Why Study MBBS in Ukraine?

There are 3 types of universities for MBBS in Ukraine; national, state and private. National universities for MBBS in Ukraine are funded and supported by the Ukrainian government and have very good infrastructure along with intensive research and development modules. More to that, MBBS in Ukraine offers Nominal Tuition fees to international students looking for MBBS in Ukraine, which are sometimes 1/10 of the fee you are paying in India to pursue MBBS. Ukraine offers English as a medium of education. All the faculty and staff have a good hand in English making it easier for Indian students to understand and perform. Another important reason to study MBBS in Ukraine is that Ukraine has no corruption at all. Universities don’t ask for donations and you do not need and agent who will charge you for taking admissions in MBBS universities. But the most important thing that a student considers before getting a higher education is the education standards in the host country. Best teacher: student ratio, high standard of curriculum and attention to each student makes Ukraine one of the best places to study. Last but not the least, the country has a good number of Indians to make you feel comfortable but it is not yet overcrowded like all of the other universities and cities. Considering all the factors, Ukraine is considered to be a good and inexpensive place to study MBBS in Ukraine .

What’s in Ukraine?

After gaining independence from the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, this Europe's second largest country, Ukraine is a land of fertile agricultural plains with an extensive financial wealth of heavy industry in the east. Whilst Ukraine and Russia share common historical backgrounds, the west of the country is more indulged with its European neighbours. A noteworthy population in the country uses Russian as its first language, particularly in the urbanised part of the country. Ukraine is a much less expensive place to visit and live.

Being the country of agricultural land just likes India, food is plentiful and relatively cheap because of very rich organic soil, vegetables and fruits are high quality and a real bargain here. However, a variety of food is limited as compared to Europe. Similarly, local Transportation is an inexpensive way to travel in Ukraine. You may travel anywhere in Ukraine using local transport in about 6 Ukrainian Hryvnia which is around 15 Indian rupees.

Medical care for the citizen is free in Ukraine. However, they need to pay for the medications only. If you have a good hand on the English language, you’ll get a lot of students seeking to learn English on the monthly paying basis. Money transfer service and currency exchangers are easy to find in Ukraine and the outlets are increasing rapidly. If you like to save money in the bank account in Ukraine, unlike India where you get only 4% per annum interest on Bank savings, here firmly established banks pay 12.5% interest on local currency. If you are a shopping freak and loves to go out on shopping during free time, Ukraine has a lot to offer in terms of a number of supermarkets, shopping malls and local street markets which are far cheaper than earlier options.

Why Study in Ukraine?

The Ukrainian government makes sure that a Ukrainian Medical University will be able to offer as much free education as it can and has proved to be highly successful because of the high literacy rate in the country. The libraries tend to give out free books to students pursuing higher education in Ukraine. Consequently, there is nothing to worry about not being able to pay for their child's school supplies. Moreover, the students are offered scholarships in higher education right away to be able to reduce tuition fee. Studying MBBS in Ukraine is an added incentive for those study abroad seekers who were looking for a country that will provide the best international educational at the most affordable price. Indian students who are looking forward to study MBBS in Ukraine are at much ease as higher education institutions are either government subsidised or privately owned which means that the government will help you in attaining your higher education after you reach your college years.

Are You Eligible to Study MBBS in Ukraine?

It is quite easy to get admission to study medicine in the best medical university in Ukraine. Students do not need to appear for any entrance or pre-qualifying exams to study MBBS in Ukraine. On top of that, the requirements to study medicine in Ukraine are much lower than other countries. You only need 50% marks in physics, chemistry and biology and basic knowledge of English to study MBBS in Ukraine and to get admission in top Ukrainian medical universities.

Eligibility to Study MBBS in Ukraine

Study MBBS Ukraine

Admission Procedure to Study MBBS in Ukraine!

Admission MBBS in Ukraine

Are You Eligible for a Scholarship in Ukraine?

