Huazhong University of Science & Technology

Huazhong University of Science & Technology

The HUST (Huazhong University of Science & Technology) is a government research university in Wuhan, Hubei, China offering co-education system for the aspirants of Science & Technology. The Huazhong University of Science & Technology is directly operated by the Education Ministry of China. It has Wuhan National Laboratory for Optoelectronics (WNLO). Eklavya Overseas is the leading education consultant in India offering low-cost admission for MBBS in China at HUST (Huazhong University of Science & Technology). The HUST (Huazhong University of Science & Technology) and other Chinese medical are renowned for its advanced teaching methodology and sophisticated hospitals for an internship. The university is established   in 1953 as an engineering school and its medical school was established in 1907. The President of the university is Ding Lieyun and it possesses more than 3500 academic staffs together with 50000 students enrolled with the university.

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  2. Intake
  3. Eligibility
  4. Admission Procedure
  5. Fees Structure

Huazhong University of Science Technology at a Glance

Intake for MBBS in Huazhong University of Science Technology September
Minimum Percentage for MBBS in Huazhong University of Science Technology 70% in PCBE
NEET Requirement Yes With Qualifying Marks
IELTS / TOEFL Not Required
Processing Time for MBBS Admission in Huazhong University of Science Technology 45-60 Days
Fees for MBBS in Huazhong University of Science Technology 48,000 RMB Per Year
Living Cost 160 - 250 USD Per Month
Duration of MBBS in Huazhong University of Science Technology 5+1 Years
Medium of Teaching English 
Recognition NMC and WHO Approved

Advantage of MBBS in Huazhong University of Science & Technology

There are profuse advantages of studying MBBS in China at HUST (Huazhong University of Science & Technology). You can accomplish the dream of becoming a doctor by getting admission in NMC approved Chinese MBBS Colleges through a hassle-free admission procedure and professional guidance of Eklavya Overseas. The advantages of study MBBS in China at HUST (Huazhong University of Science & Technology) includes admission in MBBS universities in China without a donation, Low-cost MBBS Fees, Easy Admission Procedure, NMC and WHO approved medical Universities in China are the basic factors which create a center of attention for International students to study MBBS in China. The International MBBS students may catch lower living expenditure in China than that of other countries, diverse lifestyle plus cross-cultural experience, English Medium MBBS Education in China, and modern hostel with world-class facilities. Eklavya Overseas offers simple and smooth admission in the top English medium MBBS universities in China.

With our guaranteed services, you can get direct admission to HUST (Huazhong University of Science & Technology) as well as other Chinese MBBS Colleges without any entrance examination.

  1. Low-cost MBBS Fees
  2. Direct Admission
  3. Advanced Academic amenities
  4. Modern hospitals
  5. Scholarships for International students
  6. World-class Faculty
  7. Career Opportunities

Study MBBS in China at HUST (Huazhong University of Science & Technology) would allow you excellent education environment.

MBBS Programs in Huazhong University of Science & Technology

MBBS universities in China are one of the best medical universities in the world which possess a proper ratio of MBBS faculties in China and students. Getting admission in MBBS colleges in China could give you enough time and space to solve your queries with professors.

The acceptance rate for admission to MBBS programs in China for international students is worth commendable and we help you to register your seat top medical colleges in China. The HUST (Huazhong University of Science & Technology) signifies a complete organizational structure for medical education at UG (Under graduate) level and PG (Post graduate) level.

  1. Art
  2. Science
  3. MBBS (Medical Education)
  4. Engineering
  5. Management
  6. Law and others
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Duration for MBBS in Huazhong University of Science & Technology 

Chinese Medical Courses will take six years to complete. Five years’ worth of classroom training where they will get all the relevant training. Practical training will go side by side with a yearlong apprenticeship. But that starts once the classroom programs are over. The apprenticeship will provide hand-on experience in surgeries, operation and other relevant training to help them deal with any circumstances. This will also give them the exposure they require. 

