Why Study MBA in Malaysia?

MBA in Malaysia Some of the main reasons why foreign students choose to study MBA in Malaysia that It boosts the job, network opportunities, skill developments and salary. Malaysia is one of the most popular destinations for students in Southeast region of Asia. It offers the best education system in Asia. Students get a choice to choose between part-time or full-time MBA in Malaysia. Students studying an MBA will get to study about all the sectors such as economics, management accounting, financial accounting, marketing and others.

Students will need to take decisions in real world of Business.

  • The cost of housing, food and clothing is affordable. The budget that student plans is the most important part of studying outside India.
  • The cost of an MBA course depends on the city where university is located in. There are many universities that fit student’s budget. The universities are located in small cities like Penang and Johor Bahru and in major city like Kuala Lumpur.
  • Malaysia has top ranked universities. A few of them are:
    •  Universiti Malaya
    • Universiti Sains Malaysia
    • Universiti Teknologi Malaysia 
    • University of Nottingham,
    • Monash University,
    • Curtin University Sarawak
  • There are various MBA specializations offered in the program, students get to choose the specialization according to their interest of study.

Universities admit students throughout the year, intakes depend on location of the university.

  • There are various MBA specializations offered in the program, students get to choose the specialization according to their interest of study.

The courses offered in an MBA program are corporate governance, international business and finance. The universities offer 1-year program particularly focusing for executives. Students even get to study part-time in Malaysia suiting their schedules, they also get an option to study full-time MBA in Malaysia.There are two unique degrees offered by the Malaysian universities such as Ph.D. in management of business and MS in Management.

Eligibility Criteria for MBA Program Outside India

  • Min. 3 years of bachelor’s degree
  • 3 years of work experience.
  • A Bachelor's degree from any recognized university
  • GRE, GMAT or admission test conducted by the university
  • English language test certificate such as TOEFL, PTE or IELTS.

Documents Required for MBA

Candidates should procure the following documents at the time of the admission:

  • Admit Card of entrance exam
  • Score Card f entrance exam
  • 10th and 12th transcripts
  • School Passing Certificate
  • Domicile Certificate
  • Character Certificate
  • Passport size Photo
  • Scorecard of Bachelor’s Degree
  • Provisional Certificates of Bachelor’s degree

Some popular universities in Malaysia offering MBA are:

  • Universiti Utara Malaysia
  • Universiti Kebangsan Malaysia
  • Universiti Putra Malaysia
  • Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation
  • University of Malaya

Cost of Education in Malaysia

The total course fee includes tuition fees and other study expenses. The types of expense that are incurred are:

1. Academic Fees:

  • Registration fee
  • Tuition fee
  • Deposit
  • Computer fee
  • Laboratory fee
  • Health insurance premium
  • Library fee
  • Examination fees

2. Non-academic Fees:

  • Visa fees
  • Medical check-up
  • Hospitalization and health insurance premium

Living cost in Malaysia

Breakdown of living expenses in Malaysia An international student will have to pay around RM1,800 (US$450)/ month around the city. Below mentioned costs is broken down cost of living:

Accommodation cost

  • A student will probably have to spend RM300 (US$75) - RM600 (US$150) per month on accommodation. The cost of rent depends on the location of the accommodation and also the type of accommodation. The students have the choice to choose between on-campus and off-campus accommodation. The rental varies depending upon this factor too. The off-campus accommodation includes an apartment, double-storey house, condominium, single-storey house where the on-campus accommodation includes university hostels and hall of residence. The monthly rental also depends upon the no. of sharing and if the rooms are with ac or without ac.

Housekeeping and Food

  • The cost of housekeeping and food together will be around RM600-900 or US$150- 225 per month. The cost of 3 meals a day would be around RM20-30 or US$5- 7.50. Technically, if a student decides to cook himself then the cost of food would be reduced. It would be a smart decision to share the food and cooking expenses with roommates or flat mates.
  • The cost of meal at food outlets will cost less than RM10 or US$2.50. For e.g. McDonald’s for RM5.95, KFC for RM6.90, Starbucks coffee for RM12-16 or US$3-4.
  • and Domino’s pizza for RM10/ Pax.
  • The cost of food available at local food stalls will cost around RM4-10 or US$1-2.50.
  • The cost of food at local restaurants will be around RM20-40 or US$5-10 for one meal.

Laundry and Clothing

  • The clothing expenses includes dry-cleaning, ironing, washing, etc. will cost around US$15 or RM60/ month.

Public Transport

  • The students who choose to stay off-campus will need to incur cost of transport to commute from accommodation to the university. The cost of transport will be around RM80-150 or US$20-37.5/ month.
  • Telecommunication and Mobile Phone Bills
  • The packages of mobile carriers will cost around RM30-50 or US$7.50-12.50/ month. The cost depends upon the chosen promotional package and usage.

Books, Stationery and Reading Materials

  • The cost of stationery and books will be around RM50-100 or US$12.50-25/ month. The cost definitely depends upon the course of study and nature of the project.