All the Universities in Ukraine are Government Universities and their tuition fees are very low and subsidised up to 40%, even for Indian students Persuing MBBS in Ukraine. Consequently, complete scholarship or free education is not provided by any Ukrainian Medical Universities. However, Ukrainian medical study centre offers financial aid to the bright foreign to study MBBS in Ukraine. Universities furnish its best students with annual scholarships from the second year of their study. The scholarships vary from students to students and are based on the merit of the student.

MBBS in Ukraine is totally based on the self-funding concept and a student can work part-time or full-time during holidays to finance the studies as the education is literally very cheap in Ukraine. Speak to our skilled education counsellors to get free information on scholarships to study in Ukraine.

Visa Requirements to Study MBBS in Ukraine!

The Visa invitation for MBBS in Ukraine is an official document that confirms that the student is admitted to a particular University mentioned and processed by the Department of passport & visa services of the Ministry of External Affairs of Ukraine. This invitation is required to stamp the Ukrainian Student Visa on your passport. Normally, it takes 10 days for the Visa invitation to be processed and the invitation is valid for 90 days from the date of issue. Within that time period, you need to apply for a Student Visa to the Ukrainian Embassy.

Documents Requirement for Ukrainian Student Visa

MBBS in Ukraine

There are some other documents as well like Sponsorship Letter from the guardian who is going to bear the living and studying expenses of the students, Bank Statement to confirm financial ability and 8 Passport size recent photos of the applicant. Speak to Eklavya’s expert visa counsellors and ex-visa officers to know about all the formalities and documentations before you apply for student’s visa of Ukraine.

Travel Arrangements for Ukraine

Eklavya Overseas arranges the travel of Indian students who are heading to Ukraine for the purpose of attaining higher education. We provide a complete checklist required while making the travel arrangements. Once you are ready to travel to Ukraine you should ensure that you have all the necessary documents like Invitation Letter from the University, passport with a stamped valid Visa, travel ticket, medical documents, original academic documents, and adequate money. Airlines allow a maximum of 20-25 kg of luggage to be carried free of cost. All excess luggages have to be paid on per Kilogram basis and may prove to be expensive. Our travel planners help students in recommending the necessary things that are required and things will are not easily available in Ukraine. It is recommended to carry with you some of the warm wear like coats, boots, cap, gloves; scarf as being closest to Russia, Ukraine is a cold place too. Rest of the heavy winter clothing and shoes can be purchased in Ukraine as they are cheaper there and made up with better quality than what is available in India.

City Travel in Ukraine

Once you arrive at any of the international airports in Ukraine, you have numerous options to reach to your accommodation and university. You can hire a taxi, bus, trolleybuses, trams or any shuttle service which are the most affordable city transports in Ukraine. And if you plan to travel a little further during your stay to see other places, there are also international railway connections with UK, Bulgaria, Slovak, Check, Germany and Poland. Alongside, International bus routes are available for Great Britain, France, Poland, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany. If you are a student with a sailor’s heart then you can also get here from Turkey through waters.

Ukraine incorporates a very well developed transportation system furnishing you no problem in travelling to any part of the country through their large bus and train networks. You can buy train tickets at the railway station directly on the day of travel. Even for air travel within the country, you can purchase tickets from the local counters.

Accommodation in Ukraine While Studying

Study MBBS in Ukraine

If you are worried about your housing option at arrival in Ukraine, Eklavya Overseas provides free guidance and assistance on students housing in Ukraine. For more information about accommodations, speak to our proficient accommodation professionals.

Living in Ukraine?

You’re going to be in Ukraine for a few years until you finish your MBBS in Ukraine, you’ll experience learning about new cultures, languages and religions apart from regular academic syllabus. Life may be very different from your home country. It’s crucial that you know about laws, security, and health care in Ukraine.

Adjusting to a new Ukrainian culture and their way of life can be both exciting and challenging. During times of difficulty, just remind yourself that cultural differences and new adventures are the reason we all love to travel, to experience the unknown!