Intake for MBBS in Huazhong University of Science & Technology

The intake capacity of the top Medical Universities in China has limited seats as of the end of June/July. The students that they are taking in hail from different places around the globe. With top-class infrastructure, low-budget, and a diverse culture, these universities are providing a safe and secure space for their overseas students. Apply for the universities as soon as possible before they run out of seats.

Eligibility for MBBS in Huazhong University of Science & Technology

  1. Applicant must be coming from the STEM background with Physics, Chemistry, and Biology in their curriculum. 
  2. The aggregate score should be 70 percent in all of the above-mentioned subjects 
  3. Two years of study experience of the following subjects are required.
  4. They must be fluent in English and should be able to communicate accordingly. 
  5. The upper age and lower age limit for eligibility are 25 and 17 respectively.

The Medium of Teaching in Huazhong University of Science & Technology 

The Medium of Teaching is primarily English but students are likely to receive training of Chinese language for a year since the universities believe that hey will excel better in local treatment and practices with their knowledge of the Chinese language. But that is only limited for the first year as the rest of their training is conducted in English. It may sound intimidating but it really is not. 

Admission Process for Huazhong University of Science & Technology 

  1. Step 1

    Following Documents Required

    1. Application Form
    2. One passport size photo
    3. Marksheets of 11th & 12th standards from the respective board or council of education.
    4. School Leaving Certificate
    5. Certificates of class 11th & 12th from the concerned board or council of education
    6. Scanned copies of a valid passport including the photo page.
    7. All the above documents must be notarized and attested from the relevant authorities.
    8. Extra-curricular activity certificates (in the field of study, sports, volunteering, dancing, drama, etc.)
  2. Step 2

    Once you have submitted all of the documents, Eklavya Overseas will carefully assess and send them to the Admission Committee for International Students of the particular University you have chosen.

  3. Step 3

    The student is required to pay the application, admission, and processing fees as per the University norms. The application and the processing fee need be paid in advance.

  4. Step 4

    The processing fees can be sent to China or India, whichever is earlier.

  5. Step 5

    After receiving the payment, we will do it all for you and send you the official photocopy of your Admission Letter issued by the University within seven working days. Also, we process your documents to the ministry of education in China for the issuance of the JW2O2 form that is required by the Chinese embassy in your country to issue a Student Visa. The documents will be dispatched to you by express mail or FedEx.

  6. Step 6

    Once these documents are received- the Admission Letter and the JW2O2 Form (visa form) - the student visa process can be commenced in association with your nearest Embassy/Consulate of China in your country. Documents required applying for the visa are:

    1. A valid passport
    2. Recent passport size photographs
    3. Visa Application Form
    4. JW202 Form (Don't forget to bring the original copy while coming to China)
    5. Admission Letter issued by the University.
    6. Health Check-up Form / Physical Examination Record
  7. Step 7

    After receiving the Visa, inform us rightly, and we will arrange the Air Tickets and inform you about the date and time of your Departure from your Country.

  8. Step 8

    After you reach in China, our representative will receive you at the Airport and Guide you to the University Hostel. Next morning, the representative will also assist you in paying the Admission and Administrative fees at the University counter, wherein you will be joining the MBBS program.

  9. Step 9

    The Student will not have to face any problem because he/she will be guided until our Representatives Complete the entire Process.

  10. Step 10

    It takes around one month, from the time you receive the Admission Letter from us to your China Visa being issued from your Country.

MBBS Fees in Huazhong University of Science & Technology 2023-24

Huazhong University of Science & Technology Tuition Fee/Year Hostel Fee/Year
Fees in RMB 48,000 RMB 8700 RMB
Fees in Rupees (INR) approx. 4,80,000 Rupees/yr. 87,000 Rupees/yr.

Note : Eklavya Overseas would like to remind you that fees shown in Indian Rupees may not be the exact amount and may differ from the actual price. Exchange rates are also volatile and are subject to change. Check the Exchange Rates before initiating the admission process. University reserves all the rights to change the fees anytime without any prior personal intimation to the students.

