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Discuss the National Medical Commission Bill

National Medical Commission Bill is act of Parliament which seeks to replace MCI or medical council of India. So, in a nutshell the NMC Act will be the central hierarchy for regulating medical council in India.

The aim of the Bill is to address concerns about medical education in the country and restructure medical regulation and eliminate corruption in the regulatory bodies. So this bill seeks to eliminate certain malpractices in the medical council and establish rule of law and make the system fair and transparent.

Composition of the Commission

The Bill sets up the National Medical Commission and subsequent commissions which will established at the state levels. The panel will consist of 25 members which will be appointed by the Central Government. A search committee will also be established and consist of 7 members. These search members will constitute the Cabinet Secretary and five expert panel members who have sufficient experience in their field. The panel members of the NMC will be made by the Chairperson, presidents of the medical education boards, director general of health services, part time commission members who are part of the state medical faculty and director general of the medical research association. These appointments will be initially made for a period of 5 years.

Functions of the Commission

There are certain functions of the Commission which will include policy framing for arbitrary regulation of the medical institutions and professionals. They would also look into the requirements of healthcare and how to improve the infrastructure. Added responsibilities would include ensuring compliance with legal structures and drawing the basic rules for reservation of 50% seats for the socially backward classes.

The Central government would constitute a medical advisory council and this would serve as a platform for states and union territories to put forward their views and deliver best MBBS program. The council would also advise on framing policies for maintaining and determining the benchmark of medical education in the country.

The bill has also proposed a uniform examination policy under the set system. The system proposes under-graduate and post-graduate medical education to all the institutions in the country. The bill proposes to introduce common counseling for seeking admissions to all the medical institutions. The bill also proposes a National Exit Examination for students which will also serve as post-graduate courses to the medical institutes.

Basic Features of the National Commission Bill

Some common features of the National Commission Bill are:

  • Final Year MBBS examination both at the national and state levels
  • Applicable for admission to all the AIIMS institute and NEET exams
  • Consists of 4 autonomous boards, medical assessment and rating boards
  • NMC will have four autonomous boards with undergraduate medical education board, postgraduate medical board and medical assessment board

So, you can easily see that the National Medical commission bill seeks to eliminate corruption and malpractice during the Medical council examination. So this new act is going to replace the existing system and make it more appealing and fruitful.

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