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With the state of the art infrastructure, advanced technology, and outstanding facilities, Russia has been a constant pull for overseas students looking to study MBBS. Sharing a glorious and adventurous past, there is a lot more to learn about Russia than meets the eye. Recognized by the Medical Council of India (MCI) and the World Health Organization (WHO), MBBS Universities in Russia are gaining in popularity among Indian students planning to make a career in the medical field.

MBBS in Russia at Glance

Intake September
Minimum Percentage 50% in PCB for General 40% for SC/ ST and Reserve Categories
NEET Yes With Qualifying Marks
IELTS / TOEFL Not Required
Processing Time 45-60 Days
Lowest Fees 3500 USD Per Year
Maximum Fees 6000 USD Per Year
Living Cost 200 USD Per Month
Duration 5+1 Years
Medium English, Kyrgyz and Russian
Top Universities Irkutsk State Medical University, Volgograd State Medical University
Recognition MCI and WHO approved
Climate Cold and Moderate

Why Study MBBS in Russia?

Higher education in Russia has started getting recognition across the globe. Interesting developments have already taken place in the Russian education sector. Some recent advancements and adequate funding to Russian universities have ensured that they can compete globally when it comes to higher education.

However, the country is a preferred choice for MBBS aspirants because of high-quality medical courses backed by low cost and professional trainers. Home to some top-ranked medical universities and colleges, Russia is one of the most sought-after education destinations for international students. Following the first come-first served criteria, one can seek MBBS admission in Russia without any entrance exam.

Here are various non-exhaustive reasons to pursue MBBS from Russia:

  • Worldwide Recognition: There are several WHO, and MCI approved medical universities in Russia, which means students can practice in India or elsewhere in the world where they deem fit.
  • Low Cost: Russian Ministry of Health & Education has subsidized the education to a large extent. That’s the reason why the average MBBS Fees in Russia ranges between 2.5 to 5 Lakhs per annum.
  • MCI Screening: Students in Russia are also trained for the MCI screening test so that they can be easily registered to practice in India. Also, there are many MCI approved medical universities in Russia for Indians.
  • Language: MBBS courses in Russian universities are taught in English and Russian, meaning students have a chance to learn Russian and practice in Russia. During the 4th, 5th and 6th year, expert surgeons in the hospitals act as tutors and work with the students, here is where the Russian language plays a crucial role in the learning process.
  • Duration: The total duration of the course is six years in all MBBS Universities in Russia.

In addition to that, studying MBBS from Russia is an attractive option for Indian students as they need not sit for any entrance and are eligible to work in India after completing their degree. The pattern of the course is also similar to Indian curriculums, and professors are fully aware of the syllabus of the MCI test.

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Education Pattern

In a Russian Medical University, the academic year commences from September in all educational institutions, wherein an academic session comprises of two semesters- from September to January, and from February to June. Where first semester exams are held in January, June is the month of examinations for the second-semester students. 18 days (from 20th January to 7th February) are assigned for winter vacations, while summer vacations fall between 15th July and 31st August.

Courses Offered

  • MBBS Course- General Medicine
  • BDS Course- Dentistry, Pharmacy

Duration of MBBS course in Russia is six years. It is five years for BDS course.

Eligibility Criteria

If you have qualified 12th standard in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology with 50 percent marks, then you are eligible to study MBBS in Russia. Students belonging to any reserved category need a score of 40 percent in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. This is according to MCI guidelines.

  • The student must have completed the age of 17 years.
  • They must clear the NEET 2018 Test.
  • No entrance test is required as the admission is granted on the basis of first come-first served.

MBBS in Russia - MCI Approved Medical Universities in Russia 

Top Benefits of Studying MBBS in Russia for Indians

  • India and Russia share strong cultural and economic connections.
  • Russian universities offer high-quality education and are among top medical institutions in the world.
  • The universities focus on both practical and theoretical aspects of education which is crucial for medical students looking to study MBBS course in Russia.
  • Universities in the country hire talented and experienced teachers.
  • Most of the Russian medical institutions are recognized by UNESCO, WHO, and other medical councils in the world.
  • You need not take any entrance exams to join Medicine Course in Russia.
  • No hefty donations to colleges.
  • An easy admission process makes students fall in love with the country.
  • Great Accommodation.
  • Endless possibilities.
  • Well-equipped hospitals with tertiary education.
  • Affordable course fee and living cost.
  • European lifestyle often attracts Indian students.
  • The medium of study is in English as in India.
  • The Russian government regulates all universities in Russia.
  • Every year thousands of Indian students choose to seek MBBS admission in Russia.
  • Indian food is available in many universities

Also, the degrees awarded by Russian institutions are recognized all around the world.

