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Guide to NBE Screening Tests for Medical Students

National Board of Examinations or NBE is the apex body in India for conducting medical examinations. There are various types of exams which are conducted each year for admission to the medical colleges. The NBE screening test is held for both domestic and foreign students.

Every foreign medical degree holder must pass a licensee test for practicing in India. These tests are known as FMGE or MCI screening test. These tests are held twice a year in June and December.

The students return every year in June from abroad and take the tests in December. The examination is conducted by NBE and you can check the website for additional information regarding the exams.

How to Clear the MCI Exam?

There are certain things you need to keep in mind while appearing for your MCI exam. Let’s go through some of them:

Follow the Syllabus

You need to follow the syllabus for clearing your MCI screening test. Once you master your syllabus it will be extremely easier for you to clear the examinations in one go. Focus on the topics at hand and omit those which are unnecessary. This will help you to master the syllabus in no time.

Concentrate on your Weak Subjects

This is an important factor which you need to keep in mind while making preparations for your NBE screening exams. There might be some areas where you might be facing some difficulty. It is better to focus on the subjects during a specific time. Allot a study time each day and look at the previous year's sample papers to strengthen your weak subjects.

Practice and Revise

NBE has detailed rules regarding the syllabus which are available from their website. So, you can look at their official website and gather important information. Revise your syllabus thoroughly and practice every subject. Follow the patterns of question paper from the previous year samples. There is nothing better than hard work and you will retain information longer once you practice hard.

Makes Notes and Take Care of the Diagrams

There are many diagrams for your FMGE examination conducted by NBE. These figures are extremely important for qualifying for these exams and so practice your diagrams diligently. Moreover, you can also prepare study notes for getting a feel of the examination. These reference notes are going to be critical during revision and you need not search for information during rush.

Advantages of NBE Conduced FMGE/MCI exam

There has been a lot of questions raised about the poor quality of doctors in India. So, NBE Screening Test Performance is important to raise the bar on examination and select top-quality doctors who have earned a foreign degree from abroad. The exams are believed to bring uniformity in the qualifying examinations and help in the spread of quality healthcare in the country.

The NBE screening tests are powerful indicators of the performance of the students. The results help to get top-notch doctors who are renowned in their profession. 

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