If you have any problems or questions while you are studying in Ukraine, you can always contact the university administration and/or us. We’re here to help you during our regular business hours. Give us a call; let us know how you’re doing.

Activities for study MBBS in Ukraine

Ukraine is full of mountains, lakes, snow and some streams. Adventure sports like Snow Skiing is available at a very reasonable cost. No fishing licenses are required. Good Trout Fishing is available near Sevastopol. Planning a trip in neighbouring areas to enjoy a variety of amusements and adventure sports is always a great idea. During weekends plan a city tour with some mates of your college. During summer you may enjoy water transport, which will be quite comfortable: on the Dnieper river or by the Black sea.

Jobs While Studying MBBS in Ukraine

If you are very hard working, it is not at all tough to cover your living expenses, as they are very less in Ukraine. Living expenses can be covered by doing part time work on the internet or by teaching English to the pupils in Ukraine. You just need to have an adequate knowledge to get some kind of part-time work which does not harm your studies. The other thing is that you can go during summer to other countries like the USA, the UK or some other neighbouring countries to get some full-time jobs.

Facts about Ukraine

Study MBBS in Ukraine
  1. MBBS in Bukovinian State Medical University
  2. MBBS in Crimea State Medical Institute
  3. MBBS in Danylo Halytski Lviv State Medical University
  4. MBBS in Danylo Halytsky Lviv National Medical University
  5. MBBS in Dnipropetrovsk State Medical Academy
  6. MBBS in Donetsk State Medical University
  7. MBBS in Gorky’s Donetsk State Medical University
  8. MBBS in I.Horbachevsky Ternopil State Medical University
  9. MBBS in International Academy of Ecology & Medicine, Kharkivske, Ukraine
  10. MBBS in Ivano-Frankivsk National Medical University
  11. MBBS in Kharkiv National Medical University
  12. MBBS in Kharkiv National University
  13. MBBS in Kharkiv State Medical University
  14. MBBS in Kyiv Medical University of UAFM, Kyiv
  15. MBBS in Lugansk State Medical University
  16. MBBS in M. Gorky Donetsk National Medical University
  17. MBBS in M. Gorky Donetsk State Medical University
  18. MBBS in National Pirogov Memorial Medical University,Vinnytsya
  19. MBBS in O.O. Bogomolets National Medical University
  20. MBBS in Odessa National Medical University
  21. MBBS in Odessa State Medical University
  22. MBBS in Sumy State University, Sumy
  23. MBBS in Ternopil State Medical University
  24. MBBS in Uzhhorod National University, Ukraine
  25. MBBS in V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University
  26. MBBS in Vinnitsa State Pirogov Memorial Medical University
  27. MBBS in Zaporozhye State Medical University

Source Link :- https://mciindia.org/ActivitiWebClient/informationdesk/forStudentstoStudyAbroad

Career After MBBS in Ukraine

Once you complete the Medical Degree in Ukraine, you have to appear for a "Screening test" conducted by the National Board of Education (NBE), New Delhi. The test is conducted twice a year, usually on last Saturday / Sunday of September and March. Once you crack the exam, your documents are filed with the MCI and a Registration Number will be provided to you that make you legally entitled to practice as a medical professional in India.

This Screening Test can be attempted any number of times. Eklavya also arranges for study material and coaching for the screening test if required. Once the candidate is registered with the MCI, he/she is also eligible to apply to the Govt. or Private sector for jobs as he/she is now recognised by the Medical Council of India, to practice in India.


Q.1) What is the duration of the program in Ukraine?

The duration varies between 2 - 6 years depending upon the courses of study.

Q.2) What is the medium of instruction in Ukraine?

The medium of instruction is ‘ENGLISH’.

Q.3) Do we need to qualify any English test like IELTS or TOEFL for seeking admission into Ukrainian University?

No, it is not mandatory, but there are educational support programs available for those who need extra help in areas such as ESL or who have learning disorders.

Q.4) Can we apply for the Work Permit after completion of the program?

