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about Us In today’s scenario, the business world is demanding leaders with specialized qualifications. MBA degree in Georgia has set up an easiest path for the appropriate business students to connect with the right business schools. Fundamentally, Masters of Business Administration has been a multi-lingual hub for 4 programs namely MBA’s, business education and executive training programs across the globe. Business leaders who are going to be the future utilize MBA studies to search for the best business degrees. MBA is a post-graduate degree program that takes about 2 years of studying including theoretical and practical knowledge. International students who are aiming to pursue their MBA degree from Georgia then they are making the right choice. Individuals who are earning the MBA degree from Georgia gain vital knowledge and experience within the fields of management and business. After completing MBA from Georgian universities, students get a job quickly because of their enhanced and improved abilities. Students must also review MBA rankings of Georgian universities which can be more reliable when taken into account. Nearly 4 key factors are considered namely post-graduation salary, international mobility, and acceptance rate. Georgia has emerged as one of the widespread destinations for MBA amongst Indian students who are planning to study abroad. Georgia offers students with abundant aids and this has become an ultimate factor for showing increase in MBA admissions.

Reasons to study MBA in Georgia

Some of the vital reasons to study MBA in Georgia are as follows:

  • Availability of universities which are low in fees.
  • Availability of seats for international students seeking for MBA in Georgia.
  • Georgia comprises of various well-known public and private universities offering MBA.
  • Globally recognized management universities in Georgia.
  • There is no need to clear any entrance test to seek admissions for MBA in Georgia.
  • Availability of Indian food prepared by highly experienced chefs.
  • Availability of Indian and International cuisine being served for Indian MBA students.
  • No need of donation or capitation fees to get admission for MBA in Georgian universities.
  • Medium of language being used is English.
  • The overseas students develop a better understanding due to English being used as a medium.

Advantages of studying In Georgia

Georgia has numerous advantages of studying MBA and has become one of the most preferred destinations. Some of the benefits are:

  • Georgian universities are all government recognized.
  • The course structures are supreme to develop better and improved understanding for the students.
  • International students prefer to study MBA in Georgia as the fees is affordable.
  • Georgia is considered to be one of the safest and ideal places for higher education.
  • The accommodation facility provided by Georgian universities are excellent.
  • Georgian universities offer separate accommodation for boys and girls.
  • To help the graduates to become leaders of future, they are provided world-class education.
  • All the amenities offered are best of its kind to stay in.
  • The local people in Georgia are welcoming.
  • English is used as a medium for teaching for management.
  • There is no capitation fees or donations charged by the students to get admissions.
  • Application process adopted is quick and easy.
  • For any kind of medical emergencies, there are modern as well as technically advanced hospitals.

Type of MBA Programs in Georgia

Let’s have a look at various MBA programs in Georgia:

  • Regular MBA Program

Duration of MBA in Georgia

  • The duration for MBA course in Georgia varies from one university to another university.
  • The tenure for Full-time MBA is 24 months.
  • Georgian universities offer flexible duration for MBA programs which a candidate may choose according to his/her will.

Eligibility Criteria

  • There are some eligibility criteria set for the candidates who wish to pursue MBA.
  • Candidate must possess a bachelor’s degree in any discipline.
  • Bachelor’s degree must be from the home country of the applicant or from any other country.
  • Candidate must possess a master’s degree in any discipline which is not mandatory.
  • Master’s degree must be from the home country of the applicant or from any other country.
  • For regular MBA, the work experience is not required.
  • Years of experience may vary depending on the university.

Documents Required

There are some of the mandatory documents required by every university.

  • A certified copy of high school diploma
  • A certified copy of previous degrees that is bachelor’s or master’s
  • All other relevant qualifications in the original language
  • Correctly filled up application form
  • A copy of valid passport especially the personal information, photo ID page
  • Passport size photos
  • A translated overview of all the course modules
  • Overview of the grades of the applicant.

Admission Requirements

Before applying for MBA in Georgia, a candidate must keep in mind following points:

  • The students planning to get admission in a college for doing MBA in Georgia can apply online.
  • The application forms are generally made available in the month of August and September.
  • Duly filled and signed application form which can be submitted online
  • A copy of personal bio-data/resume
  • Essays (one required, one optional)
  • Application fee which needs to be deposited at the time of application
  • All certificates must be attested by any competent or recognized authority.
  • All the documents must be duly signed and attested by Gazetted Officer.
  • The university will send you a confirmation letter post-checking your documents.
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Transcripts, official copies of your transcripts from each institution attended for college credit.
  • The international students should have a baccalaureate degree, or a foreign equivalent, from a regionally accredited institution in order to apply for admission to MBA in Georgia


  • Mostly, candidates can apply for the admission in the months of July.
  • Overseas students must apply for the admissions online before the due date as they need to apply for the VISA also.
  • Candidates need to be sure about the deadlines of admission for the specific university.
  • Candidates need to be sure about the application date and course they have chosen.

