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Study MBBS in Mongolia 2024-25: Admission, Tuition Fees

MBBS in Mongolia is one of the most affordable and popular options to study medicine abroad. Many students who wish to pursue higher education in medicine abroad find it difficult as medicine courses are often expensive. However, certain countries are offering economical options to study MBBS, and Mongolia is one of them. Bordering China and Russia, Mongolia is a small Asian country known for its affordable education. Many people opt for Mongolia as an option to study MBBS among native and international students from various Asian countries. Students opting for higher education can check out various medicine specializations offered by the country. They have medical-specific universities catering to many medical courses and specializations. The country is popularly known for its diverse wildlife and rich natural resources. Moreover, they have been constantly investing in the education system to upgrade the quality of local and international students. So, if you are planning to pursue MBBS, Mongolia can be one of the top options for you.

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MBBS in Mongolia at a Glance

Country Mongolia
Category Undergraduate
Duration 6 years
No. of Universities 62
NMC Recognized Yes
Medium of Teaching English
Intake for MBBS in Mongolia September/March
Eligibility for MBBS Mongolia 50% Marks in PCB , NEET Qualified

Why Study MBBS in Mongolia?

Students planning to pursue MBBS can choose Mongolia as one of the options for many reasons despite being a small country Mongolia offers many benefits to students opting for MBBS here are some of the benefits of studying MBBS in Mongolia:

  1. Affordability: students who plan to cursive MBBS in India or abroad often complain about expenses. Mongolian offers affordable MBBS courses where students can pursue medicine at economical rates without putting pressure on finances.
  2. Exposure: Students from various countries travel to Mongolia for foldable MBBS courses. Moreover, the country regularly attracts tourists for its wildlife. So if you are studying to study MBBS in Mongolia you can learn and practice with international exposure.
  3. Recognized: Many universities in Mongolia are recognized and ranked by WHO. Students can learn, practice, and study in these universities to enhance their careers and pursue MBBS. The country provides affordable options to study in Mongolia for MBBS.
  4. Simple admission process: Medical universities can be complex and highly detailed when it comes to international students. However, Mongolian universities have simple admission procedures in medical universities making it easy for international applicants.
  5. Clinical Settings: Mongolian universities have well-established public and private clinical settings for students to practice. Students gain hands-on experience and exposure throughout their learning process making it more detailed and effective for users.
  6. Safety: Students who want to pursue MBBS in Mongolia can ensure safety as the safety index of the country is relatively higher. With a population of only 4 million, Mongolia is safe for international students to study. Moreover, the safety level for students is considered higher and far better than in many Western countries.

Recognition of Medical Universities in Mongolia

Here is the list of organizations recognizing many Mongolian universities:

  1. Mongolian National Council for Education Accreditation: The Mongolian National Council For Education is a higher educational institute in Mongolia. The institute provides Accreditation and recognition to various educational institutions in Mongolia. Institutions following all the standards established by councils such as MNUMS are well-recognized in the country.
  2. NMC: The National Medical Commission previously recognized as MCI(Medical Council of India) is a statutory body in India established for uniform and high standards in medical education. The students planning to study in foreign institutions must be admitted to NMC-recognized institutions if they want to practice medicine later in India. Many Mongolian medical universities are recognized by NMC in India.
  3. WHO: The World Health Organization is responsible for maintaining public health globally. They recognize institutions providing medical and related education for better public health. WHO has standard criteria for higher education, institutions follow the standards, and contributing to research and general public health are recognized by WHO. Many universities in Mongolia are recognized by the WHO for their clinical studies and research.
  4. UNESCO: The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization is an indispensable part of the United Nations. The department or organization under the UN is responsible for preserving heritage, rich history, and quality of education. They have standards for higher education in many fields. Institutions contributing to the field and providing the education system globally are recognized by UNESCO.


The students who are planning to study for MBBS in Mongolia must fulfill the eligibility requirements. Here is the list of requirements to check:

  1. Students must have completed their 10+2 from a recognized board with science subjects including Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.
  2. Students must have a minimum of 50% marks to apply for universities in Mongolia.
  3. Students must pass NEET with at least passing marks to secure a seat in medical university.
  4. Students must provide health insurance and medical certificates.

Documents Required

Students planning to study MBBS in Mongolia must have certain documents for the application and visa process. Here is the list of documents required:

  1. Marksheet for 10th and 12th standard.
  2. Valid Passport
  3. Valid Photographs
  4. Scorecard of the NEET exam
  5. Funds proof
  6. Medical certificate
  7. University application
  8. Acceptance letter from medical university
  9. Visa application.

