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MBBS in London How to afford it

Let's face the truth: It is too expensive to live in London. It sounds scary, especially for the students studying in the first year of their MBBS course. It is also the first time when they have to be responsible for their finances. Don’t worry pals, you guys are not alone! Here are few tips to survive in London.

1. Accommodation:

The key factor or the key tip to survive in London is accommodation since the rent payment is the biggest expense for a student. A student shouldn’t forget about the bills on the other hand. A one could reckon how high they will probably be. Let’s stress on not going for the cheap option. As we all know something that looks good, it actually is. And cheap rental usually points towards no imperial, which deduces the second point.

2. Cost of transportation:

It is better to save money on transportation costs instead renting the cheapest room far away from the campus. It is wise to rent a good flat near the university campus rather than paying more for traveling. Commuting expenses can easily be a hefty amount in London. A student should make sure to get a Railcard and link it with the Oyster card which may help to reduce the cost of travelling by rail. A student should consider cycling as  it will surely help in saving some money!

3. Cook food yourself:

If a student has a habit of dining out every day, then this is a high time to avoid it. There will be no need for a student to ask their parents to send them more money and make the course expensive. If a student doesn’t know how to cook, there is no need to fear, cooking isn’t a hard task at all. There are some students who can’t even cook pasta but can get better at cooking every day by taking it one day at a time.

Tip: Cook food for 2-3 days so that when you come back home all tired then you would have an option to microwave the food and not order pizza instead. This way you will probably consume good healthy food and save a lot of money. By following this method your meals would be healthier and cheaper.

4. Use sports facilities provided by the college:

This way a student can save money which he or she would normally consider spending it on a gym. Since every University has excellent sports facilities students can use these amenities for free at their respective universities. A fitness class would probably cost £14.50 per month to a student for unlimited access. Isn’t it way cheaper? A student has an option to go for cycling and swimming for free! And this way, you don’t have to be filthy rich to afford fitness. It is impossible for London to get cheap. So, of course, it is quite hard to save money but there are a lot of possible ways for a prospective international student to save it by reducing extra expenses. Help your parents by saving money and make your MBBS course cheaper and affordable!!!

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