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MBBS in Armenia Armenia has become a dream destination for many international students to study MBBS in Armenia. Quality of MBBS Study in Armenia is considered to be of high standard and MBBS course fee in Armenian medical colleges is very less as compared to other countries. Consequently, study MBBS in Armenia has become a choice for many Indian medical students. There has been a marvellous rise in the number of Indian students studying in Armenian medical universities. For MBBS Admission in Armenia, a mammoth number of medical admission applications are submitted by MBBS aspirants in India every year to get admissions in MBBS universities of Armenia.

MBBS Universities in Armenia are recognised by WHO (World Health Organisation), UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) and MCI (Medical Council of India) for their advanced infrastructure, experienced faculty and updated MBBS syllabus. The medium of instruction in MBBS colleges of Armenia is English for Indian students and the duration of MBBS course in Armenia is six years. However, Indian students can also pursue MBBS course in Armenia in their official language after attending a Language course for one year prior to the start of their MBBS course in Armenia. Admission criteria to study Medicine in Armenia is simple and the tuition fee for MBBS course in Armenia is affordable. Hostel facilities in Medical universities of Armenia are offered to Indian students which are a more affordable option for accommodation. Similarly, living cost in Armenia for Indian students is economical as students avail great discounts on food and transportations. If you wish to practice in India after attaining an MBBS degree in Armenia, study MBBS in Armenia and create your prosperous future.

MBBS in Armenia at a Glance

Intake September
Minimum Percentage 50% in PCB for General 40% for SC/ ST and Reserve Categories
NEET Yes With Qualifying Marks
IELTS / TOEFL Not Required
Processing Time 45-60 Days
Lowest Fees 2500 USD Per Year
Maximum Fees 4000 USD Per Year
Living Cost 100 USD Per Month
Duration 5+1 Years
Medium English and Armenian
Top Universities University of Traditional Medicine Yerevan Haybusak University
Recognition MCI and WHO approved
Climate Continental and Dry

MBBS Universities in Armenia

University of Traditional Medicine

Tuition Fees 1st year Tuition Fees 2nd to 6th year Hostel Fee per year Insurance, Medical Checkup
5500 USD 2500 USD 3000 USD 100 USD

Yerevan Haybusak University

Tuition Fees 1st year Tuition Fees 2nd to 6th year Hostel Fee per year Insurance, Medical Checkup
6000 USD 3800 USD 3000 USD 100 USD

Study MBBS in Armenia

Armenia is indeed one of the favourite destinations for Indian Medical students. A large number of MBBS aspirants fly from different parts of the world to the Republic of Armenia and take admissions in some of the worlds recognised MBBS universities and study a variety of MBBS courses every year. Installed with state-of-the-art infrastructure, the Medical universities and colleges in Armenia have advanced teaching methods in their curriculum. Highly proficient faculties provide the best medical knowledge to the Indian students at an affordable tuition fee. Consequently, Armenia has become a popular study abroad Medical destination for Indian students. Public universities and private colleges are affiliated and recognised by Medical Council of India (MCI) and many other global medical authorities and regulators.

Armenia offers eminent healthcare to its inhabitants and visitors. Hospitals in Armenia are equipped with modern medical tools and house a large number of patients, attendants and clinical staff providing quality great practical training internship opportunities to national and international students.

MBBS universities in Armenia teach their medical syllabus to Indian students in English language and provide training in the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) and Professional and Linguistic Assessments Board (PLAB) that enable students to practice in USA and UK respectively in a future career.

Living in Armenia is a great experience. The country is a perfect tourist destination and offers a heritage sightseeing experience and chances to eat a delectable variety of cuisines. 6 Medical years will be completed like an invigorated journey.


Cost Effective

It is no fault to assume that a country that offers one of the medical faculties in the Europe would be too expensive to study and live in. On the contrary, Armenian universities proffer of immensely good medical education at the most affordable tuition fee. Similarly, the country delivers highest living standards with the pocket-friendly affordability to the study abroad students.

