IELTS Training

IELTS Training

Eklavya Overseas. March 25, 2019

International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is an English Language proficiency test that is an international standardized test organized for non-native language speakers for various purposes like work, study and migration abroad. IELTS is considered to be most popular, vital and convenient English language exam. We at Eklavya Overseas are willing to assist you that would increase the chances of getting a good score in IELTS test. Our experts have designed IELTS courses especially for optimization of candidates test potential for the four skills that are assessed in the IELTS test namely speaking, listening, reading and writing. In our IELTS syllabus, you will obtain four unique capabilities appraised in the IELTS examination, i.e., writing, listening, speaking, and studying international English. You will get professional comments from your trainer in order to enhance your grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation of English language. The courses we offer for IELTS would help you speedy expand competencies and strategies that require progressing your IELTS score. The curriculum is planned for newcomers who are planning to take the IELTS exam.

Candidates appearing for the exams are tested by certified IELTS examiners. IELTS exam is segregated into:

  1. Listening (4 sections, 40 items, 30 minutes)
  2. Academic Reading (3 sections, 40 items, 60 minutes) and General Training Reading (3 sections, 40 items, 60 minutes)
  3. Academic Writing (2 tasks,60 minutes) and General Training Writing (2 tasks, 60 minutes)
  4. Speaking (11 to 14 minutes)

The total IELTS test time is 2hrs 45minutes.

Register with Eklavya Overseas for following advantages

  1. Make full use of our IELTS expertise all across India
  2. Our methodical training helps the candidate gain confidence required to crack IELTS exam
  3. Our experts provide specialized training for all the four skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing.
  4. Achieve the desired results through our English programs conducted in class.
  5. Preparing the candidates academically as well as boosting the overall poise of the candidates.
  6. Our experts offer you with detailed information that helps the candidates to choose the best for themselves.

Why Choose Eklavya Overseas?

  1. We provide selected and widespread study material to our candidates.
  2. Our IELTS program is unique and all-inclusive.
  3. Our expert counselors provide personalized assistance to the candidates.
  4. We offer excellent library consisting of exclusive books on IELTS which help the students.
  5. We have an experienced squad of professors which have a proven success record.
  6. We offer some of the finest instructors who enhance the student overall value.
  7. We provide training based on the updated curriculum which helps our students to get an extra edge over other students.
  8. We always enhance and upgrade our teaching methodologies and question solving techniques.
  9. Our team put in extra efforts in IELTS training so that our students shine bright and crack the exam with a good score.
  10. Our customized batches is our asset as we understand each student and then organize our batches which indeed helps the students in overall development and growth.
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Eklavya Overseas IELTS Training Program

Every candidate planning to appear for the IELTS exam is somewhat different and so is his/her caliber. Eklavya Overseas have taken this into consideration and planned numerous programs that would surely be beneficial for the candidates. We have formulated four different batches to permit the students to choose the most appropriate program for them or that which suits them the best. Following are some of our programs:

  1. Express Program
  2. Crash Program
  3. Regular Program
  4. Comprehensive Program

Express Program:

  1. This is a 1-week program organized for those students who are sure that they are well prepared for the IELTS exam.
  2. In this program our experts give tips and tricks to the candidates which are helpful for them before appearing for the IELTS test.
  3. We also enhance the confidence by giving them the practice tests.
  4. We also conduct some mock tests which not only boosts the confidence of the candidates but also helps them to finish the test within scheduled time more easily.

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Crash Program

  1. This is a 3-weeks program organized for those students who have a strong grounding, understanding and background in English.
  2. In this program our experts concentrate on understanding the exam pattern to the candidates which are helpful for them before appearing for the IELTS test.
  3. We also enhance the confidence by identifying their strengths for the IELTS test.
  4. We also conduct program which would maximize the impact of the candidates before the exam and tips and practice tests which are necessary for the students.

Regular Program

  1. This is a 5-weeks program organized for those students who want to prepare for IETLS at a slower pace.
  2. In this program our experts concentrate on basics of IELTS test to the candidates which are helpful for them before appearing for the IELTS test.
  3. We also enhance the confidence by identifying the most common errors candidates make in the IELTS test.
  4. We also conduct rigorous practice tests along with tips and tricks that would help students to crack the IELTS exam with a high score.
  5. We also give candidates extended 2 weeks library access which would greatly help them in cracking IELTS exam easily.

Comprehensive Program

  1. This is a 8-weeks program organized for those students who are not at all good at English language and are planning to appear for IELTS exam.
  2. In this program our experts concentrate on building a strong foundation by helping the candidates in building grammar which are helpful for them before appearing for the IELTS test.
  3. We also enhance the confidence by helping them in making of correct sentence formation which assists the candidates before appearing in the IELTS test.
  4. We also give candidates an insight in IELTS aspects which would greatly help them in cracking IELTS exam easily.
  5. We also conduct numerous practice tests along with tips and tricks that would help students to crack the IELTS exam with a good score.

