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Most Sought Medical Colleges Approved by MCI


The Most Sought After Medical Colleges Approved by MCI

Indian students who go to Philippines to study medicine are rewarded with renown and respect across the globe. Philippines medical colleges are approved by MCI (Medical Council of India) and validated by WHO (World Health Organization) and UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization).

Simple Process

For admission in the colleges, criterion is simple, with the student expected to score a 50% in Biology, Chemistry and Physics, without the added headache of an entrance exam. And even though the course is longer than in most countries, 6.5 years, the colleges offer more in return with unprecedented services, allowing an even more in depth exploration of the complex subjects. And because the MBBS degree from the colleges can be acknowledged around the world, they won’t any severe difficulties in finding jobs in different countries.

Unlike other universities, Philippines’ are dominantly managed by the ministry of education, so there’s little chance of being deceived in terms of financial matters, and that a trusting relationship is fostered based on the transparent dealings across the board. No donations are ever demanded and the fee structure is very well constructed, so as not to give any false ideas about the bills. Beyond being professionally competent, the universities/colleges also provide with every necessary facility to the students, with exceptionally trained teachers who’re dedicated towards their betterment and the education and furnished laboratories and opportunities for them to experiment and develop projects.

Identical Weather

Philippines has a balmy, tropical weather and is perfectly suited for Indian students; they don’t need to worry about adjusting to the environment and aren’t vulnerable to any allergies or infections by exposure. A comprehensive tour of the campus and the surroundings is also provided by the colleges so that the students aren’t left on their own, while in a foreign country. Moreover, teachers are always willing to clear up any queries from the students.

MBBS in Philippines is aided by the addition of English medium that eases the difficulties for the Indian students, and makes it possible to have collaborative relationship with the teachers and their class-mates. Even better, 94% of the Philippines population can speak English, so the communication barrier is reduced to a mere inconvenience and can be easily overcome. There is a greater significance toward practical teaching so that the students get a better understanding of their field, and get more experience in dealing with the patients and is more beneficial to them when they do their internships.

With a multi ethnic, friendly environment, the campuses are also furnished with all the supplies needed for the students, and the staff is present everyday to help them in need of an emergency. After completing the course, the students have a very successful career in the future because Philippines has the best hospitals and clinics in service and doctors are all paid very generously, it also has many opportunities for experimental studies and projects. The cost of accommodation cost in Philippines is affordable, with comfortable lodgings available easily. Or they can leave for India and get great jobs there too.

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