About Russia

STUDY MD / MBBS IN RUSSIA has been the most preferred overseas destination for medical education. Indian students are selecting Top Russian Medical Universities for best quality education, excellent infrastructure, and low-cost medical education. IELTS, Entrance Test or Donation is not required for MBBS IN RUSSIA. Indian students can take direct admission in the medical universities of Russia. These are the important factors of the TOP MBBS UNIVERSITIES IN RUSSIA attract Indian students to STUDY MEDICINE / MBBS IN RUSSIA. Russian medical universities are famous for their low fees structure and globally recognized MBBS / MD DEGREE. The WHO (World Health Organization) and MCI (Medical Council of India) approve Russian MEDICAL / MBBS DEGREE. Indian students can study English medium MBBS / MEDICAL IN RUSSIA at the subsidized fee. Russia is one of the superpower nations having a great history of offering world-class medical education at affordable cost. Eklavya Overseas assists Indian students in obtaining low-cost and direct MBBS ADMISSION IN RUSSIA.

MBBS Study in Russia at Glance

Minimum Percentage50% in PCB for General 40% for SC/ ST and Reserve Categories
NEETYes With Qualifying Marks
IELTS / TOEFLNot Required
Processing Time45-60 Days
Lowest Fees3500 USD Per Year
Maximum Fees6000 USD Per Year
Living Cost200 USD Per Month
Duration5+1 Years
MediumEnglish, Kyrgyz and Russian
Top UniversitiesIrkutsk State Medical University
Volgograd State Medical University
RecognitionMCI and WHO approved
ClimateCold and Moderate

Why MBBS in Russia?

  1. The Education system of the country has changed consequently and transformed the country in a better way.
  2. In addition, New institutions are moreover introduced with a higher level of Medical education in Russia.
  3. The Quality of education improved and likewise offered to international students.
  4. There are top medical colleges in Russia. That is the main reason why Indian Students prefer the medical degree in Russia.
  5. The universities are well-equipped and similarly, provide Medical programs in Russia at lower fees. Because The universities are regulated and run by the government of Russia.
  6. MBBS fees in Russia are low. Therefore it attracts Indian students.
  7. For 25 years, thousands of doctors who are practicing here in India and even so, studied Medicine from Russia.
  8. There are MCI approved Russian Medical Colleges for Medical Programs.
  9. Every year, more than 3500 students select Medicine study in Russia. The reason behind such migration is low tuition fee and affordable living cost consequently.
  10. Students from different parts of the world choose Russia to study Medicine accordingly. The countries like Asia, Europe, America, and Africa. Then, Select Russia and get qualified faculty.
  11. Although, MBBS in Russia offers advanced techniques.

Admission Intakes:

  1. Students are admitted in September and October.
  2. Duration of Medical course in Russia is 6 years.

Eligibility for Admission in Russian Medical Colleges:

To secure a medical seat in Russia accordingly:

  • First, The student must be 18 years old.
  • Second, He should have completed 10+2 from a recognized school.
  • Third, Student should have more than 50 percent marks.
  • Finally, the compulsory subjects are Chemistry, Physics, and Biology.

MBBS in Russia – Fee Structure of Top Medical Universities in Russia

Name of the UniversityAnnual Fees in INR.
Altai State Medical University337900 INR.
Astrakhan State Medical University236500 INR.
Bashkir State Medical University337900 INR.
Crimean Federal University209500 INR.
Dagestan State Medical Academy337900 INR.
First Moscow State Medical University929000 INR.
Irkutsk State Medical University175700 INR.
Kazan Federal University608000 INR.
Kuban State Medical Academy337900 INR.
Nizhny Novgorod State Medical Academy324300 INR.
Northern State Medical University283800 INR.
Novosibirsk State Medical University608000 INR.
Omsk State Medical University304000 INR.
Orel State University263500 INR.
Orenburg State Medical University464200 INR.
People’s Friendship University of Russia831000 INR.
Perm State Medical University304000 INR.
Ryazan State Medical University304000 INR.
Saint Petersburg State Medical University304000 INR.
Saratov State Medical University443300 INR.
Siberian State Medical University2491000 INR.
Smolensk State Medical University3716000 INR.
Stavropol State Medical University391900 INR.
Tambov State University293900 INR.
Belgorod State University337900 INR.
Tver State Medical University415600 INR.