Intake / Deadlines

The medical programs in Mongolia accept applications twice a year for international students. The students must start preparing for applications 2 months before the application deadline to fulfill all the requirements stated by universities. Submitting applications early will allow you to enhance your chances of acceptance as well as avoid the last-minute rush.


MBBS in Mongolia is offered for 6 years in duration with 1 year of clinical training. Students will study medicine for 10 to 12 semesters and then take up clinical training. The universities offering MBBS courses have collaboration with hospitals where students learn and practice for various practical learnings.

Language of Instruction

Most courses and programs are offered in the Mongolian language. There are some programs offered in the English language for Mongolian universities. International students applying for various programs and specializations in Mongolia must provide language proficiency depending on the type of program they are selecting. If students are taking Mongolian courses, students must have proof of proficiency in the Mongolian language. Similarly, for English language programs, students must showcase English language proficiency.

Admission Procedure

To gain admission to MBBS in Mongolia, students need guidance and a proper approach. We have specialized counselors with facilities to understand and provide the right guidance for admission to various programs. Our admission procedure for MBBS in Mongolia includes:

  1. Assessment: We understand profile requirements for varied courses, student goals, and requirements. Our team guides you through the admission process of universities, documents required, costs, and other details to ensure you receive top results.
  2. Applications: We shortlist universities, and guide students through the application process and requirements. Our counselors will provide you with documentation requirements, prerequisites, application process, and more.
  3. Submission: We apply for various universities on your behalf and submit documents to complete the application. Our team will perform the application process and submit detailed information. You will receive confirmation in your email with the acceptance letter that will be used for the visa application.
  4. Visa application: We will assist in the visa process starting from visa application. Our team will provide all the details and other information regarding the visa process to ensure a smooth procedure.
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Medical Universities in Mongolia

There are many universities in Mongolia recognized by WHO and NMC for higher education. Most of these universities are located in the Capital city and are public universities. Here is the list of top Medical universities in Mongolia

University City
ETUGEN University Ulaanbaatar

Fees Structure

MBBS in Mongolia is one of the affordable ways to study medicine abroad. ETUGEN University offers MBBS with fees lower than Indian institutes. The cost of studying medicine in Mongolia is 4000 USD per year and 500 USD for Hostel fee.

About Mongolia

Mongolia is a small Asian country with China and Russia as bordering countries. They are known for their rugged expenses and nomadic culture. Mongolia is home to well-structured and established medical infrastructure in the public and private domain. Despite being less populated, the capital city is equipped with facilities to host international students. Students can start their education and gain international exposure among students from different cultures. Mongolia is one of the most affordable countries for international students to start their education and pursue a career in the field. The capital city Ulaanbaatar has many industries, businesses, and hospitals where students can take real-time training via internships. Moreover, they allow students to take 1 year of clinical training with hospitals. So, MBBS students in Mongolia can take clinical training and prepare for license exams in their home country to practice. Not only in terms of studies, the country also has many beautiful destinations to explore. If you are a travel enthusiast, you can explore natural beauty during your studies. Want to know some facts about Mongolia? Let's check:

Name of Country Mongolia
Capital City Ulaanbaatar
Largest City Ulaanbaatar
Population (approximate) 3,103,428
Official Language Mongolian
Other Popular Languages Khalkha Mongol (official), Turkic, Russian, English
Area 604,200 square miles (1.5 million square kilometers)
Currency Mongolian Tugrik
Religions Buddhists
Climate Cold and Dry

FAQ for MBBS Study in Mongolia

Ques.1 How long is medical school in Mongolia?

Ans. The universities in Mongolia offer 6 years of MBBS degree including 1 year of internship in hospitals and clinical practices. Students receive full education for 6 years incorporated with clinical practice.

Ques.2 Is it worth it to study MBBS in Mongolia?

Ans. Yes! Mongolia offers recognized MBBS degrees. Many universities are recognized by WHO and NMC to pursue education.

Ques.3 Are MBBS degrees available in English in Mongolia?

Ans. Yes! MBBS degrees are available in English for international students to pursue their studies.

Ques.4 Can I Practice in India after my MBBS in Mongolia?

Ans. Yes! Indian students pursuing MBBS in Mongolia can practice as per the NMC Gazette and after taking the FMCG exam.

Ques.5 Is it easy to gain admission to MBBS in Mongolia?

Ans. Yes! Medical universities in Mongolia provide an easy pathway and admission process for students to pursue MBBS in the country.

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