Privacy Policy

It is important to take the effective steps, in order, to be able to address privacy related issues. This holds true irrespective of whether; your business is enjoying an internet presence or not. Privacy policies must be able to address the below mentioned aspects as highlighted below:

  • Information Sharing
  • Optional/Mandatory Data
  • Information Collected
  • Tracking Data

  • There remains ample possibility that the privacy policies may be changed as and when the need arises. We want to make it clear that specific information of users is tracked, in a bid, to enrich the user experience to the desired extent. The information that is collected can assist you in personalizing your experience, processing transactions, improving user interactivity of websites and boosting customer services, as well. We let you know that the information (public and private) will not be exchanged and transferred with any of the companies. If, in case, you make an attempt to violate the terms and conditions, we are under a duty so as to disclose vital information and facts to a concerned relevant authority. We make use of cookies for a number of purposes. A few among the different ways that our company benefits you by making use of cookies can be as highlighted below:

  • Maintaining Proper Track of Preferences
  • Promotional Campaigns
  • User Authentication
  • Tracking Size of Audience

  • We also use small graphic images in our emails, in order, to determine as to whether; the links were viewed or not. Any type of minute changes pertaining to privacy related matters will be featured in the website.

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