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Get to know about PM Modi Views about NMC


Get to know about PM Modi Views about NMC

The prime minister Narendra Modi has recently cleared the confusion and controversy about National Medical Commission Bill( NMC) that have been passed recently in the Rajya Sabha on 1st August 2019. As per the view of PM Narendra Modi about NMC, this new bill has been introduced to replace the corruption of the Medical Council of India that has been serving for long 63 years.

Moreover, the newly passed NMC bill aims to reverse the Indian Medical Council Act, 1956. With the view of PM Narendra Modi, this bill has been formed based on the suggestions of the expert committee. So, it will be beneficial for the people and enhance the service quality of the total health care system.

The Views of PM Modi on NMC bill

According to the statement of PM Modi about the NMC bill is that this bill has been specially proposed for establishing a new medical commission at the national level and the state level. The expert committee has carefully corrected the prevalent issues and find out the areas for enhancement.

Introducing NEXT

In the recent bill of National Medical Commission Bill, the exam pattern of MBBS has been introduced. As per the statement of PM Narendra Modi, NMC bill has presented the National Exit Test (NEXT) for the admission in the post-graduation courses. The students who want to obtain a license for practicing medicine need to clear this National Exit Test. This test also acts as a screening test for foreign medical graduates.

NEXT is applicable for AIIMS admission

PM Narendra Modi states on the NMC bill that as per the new rules of this bill, the common counseling of NEET and the examination of NEXT will be applicable for admission in All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS).

In order to make this clear, it can be said that after this NMC bill all admission of AIIMS, PGI Chandigarh, JIMPER Pondicherry will be conducted through the NEET examination. This new rule has been formed in order to ensure the uniformity of all medical entrance procedure and it will help the medical candidates to secure their medical seats in the reputed institutes.

Licensing of non-medicals and proper monitoring

Recently, PM Narendra Modi sheds a light on the newly introduced NMC Bill ( National Medical Commission Bill) by stating that this bill allows near about 350,000 non-medicals who are unqualified for license so that they can practice the modern medicine. Apart from this, NMC Bill also monitors the system of postgraduate, graduate education and also monitor the quality standard of the new colleges for giving permission.

Moreover, this newly proposed bill ensures the whole health care system about the transparent practices. Apart from this, it also ensures the medical candidates about the quality of medical education.

In addition to this, the matter of accountability has also been assured in this NMC bill. The most amazing fact is that this bill proposes to reduce the cost of medical education so the medical aspirants do not have to go anywhere for studying medicine only because of high amount of admission.

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