Medical Degree Recognition

The medical degree attained from any of the recognised medical institutions of Armenia is globally appreciated and rewarded by World Health Organization (WHO), European Councils of Medical Orders (ECMO) World Directory of Medical Schools (FAIMER) and many other world governing bodies. If you are planning to come back to Indian and practice here, the Medical Council of India(MCI) and Dental Council of India(DCI) recognize Armenian medical degree and allow sitting for the MCI screening test to attain a flourishing career in India.

No Entrance Test

Countries like the USA, the UK or Australia demand various entrance examinations for checking English language proficiency and academic intelligence of the aspirant before let entering their campuses. After Visa, this becomes the second major problem for Indian students who desire to study abroad. In Armenia, there is no such entrance exam and any university would like to welcome you on its ground. However, it is crucial to understand that the admissions in Armenian medical colleges are based on first come first serve basis and you need to apply before anyone else grab your seat.

Reasonable Fee Structure

Studying MBBS in any of the Private colleges in India cost a mammoth amount of money, unlike Armenia, where a medical degree starts as low as RS 160,000 per year. Many of the universities also offer hundreds of scholarships to bright Indian students.

High-Quality Education

Modern medical syllabus in Armenian universities is a perfect blend of theoretical and practical learning so that the students are taught in the most successful way possible. Faculties that teach a variety of medical courses in Armenia are highly trained and able to teach international students in English allowing international students to learn the curriculum in the language they understand. Alongside, advanced infrastructure and facilities describe the education quality of Armenia.

Quality Hospitals for Internships

Students studying medicine in Armenia are eligible to take part in internships after completing the first year of studies. The hospitals in Armenia are affiliated with the medical colleges in Armenia and deliver immensely good health care services and a massive quantity of beds to its users and wonderful learning and working environment to students studying medical courses in Armenia.

Easy Accommodation

Medical universities in Armenia can accommodate a large number of Indian students in their hostels. These hostels have all the necessary amenities a student can use like food, study equipment, library, bed, hot and cold water, central heating, Wi-Fi, etc. All types of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes are served in hostel mess and Indian food is also available everywhere.


Higher Education

Higher education in Armenia is offered in both state and private institutions. Over seventy private universities and around fifteen public higher educational institutions in Armenia with 21 branches are established in the country functioning under the administration of The Ministry of Education and Science in Armenia.

Accreditation System

All the state institutions are accredited in Armenia. For private institutions, there isn’t any clear definition for the accreditation. Students need to consult an experienced study abroad consultant who can provide information on private institutions that are recognised and accredited. The admission to attain a tertiary education is being conducted on the ground of 10-year education certificate and the results. Armenian higher educational institutions incorporate three-level structure. The first level pertains to 4-year study to acquire general knowledge in subjects of speciality and other subjects. Bachelor degree is awarded after four years. The second level pertains to next 2-years in the medical college. The objective is to attain deeper knowledge in all subjects. Master’s degree is awarded after completing this level. Third level or postgraduate studentship continues for another 2 years. Students focus on expanding knowledge in scientific-research work and called as “Candidate of Science” upon completion and awarded the degree. During the last decade, thousands of international students have graduated from Armenian higher educational institutions and now living a successful life as a doctor in India and abroad.



To study MBBS Graduate course, the academic session starts from 1st September. Post graduate courses have two intakes annually; 1st October & 1st March.


Aspirants can only apply for medical courses in Armenia after attaining 17 years of age as on 31st December of the year of admission. In academic qualification, the aspirant should have passed in Physics, Chemistry, Biology and English with a minimum aggregate of 50% in each individual subject.


If you are going to study in the English language, you do not need to take any language tests. But before studying in Armenian, you will need to enrol in preparatory courses to learn the Armenian language first. Speak to our counsellors for more details.


