Travel Assistance

We, at Eklavya Overseas, understand the importance of making available the advantage of Travel Assistance that can benefit you in the right way. It is by means of offering this kind of service that we are able to bring real value to your life. If you are travelling for education purposes, we are always a step ahead in offering you with the advantage of travel assistance benefits.

Travel Assistance Services

The travel assistance services that we make available for your advantage begins prior to commencing and continues till you reach your universities/educational institutions. Our company ensures that not only you receive financial coverage but also benefit from various other services once you are away from your residence. There is a list of travel assistance service, which we make available for your advantage. A few among many of the advantages you can expect to enjoy after you have contacted us include; inoculation information, ATM locator, travel document assistance, and currency conversion.

Handle Emergency Situations

Apart from the above-mentioned types of assistances, we will also offer you with telephone interpretation assistance services and present day travel delay reports, as well. Considering the fact that students can face emergency situations at any point of the time when studying abroad, we, Eklavya Overseas, make available the benefit of an urgent message sent to business associates/family members and friends. The travel assistance services that we, Eklavya Overseas, make available for our students interested in studying abroad also include- rental vehicle return and missed connections coordination.

All Round Assistance

In fact, we, at Eklavya Overseas, stay prepared in offering you with the advantage of travel assistance programs on a 24*7 hourly basis. We are a firm believer of the fact that the assistance services that we extend for all concerned students can indeed qualify as the ideal solution for one and all concerned. The travel assistance covers pre-departure, mid-trip and post-travel services. Also, we make it a point to ensure that end-to-end services are also made available for your advantage so that you face minimum difficulty while travelling abroad, in order, to meet your educational purposes. The pre-departure travel assistance services ensure that you stay abreast about travel insurance, travel health and tips pertaining to businesses/individuals.

In the mid-trip travel assistance services, we, Eklavya Overseas, will offer the desired degree of assistance relating to lost document replacement, emergency care coordination and travel arrangements. We will also extend our assistance services, in order, to guarantee that you are able to maintain the desired degree of communication in the event of an emergency situation. Our team of professionals also guarantees that you are able to benefit from one-on-one emergency follow-up situations too. Since, you are able to enjoy the benefit of 24*7 access to multilingual and secure contact centers, there is hardly any reason to worry about the availability of assistance services as and when required. Our managed care approach guarantees that you are able to avail the advantage of superior-quality care services as and when required. We are at a constant effort, in order, to offer you with the benefit of assistance programs suiting your requirement.

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