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What are the Best Books for MBBS in Abroad


What are the Best Books for MBBS in Abroad

An MBBS student needs to go through a grinding schedule for passing their exams. The students need to read a variety of books outside their syllabus studying their MBBS abroad. Colleges and universities indeed have different syllabus and so a good compilation is necessary to cover the entire syllabus.

This list will also cover some of the more interesting books which are strictly not in the syllabus but provide some interesting insights into the lives of medical students. So, let’s get down and look at these books which are ideal for MBBS students abroad.

Head & Neck

This MBBS books are authored by Vishram Singh and is quite a comprehensive one by an Indian author. This is quite a good starting book and contains the basic syllabus for MBBS students in India. You can score well in your exams if you study this book thoroughly and need to master it before proceeding to read books by foreign authors.

Gray’s Anatomy

This book is extremely popular among the medical students and is considered a bible for generations. Written by Henry Grey this book has gone through repeated revisions. It contains beautifully illustrated diagrams that are useful for medical students and is perfect for a post-graduation degree. The entire learning methodology of this book is based on pictorial approach.

The Man Who Mistook His Wife For a Hat

Written by Oliver Sacks this book is a powerful tale of clinical trials and takes a detour into psychology. Dr. Oliver relates tales of patients suffering from neurological disorders and is unable to recognize objects. These patients go through a violent self-inflicting streak. This book is a must-read for MBBS students abroad as it gives rich insights into the minds of the patients they will be treated after completing their course.

Physiology Review

This is an important book for physiology by Guyton & Hall and is an effective book for all MBBS students. This book tests the knowledge of the students and gives important concepts in physiology. The book reviews thorough concepts in physiology with important medical discussions in the form of a story.

Carbs, Proteins and Fat Metabolism

This is a fantastic book by Satyanarayan and contains detailed descriptions of the metabolic sections of the MBBS. The diagrams are extremely descriptive and give a comprehensive summary of the details. This book is enough to score you high score during your MBBS exams.

Molecular Biology

This is a must book for the biochemistry chapter in MBBS. Those students who find the section boring and theoretical, this book would be of immense help. The books cover all the important topics in molecular biology and are a go-to book for biochemistry students. This book will surely fetch you fantastic marks during your exam and provide you an added reference material.

These books are going to be a fantastic addition to your MBBS syllabus and will help you to tide over the difficulty levels easily. Read these books carefully and score high marks during your exams. 

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