Yes, you can apply for the Work Permit. Universities itself provides job placement in Ukraine and other western countries.

Q.5) Can we apply for Permanent Residence and Citizenship after MBBS in Ukraine?

Yes, you can apply but after 2 years of regular stay in Ukraine as per Ukrainian Law.

Q.6) is MBBS in Ukraine degrees valued globally?

Yes, they are valued and recognised globally.

Q.7) Can we pay the tuition fee in instalments during MBBS in Ukraine?

Yes, you can pay the fee in instalments.

Q.8) Can we travel to any other country while studying MBBS in Ukraine? Which countries, when and for how long?

Yes, you can travel to other countries like UK, Germany, Sweden, Italy, France, Poland, etc. during summer and winter vacations only.

Q.9) How can Eklavya Overseas helps me for MBBS in Ukraine?

Eklavya Overseas incorporates proficient and experienced study abroad counsellors and other support advisors who can assist you in the admission process, Visa counselling, Scholarship opportunities, travel arrangements and accommodations in the host country. Alongside, our expert counsellors also assist you in screening tests and advise you on career opportunities. You can speak to our advisors to receive free detailing on the study abroad options.

Study MBBS in Ukraine is a great choice for Indian students looking at affordable study courses abroad. The largest country in Europe, Ukraine gained independence in 1991 and was facing deep political and financial trouble. However, strong governance and able administration helped the nation to recover soon. Ukraine soon developed into a strong economy and focused on education among other sectors. MBBS in Ukraine for Indian students is very beneficial considering the future prospects that come along with it and also the low living expense and tuition fees. The medical colleges of Ukraine are all mostly MCI and WHO approved especially the ones we would refer you to. Besides, these have high ranking in the global list of medical colleges making them an ideal choice for any aspiring medical student.

Kiev, Kharkiv and Donetsk are cities with the best MBBS colleges in Ukraine. Some of the most well known colleges here include Kiev International University, Kiev Medical University, Bogomolets National Medical University, Kharkiv National Medical University, V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University, Odessa National Medical University, Donetsk National Medical University, Sumy State University, Ukrainian Medical Dental Academy and Ivano Frankivsk National Medical University. Not only are the tuition fee in these colleges low but they also have a high standard of education. The teachers and lecturers for MBBS in Ukraine are carefully selected and only those with good qualification and experience are chosen. There are no admission tests for admission to MBBS courses in Ukraine and thus the admission procedure is simple. Students don’t have to pay any donation of any sort either. Being a part of the Bologna process also helps as there is a certain quality check over the standard of education being imparted in these colleges of Ukraine. MBBS in Ukraine reviews are mostly great since these universities enjoy recognition from global bodies such as WHO, FAIMER, IMED, MCI and are also listed in the AVICENNA Directory of Medicine.


MBBS in Kiev International University 6134 USD 28,500 (INR 18,52,000 approx.)
MBBS in Kiev Medical University 6221 USD 29,800 (INR 19,37,000 approx.)
MBBS in Bogomolets National Medical University 5404 USD 34,300 (INR 22,29,500 approx.)
MBBS in Kharkiv National Medical University 8789 USD 31,300 (INR 20,34,000 approx.)
MBBS in V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University 7361 USD 30,000 (INR 19,50,000 approx.)
MBBS in Odessa National Medical University 7248 USD 27,600 (INR 17,94,000 approx.)
MBBS in Donetsk National Medical University 6509 USD 30,200 (INR 19,63,000 approx.)
MBBS in Sumy State University 2926 USD 32,600 (INR 21,19,000 approx.)
MBBS in Ukrainian Medical Dental University 7691 USD 35,600 (INR 23,14,000 approx.)
MBBS in Ivano Frankivsk National Medical University 8188 USD 28,400 (INR 18,85,000 approx.)