  1. Consequently, Medical universities in Russia have no English language test like TOEFL and IELTS.
  2. Hence, get direct admission in Russia.
  3. Russian Medical Universities take no entrance test. For instance, the entrance happens on First come first served basis.
  4. Actually, MBBS in Russia is donation free. Be calm.
  5. Actually, Russian Medical Universities take no capitalization fee. Therefore MBBS in Russia for Indian students is affordable.
  6. The universities are likewise subsidized by the Government of Russia. Hence, MBSS in Russia is low-cost.
  7. Medical Program in Russia is in English is one of the reasons which attract the Indian students most.
  8. The Russian Medical course fee is less. Whereas, other medical universities have high fees.
  9. Medical universities in Russia are approved by MCI. That is a good sign for Indian students.
  10. MCI recognized Medical colleges in Russia assure bright future. Furthermore, The Russian Medicine degree in India is valid.
  11. There is no upper age limit for students to apply for Medicine courses in Russia. Hence, you may apply for MBBS admission.
  12. Indian students completing their Medical degree in Russia can likewise practice their profession in India. However, they only need to clear the MCI screening test.
  13. Universities prepare Medical students accordingly from the first year for the screening test.
  14. Students have the option to pursue PG in Russia next to completing their Medicine degree in Russia.
  15. Furthermore, Indian students can find Indian food.
  16. Students can find hostiles otherwise don’t want to stay in the hostel furthermore.


  1. The local language in Russia is Russian. Specifically, It could be a barrier to practical life in Russia.
  2. An International student must learn the Russian language to communicate with confidence.
  3. Some Russian universities provide Medical courses, but they are not specifically medical universities. They have a mere small faculty of medicine.
  4. The small faculty of private universities affects the quality of medical education.
  5. Small Patient base– Students obviously choose to study in Tier three or Tier four cities. It is indeed proven that if the population of the city is 400,000. The people of that city will ask for the good-quality healthcare facilities. For this reason, The students who are studying in such cities, likewise, face non-exposure issues. They although face scarcity of expert professors. They are even not aware of rare clinical cases.
  6. Russia is cold hence, it is hard for students to adjust.
  7. Some cities in Russia are with very modern lifestyle. Moreover, Russian cities have several nightclubs, restaurants, sports entertainment, discos and other clubs. They have of course great internet speed that distracts the students.
  8. Students may be lazy. Because the Russian medical courses don’t put pressure on students.

Process of MBBS admission in Russia

Step 1. Research about the universities and their pros and cons. As a result, you can apply for the admission in the courses offered by MBBS Universities in Russia.

Documents required for online application of MBBS in Russia:

  1. 10th Mark sheet (Scanned copy).
  2. 12th Mark sheet (Scanned copy).
  3. School leaving certificate (Scanned copy).
  4. Passport (Scanned copy).
  5. Other documents may be required further.

Step 2: The university accepts the application of student. The university issues the letter of confirmation of admission.

Step 3: After the student receives the confirmation/offer letter. The next step includes the payment of fees.

Step4: After the payment of the Course fees in Russia, accordingly you can apply for the student visa.

Step5: Finally, get the Visa!

Step6: Book your tickets to Russia and finally fly for Russia!

Note: Each college may have its individual requirements for documents. For this reason, students should check the university requirements.

More Information

Russia is the largest nation in the world. The Landscape of the nation ranges from forests or tundra to beaches of the subtropical area. Moscow is the capital of Russia and it is one of the largest cities. It is famous for St. Petersburg Mariinsky and Moscow’s Bolshoi ballet companies. It was founded by Peter, a Russian leader. The population of the country is over 144 million. The western part has more population. The eastern part has less population. Specifically, it has more urban areas. There are some major centers including Ufa, St. Petersburg. The others are Novosibirsk, Chelyabinsk, Yekaterinburg, Kazan and Nizhny Novgorod.

The Climatic condition of Russia:

The climate of Russia could be described from extremely cold winters to hot summer. The hottest temperature in Russia is 44̊C and the coldest is 30°C.

Time Difference

In fact, India is 2 hours and 30 minutes ahead of Moscow, Russia.