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Before making it to an overseas horizon for the purpose of higher learning and education, what you need is preparedness and planning. Mentoring and grooming are as important as tracking and tabbing of information. This is precisely where, Ekalavya Overseas, chips in with its domineering role-play. That’s because we are there to counsel, guide and groom you through. From catering to your needs for information to guiding you with invaluable chits and tips on the process of university selection; we are all set to undertake manifold responsibilities, so that you can accomplish what you have set out for.

Access factual details

We help you connect and communicate with a diverse array of facts, stats, information and figures-the ones that are likely to influence the procedural mode of your selection. Our website upholds an extensive array of links. You can log onto, to go through the manifold array of options. Possibilities, admission procedures and informational details about different programs of study that have been put across. Obviously, selections schemes of universities based in Germany will differ from that pertinent to UK, USA and France.

Particulars about higher education

You can go through the in depth outlay of procedures relevant in Russia, USA, Canada, UK, Germany in addition to several other overseas countries. For example- if Germany features on your list of priorities, you can see through the possibilities, options and chances that there are in the offering. For studying in Germany, you have to enroll yourself for an undergraduate program and you are expected to go through a year long bridge program. The said program intends on bridging the difference of a year, that’s because as per the Indian system of learning, school education is of twelve years. But similar is not true in Germany, where school education continues over a period of thirteen years. Similar will be case with many other countries. Thus, as an aspirant of undergraduate courses, you can fall back on any one of the following options. First, you can join an undergraduate program after completing your 12th studies based in India. At least, you can complete a year long study before applying for admissions overseas. Secondly, you are always in with the option for going through the program on bridging. Thirdly, by clearing certain entrance examinations, you can validate your exposure to thirteen years of school education.

Postgraduate Courses

For admission to postgraduate programs on learning, you are expected to fulfill the following conditions. It is to be borne in mind that eligibility criterions and schemes of selection vary from course to course. In order to qualify for management programs, GMAT score is mandatory. For enrolment in courses on engineering, GRE clearance is necessary. Overcoming the bars of TOEFL/IELTS is imperative for selecting programs which use English as a medium of communication. In addition to courses on medicine, management, engineering and software studies; the universities overseas also facilitate higher education in fashion designing, politics, construction and subjects such as chemistry and mathematics. Ekalavya Overseas with its comprehensive analysis and objective reviews helps shape your perspectives and orientation.

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