After MBBS from Ukraine, students can apply for international competitive examinations such as MCI Screening Test, USMLE(USA), PLAB(UK) and more. Teachers here guide the students for the above. Students of MBBS in Ukraine can also apply for higher education within the country as almost all the universities here have scope for Master degree courses and Phd. They can also opt for professional courses in Ukraine which are offered at much lower costs as compared to other European countries. Language is never a barrier when it comes to studying medicine in Ukraine as English is the medium of instruction and it can be used to communicate with other students and teachers. These universities have a long history of welcoming Indian students in Ukraine, thus they are well prepared in all aspects. These colleges and universities have hostels with all modern facilities which ensure comfort. Students can also take advantage of the vast libraries in these institutes to study in depth about their subject. Studying MBBS in Ukraine is also beneficial in terms of international exposure – regular conferences and seminars are organized where globally recognized doctors, experts and specialists come to share their knowledge. Practical training is also top notch in these universities.

Study MBBS in Ukraine is also hassle free for Indian students as the climate here is never extreme – the country is also a traveler’s delight so they can explore during their holidays. The culture here is vibrant and full of interesting features which attracts all newcomers. All applicants have to do is fill up the application form, submit the admission and processing fee, apply for visa, get clearance from the Ukrainian embassy and they are ready to go to Ukraine for studying medicine. One shouldn’t be worried about the low cost of education in Ukraine as that does not affect the standard of education. MBBS courses in Ukraine are hailed globally due to their quality and the sincerity with which they are delivered. Students of MBBS courses in Ukraine are also blessed to have some of the best practical training facilities in the world which ensures they are able to adjust to a tough practical world later on.

MBBS in Ukraine

MBBS in Ukraine : Discover the experience of study MBBS in Ukraine for Indian students, Wide range of state-of-the-art technologies along with best faculty provide the students with quality education. The young apprentices get attracted towards the efficient and modern education system in top Universities.

PG in Ukraine

The Ukraine Education System (higher level) is one of the most recognized education systems in the world. It is an honor for the students to complete their PG education in Ukraine. The PG courses at Ukraine Universities promises the students with a prosperous future by earning a lot.

Engineering in Ukraine

The young learners get an opportunity to experience the advanced and professional teaching by the expert faculty members. The Ukraine Universities offer very efficient engineering courses along with the promise of building a successful future for the young scholars.

About Ukraine

Located in Eastern Europe, Ukraine is the largest country within the continent. It has Russia on its east, Poland, Slovakia and Hungary on the west, Black Sea and Sea of Azov to the south and southeast and Romania and Moldova to the southwest. Ukraine became independent in 1991 with the fall of the Soviet Union. The change in economy and political structure from the Soviet Union to an independent country made lives of the common people very difficult in the initial years but soon, Ukraine coped with the change and emerged as a successful economy and a prosperous country. Culture in Ukraine is greatly influenced by Christianity and the culture of its neighboring countries.

Benefits of Studying Mbbs in Ukraine

  • MBBS in Abroad in Low Tuition Fees
  • Mbbs in Ukraine follows a high standard of education and teachers here are all highly qualified.
  • No admission test is required for MBBS in Ukraine in most of the colleges and universities of the country. The admission process is very simple.
  • Ukraine is a part of the Bologna Process thus ensuring a certain standard of education, control over quality and advisory councils for supervision during MBBS in Ukraine.
  • World ranking of Ukrainian universities is high in almost every field.
  • Almost all universities of Ukraine are recognized by international bodies and organizations such as WHO also known as AVICENNA Directory for Medicine, IMED International Medical Education Directory of FAIMER, UNESCO and AMEE.
  • The students after the completion of MBBS in Ukraine are permitted to apply for International Licensing exams like USMLE (USA), PLAB (UK), MCI Screening Test as well as other licensing exams taking place throughout the world.
  • Scope of research and detailed study in the chosen subject area is vast in Ukraine.
  • Almost all universities of Ukraine have scope for studying post- graduation and PhD thus allowing students to smoothly move from one level to the other.
  • Guest lecturers and visiting professors of Ukrainian universities include globally acclaimed teachers and working professionals who are able to share their vast experience with the young minds.
  • Many professional courses such as medicine is offered at much lower costs in the universities of Ukraine as compared to anywhere else in Europe.
  • Cost of living is also low in Ukraine. A student with a mediocre lifestyle can survive by spending around 100USD – 200 USD a month.
  • The medium of instruction is English in most courses and thus students do not need to learn a new language for admission into the colleges of Ukraine.
  • The Ukrainian method of teaching is at par with that of the rest of the world and thus students find acceptance in fields of work as well as places of higher education elsewhere.
  • The climate of Ukraine is moderate throughout the year thus making life comfortable.
  • Ukraine has signed a bilateral student agreement with countries such as Finland, Sweden, Czech Republic and others thus making it easier for students to shift and to study MBBS in Europe.
  • A vast country with a variety of landscapes and vibrant culture, Ukraine is an attractive destination for those interested in travelling. Students can thus make the most of their holidays by exploring the country they gave chosen to study in.