The process is simple and easy to apply in any Armenian Medical University. Consult with our expert overseas educational counsellors and get free counselling on countries, universities, scholarships, admissions, visa, accommodation and travel options. Aspirants are required to submit copies of their academic documents, partial admission fee and other documents and photographs. Our study abroad educational counselling team assists in complete enrollment procedure to avoid any mistake or delay. Once the candidate qualifies the admission test of the university, he/she will receive the Letter of Invitation from the college to apply for Visa and make travel arrangements to study medical in Armenia.

Ingredients for a Successful Admission Recipe

  1. Accurately Application form
  2. Educational certificates verified by the Armenian embassy or notary
  3. Birth certificates, photographs and passport photocopies

Successful medical admission

Recognised MBBS Universities in Armenia

Eklavya Overseas is associated with only those medical Universities in Armenia that are recognised by:

  • Medical Council of India
  • World Health Organisation
  • Ministry of Education and Science, Armenia
  • And other world medical organisations

Check out some of the recognised medical universities below:

  • Yerevan State Medical University
  • Armenian Medical Institute
  • Saint Teresa Medical University
  • Mehrabyan Medical Institute
  • The University of Traditional Medicine
  • Yerevan Haybusak University

Speak to our expert education counsellors to know the list of all medical schools in Armenia.


Invitation Letter

Usually, Indian students go to Armenia on a visitor visa, and after formalizing the admission, they can obtain a temporary residence permit that can be renewed until the medical program ends. Eklavya Overseas recommends Indian students to acquire Armenian Student Visa to study in Armenia. The visa requirement can be waived if you are going for the purpose of the study. During that time an invitation letter from the applied university is required. Please speak to our study in Armenia counsellors to know the process of receiving an invitation letter.


Currently, Armenia has embassies in India and Indian students can easily visit and stay in Armenia for 6 years and more. Armenian Embassy in New Delhi grants student visa to medical students in India to study in Armenia.

Documents Required

Armenian embassies will require

  1. Your valid passport
  2. Your visa application
  3. Your passport size photograph
  4. Student visa consular fee

Consular officers may ask for additional documents before issuing you a student visa and visa issuance is at their discretion. Your documents are verified for a legitimate reason to visit and stay in Armenia and sufficiency in financing the requirements to visit Armenia. They check for an invitation letter, accommodation arrangements, banking stability, and confirmed travel itinerary.

Visa Fees

Students need Students Visa that can be renewed further and your university will be responsible for assisting you in extending your students visa for uninterrupted medical studies in Armenia.

Student Visa for Armenia Visa Term Visa Fee Extension Extension Fee
60 Days – Multiple Entries $41 Maximum 60 Days $1 Per Day
120 Days – Multiple Entries $82

Visa Classes

Armenians Student Visa is just called Visitor Visa. Whether you are visiting the country for pleasure, business or studies, you need Armenian Visitor Visa. The only difference is in the documentations that need to be submitted mentioning the purpose of visits which are different for different kind of travellers. Obtain a residence permit which is again distributed in three classes; temporary, permanent and special. Talk to our Visa experts and ex-embassy consultants to know how you can stay for continuous medical studies. Only Embassy of Armenia situated in Armenia can issue a residence permit to visitor visa holders and not the Armenian Embassy in India.

Visa Extension

Your university administration keeps a note of your visa expiration date and informs you about the visa deadline. Their officials assist you in renewing your visa.

Turn Around Time

Usually, Embassy of Armenia takes 10 days to issue a visa to Indian students.



Many bright Indian students are eager to grab scholarship for their studies in Armenia. Universities in Armenia provide an extensive list of international scholarships opportunities, grants and other forms of student financial aid to excellent students. These scholarships are available for all medical courses and specialisations. Get our free help in knowing all kinds of scholarships available to study medicines in Armenia.


Once you have a residence permit in Armenia, you can avail any employment opportunity in Armenia. Foreigners don’t require a work permit to work in Armenia. Students staying in Armenia on a student visa are neither allowed nor recommended to work part time during the course of study.

Career after MBBS in Armenia

Students who wish to make their career in India after completing the MBBS course in Armenia require going through a screening test conducted by the Medical Council of India (MCI). This test judge the test takers on all the parameters needed to become a certified doctor in India. Students are not authorized to practice in India until they clear this test. However, there is no limitation to the number of attempts taken by the students.

