Russia Travel Tips

A Guideline To Russia Travel Tips

Russia covers over one-eighth inhabited land area of the Earth’s surface and is the largest country in the world. Though Russia is geographically distributed in Europe and Asia, European cultural influence is prominent in the country. The wide array of geographical diversities, wildlife, historical buildings, enigmatic heritage, rich culture and diverse landscapes, make Russia unique in terms of travel. Hence Russia travel tips become integral to anyone, who intends to visit the place. The beauty of travel also brings with it knowing and applying various international and country-specific rules and regulations. International students, living and studying in Russia, also needs to be aware of the basic ground rules set by the country.

Rules for Visa

Russia has offered to issue a “visa-free” regime for all visitors during the FIFA World Cup 2018 as it will be held in the country. However, other than that period, tourists require a visa, excepting for citizens of the Independent States of the Commonwealth. A 30-day tourist visa is easily acquired than a 90 or more days’ visa. You have to arrive in the country, on or after the start date, and leave the country before your visa expires its validity period. Students living in Russia require a separate exit visa, as well. It is advisable that you start the processing early because the processing time can take up to three weeks.

Procedure for Acquiring Travel Invitation

If you are intending to visit Russia, you must be aware of two very important procedures as Russia travel tips. The first step, to acquire travel visa is to get an invitation, and the next step is applying for the same. The invitation is issued by the Russian Government. You can get the invitation from any government agency, provided you are invited by any organization or a person. However, you can buy a tourist invitation from any travel organizer based in Russia. Reservation confirmation or a tourist invitation is a letter, confirming the booking and pre-payment for your accommodation and travel, in Russia. This letter comes along with a tourist voucher. The Government approval essentially means that the organizer or agency has valid “consular reference” and is registered with the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Application for Visa

Application for visa rules varies from, consulate to consulate, and embassy to embassy. Visa may be issued by mail or may require to be applied in person. Some might require a copy of the invitation documents while others might require the original. You can check the websites of the respective countries for details. Russia travel tips inform you about the simplest procedures you can follow. All the intricate details of travel aretaken care by any visa service company. You pay them and get your visa done, on time, and with ease. However, the cost of acquiring visa has three components. You have to pay for the invitation, visa and application fee.

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