Our Services

  • Getting admission letter from the university
  • Payment of Visa fees to the Embassy
  • Arranging air ticket from Delhi to Kiev
  • Arranging road transportation from airport to the university
  • Providing Indian meal on arrival and providing students the opportunity to connect to their parents through phone
  • Arranging for accommodation

Admission Process

  • Fill in application form by visiting the university website or download from the site and fill it up
  • Submit along with copy of international passport, copy of school leaving certificate, filled up application form, and the registration amount of 425 USD (approx.) for covering charges of invitation letter, courier and bank processing
  • Send all documents through e-mail or courier and wait for the invitation letter
  • Apply for visa on receipt of invitation letter
  • Contact Ukraine Embassy with original copy of invitation letter, original passport, higher secondary/bachelor degree/master degree completion certificate (depending on which degree one is applying for), birth certificate translated to Ukrainian, medical certificate to stand proof of mental and physical fitness and that the applicant is devoid of the HIV virus, sponsorship letter from guardian and bank statement to stand proof for it, passport size photos
  • Wait for receipt of visa and then arrange for departure
mbbs admission in ukraine

Mbbs in Ukraine - medical and Engineering Education

Medical Education

Ukraine is surrounded by several countries like Russia, Hungary, Romania, Poland, Slovakia and Moldova and it is the second largest in the continent of Europe. This country has always been very welcoming in welcoming the tourists from other countries, businessmen...
Mbbs in Ukraine - Travel and tourism in Ukraine

Travel and Tourism

The people in Ukraine have always been very friendly as well as welcoming. Thereare several places to visit in Ukraine and it attracts about 20 million tourists every year. Most of the tourists that visit Ukraine come from Eastern as well as Western Europe. However there...
Mbbs in Ukraine - Ukrainian Traditions and Culture

Traditions and Culture

The country is a flat and broad land similar to Kansas in the United States of America. Ukraine has been a crossroads for a long time running between Arabia, the Orient and Europe and the advanced Ukrainian Rus has attained a concrete admixture of Arabic and Asiatic....
Mbbs in Ukraine - Major Cities of Ukraine

Major Cities

Visit the country of Ukraine and explore the authenticity of a flawless combination of the Soviet and the Slavic culture with advanced and state of the art cultures and structures. Not all cities of the country but a few are very popular. The three most popular cities...

Ukraine is one of top countries of Europe in terms of its ability to provide quality education in the field of medicine. The medium of instruction is English and the degrees provided are acknowledged by all universities of Europe as well as the U.S.A, Canada and elsewhere in the world. The MBBS degree obtained from Ukrainian universities is also approved by international organisations such as UNESCO, WHO, MCI, PLAB (UK), ECFMG, USMLE (USA), MCC, and various others. Studying medicine at the universities of Ukraine is also much affordable as compared to others. Here are the fee structures of the leading medical schools of the country:

