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Get to know about PM Modi Views about NMC
📅   : 09-Mar-2020

The prime minister Narendra Modi has recently cleared the confusion and controversy about National Medical Commission Bill( NMC) that have been passed recently in the Rajya Sabha on 1st August 2....

Why Russia is Best for Studying MBBS
📅   : 10-Mar-2020

It is the dream of all medical aspirants for becoming a successful doctor from the top-notch medical university. Due to the lack of knowledge, guidance the candidates are not able to choose thei....

Why Students Deport from Georgia
📅   : 09-Mar-2020

Georgia is one of the beautiful countries in the world and famous for its scenic beauty. This country island of heterogeneous architecture and mostly covered with mountains on the side. Georgia ....

Eklavya overseas For MBBS in Georgia
📅   : 07-Mar-2020

Do you want to study MBBS in Georgia? Then you need to know about this country in detail. Moreover, the students who wish to study here must have detail information about the reputed universitie....

Why Eklavya overseas for MBBS IN Abroad?
📅   : 07-Mar-2020

Do you want to have MBBS admission in Abroad? Do you want to save thousands of lives? Then having an MBBS degree is the most crucial for you. Who does not want to have an MBBS degree from abroad....

Importance of HSK Test for MBBS in China
📅   : 06-Mar-2020

The HSK test is the most important factor for the students who want to pursue MBBS in China. It helps the candidates during the time of the internship program. In addition to this, if the candid....

Beware of China Medical Universities
📅   : 05-Mar-2020

Are you planning for having MBBS admission in China? Then you must know about a few factors that help you to avoid the unwanted situation. Most of the time, it has been seen that the students ar....