Visa Requirements

  • Candidates must have a student VISA in order to enter Georgia.
  • Overseas students need to fill in the original invitation letter to the airport authorities.
  • Overseas students must have all the required documents which are mandatory.
  • The letter issued by the university is helpful in getting the accommodation.

Financials Required for MBA in Georgia

  • Candidate must show the bank passbook or the bank statement.
  • Candidate must show the availability of sufficient funds to support MBA program.


  • Student must search a Study Programme.
  • Make sure that you meet all the requirements
  • There are many online resources available that help students in preparing for the exam.
  • Arrange the sufficient financial resources for MBA studies
  • Student can then apply For MBA Programme Admission in Georgian Universities
  • Complete all the formalities related to getting a student VISA.
  • Next look for the accommodation option,
  • Georgian universities offer hostel facilities to the international students.
  • Student can enrol for MBA program in Georgia.

Cost of Living in Georgia

  • Cost of accommodation, transport and food are affordable.
  • Reasonable living costs is the fundamental reason for International students to pursue MBA in Georgia.
  • Tbilisi, capital of Georgia is quite affordable in terms of living expenses.
  • Georgia offers world-class quality higher education studies.
Items Expense
Food 6500 INR per month
Books 13000 INR annually
Accommodation 9000 INR to 11000 INR per month
Water 190 INR per month
Cable TV/Internet 740 INR per month
Electricity 1600 INR per month

Better to learn Georgian Language before going to Georgia

  • Candidates who are planning to go to Georgia for studying MBA can learn basic Georgian language.
  • Learning of local dialect in Georgian language will be helpful in communication.
  • Interacting with local people can be helpful by learning Georgian language.
  • MBA course is taught in English medium thus, students need not to worry.

Indian students in Georgia

  • The statistics highlight that the percentage of Indian students are increasing every year.
  • Apart from MBA, there are numerous post graduate degrees.

Why Choose Georgia for MBA?

  • Georgian universities ultimate aim is to imbibe excellence in all the students.
  • The universities in Georgia are recognized globally.
  • The survey highlight that Georgia is among top 10 safest countries
  • Georgia is measured to be one of the outstanding places in terms of living standards.
  • The crime rate is very less in Georgia is a democratic republic.
  • Georgia provides a secure environment for the students.
  • The universities in Georgia offers countless employment opportunities for the students
  • Georgia is almost 2 to 3 times cheaper compared to other countries
  • The living cost is economical as well in Georgia.
  • The hostel facilities, labs, research and accommodation facilities are flawless.
  • Globally recognized universities
  • Affordable tuition fees
  • English being used as the medium of teaching.
  • No cumbersome procedure of donations.
  • The admission procedure is quite simple.

Explore Georgia

Capital Tbilisi
Official Language Georgian
English Speaking Population 24%
Minimum Temperature -27 degree C
Maximum Temperature 44 degree C
Currency Georgian Lari
Boundaries Shared By Russia, Turkey, Armenia and Azerbaijan.
Exchange Rates to INR 1 INR is equal to 0.042 Georgian Lari
Time Difference from India India is 1 hours 30 minutes ahead of Georgia
Travel Time from Delhi to Georgia Approximately 9 hours 30 minutes (Non-Stop Flight)
Religion Eastern Orthodox Christianity (Followed by 83.4% of people)
Climate Highly Continental Influenced Climate
Population Approx. 4.7 million

Some Interesting facts about Georgia

  • Georgia is one of the countries known for being the birthplace of beverage.
  • The first Europeans are known to have come from Georgia.
  • Georgian language is the only language being spoken only by Georgians. This is quite interesting.
  • Georgia is regarded as one of the ecologically diverse countries across the globe.
  • Georgia is popular for comprising several UNESCO World Heritage sites.


Q. Do scholarships include living costs as well?
No, student has to bear the living costs when studying MBA in Georgia.

Q. Is MBA in Georgia globally recognized?
Yes, universities in Georgia offers internationally recognized degrees.

Q. How a candidate applies for universities in Georgia?
Student must check online on the official website for the specific university in which he/she is applying.

Q. Can Study in Georgia be free of cost?
Public universities in Georgia offer free MBA. Students need to bear the cost of living and for other amenities as well.

Q. Do students need to learn Georgian to pursue MBA from Georgia?
Most of the universities in Georgia adopts Georgian as a medium of education. However, there are universities that adopts English as a medium of education.

Q. Does student need to have a Georgian student VISA to study in Georgia?
It depends on the country of origin. Mostly residence permit VISA is required to pursue MBA in Georgia.

Q. How many top-rated universities in Georgia?
There are approximately 40 top-rated universities in Georgia offering higher education. Can the MBA fees pay in cash or through cheque? MBA fees can be paid in both the modes that is cash or through cheque.

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