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Disadvantages of Studying MBBS in Russia

  • Russian is the language of common people in Russia. Hence, it can be a barrier to your practical life in Russia.
  • Some universities offering MBBS from Russia are not specifically medical universities. They often have small faculties of medicine, which affects the quality of medical education.
  • There are many Russian cities which have a small population. Therefore, you need to Study Medicine in Russia in Tier-3 or Tier-4 cities. For example, if you are studying in a highly populated city, you will get the chance to face more and more patients.
  • Russia’s weather is extremely cold. It will be hard for students to adjust easily.
  • Russian cities are packed with several restaurants, nightclubs, discos, clubs, etc. They offer exceptional internet speed that can distract students, who are studying Medicine in Russia.
  • Since Russian medical courses don’t pressurize students, they can be lazy.


According to WHO, 30 out of top 100 medical colleges in the world are in Russia. Russian Medical University happens to be among the most advanced universities equipped with the latest technology, advanced teaching methods, and stream-lined techniques.

Stavropol State Medical Academy, Lomonosov Moscow State University, and Russian State Medical University are some of the finest MBBS universities in Russia. Once you complete the course from these universities, Indian students are eligible to take the screening test conducted by councils. All Russian universities offer courses in Russian and English.

Crimea Federal University

Founded in 1918 as Taurida Vernadsky and renamed as M.V Frunze Crimean University in 1921, the Crimea Federal University had become well-known for medical courses by the end of 1930. Today, the university is home to hundreds of overseas students pursuing MBBS in Russia. The university keeps on updating the teaching methods and strives to match the standards of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation. Annual Fee: 376623 INR.

Irkutsk State Medical University

Established in 1918, the Irkutsk State Medical University is one of the oldest medical universities in Russia. Because the university follows English a medium of instruction for overseas students, you need not learn Russian to Study Medicine in Russia. Annual Fee: 276000 INR.

Kazan Federal University

Founded in 1804, Kazan Federal University is one of the oldest Russian universities, with 17 centers of excellence and 80 top-class research and teaching labs. The university has a staff of more than 3,000 world-class professors that represents influential scientific minds and provides quality education to students from across the globe. If you are an Indian looking to pursue MBBS in Russia, the university will charge you approximately 18 Lakhs for six years for an MBBS degree.

Bashkir State Medical University

The BSM University is one of the most prominent medico-scientific institutions in Ufa, Russia. The institution has been training students in medicine since 1932 and is counted among the top medical centers. Apart from being an active member of the WHO, the university is recognized by MCI (India), GMC (UK), and MMC (Malaysia). Students from India, China, Malaysia, Europe, and Latin America are studying medicine at the university. The total fee for MBBS admission in Russia for Indian Students will cost you around 1,270,000 for six years.

Novosibirsk State Medical University

Situated in Novosibirsk, one of the largest cities of Russia, the Novosibirsk State Medical University was established in 1959. The university offers MBBS, Ph.D, and Russian language courses. Over the last 50 years, the university has produced more than 1,600 doctorates, 6,000 Ph.D’s, and 50,000 graduates. The annual fee for MBBS is 502164 INR.

Admission Process

Admission procedure for Medical admission in Russia for Indian Students is very easy. Interested candidates may adhere to the following steps to start the admission process:

Step- 1: Visit or call any of our representatives for a free counseling session and gain insights into top-ranked universities, fee structure, accommodation options, eligibility criteria, and education system of Russia.

Step-2: Once you are satisfied with the advantages and disadvantages of studying in Russia, you can fill in the admission form and submit it along with the scanned copies of the required documents, including 10th and 12th certificates and mark sheets.

Documents required to Study Medicine in Russia are:

  • 10th and 12th Class Mark Sheets
  • School Leaving Certificate
  • Passport
  • Other documents may be further needed.

Step-3: The University you have applied for issues the letter of confirmation of admission after the submission of the required documents.

Step-4: Now, it’s your turn to deposit the fees to turn your dream of joining MBBS from Russia into reality.

Step-5: Once you are done with the fee payment, apply for the student visa.

Step-6: After getting the Visa, you can buy air tickets to fly for Russia.

Note: Fees and document requirement for studying MBBS in Russia for Indian Students may vary from one university to the other.

All your documents must be attested and notarized from the concerned authority. MBBS admission in Russia is subject to the first come-first served basis. The high school and 12th standard mark sheets must be endorsed by the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India.


Remarkable accommodation options are available for overseas students in Russia. You can choose to live with a host family, which is selected by your Russian Medical University. You have the choice of college dormitories that can be booked at lower prices. If you prefer to live independently, you can opt for a personal flat nearby your college. All Russian cities are equipped with almost all accommodation options.

