To Do List

Below mentioned are the travel documents which you are requested to carry while on Immigration:

  1. Original copy of passport, boarding pass, ticket, and relevant visa.
  2. Original copy of registration letter.
  3. Original copy of Affidavit or DOB
  4. Original copy of HIV Medical certificate.
  5. Original copy of 12th Mark sheets
  6. Original copy of translation of documents

**Please make sure to keep all the above-mentioned documents the way it is mentioned to you.


  1. You can carry around one or two bags with total weight of around 20 to 30 kilos
  2. You can carry a handbag of around 7 kilos or you can carry a waist pouch for money and passport.

**There is no one else to carry, you need to carry your luggage by yourself. You can use the trolley available in the airport. There is a trolley system in the airport which you can use for carrying your luggage. It advisable to travel with the number of luggage you will be able to manage. The student must carry the cash personally and it should not be kept inside your luggage. You can go to Baggage counter to check with your airline that how much eventually you are allowed to! Verify the weight of your baggage after you attain the ticket from your respective airline. You can carry around 1000 US $

For self Cooking:

For self-cooking, you need to carry

  1. Non- stick Frypan
  2. 1-2 liter pressure cooker
  3. Safety valves and Two spare rubber gaskets for cooker
  4. Screwdriver range,
  5. Big and small spoons
  6. Spoons for serving,
  7. Wooden spoons
  8. Sarsi
  9. Belan, etc.

To avert duplications, you can check with your room-mate what precisely the person is taking, so that you can amend your baggage. Generally, 4-5 students form a group of cooking & each can confirm what to carry for the group, 2 spoons, 2 thalis, 2 katoras, 2 forks, You can carry 1 kg each of Red Chilly powder, jeera, garam masala, Maggi Bhuna Masala, haldi, Dhania powder, etc. You can also carry pepper, Channa Masala, Chat masala, Kala namak rock salt, garlic powder, achar or pickle etc.., as per your requirement.

Please Note: You can keep masalas in your suitcase or luggage bag. You are not allowed to carry any form of liquids as this might get damaged due to the pressure of the air. This is why any form liquids are exclusively allowed in hand luggage. You can carry deo’s, metal containers, perfumes etc. in your luggage only – due to security purposes of your respective airlines.


  1. 4-6 trousers or jeans.
  2. Pair of Woolen Thermal wear
  3. A couple of sweaters –full sweater or high neck.
  4. Appropriate leather shoes.
  5. Sports shoes.
  6. 6-9 Undergarment sets.
  7. Around 10 pieces of Hanker-chiefs and Napkins.
  8. 10 pair of Socks.
  9. Around 2 Towels.
  10. 1 or more bed sheet.
  11. T-shirts, Pants & shirts.
  12. Don’t forget Night suits,
  13. Pair of Slippers and Gloves,
  14. Muffler And Woolen Cap.
  15. Any other required clothing stuff.
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  1. It becomes a quite wise decision when you pack some Hangers, around 3 to 2 pin multi-plugs or converters (when the devices are attained from India), 1 Umbrella.
  2. Most medical Students have to hold 2 sets of full arm Aprons and caps (that are white in color)
  3. Get one box full of color pencils, sharpener, Erasers, Cellotape, gum, Stapler & pins, needle, thread, Knives, tiffin containers, school backpack, portable travel iron.

Note: You need to carry a few warm clothes that are bought from India. You can bring the winter blazers & shoes that you can also buy locally from your nearby market after reaching any foreign country. Cost: US $ 100-150. (Note: You can even purchase aprons from there.)

Toiletry & medicines:

You can get few mirrors, shaving kits, toothpaste and brush, gel and so on. Maintain a medicine kit that contains first aid, medicine for cold and cough, fever, infection, Vicks, balm, cold cream, Vaseline, cosmetics, and more. It must even contain medicines for a migraine, stomach ache, cough, diarrhea, loose motions, fever, Cold, Antibiotics, ointments for Burns & Cuts (Note – You must take a doctor’s prescription in order to get medicines easily).

Some basic safety measures:

It is better to travel in a team. You must not keep your bags unattended. Always help fellow students in taking care of the luggage and carrying the luggage properly. Carry money in an attachment around your waist or any inner pocket.

Maintain discipline:

Do not accept packets from strangers who are carrying them on the plane– these items could be drugs, which might drag you to any serious trouble with immigration and may place you behind the bars.

Weight Limit:

The limited weight is about 25-40 kilos that must be allowed in the plane. You can carry 7 kgs in hand. You need to pay extra money for extra luggage (around Rs 1000/kg). You have to be careful about the total weight of the luggage. Verifying the actual weight is the best solution to get allowed for a flight at the time of boarding as this will avoid any flight-related problems.


Get scientific calculators. Students are allowed to carry 5-10 notepads and 20 low-cost pens.

Electric kettle (2 plugs):

You can carry an electric kettle for boiling water, making tea or coffee and can even carry press for ironing clothes. Students can even carry, Maggi or Readymade food, cooking according to their requirements.

Important Note: The above-mentioned list is just pinpointing all the issues and raises your knowledge. A total number of required articles and clothes are allowed to you as per your tastes and requirements. In most countries, you can purchase utensils from various supermarkets and then, no need to carry utensils that are bought from India.

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