The Address of HUST (Huazhong University of Science & Technology)

HUST (Huazhong University of Science & Technology) 9 West Section, Lvshun South Road Dalian Liaoning Province, China-116044 Telephone: +91 9210120800 (Note: Eklavya Overseas can easily sort out your queries for MBBS in China at HUST (Huazhong University of Science & Technology). )

Explore More about MBBS in China

China is the second largest country in the world by area and the most populous country in the world. The nation is the largest manufacturer and supplier of electronic equipment at competitive prices. It is the leader in several versatile industries, including technology, computer, space and IT industry. The People's Republic of China (PRC) is one of the earliest civilizations in the world. Currently, the nation maintains foreign relations with more than 175 countries and 162 embassies. It is also a permanent member of the UN Security Council. It has the most sophisticated transportation, which plays an important role in the development of the nation. It possesses largest railway network connecting every Chinese city. It is the third most visited country that signifies its tourism popularity in the world. China has emerged as a superpower nation with increasing international authority. Its quick economic progress has signified China as the largest economy in the world. Having supreme military and population, the nation made its mark as a prominent nation on the world platform.

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Our Assistance in Huazhong University of Science & Technology

We at Eklavya Overseas, being one of the most reliable overseas education consultants assists India medical aspirants in getting the low-cost top universities in China for MBBS like HUST (Huazhong University of Science & Technology). We provide following supports for admission to the HUST (Huazhong University of Science & Technology) and prepare MBBS aspirants eligible to identify the best way to study in China at HUST (Huazhong University of Science & Technology).

What Eklavya Overseas do for you?

  1. You can trust on Eklavya Overseas when it comes to reliable educational counseling MBBS in China at HUST (Huazhong University of Science & Technology) for Indian students in China.
  2. We apply for Admission at HUST (Huazhong University of Science & Technology) on your behalf and offer admission promise in the NMC recognized medical colleges in China.
  3. We help with the documentation and VISA application including Embassy stamping & Ministry approval.
  4. We assist in translating the academic documents, and notarization. Experience zero rejection of VISA approval.
  5. We arrange safe travel help equipped with insurance to HUST (Huazhong University of Science & Technology).
  6. We provide suitable and affordable accommodation in China.
  7. We arrange safe travel help equipped with travel insurance to Universities and appropriate accommodation in China.
  8. Training Centre/Coaching for FMGE or the Screening Test of NMC (Online): We have a list of the best training center or coaching institutes that can guide you about FMGE or the of NMC Screening Test after the conclusion of MBBS degree from NMC approved Medical Universities like HUST (Huazhong University of Science & Technology).
  9. We register your seats FMGE training institutes for guaranteed achievement in NMC Screening Test.
  10. We provide authentic study notes for FMGE Test Series in order to ensure your accomplishment in the Screening Test of NMC.
  11. Help in further counseling for overseas education when you complete your MBBS Degree in China at HUST (Huazhong University of Science & Technology), like if you want to continue your Post-Graduation program in medicine. We make you understand the various PG Program in Medicine offered by international medical universities.

Hope we could deliver the information you seek for and capable enough to convince your search of MBBS in China at HUST (Huazhong University of Science & Technology). Feel free to contact us to know more about MBBS courses all over the world. Eklavya Overseas could be your trustworthy companion and reliable ally for information on MBBS Programs in China at HUST (Huazhong University of Science & Technology). We are the authorized envoy of HUST (Huazhong University of Science & Technology) and other NMC Approved MBBS Universities in China for the students hailing from upper mentioned nations for the year 2023-24.

Why MBBS in China?

China, one of the largest economies in the world has slowly garnered popularity as a destination for a medical degree. With the influx in overseas students reaching out to their top-ranked universities, MBBS infrastructure in China has been consolidated to provide quality education. MBBS in China has grown over the years at a rapid rate and the institutes have been providing brilliant options for all the students who are coming in pursue their medical degrees. With state-of-the-art infrastructure, lower fee structure and accommodation costs, students have more reason to apply at Universities here. The medical program in China is accredited and globally recognised by WHO and other relevant medical foundation.

