Scholarship Guidance

We, at Eklavya Overseas, make available for your benefit financial aid fee waivers based on your merit and performance. Aspirants boasting of strong academics and extra-curricular activities can certainly benefit in the ultimate manner by seeking advantage of similar types of financial assistance. In order to be able to benefit from the scholarships that we make available for your advantage, you are supposed to fulfill certain eligibility criteria.

Consider Reapplying

A few among many of the criteria you are supposed to fulfill includes; good moral standing, no criminal record, minimum B class average and domestic citizenship. The scholarship program that we, at Eklavya Overseas, make available is awarded for one academic year. The availability of scholarship that we make available for your advantage has been offered for every single academic period pertaining to the same year. In order to enjoy the uninterrupted facility of scholarships, you also must re-apply prior to the completion of every single academic year. The same also ensures that the eligibility criteria are met such that the program remains competitive.

Support Services Offered

If you avail the benefit of the Scholarship guidance programs offered, you will come to know that availability of similar types of programs does not preclude you from benefitting from the other types of financial support services that are offered. Our team of scholarship guidance professionals, does play a critical role in helping you understand that it is important to notify your college/university authorities if, in case, there is a change in your study session of your study program.

Know Different Parameters

We, at Eklavya Overseas, offer you with the right kind of Scholarship guidance facilities by letting you know about the adverse events that can hold a significant impact on your chances of benefiting from scholarships. Any of the above-mentioned cases must be notified to your University/education institute authorities as they can hold an impact on your chances of benefiting from the different types of scholarship facilities that are made available for one and all concerned. In fact, our team of scholarship guidance professionals will let you know about the many parameters so as to avail the advantages of the right kind of scholarship facilities.

The different areas that our team of guidance experts will assist you include; shortlisting the facility, know eligibility, selection criteria and routes regarding applying for scholarships as well as the wider range of benefits that remain associated with them. Our team of experts will make sure that before you send your application for availing the advantage of scholarship, it is important to go through the terms and conditions that are mentioned. The fact that the terms and conditions are subject to change on a regular basis stands as one of the reasons that we believe that it is important to notify students regarding the same.

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