Why Russia?

MBBS in Russia With Indian medical exams getting tougher every year and private medical colleges’ skyrocketing fees, many bright students with the potential of becoming a great doctor in future fail to translate their dreams into reality. The cut-throat competition of the academic world is keeping hundreds and thousands of Indian students away from reaching their goal. Every year, approximately 10 Lac students appear for medical entrance exams for around 5000 seats. Here is where they start looking for overseas education. Fortunately, Russia is the country where they can go and study medicine. When it comes to studying MBBS abroad, MBBS admission in Russia for Indian Students has become a popular choice for many years now. Besides high-quality education, world-class infrastructure, low tuition fees, and living expenses, and top-ranked universities, this magical country has much to offer.



In general, Russian climate can be categorized as highly continental influenced climate with hot, dry summers to cold winters with temperatures of -30 degree Celsius and lower. Some of the coldest places around the world are in Russia. Many different factors determine the climate of this beautiful country, one of which is the large size of Russia. The land stretches to the north of Eurasia, known as the supercontinent.


Russia stretches across the European Continent and Asia Continent and covers an area of 10, 672, 000 miles. The country has all climate zones except the tropical region. With the majority of vast plains and mountain ranges in the eastern part, Russia is rich with mineral resources. The main river in the country is the Volga, which flows to the Caspian Sea. The regions in the center are known for their mixed forests, which means you will have much to explore when studying MBBS in Russia.


Founded by Viking Rurik in 862, the Russian dynasty was later invaded by the Mongols in 1237 (the Mongols destroyed most of the cities). The year 1861 is known for the abolition of serfdom, while 1917 placed Russia on a new path to socialism. At present, Vladimir Putin has brought about the political stability in Russia. In short, besides exploring MBBS in Russia for low tuition fees, you have the opportunity to connect a glorious history.


The GDP of the country is approx. USD1.47 trillion, making it one of the leading developed countries in the world. Natural resources, including natural gas and petroleum, constitute a significant portion of the GDP. In 2010, Russia exported petroleum products worth USD376 million, which makes the country one of the top exporters in the world. The major importers of Russia are Japan, China, and the US. Apart from the automobile, petroleum, manufacturing, gas and energy industries, medicine education also contributes to Russia’s GDP, as thousands of overseas students choose to Study Medicine in Russia.


With a population of more than 130 million, Russia is one of the largest countries in the world. Russians are very down to earth and kind-hearted people. Knowing the value of international students to their economy, Russian warmly accepts overseas students. The literacy rate in the country stands close to 100 percent. Last year, more than eight million Russian students were enrolled in different Russian universities, making it among the most literate countries.

People living here originated from more than 100 ethnic groups, which means that the Russian society is the perfect blend of different cultures.


Though Russian is the most common language of the country, you will find many people speaking English, Ukrainian, Chinese, and other dialects in Russia. MBBS in Russia has also given rise to various foreign courses for students.


The Russian constitution ensures free health services for all its citizens. There are plenty of government agencies in the country that take care of the health issues of Russians. The life expectancy for males is around 60, as compared to 73 for women. Choosing to join MBBS in Russia will be an extraordinary experience for you.


The country has a highly developed public transport system. Efficient train and bus services will help you travel within the country. The fare is also meager. You enjoy the facility of interchanging bus tickets for trolleybuses and trams. You have the option of official taxis. Metro network services are fast and frequent.


It’s not just that Indian students choose to study MBBS from Russia for low tuition fees, but the vision of Russian universities to merge traditional academic precision with highbrow innovation make students fall in love with the country.

Education institutions in the country launch innovative education programs to renew their focus on competency-based education. Their programs allow them to develop a quality system giving back educational and scientific trends with the latest technologies, practices and engaging leaders.

Social Life

Overseas students studying MBBS in Russia are not limited to studies only, but they also have various activities to do, including concerts, dances, comedy nights, and sports activities. Studying at a top-ranked Russian university is the real fun for international students.


Russian cuisines assist the inhabitants in staying warm during freezing winters. The main components of Russian foods, such as bread, egg, potato, butter, and meat, are rich in fat and carbohydrates. Indian student can feel home at the Indian restaurants in the country.

Cost of Living

Aside from studying MBBS in Russia for low tuition fees, students are also attracted by the low cost of living. In fact, living expenses in Russia cost you a sum of around 100 USD or 7200 Indian Rupees every month. This amount is usually enough for students to afford food, hostel, and extra expenses. Keeping in mind the low MBBS Fees in Russia and reasonable cost of living, Russia is an ideal country for candidates aspiring to explore the medical field.

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