Medical or Hospitalization Insurance

  • An amount of RM50 or US$12.50/ month should be paid every year. This amount of medical insurance will be sufficient in case a student needs an outpatient treatment. A student will have to pay around RM500 or US$125/ year. Personal Expenses
  • The personal expenses per month will depend upon the lifestyle. The cost of personal expenses would be around RM100 or US$25 to RM200 or US$50 that includes movie, haircut, socializing needs, toiletries, clothes, etc. Note: The above reckoned budget is to plan a budget to study MBA in Malaysia. So, the students get an idea to plan expenses accordingly. The cost of living also depends upon the location of the university and accommodation.

Work while studying MBA in Malaysia

Students are being hired for temporary internships and assignments by various organizations. Students studying in foreign universities in Malaysia or studying in universities of Malaysia can apply for the jobs in companies set-up there. Students are advised to study about the current market situation before applying for work.

Students are allowed to apply for jobs depending on the working hours.

  • Full-time (during vacations)
  • Part-time jobs (during semesters)


A company judge the students whether to recruit the student as a full-time employee or not. If they decide to hire the student permanently then he will have to undergo a training period to learn the job responsibilities and actual scenario of the job.

International students studying MBA in Malaysia

During vacations, the international students are not allowed to work. This depends upon the type of visa the student is holding. The international students are granted permission to work only if they have a valid student visa and are studying in certain university. Students who wants to apply for internship programs need to attain valid work permit or employment pass for training purpose. A student will have to face prosecution if they work without the permit.

Jobs Student can take up work while Studying MBA in Malaysia

If a student knows any foreign language, then it is easy to get a job of a translator or interpreter to help organizations with translating work and students get quite attractive package. Students can work in library of any college or university. If any student who is quite good at cooking then it is easy to work as a chef or work under any head chef as there are so many Indian restaurants in the country. Students can work as cashiers or waiters at the restaurants. There are chances to get data entry jobs too.

Life of a student in Malaysia

It is exciting for students to move to a whole new place with different culture but it is undoubtedly daunting too. There is this Nottingham community to help make transition for students smooth. The students will need to create an understanding of various religions and cultural differences. The students will need to figure out some services such as banking and daily services.

Course Description

The MBA program is designed to develop theoretical knowledge and practical skills as well for aspiring Entrepreneurs. Studying an MBA helps students to learn about organizing, leading, managing and adapting in different kinds of business environments. This degree help students transform raw potential into opportunities which leads them to become a great Entrepreneur.

There are different types of MBA programs and most of the include subjects like marketing, economics, operation, and accounting. Colleges also provide some elective courses which allow students to follow their professional or personal interests. Some colleges provide internships to the MBA students at an organization or a company, which helps them to understand work environment and also helps them to concentrate on great job opportunities after completing the program. MBA is one of the most popular courses amongst students and is internationally recognized degree around the world. There are plethora of MBA programs provided to students, around 2,500 programs offered in different languages but majorly in English.

Some of the Common Specializations in MBA are Described Below:

  1. MBA in Accounting
  2. MBA in Finance
  3. MBA in Marketing
  4. MBA in Human Resource

Entry Requirements

Students should have attained an undergraduate degree in commerce or accounting. Also, aspirants who have completed their undergraduate degree with other streams than commerce can also apply for the full-time courses globally. The part-time MBA course is for aspirants with experience of few years and those who are professionals.

English Language Score Required:

  • IELTS: 7.0 (6.0 in each section)
  • TOEFL: 100 (Minimum 23 - speaking, 22 - reading, 21 - writing and 21-listening)
  • Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) - minimum 640 with AWA score of 5.0
  • PTE (Academic): Minimum 68 (more than 55 in every section)
  • IELTS should be of academic version.
  • The scores of language tests should be valid and not older than 2 years.

Note: The score required vary from university to university.

Why Foreign Students Choose Malaysia?

An MBA degree from an international university helps in understanding business in a better way at international standards and it also gives an international exposure to the students. It is beneficial for students who want to work after completing an MBA course Malaysia. It helps students to adapt to different kinds of environment and it also helps them to understand a new culture with different perspective and viewpoints. MBA colleges in Malaysia provide a better education system and infrastructure. The post degree pay is higher if compared to India. Also, the currency makes the difference. It is true that MBA in Malaysia us little expensive but totally worth. The national market functions differently than the international market. So, the MBA colleges Malaysia have a different way of teaching matching international standards. If you want work in India after completing MBA in foreign then it is not worth. Students are preferred to work Malaysia after attaining the degree there.

Average Salary Package in Malaysia

This table shows the monthly salary of various job-roles.

Executive Position RM  
  Min Max
General Manager 13,700 24,844
Business Development Manager 12,038 19,292
General Manager 11,147 16,615
Financial Director 12,992 23,349
Senior Operation Manager 8,618 14,325
HR Manager 6,052 10,896
Quality Assurance or Control Manager 5,714 10,955
IT Manager 6,085 11,041
Shipping or Warehouse Manager 5,977 10,394
Production or Manufacturing Manager 5,622 8,978
HR or Finance Manager 6,440 10,881
Engineering Manager 8,927 16,492
Marketing Manager (Sales) 5,889 9,979

NOTE: A student holding an MBA degree and working in Malaysia will probably get a hike of 500 to 800 RM per year.

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