidate can apply for the education loan from their home country.
  3. For International students, New Zealand offers educational loans.
  4. Students who seek admission on the basis of merit and apply for scholarships.
  5. Candidates must in short prepare for the financials for his/her MBA course.

Application Process

  1. The application procedure in New Zealand universities is simple and hassle-free.
  2. Candidates need to follow a step by step process during the whole procedure.
  3. Candidate must first list out the university in which he/she wants to seek admission.
  4. Candidate must be sure that the chosen subject is in the curriculum of that university.
  5. Candidate must fill in the application form with all the correct details.
  6. Then, the candidate must fill in all the scanned copies of passport and other vital documents.
  7. After this, Letter of admission will be issued by the university.
  8. Then, candidate must start with the immigration after receiving the admission letter.
  9. Now, candidate must apply for the New Zealand student VISA by approaching the New Zealand Embassy.
  10. Lastly, it’s time to fly to New Zealand and start with your studies.

Cost of Living in New Zealand

  1. New Zealand has a very flexible education system.
  2. New Zealand has numerous study options that will suit your budget.
  3. New Zealand offers high quality of life.
  4. New Zealand offers excellent work life balance.
  5. The cost of living is also very reasonable and affordable.
  6. Students VISA in New Zealand covers the living expenses as well.
  7. Candidate needs to show the proof of funds when studying in New Zealand.
  8. Living cost largely depends on the lifestyle of the student.
  9. Cost factor varies with region to region.
  10. The travelling cost is also reasonable and inexpensive.
  11. Accommodation cost vary from $440 to $510 in Auckland.
  12. There are plenty of options available for accommodation ranging from apartments to homestay depending on the lifestyle that suits you.
  13. Entertainment costs is not much and many tertiary education schools offers discount cards for students.
  14. Food costs are also reasonable ranging from $60 to $70.
  15. Transport in New Zealand is mainly of buses for students.
  16. Phones and internet have monthly plans starting from about $19.
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Part Time Jobs in New Zealand

  1. There are approx. 1573 part time jobs in whole of New Zealand.
  2. If you will get part-time job then student can actually be of some help to manage the living costs.
  3. International students get a chance to meet new people and learn about New Zealand workplace as well.
  4. Part time job is also a great way to practice your English language skills.
  5. Students can work 40 hours a week all year round.
  6. Average wage of International student is approx. $14.25 per hour that will be great help.

Better to Learn English Language Before going to New Zealand

  1. Candidates who are planning to go to New Zealand for studying can learn basic English language.
  2. Learning of English language will be helpful in communication for those who are not well versed with English.
  3. Interacting with local people can be helpful by learning English language.
  4. Courses are taught in English medium thus; students need to know English.

Cost of an MBA program in New Zealand

The total fees of an MBA program in New Zealand differ from one university to another. There are some factors on which Universities depends such as

  1. Affiliation of institute (Aided, Private, Government etc.)
  2. Location of the university
  3. Rating and status of the university.

Living cost for a student would be around 15,000 dollars per year. There are many scholarships sponsored by the government. The universities offer various scholarships depending upon the GMAT score of the applicant. Universities offer 40% of the total fees as scholarship.

Scholarships offered to Study MBA in New Zealand

The Scholarships offered by different universities help students financially by reducing tuition costs in an international university. There are many scholarships offered to the international students who wish to study in universities in New Zealand. To attain a scholarship, a student need to meet set criteria, which differ from one university to another university,

but some common criteria are:

  1. Field of study
  2. Academic merit
  3. Community service
  4. Community involvement
  5. Ethnicity
  6. Financial hardship
  7. The industry
  8. Trade
  9. Leadership
  10. Region a student belongs to

List of Scholarships offered in New Zealand

  1. New Zealand Excellence Awards (NZEA) The Massey Business School,
  2. International Student Study Award
  3. The Otago Business School Scholarships
  4. PBRS and Cornell Scholarship
  5. Bachelor of Business Scholarship - Unitec Institute of Technology
  6. Bachelor of Computing System Scholarship -Unitec Institute of Technology University
  7. Auckland International Student Scholarships Lincoln University - Taught Master (180 credits)
  8. Academic Scholarships (NZ$10,000) Massey University
  9. CREATIVE Arts International Excellence Scholarship Massey -
  10. Business School International Student Scholarship
  11. NZEA Scholarships for India Tuia kia Tipu Award Massey Scholarships
  12. The University of Canterbury's College of Engineering - scholarship opportunities
  13. University of Waikato Excellence scholarships Commonwealth Scholarship
  14. University of Canterbury Dean’s Award

Employment after completing the course in New Zealand

Students are not only allowed to do internships while studying in New Zealand but they can also apply for the Skilled Migrant Visa which allow the students to live in the nation permanently and work. So, students with some special skills which are in demand can apply for this visa. MBA Graduates are high in demand in the country in various industries such as communication technology, information technology, health, farming, engineering and agriculture.

