Jiangsu University

Jiangsu University

Jiangsu University is a Public University, with Yuan Shouqi as the current president. It was established in 1902 and was combined and renamed in 2001 and is located in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu Province, People’s Republic of China. It offers both graduate and postgraduate courses, Masters, and Ph.D., with 1950 Academic Staff and 4500 Administrative Staffs. It follows the motto of Be erudite, practical and virtuous. Various departments and schools are organized by the university are School of Medicine, Medical Training, food and Biological Trainings, Mechanical, Material science Engineering, Humanities, and Social Science, followed by several more departments. It has a large network with many of the renowned universities as collaborations in the domestic and academic fields. It is a great university to be at. The medical faculty is experienced and the classroom teaching is in English. The campus life is also great. There are many reasons to be in this place. The education is value for money, cost of living is affordable and the international exposure and opportunities are plenty. The campus of Jiangsu University is facilitated with all the necessary facilities that are needed by the student. The environment of the campus is safe and calm. All the facilities are provided by the University to the students such as accommodation, internet, food and many more.

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Jiangsu University at a Glance

Intake for MBBS in Jiangsu University September
Minimum Percentage for MBBS in Jiangsu University 75% in PCB
NEET Requirement Yes With Qualifying Marks
IELTS / TOEFL Not Required
Processing Time for MBBS Admission in Jiangsu University 45-60 Days
Fees for MBBS in Jiangsu University 34000 RMB Per Year
Living Cost 6000 RMB Per Year
Duration of MBBS in Jiangsu University 5+1 Years
Medium of Teaching English
Recognition NMC and WHO Approved

Ranking of the University

Jiangsu University is one of the most prestigious and highly ranked universities for doctoral research. It has a world ranking of 724 and a national rank of 69 given by CWUR World universities ranking 2021-22. According to the China Academy of Management Studies, JSU was ranked 48 in 2016 and 41 in 2017.It is a very good opportunity to study in one of the best universities!

MBBS Fees in Jiangsu University 2024-25

Jiangsu University Tuition Fee/Year Hostel Fee/Year
Fees in RMB 34000 RMB 7000 RMB
Fees in Rupees (INR) approx. 3,40,000 Rupees/yr. 70,000 Rupees/yr.

Note : Eklavya Overseas would like to remind you that fees shown in Indian Rupees may not be the exact amount and may differ from the actual price. Exchange rates are also volatile and are subject to change. Check the Exchange Rates before initiating the admission process. University reserves all the rights to change the fees anytime without any prior personal intimation to the students.

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Duration of MBBS

The MBBS program of Jiangsu University if of six years. This includes five years of theoretical knowledge with experiments in the campus itself, and one year of internship to enhance the knowledge and gain some practical exposure. Students can choose to do an internship in China or their Home country, saving the cost of living for one year.

Medium of Study for MBBS Course

There are thousands of aspirants that come every year to seek opportunity in this university; therefore, a language which is suited for each of the students is chosen i.e. English. This is made possible by the efforts of both the staff members and the university board. So there need not be any worry about the teaching language!

Silent Features of Jiangsu University

The Jiangsu University has many greatly considerable reasons. Every student should learn about them and consider seriously before making the final decision of enrolling for MBBS Program in a China based medical university. Following are the Silent Features:

  1. No Donation or Capitation Fee: In India private colleges demand good amount of money has donation apart from the tuition fee payable as the course fee. Arranging the donation amount is a very difficult for a middle class family student. But no student from India or other nation has to pay capitation or donation fee to seek admission in the MBBS course.
  2. Affordable Tuition Fees & Living Cost: For all those students worried about the heavy tuition fee, expenses towards food, accommodation, transportation, studying medicine in Jiangsu University China is a great option. The overall cost is low and can be easily managed even by a student from a poor family.
  3. The course curriculum is prepared in a manner that there is a perfect combination for theory and practical knowledge of all the students.
  4. All the faculties, teachers, and professors teaching medicine are globally acclaimed and respected.
  5. Chinese education systems in the world hold a good reputation of medical education and the degrees that they offer are globally recognized.
  6. NMC Coaching: the university in China also provide the required coaching and students get trained to appear for the NMC screen test to be cleared post completion of the MBBS course. Clearing NMC screening test is mandatory only for those Indian medical graduates who wish to practice medicine in India after the study from overseas.

Documents Required for MBBS Course Admission

You must collect and keep aside these documents for the online procedure; any fault can lead you to miss the only chance:

  1. High School academic transcript
  2. Passport photographs
  3. Family finance support
  4. High School Graduate transcript
  5. English Proficiency test certificate
  6. Valid passport

Copies of the documents also with you don’t even make 1% mistake to lose your chance.

Accreditation of the University

The university is accredited by the World Health organization as a recognized university. Other institution which has officially accredited the university is:

  1. Education Department
  2. Jiangsu province
  3. National Medical Commission (NMC)
  4. The MOE has officially declared that the University is recognized and can offer an MBBS course in English.

Availability Indian Food in the University

There is a separate Indian mess that offers all kinds of Indian cuisines. This separate mess helps students intact and connected with their home. Although, the food facilities in China are pretty less expensive when we compare it with other places there are departmental stores and grocery stores which help in readymade food. So all the Indian Foodie students don’t have to worry about their love for the mouth-watering Indian dishes!

Deadline for MBBS Admission

There are fewer chances that you can meet the eligibility criteria and have all the documents but still is not able to fill or apply on time and can end up losing one year or a good university. Therefore, always keep in mind to fill the application form and block your seat before 15th June and the latest by 30th June.

