German Language Training

German Language Training

Eklavya Overseas. March 26, 2019

Planning to Study German for everyday life or for job then you have come at the right place. We at Eklavya Overseas offer German language training. Our instructors pick out training program with an impression to assist you in achieving your goals and aspirations. Our educational consultancy design courses for all levels that is from beginners’ level to advanced levels. Eklavya Overseas will assist all the willing candidates in learning and grasping German language successfully under the guidance of our qualified trainers. Experts at Eklavya Overseas analyses candidates’ German skills and prepares a report which highlights candidates personal language learning interests. Our specially designed programs provide the students an opportunity to learn the language in an attractive, cultural and motivating ways.

Importance of Learning German

German is considered to be the first language spoken by approximately 95 million people internationally. German is regarded as the most commonly spoken native language in whole of European Union. Germany is known for being the world’s largest exporter of goods namely chemical products, metals, motor parts and other goods. Germany is considered to be the largest European trading partner in collaboration with US. Most of the American companies do their business in the countries which speak German. Isn’t exciting to know such facts which states why learning German is essential. British usually carry out their business with trading partners who speak German. Therefore, it is said that people having German language skills have a diverse advantage over others. The second largest trading partner of UK is Germany, first being United States of America. Therefore, learning German holds an added advantage for all the young generation aiming to maximize their employment chances.

Advantages of Learning German at Eklavya Overseas

Learning German at Eklavya Overseas provides you with numerous benefits. Some of the benefits are discussed below:

  1. Our team of instructors work together effortlessly and flawlessly.
  2. Our squad consists of experts possessing vast amount of knowledge.
  3. To develop student’s interest in learning, we try to use innovative methods of learning and teaching.
  4. We offer courses according to the needs, interests and understanding of student.
  5. Our experienced staff make batches according to the caliber of students.
  6. Our German learning courses through range of German language is designed for all levels of candidates along with building advance and professional approach towards learning.

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How Long does it take to become fluent at speaking German?

It’s not an icing on the cake to grasp and learn German language. It’s a bit tricky and difficult especially for those candidates who do not have a background with Indo-European languages. But no matter what your native language is, anyone can learn German language. It may be seeming hard at first but once you develop understanding of basics then it becomes quite easy. There are no specific approach or shortcuts to learn German, but yea Eklavya Overseas will surely guide you that would make your progress rapid. There is no specific time which one can assure but yes there must be consistency in learning which matters the most. Learning a new language depends on various factors like past experiences, exposure for the language, person’s resilience and how much of hard work you are investing in in order to learn a new language, and above all motivation that will guide you throughout the entire learning process. Usually, if a candidate gives 3 to 6 months on a daily basis practicing the language by interacting with friends, going out in restaurants and making order in German and so on then you can be well versed with the language.

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Our German learing Programs

In this section, we through light on detail about our German learning programs in order to develop improved learning for the students. Eklavya Overseas offer 6 levels in German learning:

  1. A1 Beginner Level
  2. A2 Elementary Level
  3. B1 Intermediate Level
  4. B2 Advance Level
  5. C1 Level
  6. C2 Advance Level

A1 Beginner Level:

  1. This is the first level of training process.
  2. In A1 Beginner level candidate is free to ask as well as answer basic questions regarding family and surroundings.
  3. In this level, students are taught to interact in the basic way when other person interacts slowly and clearly.

A2 Elementary Level:

  1. This is the second level of training process.
  2. In A2 Elementary level candidate is made to develop understanding with isolated phrases and common expressions.
  3. In this level, students are taught how to express themselves in numerous domains which are of high personal relevance namely family, information, shopping and others.

B1 Intermediate Level:

  1. This is the third level of training process.
  2. In B1 Intermediate level candidate is made to practice reading and writing skills which will help the candidate further.
  3. In this level, students are taught how to read and write without making any bugs or errors.

B2 Advanced Level:

  1. This is the fourth level of training process.
  2. In B2 Advanced level candidate is now developed into a scholar who is made to participate in demanding discussions.
  3. In this level, students are taught how to read and write complex texts, sentences that too in an effective manner.

C1 Level:

  1. This is the fundamental level of learning and training process.
  2. In B2 Advanced level candidate is made to write all sorts of essays, read newspapers and literature.
  3. In this level, students are taught how to speak fluently and communicate with others without searching words.

C2 Advanced Level:

  1. This is the final and the most vital level of learning process.
  2. In B2 Advanced level candidate is made to speak fluently in front of native speaker and that too candidate must speak up without any hesitation.
  3. In this level, students are taught how to develop understanding towards idiomatic expressions.
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Advantages of German Language

  1. Proficiency in the German language can help in the employment across the globe.
  2. German companies provide billions of jobs around the world.
  3. The world history has witnessed numerous examples of German innovations.
  4. The printing press, Electromagnetic waves, Chemotherapy, Relativity theory, Digital music (MP3), and many others are the examples of German innovations.
  5. The top 10 innovative corporations of the world are established in Germany.
  6. Germany possesses 3rd position in the world's patent claims.
  7. Germany has the best presence over the Internet than others.
  8. Popular web extensions like .net, .info, .biz and .org are German.

German is more than language; it is a prosperous doorway to the affluent world history. German-speaking nations possess rich heritage and high living standard. Germany has contributed in the sectors of Philosophy, Science, Psychology, and medicine. Understandings of the German Language may allow your entrance to the original campus of German arena. The most important thing is that the language is not as tough as people think about the German language. It is phonetically spelled. If you learn the German phonetics, you can easily learn how to speak, read and write German correctly. Eklavya Overseas will assist you in German language training. We could be the perfect destination for German language training. Please go through the valid points that justify why Eklavya Overseas is the best place for the German Language training.

Why Study German Language?

  1. An Extensively vocal language of Europe and mostly spoken
  2. Germany is one of the top nations who are giants of export business
  3. Unlimited business opportunities
  4. Know the Country as they are innovators
  5. Almost every German language speaker nation has the highest living standard
  6. Every 10th across the world is published in the German Language
  7. Rich cultural and artistic heritage
  8. Compulsory for several UG and PG courses in European countries.
  9. Easy to learn

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