Employment Opportunities

Students who clear MCI Screening Test are eligible to work as a doctor in Government, Private hospitals, and other institutions in India that require trained medical practitioner. Numerous opportunities from abroad also knock at the door for Indian students who have studied abroad.


Finance for education is available from all nationalised and private banks in India. Eklavya Overseas can help aspirants in suggesting educational loans from financial institutions and also in furnishing the requirements. We suggest students only secured financing options to finance their studies.

Accommodation For International Students in Armenia

University Dorm

Armenian Medical Universities offer affordable student housing inside or near their campuses. There are separate areas for male and female rooms. Every room is equipped with a bed, linens, study desk, laundry service, Wi-Fi access and library. There are shared kitchens for students who wish to cook their own food. This is the cheapest way to stay abroad while studying.

Rooms on Sharing

Shared accommodation is the most popular among international students. When a group of students share an apartment and the cost is distributed among all, it is known Rooms on sharing. Everyone has their own room, while the kitchen and bathroom are shared.

Private Apartments

If you prefer more seclusion to focus on your studies and don’t mind spending more, you can also choose to rent your own private apartment. Most comfortable and most expensive form of accommodation definitely delivers a smooth stay in a foreign country.

Student Residences

Student residences are another economical accommodation option for Indian students. Many builders and estate developers build residences near the college campuses only for students to stay and study. These residences may vary in size and amenities.

Everything About Armenia


Located in the South Caucasus region with the Southern Caucasus Mountains, Armenia has a territorial area of 29,743 square kilometres and is bordered on the north by Georgia, the east by Azerbaijan, the south by Iran and the southwest and west by Turkey. With mostly mountainous, the country also has many fast flowing rivers and forests.


Apart from the capital city of Yerevan, there are a few more cities that have urban population. Gyumri and Vanadzor are two other important cities in Armenia. Whereas, Dilijan is famous for its forest resort also known as the ‘Little Switzerland of Armenia’. In Jermuk, high-temperature mineral water is used for spa and other medical treatments. If you are a snow lover and thought about doing ski, Tsaghkadzor is your destination.


Armenia has a continental climate with summers last from June to mid-September and is dry and sunny. The temperature varies between 22°C to 36 °C. Evening breezes are humid free and delivers cooling effect. Springs are short and autumns are long which are known for their vibrant and colourful foliage.


Their history extends for over 3,000 years. Armenian kingdoms and empires have risen and fallen throughout history in different parts. The domination by some of the great powers of the region throughout the Armenia’s history can be seen in the infrastructure. Byzantine or Ottoman Turkish ruled the western parts of Armenia, while the Persian or Russian ruled the eastern parts. Since Armenia is the first nation to adopt Christianity as a state religion, Armenians are very proud of their history.


Armenians speak Indo-European language and belong to a Caucasian race. The people here can amaze you with their friendliness and curiosity when seeing a foreigner. Alike India, the entire country is known for its hospitality. Armenians have lighter features with the men usually grow beards and wear hats, while the women are widely seen wearing a scarf.


Russian been the most widely spoken language in Armenia as the Armenia was once a part of Russia, Armenian is the official language of the country. English has also clenching around the country.
Avoid speaking Turkish or Azerbaijani if you know them. It may attract unwanted attention from the locals.


Armenian Dram is the currency of Armenian having the three letter currency code as AMD. Where the dollar is preferred for larger purchases, the Dram is accepted everywhere and the only legal currency for commerce. Money exchangers do not charge any commission and spread around the cities to provide currency exchange to foreigners. ATMs are widely available in bigger cities and credit cards acceptance is only at limited places and shops.


Armenian bread has a large variety and famous for its taste. Similarly, milk products are traditional, tasty and refreshing. Matsun, a traditional Armenian yoghurt has centuries of history. It’s refreshing especially during hot summers. Armenia is also famous for its coffee and people-watch are sidewalk cafés for a cup of coffee. Vegetable and non-vegetable are available everywhere in Armenia and is quite inexpensive as compared to India. Armenian fruits and vegetables are special and different from what we get in India. They are far tastier than what we eat here.