Benefits of Studying MBBS in China

  1. No entrance examination before admission
  2. No scopes for bribery and donations 
  3. The colleges are funded by the Chinese government which means that the tuition fees are low
  4. The accommodation expenses are also optimised for students 
  5. All the colleges in China have a top-class infrastructure 
  6. On-campus student’s accommodation also available.
  7. The medical degree offered here is accredited by a globally recognised foundation such as WHO. 
  8. Diverse culture with festivities all around
  9. They accept students coming from any ethnicity, race, gender, orientation and has high tolerance policies.
  10. The students can deal with practical cases in top hospitals

List of Medical Schools in China

Jilin University Dalian Medical University Xinjiang Medical University
Wenzhou Medical University China Medical University Zhejiang University
Huazhong University of Science & Technology Xian Jiaotong University Qingdao University
Beihua University Hebei University Sun Yat Sen University
Anhui Medical University Zhengzhou University Capital Medical University
Tianjin Medical University Shandong University Fudan University
Nanjing Medical University Jiangsu University Wuhan University
Southern Medical University Sichuan University Ningxia Medical University
Tongji University Shihezi University Southeast University
Nantong University Fujian Medical University Three Gorges University
Guangzhou University Kunming Medical University North Sichuan Medical College
Southwest Medical University Xiamen University  

Why choose Eklavya Overseas for MBBS in China?

We at Eklavya Overseas are one of the best record holder education consultants in India. We have a team of expert consultants who offer well-researched assistance and comprehensive counselling for you to make a bright career in the field of Medicine. Eklavya Overseas has several centers across the subcontinent, and each one follows the uniformly structured way of providing excellent results that ensure a satisfactory experience for our valuable clients. We at Eklavya Overseas have the experience and resources to ensure you get access to everything that you may require for an MBBS admission in one of the top global universities. Team Eklavya Overseas works with the applicants like a family and supports them at every step. Years of experience, a skilled and dedicated team and access to a multitude of resources have enabled us to assist hundreds of Indian students to get admission in the top medical colleges in the various European countries.

Advantages of consulting Eklavya Overseas

  1. A one-stop solution for all your international course consultation requirements
  2. 24x7 support services
  3. Transparent practices
  4. Experienced & skilled support staffs and counsellors
  5. Competitive consultation fee
  6. EMI available on Processing Fee
  7. History of successful MBBS admissions all over Europe
  8. Reliable & Reputed consultancy in the field of abroad studies
  9. Official partners for the renowned Universities in Abroad
  10. Tie up with the top universities of multiple European countries
  11. Friendly staff and affordable services
  12. Trusted and recommended by thousands who are already living their dream of getting a higher education abroad
  13. Highly trained and skilled team, dedicated to helping you reach your destination
  14. We strictly follow international standards and maintain a high quality of service
  15. We offer all the details regarding the MBBS admission in the various European and Asian Universities along with their Fee structure.


Ques.1 Where is Huazhong University of Science and Technology located?

Ans. Huazhong University of Science and Technology is located in Wuhan, China.

Ques.2 Why I should study at this University?

Ans. It is a prestigious University that has almost 40 schools and departments, covering 10 subject areas like philosophy, economics, law, education, engineering, medicine, among others.

Ques.3 Are teachers teaching there qualified?

Ans. Yes, all the MBBS course faculties are highly qualified. More than 1,600 scholars and experts visit the University to deliver lectures annually.

Ques.4 Do I need a valid TOEFL/IELTS scores to study MBBS in China?

Ans. It is not compulsory but you need to have a good knowledge of English as MBBS course is taught in English to the international MBBS students.

Ques.5 What to do after getting a letter of acceptance?

Ans. Congratulations, you’re in. Start packing your bags, get all your travel documents ready, apply for your student VISA, and you are all set to fly.

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Our proficient squad comprising of educational counsellor’s pledge to provide your admissions in some of the most renowned and globally recognized NMC acknowledged MBBS universities abroad using English as a medium of education and that too at low tuition fees. Isn’t it amazing?

We are just a call away. Apply Now and secure your academic seats abroad to pursue your MBBS degree. Pick the most appropriate academic destination abroad.

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