Hostel Facilities

To feel like a home, University tries to provide the most comfortable hostel facilities to its international students. The rooms are of three types; single, double, and triple. Hostels are of a high standard and have a good atmosphere where a student can plan to spend the next 5-6 years. Also, it is noted that the cost of living in China is also low with hygienic accommodation facilities. The university has round the clock water supply, power backup, internet, modern library, practical labs, spacious classrooms, and safe environment to study.

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MBBS Eligibility in the University

The list of students getting enrolled in the university has to undergo some eligibility criteria. Following are the essential eligibility criteria:

  1. Availability of passport
  2. Minimum 80% in PCB with 70 marks in English
  3. Appearance in 10+2 level, diploma, and good academic report
  4. Seat blocked before the deadline
  5. With a good health state according to the Health Standard for International Students
  6. Having a good moral character and one who obeys laws and regulations

Indians Students in University

There are many of the shining stars that seek to be a part of this university. For Indians, there are almost 10 seats fixed by the university. An Indian who possesses all the ability and means to be a part of this university should not think twice. Also, as we have understood that there are good hostel and food services available, half of the problem gets deducted. When an Indian student completes his/her five years, he/she can come back to India, and complete an internship reducing the cost of living.There are no discriminations among the students and everyone just lives in the best ways.

Jiangsu University Key Features

  1. Jiangsu University is under the control and administration of Jiangsu Province.
  2. The university has set 11 provisional and constructional key disciplines like Cardiology, Haematology, Thoracic Surgery, Nursing, Chinese traditional Medicine, and more.
  3. The teachers and provisional staffs are highly qualified and have completed 50 research projects at the national, provisional, and state levels.
  4. Each year students across India, Africa, Canada, Pakistan, and other 16 countries come here to gather their degrees and there are proper facilities available for each of them.
  5. The graduates from the university are eligible to give Medical Examinations across different countries.

About the City and Weather

The city in which Jiangsu University is located is one of the top cities with good development in the different sectors. Education sector has witnessed remarkable growth and today students from the world reach China to take the advantage of the international standard of the studies at a very comparative cost. Zhenjiang borders the provincial capital of metropolis to the west, Changzhou to the east, and Yangzhou across the river to the north. Zhenjiang boasts stunning sceneries with a singular type of realistic setting, and it’s honoured as “The Greatest Land below Heaven”. The town was once the metropolis throughout the rule of the Republic of China. Zhenjiang is today a crucial transportation hub, due to its location close to the intersection of the Yangtze and also the Grand Canal. Now Zhenjiang town may be a prefecture-level town in Jiangsu, with a booming economy and guarded setting in Yangtze Delta Economic Zone.

  1. Climate: transition climate from warm temperate to subtropical
  2. Annual Average Temperature:13°C-16°C
  3. Annual Average Rainfall1,002.7 millimetres

It is indeed a good place for higher studies. All the confident medical students interested in seeking admission to the competitive MBBS course in the Jiangsu University can contact us anytime for the free of cost counselling. You can avail our MBBS abroad admission solution services for the memorable experience.

Why MBBS in China?

China, one of the largest economies in the world has slowly garnered popularity as a destination for a medical degree. With the influx in overseas students reaching out to their top-ranked universities, MBBS infrastructure in China has been consolidated to provide quality education. MBBS in China has grown over the years at a rapid rate and the institutes have been providing brilliant options for all the students who are coming in pursue their medical degrees. With state-of-the-art infrastructure, lower fee structure and accommodation costs, students have more reason to apply at Universities here. The medical program in China is accredited and globally recognised by WHO and other relevant medical foundation.

Benefits of Studying MBBS in China

  1. No entrance examination before admission
  2. No scopes for bribery and donations 
  3. The colleges are funded by the Chinese government which means that the tuition fees are low
  4. The accommodation expenses are also optimised for students 
  5. All the colleges in China have a top-class infrastructure 
  6. On-campus student’s accommodation also available.
  7. The medical degree offered here is accredited by a globally recognised foundation such as WHO. 
  8. Diverse culture with festivities all around
  9. They accept students coming from any ethnicity, race, gender, orientation and has high tolerance policies.
  10. The students can deal with practical cases in top hospitals

List of Medical Schools in China

Jilin University Dalian Medical University Xinjiang Medical University
Wenzhou Medical University China Medical University Zhejiang University
Huazhong University of Science & Technology Xian Jiaotong University Qingdao University
Beihua University Hebei University Sun Yat Sen University
Anhui Medical University Zhengzhou University Capital Medical University
Tianjin Medical University Shandong University Fudan University
Nanjing Medical University Jiangsu University Wuhan University
Southern Medical University Sichuan University Ningxia Medical University
Tongji University Shihezi University Southeast University
Nantong University Fujian Medical University Three Gorges University
Guangzhou University Kunming Medical University North Sichuan Medical College
Southwest Medical University Xiamen University  

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Ques.1 Where is Jiangsu University located?

Ans.: Jiangsu University is located in Zhenjiang in China. It is a culturally diverse city.

Ques.2 Are weather conditions in China suitable for Indian students?

Ans.: Yes, the weather at Jiangsu University in China is moderate and easy to adjust to except in the peak of winters.

Ques.3 Is there any availability of Indian food at Jiangsu University?

Ans.: There are more than 8 hostel restaurants that offer a variety of food cuisines to the students at Jiangsu University.

Ques.4 What are the eligibility criteria for admission to Jiangsu University?

Ans.: The students must have more than 50% in 12th standard with PCB and a qualifying score in the NEET exam.

Ques.5 Do Indian students get placed through Jiangsu University?

Ans.: Yes, Jiangsu University has a high rate of placements. Students can practice medicine in India as well by appearing in the NMC screening test.

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