Work and Earn while studying MBA in New Zealand

Studying in foreign is a strain on students and the budget they have. Students studying courses of duration 12 months or more are allowed to work 20 hours in a week during holidays or semesters, This helps students to pay off their student loan and also top up the account balance in bank. It also helps students to gain more experience and they get to meet new people apart from their fellows at the universities.

Indian Students in New Zealand

  1. The statistics highlight that the percentage of Indian students are increasing every year.
  2. Apart from MBA, there are numerous post graduate degrees.

Why Choose New Zealand for MBA?

  1. Academic excellence and personalized learning are two of the aspects followed by New Zealand universities.
  2. A better and improved CV is ready for the students studying in New Zealand.
  3. New Zealand qualifications are respected and recognized globally.
  4. New Zealand has numerous study options to select according to your budget.
  5. New Zealand offers high quality of life.
  6. New Zealand offers excellent work life balance.
  7. New Zealand provides world-class education.
  8. All 8 universities of New Zealand are amongst the top 3%.
  9. Government of New Zealand for the care of international students have set up a code for practice which sets out fair and ethical practices.
  10. This is the main reason why International students opts for studying in New Zealand.
  11. New Zealand has a very flexible education system.

The Education System in New Zealand

New Zealand is the most popular destination among foreign students to study which provide the world-class facilities and experienced teaching faculty. Students seek for secure environment. The education system in New Zealand is regulated by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) which demand the registration of the institutes to admit international students. The NZQA makes sure that the education standards match the international standards. New Zealand provides an unmatched experience to the foreign students studying in the universities in the nation. The education system is widely divided into different sectors


There are 8 universities in total which offers postgraduate and undergraduate degrees to the students. The universities are research and teacher-based. 5 universities out of 8 were ranked in the Times Higher Education rankings.

Institutes of Polytechnics and Technology

There are 22 institutes of polytechnics and technology which offer skills-based and vocational courses from bachelor degree to postgraduate degree.

Private Training institutions

The number of private training and tertiary institutes is growing so fast that offer alternate study options. These types of institutes offer degrees, professional certificates and diplomas in a wide range of subjects such as ecotourism, computer studies, arts, quality management and hospitality.

Around 800 institutes are registered with the qualification authority of New Zealand I.e. NZQA.

Safety and Health in New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the greatest islands and place to study, work, live in or visit. The local government has made some strict rules to maintain the welfare and safety of all the foreign students moving to the country to study any kind of course. Further, the local government also makes sure that the positive environment is experienced by the foreign students. The Government also condemns negative activities.

Some laws are made to maintain safety for international students in New Zealand

A secure and supportive environment is offered by the nation, New Zealand. The nation has some strict laws regarding gambling, alcohol and drugs. All the foreign students moving to New Zealand for studies have to obey the “Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students”. This code needs students to get travel and health insurance done during their stay in the country.

Explore New Zealand

Capital Wellington
Official Language English
Boundaries Shared by New Zealand New Zealand shares borders American Samoa (United States), Australia, Fiji, French Polynesia (France), Kiribati, Samoa, and Tonga
Religion Christianity is the fundamental religion
Exchange Rates to INR 1 New Zealand Dollar is equal to 46.90 Indian Rupee
Culture Maori culture prevails influenced by western culture.
Climate Temperate climate prevails
Minimum Temperature -25.6 degree Celsius
Maximum Temperature 42 degree C
Time Difference between India and New Zealand New Zealand is 7 hours 30 minutes ahead of India
Travel time from India to New Zealand Approximately 15 to hours (Non-Stop Flight)
Health Insurance $611 to $670 per year
Largest City Auckland
New Zealand Cities Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Dunedin, Hamilton, Nelson, Rotorua, Tauranga, Queensland, Palmerston North
Population 47.9 lakhs
Currency New Zealand Dollar

Some Interesting Facts about New Zealand

  1. People in New Zealand are fond of their cars. You will be surprised to know that Car ownership rates is highest in New Zealand.
  2. New Zealand is supposed to be one of the least populated countries in the world.
  3. New Zealand happens to be the first country who has given the right for women to vote in 1893.
  4. The first person who climbed mount Everest in 1953 was a New Zealander named Sir Edmund Hillary.
  5. Auckland is considered to be the only country having largest number of boats.

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