Total Expenses for MBBS in Abroad

Dec 26, 2017

Total Expenses for MBBS in Abroad Every year, thousands of students from India join universities abroad to pursue their dream of a degree in the field of medicine. Though the number of students is increasing every year, the cost of education in Abroad is not coming down to an extent where everyone can afford. It is very important for the students who want to go abroad to have a chance at better education for their MBBS degree to know what exactly they have to pay and for what facilities.
We have listed down each and every expense that the students have to make a beginning from the application to the completion of the degree.

The application fees: Every college charges a nominal fee from the students for the application. The cost of the prospectus and the admission for is somewhere close to Rs.10000 to Rs.25000 depending on the university and the location.

Visa fees: Once you get the confirmation of the seat in the university, you have to file for a visa to that country. The respective country charges fees for issuing visa which may vary from Rs.5000 to Rs.20000 depending on the country.

The course fees: Once the seat is confirmed you have to pay the first year course fees to the college before you reach there. The fee for the first year of college varies from Rs.200000 to Rs.1500000 depending on the university you have chosen.

Accommodation charges: Before you leave for the university, you have to make sure that you have someplace to live. Some universities offer accommodation for the students but in case you are unable to get a seat in the university hostel, you need to find one nearby. The university provides support for that as well. The cost of living may vary from Rs.50000 to Rs.100000 per annum depending on the country.

Food: Though most of the universities now offer Indian food, you may need to arrange your food from outside as well. The mess charges or food expenses may vary from Rs.50000 to Rs.150000 per annum depending on the country you are going to live in.

Medical insurance: It is necessary to have medical insurance in all the countries. The cost of the medical insurance is between Rs.5000 to Rs.15000 depending on the country.

Recurring course fees: Every year you have to pay for the course you are pursuing. It may cost you between Rs.150000 to Rs.1500000 depending on the university you have chosen.

Another recurring cost: You have to pay for the medical insurance, annual medical checkup, accommodation, food and visa renewal every year. It will cost you somewhere between Rs.80000 to Rs.150000 every year.
Travel: The ticket to another country will cost anywhere between Rs.20000 to Rs.70000 depending on the location and airlines you choose. It is a recurring cost and you have to keep the money for the travel as you will visit India a few times during the course.

Most of the education consultants fail to tell the students exactly how much they have to spend for the MBBS in abroad. It is very important to ask them about each and every expenses that you may have to pay so that you have an idea about the total cost.

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