Saint Petersburg State University

Saint Petersburg State University is one of the largest and oldest universities in Russia. It is located in the city of Saint Petersburg. The name of the city has undergone many changes over the years. The university was situated in 1724.The university is recognized by the World Health Organization, and it appears in the list of universities in World Federation of Medical Education.The Medical Council of India also recognizes this course and students are permitted to appear for the screening test in India after pursuing a degree from this university.

Duration of the Course

Students are awarded MD after completion of the undergraduate program, which is equivalent to MBBS awarded by the Indian institutes. Academic year commences in the first day of September each year and this year is segregated into two semesters. Duration of the MD courses in general medicine is of six years. Post graduate courses are of duration three years. There are different faculties like general medicine, pediatrics, sports medicine and dentistry. Under the ambit of the postgraduate studies, students need to go through clinical residency program, and they can specialize in therapies, surgery and dentistry. Duration of this course is of there years. There is also a provision of a doctoral degree of duration three years, depending upon the specialization they have opted for.

Preparatory Course Also Offered

Both English and Russian are used as the medium of instruction in these courses. Indian students can opt to study in either of the two languages. If students want to pursue the course in Russian, then they have to go through a preparatory course, which prepares students in the language as well that are taught the fundamentals of Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Students who pursu7e their courses in Russian have to study a year extra due to this course.

Fees Structure and Facilities

Medical courses in Russia are known for their competitive fee structure. On an average, students need to paya tuition fee that ranges in between US $ 4325 to US $ 5715. They also need to pay annual charges for hostel accommodation, which is about US $ 775 and also a mandatory fee of medical insurance, to be paid at the beginning of the academic year that amounts to US $ 170. Students are provided with accommodation facilities that follow international standard. They can also avail different sports facilities, fitness training camps and other recreational facilities during the duration of their course. There is also a well-stocked library attached to the medical school and students can avail it easily.

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