Study Nursing in Georgia

Study Nursing in Georgia

Eklavya Overseas. March 4, 2019

Career in nursing can be intensely gratifying and at the same time demanding as well. The medical aspirants who wish to pursue a career in nursing then there is a great opportunity for you all. Candidates can upgrade their education level by opting for Bachelors in Nursing (BSN) Degree program from universities in Georgia.  The statistics showcase that Georgia has currently an estimated 73,330 active registered nurses (RNs). The estimated mean hourly wage in Georgia is $31.13 which makes it $64,750 a year. As the demand for the nurses are increasing in Georgia, the statistics may show an increase in the numbers. The statistics from the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) highlights that more than 30 nursing universities in Georgia have introduced Bachelors in Nursing (BSN) Degree program.

Nursing Programs offered by Medical Universities in Georgia

  1. Bachelors in of Science in Nursing (BSN) (4-Years Program): Our 4-Years Nursing Program introduces students to the real- world of medicine by taking care of patients, diagnosing the problem of patients and providing proper medication.
  2. Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) (2-Years Program)
  3. MSN Degree
  4. DNP Programs
  5. Nurse Practitioner Programs
  6. PhD in Nursing Programs
  7. Nurse Education Programs
  8. Nurse Midwifery Programs

Scope of Nursing Programs from Georgia

  1. Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN)
  2. Certified Nurse Midwife
  3. Clinical Nurse Leader
  4. Clinical Nurse Specialist
  5. Nurse Anaesthetist
  6. Nurse Practitioner
  7. Nursing Informatics
  8. Entry level Nursing

Things to know before pursuing Nursing Programs in Georgia

  1. Candidates must look for a scientifically sound and culturally aware learning environment within the university of Georgia.
  2. The professors must be well experienced and talented.
  3. Students must have collaborative learning opportunities in lab as well as in clinical rotations.
  4. Students must make sure that university must have good standing with accrediting bodies and licensure after degree is optional.

Admission Requirements for Nursing Programs in Georgia

Some of the most common admission criteria are as follows:

  1. Complete pre-requisites with a minimum grade of C or better than C grade.
  2. Submit a personal essay to be evaluated on structure, grammar and content
  3. Provide evidence of updated vaccinations
  4. Remain in good standing with the university
  5. Provide a complete background inquiry
  6. Provide a complete health history

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Advantages of Nursing Programs in Georgia

  1. More flexible career pathways for candidates having BSN degree
  2. With experience, opportunity to move towards administrative jobs.
  3. With experience, opportunity to move towards teaching jobs.

Overview of Nursing Program in University of Georgia

Let’s take a glance at Nursing course in University of Georgia. Highlights of the Nursing Program in University of Georgia:

  1. The study level of Nursing Program is at the undergraduate level.
  2. The medium of instruction of the Nursing Program is in both English medium and Georgian language.
  3. Qualification awarded is Bachelor of Nursing.
  4. The total capacity for the Nursing Program at University of Georgia is 240.
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Eligibility Criteria for Nursing Program at University of Georgia

Some of the mandatory admission requirements of the Nursing course are as follows:

  1. Candidate must have qualified for B1 level in English Language.
  2. For Georgian candidates, they must clear Unified Entry Examinations.
  3. According to the order by Ministry of Education & Science, foreign candidates who have received a full general secondary education abroad are exempted to clear Unified Entry Examinations.
  4. Candidates who does not have English language certificate i.e. First Certificate in English (FCE) have to pass the university English exam with at least 45% in English language.

Objectives of Nursing Program at University of Georgia

Some of the goals of Nursing Program are as follows:

  1. Promote effective operation of the healthcare system.
  2. Educating and qualifying highly competent nurses.
  3. Imparting knowledge of nursing theory and methodology.
  4. Develop clinical skills.
  5. Adapting with changing requirements
  6. Pursue life-long learning.
  7. Continuous professional development
  8. Nurses must carry independent professional activity.
  9. Educating nurses in numerous profiles namely Emergency aid, resuscitation, surgery, therapy, urology, obstetrics, psychiatry, cardiology, oncology and others.
  10. Permitting nurses to practice in hospitals, non-governmental organizations and ethical committees.

Learning Measures Adopted in Nursing Program at University of Georgia

University of Georgia adopts excellent and innovative methods which as follows: 

  1. Lecture-seminars
  2. Workbook methods
  3. Explanatory method
  4. Demonstration method
  5. Video-Audio teaching materials usage
  6. Interactive teaching
  7. Situational objectives
  8. Role-play
  9. News Analysis
  10. Mini research
  11. Practical Work
  12. Lab Work
  13. Team Work
  14. Imitative performance
  15. Field Work
  16. Problem Identification and solving
  17. Increasing importance research
  18. Critical Analysis
  19. Discussion/Debates
  20. Group Tasks
  21. Projects
  22. Problem Solving exercises
  23. Case Study
  24. Literature Overview
  25. Critical Self-evaluation
  26. Critical Peer Evaluation
  27. Relevant material searches out from various electronic and paper-based resources
  28. Written work methods
  29. Essays
  30. Presentations
  31. Verbal, oral methods

Learning Outcomes of Nursing Course in University of Georgia

After completing Nursing course, the candidate will be able to:

  1. Well versed with theoretical aspects of Nursing
  2. Understand relationships between theoretical aspects of Nursing
  3. Know fundamental principles of health issues vital for a nurse
  4. Understand social, healthcare and behavioural science
  5. Understand entire stage of nursing intervention i.e. prevention, diagnostics, treatment, rehabilitation and palliative.
  6. Know responsibilities of a nurse
  7. Understand role of nurse in policy and function of health and social care.
  8. Understand contemporary medical technologies and methods
  9. Understand the necessity to deliver entire information with unbiased nature to patient.
  10. Understand impact of political and social context pertaining to health care.
Applying Knowledge Making Judgements Communication Skills Learning Skills Values
Assess the patient’s state based on the situation analysis and safely use medicines, drugs and other therapeutic means; Retrieve, define, synthesize, and analyse data and information requisite to specific problem-solving by standard and specific methods, make evidence-based conclusions within professional competence Communicate orally in several languages (including Georgian) to healthcare professionals and medical personnel the information on the issues related to healthcare system and nursing; design written documents, make presentations and give opposing viewpoints in English; Accept healthcare-related scientific and technological innovations and constantly renew knowledge and skills; Professional, ethical and legal codes (both local and international);
Advocate and respect the patient’s dignity, and keep confidentiality Demonstrate challenge nursing care allowing for the dynamic social, cultural, legal, political and economic factors affecting care delivery; Disseminate advancements and innovations related to nursing in digital and printed libraries, journals and internet resources. Identify observation and needs-assessment based professional problems Patient and medical personnel rights;
Plan and carry out supervised research relevant to nursing (case-study, experiment, observation); apply research results in practical nursing. Evaluate the impact of ICT on care delivery and management; Informing and educating both in oral and in written, patients, family members and society at large, incorporating persons with communication disorders; Improve qualification, gain appropriate materials Necessity to support and foster recognition of new values on the basis of analysing current situation
Retrieve, evaluate and use accurately information in complex contexts; Evaluate strategies used to promote partnership working with patients and families; Communicate innovations and advancements related to nursing competences in health and welfare, using information and communication technologies, presentations, internet resources; Use multi-language (including Georgian) digital and printed libraries, journals and internet resources; The rights of the experimental subject in the process of medical examination;

Nursing leadership, nursing research and numerous other domains are taught to the candidates which helps them in excelling in their career goals. Eklavya Overseas can help you with the admission procedure and other related query. We are just a call away. Contact us.

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