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Corona Virus Impact on MBBS in China


How Corona Virus Can Impact MBBS Studies in China

The spread of the deadly coronavirus disease has triggered a panic among the student community. The government has issued several restrictions on students traveling to China for MBBS admission. New rules are being made regularly and doctors are being stationed at ports and airports to screen people coming back from China. Previously the restriction only applied to the main epicenter of the virus Wuhan but now the new rules barricade the entire Chinese Republic. It is estimated that around 25000 students are currently studying in China and a chunk portion of them are located at Wuhan Medical University.

What is Corona virus?

Before going into the details about the impact of students visiting China for MBBS studies abroad it is necessary to understand the nature of this fatal virus. The medical terminology for Coronavirus is also known as Novel 2019 Coronavirus or nCoV. The first outbreak of this respiratory tract disease was reported in the Wuhan province of China in 2019. Earlier it was reported that the disease was being caused due to animal to person transmission. Now, the virus has become more threatening and is suspected to spread through human transmissions.

There are no proper symptoms for the disease and patients who are dying didn’t show any outrageous behavior. However, some commonly observed symptoms are fever; cough and respiratory problems were reported among the patients.

The Growing Influence of the Deadly Virus

Student visits have been affected badly due to the spread of coronavirus. The medical universities in China are also taking up measures to curb the menace of this illness and coming up with checks to restrict the flow of the virus. The new semester for all medical universities was due to start in January after the Chinese New Year. Now, the Universities are planning a delayed start to their semester and postponing their campus interviews. The best MBBS University China in the Hubei University has been particularly affected by the outbreak. The virus has spread its tentacles rapidly during the second half of January and confirmed cases have risen from around 6000 to almost 10000. Cases have also been reported in Hong Kong, Japan, and Thailand.

Universities are seen particularly vulnerable because of the numerous exchange programs that run regularly in the universities. These exchange programs see flocks of students from foreign universities visiting China and flying back to their destination country.

Tips for MBBS Students Travelling to China

There are a few tips that are good to remember if you have no option but to travel to China for an emergency MBBS study visit.

  • Avoiding contact with affected person
  • Wash your hands regularly with soap
  • Avoid contact with sick people and animal markets
  • Seek treatment right away if you are having cough and fever

Students who are willing to study MBBS China should exercise caution if they have no other alternative. But, as the government has imposed restrictions it is better to forgo your travel plans to this country during this critical time and keep safe.

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