Canada Immigration

Canada Immigration Eklavya Overseas offers the best services for Canada Immigration for Indian citizens. Get personalized assistance for Study in Canada, Work in Canada, Live in Canada or Visit Canada on Canadian VISA. Eklavya Overseas would help you in obtaining permanent Canadian citizenship or temporary Canadian citizenship.

Why Canada Immigration is the Best Choice

Canada is one of the dream destinations for several people in the world since the Canada Immigration offers a high standard of living, excellent life quality, world-class cities and infrastructure, beautiful beaches, full of recreation activities and sports.

Point-based Canada Immigration systems, ideal life utility resources, and smooth visa processing keep Canada among the perfect countries with concern for permanent citizenship. The country is famous for organized immigration structure and Easy Canada immigration policies.

Canada offers skilled and sponsored immigration. Nominated or sponsored visas are the most familiar pathways for Canada immigration. The pointwise benefits of Canada Immigration are mentioned below;

  • Social security
  • Permanent residency status
  • Subsidized health facilities
  • Excellent investment/business environment.
  • World-class education environment An advanced lifestyle
  • Powerful economy & advanced infrastructure
  • Invite foreign citizens to work, live, and settle permanently
  • High employment rate
  • Constant skill demand
  • Good career opportunities in Canada.

Canada is among the best immigration destinations across the world offering enough opportunities for new immigrants to the nation. A foreign citizen having the versatile talent or expertise can easily survive in Canada after Canada immigration if they possess Study Visa, Skilled Migration visa or Business Visa.

The nation provides most organized employment and high wages according to point based system through proving Canada Immigration. You may witness cultural diversity and the world-class infrastructure. Every year, Canada invites numerous foreign immigrants in the nation having worthy talents by its Canada Immigration.

The constant “skill demand in Canada” across several industries has created an opportunity for the foreign citizens and talented immigrants to come to Canada and take advantages of prosperous options of good life. The Canada immigration gives chance to many overseas to come, work and Live in Canada on permanent Canadian VISA.

Our Services for Canada Immigration Comprises

  • Study Visa in Canada
  • Tourist Visa in Canada
  • Permanent Visa in Canada
  • Working Visa in Canada
  • Holiday Visa in Canada
  • Business Visa in Canada

Eligibility for Canada Immigration

The basic requirements for Canada Immigration based on the ordinary work visa category in Canada.

  • Less than 50 years’ age
  • IELTS Certificate
  • Skill Assessment from any recognized authority
  • Nomination from any Canadian authority
  • Select an occupation listed in Canada
  • A letter for the Expression of Interest (EOI)
  • Minimum 60 points for the profile (age, education, IELTS and professional experience)

Canadian Immigration Procedure and Time

Canada Immigration follows point based immigration structure to allow international immigrants in Canada. Therefore, you are required to score good points to secure Canada immigration. 60 points are the minimum requirement for Canada immigration. There more you score the more you become eligible for Canada immigration.

If your profile got selected for Canadian immigration you will be an invited for Canadian VISA application. And you need to Apply Canadian VISA within 60 days from the invitation date.

You require the appropriate advice and assistance to submit the EOI and selecting the occupation or skill listed in Canada. Contact Eklavya Overseas to obtain the accurate guidance and assistance for Canadian immigration.

Know About Canada

Canada is a self-governing country including the plain surface of the Canadian continent. The official name of the country is the Commonwealth of Canada. The nation possesses several smaller islands including the Tasmania Island. Canada is the sixth largest country having 7,692,024 km square surface area.

Canada is a self-governing country situated in the North America. Canada has ten provinces as well as three territories covering the area of 9.98 million kilometers square having population of more than 36 million people. In terms of area, Canada is the second largest country in the world. Most of the land in Canadian territory is covered by forest, tundra and mountains.

Canada is highly urbanized having several large metropolitan cities like Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal. Ottawa is the capital of Canada. The official languages of Canada are English and French.

Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism and Judaism are the primary religions in Canada, whereas, there are several people who follow non-religious believes. Europeans and Asians are the major ethnic groups in Canada and the demonym of the country is known as Canadian.

Canada follows Federal parliamentary Government. The monarch of Canada is Elizabeth II and the Governor General is Julie Payette. The Prime Minister of Canada is Justin Trudeau and the Chief Justice is Richard Wagner. The country has parliamentary legislature, the Upper house of the Parliament is called Senate and the Lower house of the Parliament is called the House of Commons.

The population density of Canada is 3.92 per km square and the total GDP (PPP) is 1.84 trillion US Dollar, whereas per capita GDP is 49,620 US Dollar. The currency circulated in Canada is (CAD) ($) Canadian dollar. The time zone of the country is UTC - 3.5 to - 8 and - 2.5 to – 7 in summer. Canada drives on the right and the calling code of the country are +1.

Population of Top Canadian Cities

Rank City Population
1 Toronto 5,928,040
2 Montreal 4,098,927
3 Vancouver 2,463,431
4 Calgary 1,392,609
5 Ottawa–Gatineau 1,323,783
6 Edmonton 1,321,426
7 Quebec 800,296
8 Winnipeg 778,489
9 Hamilton 747,545
10 Kitchener–Cambridge–Waterloo 523,894

Clock Time Difference between Canada and India

India is 10 hours and 30 minutes ahead of Canada

  • Clock Time in India is 12:00 PM (Delhi)
  • Clock Time in Canada 1:30 AM (Ottawa)

What Eklavya Overseas Can Assist?

There are several Indians are residing in Canada on a permanent residency and contributing to the Canadian economy. The work environment in Canada, Canadian climate and the Job profiles what Canada offers to international immigrants are worth commendable as well as appreciated by the world community. These are the reasons what attracted international immigrants to Canada on Canada immigration.

Eklavya Overseas is the leading Visa Consultant in Delhi NCR, India offering Visa Consultancy for Canada immigration. We comprise a highly qualified team of experienced immigration experts. Eklavya Overseas has been the first choice for the Indian applicants looking for Canada Immigration since we guide you through the most accurate Immigration Procedure in Canada.

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