How to Practice for the IELTS Examination

IELTS evaluates your writing, reading, speaking and listening capabilities, and appraises your potential to communicate international English to survive in an English-speaking nation. Step one is to ensure you pick up the format of IELTS examination. You require recognizing what is going to be anticipated on the date of examination. Understand the format of IELTS examination or Have a look at the format of IELTS examination to ensure that you understand what to wait.

Note: Few local English speakers got surprised when finding their decreased IELTS score than that of international English speakers who've been merely studying English for some years. All these happen when you take IELTS exam without preparation. In case you are a local English speaker and want to qualify the IELTS test to emigrate, be sure that you prepared well for the exam.

Understand the Format of IELTS Test

Take some time to apprehend the format of IELTS test. The versions of IELTS test has two versions. First one is academic training and the other is general training. Both pieces of training are evaluated in an equal manner.

The first three components of the IELTS test conducted in one day in the subsequent order

  1. Listening
  2. Reading
  3. Writing
  4. Speaking

These three tests have no breaks. The Speaking test is either conducted on a similar day or a week before/after the test, depending on arrangements. A number of local-speaker accents (Australian, North American, British and New Zealand) are used inside the Listening exam, and almost every standard kind of English is accepted. Evaluate the facts available on this website related to the IELTS Academic and General training format. You may find out greater about what to anticipate within the Listening, studying, Writing and talking assessments by looking at the following steps. While you are contented that you apprehend what you'll need to perform in every section, attempt some practice tests. Carefully check the content of every section of the IELTS exam: listening, reading, speaking and writing. Get to realize the distinctive varieties of questions that you'll be asked in every component. Once you are acquainted with the format of IELTS exam, you need to adopt a number of guidance activities. Be higher organized for your IELTS exam by using the following five steps. Check the approximate advantages of taking the English language training. Understand the format and guidelines of IELTS Exam. Take benefit of free practice exam materials. Here we are signifying the five steps that could assist you to achieve your IELTS score.

STEP 1: Advance your English

It obviously takes time to study a language and the training courses of the English language one of the very high-quality course of study. The feedback and remarks you obtain from your teacher would assist you to develop the precise abilities involved in listening, speaking, writing and reading English. Utilize your English language every day. Listen, Read, Write and Speak in English as frequently as you may, this will definitely enhance your English and consequently your IELTS ratings.

    • Talk in English with your family and friends.
    • Listen to the radio program which is broadcasted in the English language as well as you may watch TV programs and Movies in the English Language. Try and concentrate on the different accents of English language including Australian, British, American, New Zealand and Canadian.
    • Read English journals wherever possible.
    • Write notes, emails, and letters in English to evaluate your writing skills.
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STEP 2: Understand the Format and Guidelines of IELTS Test

Familiarize the format and guidelines of IELTS test with yourself. Always remember the actuality that there are sections of IELTS, i.e.

      • Academic Training of IELTS
      • General Training of IELTS

The speaking and the listening components are same for each test but the writing and the reading additives are distinct. Examine the statistics of candidates’ booklet which affords vital data about the way to respond properly to the every part of the exam. You may also accumulate a replica of this from the examination center of IELTS test. Examine the notice to applicants carefully. Get to recognize what is the meaning of IELTS band rating table at every stage. Apprehend what examiners are seeking within the writing and speaking tests by way of analyzing the evaluation criteria. Obtain the facts and don’t trust rumors and myths about the exam. They will mere distract you.

STEP 3: Practice the sample questions

Regular practice the sample test questions to get familiar with the pattern of IELTS questions. Always use the reliable practice materials for IELTS tests (books available), you may purchase the test guide online or from your nearby exam center. There is an extensive variety of IELTS test materials available that you may purchase from various publishers. Additionally, to practice the pattern questions you may go for the IELTS preparation.

The guidance will surely help you.

        • Practice the form of responsibilities assigned in the IELTS exam (e.g. a brief letter or essay for writing test)
        • Get remarks and feedbacks for your solutions to sample questions
        • Obtain more confidence in your exam-taking abilities
        • Get assistance to make a decision in case you are prepared to take the IELTS exam
        • Ask Eklavya Overseas for more facts about IELTS coaching centers near your location.

STEP 4: Be relaxed on the previous day to your test

At the day earlier than your test, take some time to refresh your mind from the test regulations, format and area to be relaxed as much as possible. Examine the data for applicant’s book twice. This would incorporate crucial statistics that will assist you to perform your best. Be ensuring the regulations of IELTS exam. Get enough rest the night before your exam. Properly plan your travel arrangements. Make sure that you are aware of the venue of the examination center. Plan accordingly to arrive at the exam location on time.

STEP 5: Customize your expectation for test day

Study this advice of the test day to get appropriate assistance to make you calm and geared up for the test day.

Come and approach Eklavya Overseas for any further assistance. We are just a call away.

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