Kiev International University, MBBS in Ukraine, Eklavya Overseas

Kiev International University

The Kyiv International University is a private university located in Kyiv. Until 2002 the university was called the International Institute of Linguistics and Law. The university has various disciplines and faculties of study among which are: Medical and Pharmaceutical Faculty, Stomatological Faculty, Institute of International Relations, Institute of Journalism, Institute of...
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Kiev Medical University, MBBS in Ukraine, Eklavya Overseas

Kiev Medical University

The Kiev Medical University was established in the year 1992. It is one of Ukraine’s finest higher education institutions and has produced over 10000 of the world’s finest medical professionals International Medical Education Directory, Education Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates, Medical Council of Canada...
Click here to Know About Kiev Medical University

Bogomolets National Medical University, MBBS in Ukraine, Eklavya Overseas

Bogomolets National Medical University

Founded in 1841, this higher medical institution is located in Kyiv, Ukraine. It is named after renowned physiologist Alexander Bogomolets. The university provides medical learning and education to over 10000 students among which around 13 per cent are foreigners. The faculty of the university is also 1200 strong giving the university a high student: teacher ratio...
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Kharkiv National Medical University, MBBS in Ukraine, Eklavya Overseas

Kharkiv National Medical University

The Kharkiv national medical university is a medical university located in Kharkiv. It was earlier known as the Kharkiv State Medical University. The university was founded in the year 1805, and it was established under the sanction of Alexander the First, the then Tsar of Russia. The university is also decorated with a medical museum which has fine specimens of medical advancement over the ages...
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V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University, MBBS in Ukraine, Eklavya Overseas

V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University

The Vasyl Karazin Kharkiv National University is one of the most prestigious universities of Ukraine, erstwhile Russia, and Soviet Union. It is the second oldest university in modern Ukraine and was founded in 1804 by Vasily Karazin, a renowned Russian intellectual. The university has three Nobel Laureates. Elie Metchnikoff, Lev Landau & Simon Kuznets...
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Odessa National Medical University, MBBS in Ukraine, Eklavya Overseas

Odessa National Medical University

Established in the 1990, it was known as the Medical Faculty of the Novorissyskiy State University. It soon gained popularity as one of the best universities in the Russian Empire. Nobel Laureate I.I. Mechnikov also worked here. In the year 1922 the university was deemed an independent and autonomous unit under the Soviet Rule in Russia at that time. The university today is the member of...
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Donetsk National Medical University, MBBS in Ukraine, Eklavya Overseas

Donetsk National Medical University

The Donetsk National Medical University of Maxim Gorky is one of the principle medical universities in erstwhile USSR. Due to war, the university is now located at Kirovograd City and it is one of the best Ukrainian medical universities. The university was founded in the year 1930. It gained university and national university status in 1994 and 2007 respectively...
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Sumy State University, MBBS in Ukraine, Eklavya Overseas

Sumy State University

Located in the historic Sloboda’s Sumy Oblast region in Ukraine, the Sumy State University is one of the finest Ukrainian Universities of Medical Science. In 2012, it was ranked 6th best Ukrainian university on the internet. The medical institute of the Sumy State University has the following departments: General Medicine, Dentistry & Preventive Medicine...
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Ukrainian Medical Dental University, MBBS in Ukraine, Eklavya Overseas

Ukrainian Medical Dental University

The Poltava State Medical and Dental Academy or Ukrainian Medical and Stomatological Academy is a state medical school located in Poltava, Ukraine. The academy was established in 1921 by the Odontologic Faculty of Kharkiv Medical Academy. In 1967, the academy transferred to Poltava and became the Poltava Ukrainian Medical and Stomatological Academy. In 1994, the academy got the status of state...
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Ivano Frankivsk National Medical University, MBBS in Ukraine, Eklavya Overseas

Ivano Frankivsk National Medical University

The Ivano Frankivsk National Medical University is a Ukrainian higher education institution located in Ivano Frankivsk. The university is the flag bearer of higher education in Ukraine's Ivano City. Established in the year 1945, the university is recognised by renowned world medical organisations such as the World Health Organisation and FAIMER (USA), and International Medical Education Directory....
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