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What are the challenges faced by students studying MBBS abroad

Studying aboard is an exciting prospect for any student. It becomes far more excitable when you are awarded a scholarship by the university. There are lots of exchange programs, Memorandum of Understanding and other prospects which are constantly going on between universitiesand are lapped up by meritorious students of mbbs course abroad.

However, everything is not perfect in life and students face a lot of crises after landing in a foreign country. These challenges are overcome by most students but others return to their country. In the next section, we will try to analyze some of the challenges faced by students and look at a few solutions.

Communicating in Local Language

This is one of the greatest challenges faced by students during their MBBS study abroad. Students traveling to English speaking countries find it easier because it is a widely spoken language and fairly understood by most speakers. However, there are some colloquial aspects of the language which vary by region. Native English speakers in the UK, USA, and Australia use the dialect according to their region which is difficult to master. So, the students end up tongue-tied and communication ceases. The barrier reaches its peak when a student travels to a non-English speaking country. Students traveling to East Asian countries like China, Korea, and Japan have narrated horrific stories where they couldn't order their foods due to the incomprehensible language barrier. It is better to learn some basic terms for simple local exchanges which would help your stay.

Differences in Culture

Culture varies across countries and encompasses a wide variety of subjects like food, dress and even commonly accepted norms. Students traveling for thebest MBBS courses abroad are used to years of a fixed cultural training received from their home country. So, when they travel to another country, they are faced with a new set of challenges which leave them perplexed. The key is to adapt but it is difficult to accept everything. Like for example, students used to vegetarian diets will find it exceedingly troublesome to stay in a hostel where no veg meals are available. Moreover, unlearning your set traditions takes years and most students hit glass ceiling.

Adjusting to Currency Differences

This third obstacle may not sound intimidating but it sometimes poses a serious challenge. Foreign students traveling to a country with a high standard of living has difficulty understanding the prices. So, the end of paying more and losing their savings. Some students for mbbs abroad end up as part-time workers in cafes and restaurants. But it becomes insufficient due to the currency differences and makes them alienated from the crowd. The fear of missing out takes a difficult turn when you are thousands of miles away from home.

It is essential to draw in from your experiences and start adapting to the situations before it’s too late. Don’t think of two regions as polar opposites, but try to embrace the culture you found. You will be a much happier person and it will be easier for you to concentrate on studies for aboard mbbs.

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