The Soviet Union is majorly responsible for a very strong and well funded cultural infrastructure in Armenia. Many renowned artists and performers from Armenia tour the world and are recognized for their skill and expertise. Being the first nation to officially accept Christianity as its state religion, Armenians proud their 1700 years of cultural history. The ancient Armenian culture is was rich in it music and art. Armenians are strongly family-oriented people. They show a lot of pride in their hospitality all across the land.


According to the Constitution of Armenia, the President is the head of state and of all parties. Executive power is taken care by the government. According to the report of Freedom House in 2007, Armenia is a partly free state and the country does not hold relatively free and competitive elections. Consequently, Armenia is not categorized as an ‘electoral democracy’.


For the average Indian, the prices in Armenia alone make it a favorable study abroad destination. Both study and living cost in Armenia is cheaper than most of the European countries and India. The cost of food, transport, amusements and services are almost negligible.

City Travel

Public transportation is very convenient and inexpensive in Armenia except if you don’t choose to travel to some remote sites outside of populated areas. Each Armenia city is offering local transportation to its surrounding villages as well as connections to the capital. A taxi is a good option for long trips, especially if you don’t like waiting for a minibus. Taxis are relatively cheaper than India. You can also choose to ride a bicycle from your accommodation to college which saves a lot of money and offers a healthy mode of transportation.


For Fire 101
For Police 102
For Paramedics 103

Facts File

Capital Yerevan
Government Semi-presidential republic
Currency Armenian dram
Area 29,743 km2
Population 2,976,372 (July 2006 est.)
Language Armenian
Religion Armenian Orthodoxy 94%, other Christian 4%,
Yezidi (Zoroastrian/animist) 2%
Electricity 220V/50Hz (European plug)
Country code +374
Internet TLD .am
Time Zone UTC +4

What’S Next?

In order to get hassle free MBBS admission in Armenia, consultation with a study abroad counsellor is recommended to Indian students to understand the dos and don’ts of the admission and Visa process to study medicines in Armenia. Eklavya Overseas was originated by like-minded, highly professional individuals that undertake students’ recruitment from India for its hundreds of medical universities, colleges and educational Institution partners across the globe. Eklavya Overseas helps fulfilling Indian students’ international education ambitions. Our proficient educational counsellors facilitate the complete process of getting admission, travel and stay in international medical universities and colleges so that the students can accomplish their aim of acquiring global education in a stress-free way. Our expert study abroad consultants have been guiding Indian students to make wise decisions while selecting the international medical college and making a flawless travel and staying arrangements abroad. Eklavya Overseas has expertise in major countries including Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, China, Philippines, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, Poland, Germany, Europe, the USA, and much more. We proffer free study abroad counselling and additional study abroad services like Visa, Scholarship, travel, accommodation, etc. required to attain tertiary education abroad.

Faq’s by MBBS aspirants

1. What is the duration of MBBS in Armenia?
MBSS in Armenia is not less than five years and a student can complete his/her last year of internship in India.

2. Are Scholarships Available in Armenia?
Many universities offer scholarships, grants and other financial assistance to Indian students. Moreover, the cost of the study is very affordable for any MSS aspirant in India.

3. Am I eligible for bank loans?
Yes, banks in India provide the benefit of up to INR 15 Lacs to study abroad aspirants in India. However, documentation and requirement fulfilment decides the amount that can be sanctioned.

4. Can my relatives and parents visit me in Armenia?
Yes, it will be possible for your relatives, parents and friends to visit you while you are studying. You can also visit them during your yearly vacations.

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Eklavya Overseas for MBBS in UkraineDo you want to join MBBS in Armenia? We at Eklavya Overseas are one of the best record holder education consultants in India. We have a team of expert consultants who offer well-researched assistance and comprehensive counseling for you to make a bright career in the field of Medicine.

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