Volgograd State Medical University

Overview and International Recognitions

Volgograd State Medical University (VoISMU) was established in 1935, in the several centuries old city of Volgograd, Russia. It is a fully licensed institution for higher education in health care studies. The Public University has emerged as a hub for comprehensive healthcare education, medical practice, research and development. In Russia, the University is ranked at 5th position in Medical Studies.The college has the privilege to enroll, undergraduate and postgraduate students, from over 50 countries. The scrupulously planned syllabus, for undergraduate and postgraduate medical studies, is recognized by WHO (World Health Organization), MCI (Medical Council of India), USMLE (Unites States Medical Licensing Examination), HPCSA (Health Professions Council of South Africa), SCHS (Saudi Commission for Health Specialties), and BMC (British Medical Council) etc.

Duration of Course and Teaching Medium

Admission to the undergraduate medical program is on the basis of first come first served structure. The course duration for the Bachelor’s Degree in Medicine and Surgery is for 6 years inclusive of one year’s internship period, in the University-affiliated hospitals.Learning Russian language can be advantageous to the students for better interaction with the patients. Even though the classes are conducted in English, Russian is the most widely spoken language, in the country. Hence, acquiring efficiency, in understanding and speaking the language, will be beneficialfor international students. A mandatory Russian language course is conducted in the university for students pursuing MBBS in English.

Tuition Fee and Cost of Living

The tuition fees do not incorporate any kind of donation. The charge, for the 6 years’undergraduate program, inclusive of one year’s internship period, isbetween $3,000 and $4,000 per year.Approximate cost of living ranges between $50 and $150 per month. On an average, accommodation expense is at $350 per year. Annual Mandatory Medical Insurance charge is $150. Depending on your choice of dining, expenses can vary from $75 to $500 per month. Sufficient financial arrangementsshould be made for various expenditures like,bedding charges, physical examination, books, stationery, telecommunications, transportation, entertainment etc.

Basic Facilities, Part-Time Job Opportunities, Internships

VoISMU-affiliated hospitals, laboratories and scientific research centers include various high-end specialized instruments and scientific research and developmental facilities. The university imparts meticulously planned professional education with best of the infrastructures available across the globe. The course curriculum includes a detailed study and practical training program with concentration on research and scientific innovative developments. Basic facilities include state-of-the-art libraries, museums, auditoriums, lecture halls, sports complex, cafeteria, and gymnasium, etc.One year mandatory internship must be done at any of the 15 university-affiliated hospitals.Since the medical students will be in Russia with a student visa, they cannot pursue any part-time jobs.

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