Study Dentistry in Georgia

Study Dentistry in Georgia

Eklavya Overseas. February 22, 2019

Dental Education has gained a worldwide recognition. The next generation of professionals provide dental education by providing hands-on education through innovative research, patient care and service. The duration for the dentistry program in Georgia is 5 years. The first two years in dentistry program has been attributed to learning the fundamentals of medical and biological elements of dentistry. The next three years, focus of learning is on clinical practice with special training in pre and post clinical dentistry procedures. After completion of the program, students earn the dentistry degree and the title of Dentist. The medium of the program is generally in English medium which is an added advantage for the Indian students.

Dentistry Programs offered by Medical Universities in Georgia

  1. Dentistry Program (5-Years Program): Our 5-Years Dentistry Program introduces students with the fundamentals of oral medicine, diagnosis and radiology. It is a remarkable opportunity for students to get in direct admission after schooling.
  2. Doctor of Dental Medicine (4-Years Program)
  3. BS Biology pre-dentistry (4-Years Program)

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Highlights of Dentistry Program

  1. Dentistry program offers students with an in-depth analysis of pre and post clinical procedures.
  2. Understanding of dentistry fundamentals.
  3. More focus on clinical training
  4. Internship program followed by state exams
  5. Qualified dentists can work in Georgia or anywhere around the world like USA, UK, Canada and Australia.
  6. After completing graduation, students obtain a fully-accredited and globally recognized dental degree.
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Scope of Dentistry Programs from Georgia

  1. Qualified dentists can work in Georgia or anywhere around the world like USA, UK, Canada and Australia.
  2. For becoming a licensed dentist in Georgia, candidate must complete an ADA (American Dental Association) accredited program, pass the ADA National Board Examination and submit application and sealed transcript to Georgia Licensing Board.

Things to Know Before Pursuing Dentistry Programs in Georgia

  1. Candidates must look for a scientifically sound and culturally aware learning environment within the university of Georgia.
  2. The professors must be well experienced and talented.
  3. Students must have collaborative learning opportunities in lab as well as in clinical rotations.
  4. Students must make sure that university must have good standing with accrediting bodies and licensure after degree is optional.

Admission Requirements for Dentistry Programs in Georgia

  1. Candidates must provide the following documents:
  2. Biodata including 10th and 12th class passing certificates
  3. copy of your secondary education results with subjects studied
  4. Important documents from your home country confirming that you are authorised to study in Georgia.
  5. 2 Passport size photos
  6. All documents are required to be translated into Georgian to satisfy state directives.

Medical Universities for Dentistry Program

Some of the famous top-notch universities in Georgia for dentistry program are as follows:

  1. University of Georgia
  2. Caucasus International University
  3. New Vision University

Why Choose Caucasus International University for Dentistry Program?

  1. Caucasus International University commenced in 2004
  2. Caucasus International University is incorporated in one of the leading dentistry universities in whole of Europe.
  3. With this university, there are world-renowned professors
  4. There are an ever-increasing number of students attending the university each year.
  5. The dentistry programme is updated regularly to ensure it is balanced with European curriculum.
  6. The university has great laboratories which ensures that students have access to everything they need to learn about dentistry during the course of the programme.
  7. They are also partnered with universities throughout the world incorporating Georgia State University in the U.S and the French business school Grenoble.

Why Choose New Vision University for Dentistry Program?

  1. New Vision University is located in city of Tbilisi, capital of Georgia.
  2. The university purposes to adapt an open and collaborative environment that inspires student engagement.
  3. New Vision University is committed to deliver excellence in education.
  4. New Vision University provides one of the most innovative dental programmes in Georgia.
  5. The university offers a 5-year dentistry programme which is taught through English medium.
  6. New Vision University provides an accelerated 4-year Graduate-Entry pathway which is available to candidates who already hold a Bachelor of Science degree.
  7. This permits students to enter in the second year of the five-year course without taking entrance exams.

Subjects taught in Dentistry Program are:

1st Year 2nd Year 3rd Year 4th Year 5th Year
Histology and Embryology Pathological Anatomy & Physiology Radiology Neurology Head & Neck Oncology
Human Anatomy Therapeutic Dentistry Haematology Ophthalmology Allergology & Immunology
Medical Physics and Biophysics Dental Surgery Dermatology Health care management Orthodontics III
Biochemistry Prosthetic Dentistry Venerology Dental Allergology Therapeutic Dentistry VII
Molecular Biology & Genetics Microbiology Endocrinology Dental Surgery VI Surgery
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Learning Outcomes of Dentistry Program

  1. Competent in-patient assessment and diagnosis
  2. Competent in treatment planning
  3. Skilled enough to communicate and collaborate with individuals to prevent oral disease
  4. Promote oral health care in the community
  5. Skilled in controlling pain and anxiety, clinical pharmacology.
  6. Competent in handling prevention of dental emergencies
  7. Competent in detection, diagnosis, prevention and risk assessment.
  8. Diagnosis of defective teeth to form and function
  9. Skilled in replacing of teeth including dental implant therapies.
  10. Diagnosis of periodontal disorders
  11. Competent in prevention of pulpal and periarticular dieses.
  12. Lifelong learning and self-assessment
  13. Diagnosis of oral mucosal and osseous disorders
  14. Gathering and assessing diagnostic information of the patient
  15. Recognize and diagnose space management needs and malocclusion.
  16. Competent in understanding of appropriate rules, laws, regulations governing the dental practice.
  17. Competent in interpersonal skill and patient management
  18. Understand the fundamental of managing dental practice.

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