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The terms and conditions that feature in the website primarily reflect the custom that needs to be adhered to by a majority of all the independent schools. The sole motive behind the imposition of the terms and conditions is to promote a true sense of welfare and education among the fraternity of all students. Also, it is by means of the imposition of the terms and conditions that appropriate resourcing and development of the school can take place. We want to make it clear that the website and prospectus are not considered to be any type of contractual documents. Prior you consider making up your mind as whether to accept the offer or not, it is important for both students and parents to go through the Parent and Student Handbook. As a parent, you can expect to enjoy the opportunity/scope so as to be able to verify any of the documents that are mentioned in the terms and conditions. You are debarred from using our website if you are not willing to abide by the terms and conditions that feature in our website. In this respect, it needs to be made clear that we enjoy the right to terminate making using of similar types of services without providing you with any type of prior intimidation. By, going through the terms and conditions, it will be possible for you to determine as to whether the consulting services can match your purpose in the right manner. We are making it a point to take into account all types of measures so that you can benefit from a superb experience.

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